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Fairy Tail Chapter 236 – Lost Hope?

read it here

I looked at the first page and found a plothole already Azuma said he would drain magic power form the mages with a Fairy Tail symbol but Happy and Charle are also down on the floor while having no tatoo

Anyway this Chapter was pretty amazing other then Erza losing but the fight was awesome. Azuma is really strong we knew that already cause he  took down Mira, Levi, Gajeel, Lily, Lisanna and Wendy before. I think Azuma is one of the strongest Kin and only  Hades, Bluenote and Ultear are above him. Even tought he got some perverse techniques like this one:

Fairy Tail Vol.25 Ch.236: Erza vs. Azuma at MangaFox.com

After this perverted attack Erza considers using a seductive armor but she’s afraid Lucy would see her so she just puts all her power into a desperate attack. At first it looked like Azuma would put all his power into a powerful blow but instead he uses another perverted attack to stop Erza in her tracks and explodes. Poor Erza got no strength left after being raped and blown up twice, is this the end of Fairy Tail?

Fairy Tail Vol.25 Ch.236: Erza vs. Azuma at MangaFox.com

On the last page Gerard or whatever his name is sits in his cel and calls out to Erza.

A few possibilities for next chapter:

1 If Ultear really is an ally she will put the Tenrou tree back in place with her time arc magic

2 Gerard breaks free and comes to the rescue

3 Laxus comes to the rescue (he got no fairy tail symbol anymore)

4 We are underestimating the Fairy Tail wizards! (most likely)

Gone Fishin’

Hey boys and gals, yours truly is on a trip this week so I won’t be making a chapter review. Any of the authors are welcome to fill in if they wish; otherwise please use the “chapter is out” post this week for all your discussions. Have a great weekend everyone!

Bleach Chapter 449 – Not Be a Drug

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Chapter 449 – Not Be a Drug; most likely a mistranslation for “Don’t Be a Drug.” Not that that is any clearer. Celebrating the 50th volume of Bleach, Tite treats us to a couple colored pages. But once again, he leaves us with almost no more information about Urahara’s little operation, nor the identity of the secret shinigami he and Isshin are conspiring with.

At first, I thought it was Karin. But the way Isshin is looking at them, the fact that Urahara is the one talking to them, and the tension on page 5, when he says “We’re waiting,” lead me to conclude this is not Karin. On the first page, Urahara tells them to put some of their reiatsu in to complete the process, so maybe it is Rukia. After all, her reiatsu was the key to Ichigo gaining his shinigami powers in the first place… Still, the look on Isshin and Urahara’s face on page 5 makes it seem like it is somebody they are unfriendly with…


Read more and comment on Bleached Ichigo

One Piece Chapter 626-Motherly Love

Read Chapter One Piece 626

Well this chapter was not shocking, we all knew that the Queen was bond to die, and it was a death that she did not deserving. This chapter did give us new hints on what else is to come in the present time, what Luffy’s main part in the Fishman Island and how he will destroy the island. However, we still do not know the identity of the assassin of Queen Otohime and I believe we will not know until they reveals them self  in the present time (not in the flashbacks). All in all this chapter breaks hearts.

Vander Decken ‘The Sicko’

Now when we learned of Decken’s reason of plotting to marry the princess, but the thing that stood in his way was the the fact that the Princess was only six years old. But like he mentioned, there is a casket that can turn people older and that he intends to use it on the Princess. From this we learn another mysterious item in the world of One Piece. So again Decken is still a creep and now has evolved into a sicko. He has become one of my least favorite characters in One Piece. For one he is weak and has not shown anything that can stand against Luffy or even Ussop. Second he has no remorse for any kind of dignity or honor as it seems that he is whiling to get married to a six year old child. It also seems that from this weeks chapter Decken is more of a clown than a serious character, that he is not as powerful as I hoped him to be. Lastly, he is a creepy sicko, and thats all I have to say about Vander Decken.

The Three Brothers and their Sister

Now since we are talking about the three princes I’ll give a quick background so that people can learn who they are. The oldest son and heir to the throne is Fukaboshi, seems to be extremely strong and has the most responsibility out of the Neptune siblings. The second oldest, Ryuboshi who has a jolly personality but can be serious if needed be. The third son is Manboshi who out of all the brothers is hyper and has not displayed any fighting ability and unlike his older brothers has not shown to display his weapon of choice, it is known that the Neptune brothers are the strongest in the Neptune army(this is from previous chapters). These three brothers main goal is to take care of their little sister; Princess Shirahoshi, who has the ability to destroy Fishman Island.

The Legend

The legend that Shirahoshi has the power to change the world (in this case Fishman Island) and that some one will help her control this power. We do not know this person is, but we can predict that the person the queen was talking about is Luffy. This makes sense because if you remember Madam Shirley who had that vision that Luffy destroys Fishman Island,  its not exactly destroying but more as changing. This legend just reminds me on how Luffy was able to change Coby from the little wuss he was to the Coby who had joined the marines. So it just makes sense that Luffy is from that legend because in the present time Luffy is in some way changing the Princess’s softness and making her see the really world for the first time.

