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new review?

First of all i’m sorry for the vid i know about 25% of you ran away screeming after hearing the song but i just couldn’t resist.

now on topic i will make a review of a manga and the one that will be choosing is YOU! here’s the list of manga and a short review and video to refresh your memeory if needed.

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail one of the most idiotic mage guild in the world. the story is about Natsu and Lucy mainly. Lucy wants to get into Fairy Tail but never had the guts to sign up but then by accident she meets Natsu a member of Fairy Tail. Lucy joins Fairy Tail and makes a team with Natsu and the 2 of them go on adventures together with the other guild members.

Mahou Sensei Negima

Negi a 10 year old boy becomes a teacher at mahora middle school. It turns out to be an all girl school and soon the students fall