The Death of a Queen

It was not the biggest surprise that Otohime gets assassinated in this chapter, in fact I was expecting it because it was just about the perfect time. Now don’t get me wrong Queen Otohime has become one of my favorite female character in One Piece because for once she shows many aspects that previous characters lack. For one she has great determination on to never given up. She has shown that she is able to fight but has a huge handicap as her body is weak. She has shown that she has much love and care for her people that she is willing to put herself in harms way just to protect them. She is without the doubt one of the best character to come from a royal family. Her death was not deserving, she did not deserved to be killed before she could see her dream of her people being happy and able to move freely in the world. And she as hell did not deserve to be killed in front of her kids and have her kids she the horrific site of their mother killed. But she died a noble death, even at her death she tries to make her kids feel warmth. She is truly a mother, wife and a Queen that deserves huge respect for her noble acts.

Side Notes:

  • I can only think of two people that killed her, Hodi or Misogard the tenryuubito.
  • We get to see how Decken was able to touch Shirahoshi.
  • Now I know that people are saying how can she get shoot when she has the haki color of observation. Well she does but she was distracted on what was going on.

Naruto Ch. 540 is out!

Alright Ch.540 is finally out! and i’m posting it up again! Lets see whats up with Neji.


Lets hope it really is just Zetsu. Suna OUT!

Fairy Tail Chapter 235 – Stupid Tree

 read it here

Fairy Tail 235 Page 3

there’s not much to say about the first part other then Rustyrose just became stronger by converting his fear into “inspiration” and Bluenote is fighting equally with gildarts and so are Azuma and Erza. Azuma tells erza that they are the same sort of people who live for fighting strong people, Erza just bluntly denies it and tells him that the only power she needs is the power to protect her comrades.

Fairy Tail 235 Page 10

Azuma explains his magic ability, the explosions that we’ve seen are just made by condensing the magic inside the trees, but that’s not all he can also absorb all the magic power from the earth and with that he extracts the magic from the great tree and it falls down.

Fairy Tail 235 Page 12

To sum up what happens after that is instead of giving Fairy Tail mages protection Azuma uses the tree to drain all the magic power from them Azuma then taunts Erza to get serious and thats where the chapter ends.

Fairy Tail 235 Page 18

I really hope Erza takes out Azuma soon it would suck if we see Gildarts lose his first battle due to a stupid handicap. Also Fried and Bixlow vs Rustyrose would be a cool to see battle but now they’re just getting owned what’s the fun with that. One more thing what’s with that cliffhanger from last week!?!? we got to see someone and it was like totaly obvious this chapter would be about him but instead we get this am i the only one confused at this?

Naruto Chapter 539 – A Traitor in the Ranks?

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hey guys and gals, a real turn of events this chapter. I was expect things to continue ramping up what with Madara on the brink of completing his plan and Naruto racing back to come to everyone’s rescue. But I’m pleasantly surprised by Kishi’s decision to focus on another angle of the war – the medics; and exploring the paranoia and mistrust that will naturally permeate through the ranks of the recently formed ninja alliance due to suspicion of a traitor amongst them. I’m tight for time again this week so my rant’s going to be shorter than usual – maybe that’s a good thing?
– Naruto trying to “save” Kyuubi? It’s pretty optimistic, and I know that’s Naruto’s strong point, but can you really find some good inside something that’s composed entirely of hatred and malice?
– I’m kind of sad that Kyuubi’s so powerless now against Naruto. All he’s got is a bad bark, but no bite to prove his point with. The once mighty demon fox who terrorized entire countries, is now the equivalent of a disgruntled old man sitting on his porch complaining about everything yet can’t do anything to change it. The direction I see this eventually going is Naruto actually being able to team-up with Kyuubi as a fighting unit similar to KB and the Eight-Tails. That’s the only reason I can see why Kishi is bringing back the demon fox into the story so much.
– I wasn’t expecting Kishi to show Itachi and Nagato until late in the war, but this is as a good time as any to verify that they have been deployed. I also wasn’t sure whether they would retain their eyes (since Madara collected their Sharigans and Rinnegans, respectively) but this chapter makes it clear they have full use of all their dojutsu powers. They were both resurrected by Kabuto’s Edo Tensei so obviously he controls them and Madara knows this since Kabuto brought out their bodies when he first demonstrated his technique to Madara. But since Madara obviously doesn’t trust Kabuto very much, I’m surprised he’s allowing him to control the two only people in the world who could possibly challenge him in terms of dojutsu powers and knowledge of his darkest secrets.
– The Evil Neji subplot is quite interesting and offers a break from the rest of the war. I like how Kishi kept up guessing throughout the chapter by putting that Sakura-stalker into the scenes. Who do you guess think Sakura meant when she said she already has someone she likes – is she still a Sasuke fangirl or is she finally giving Naruto a chance? I think the killer Neji is an imposter and not just being mind controlled. For one thing, he didn’t use his Byakugan once after entering the camp – the real Neji wouldn’t need to ask those two victims at the end where Sakura is. My guess is that it’s one of the clones Zetsu uses to create almost perfect copies of the original person, even down to the chakra signature.

Okay, that’s it for this week. Please comment and be sure to read Jdogg’s One Piece review, white shinobi’s Fairy Tail review, and ssj’s Bleach review.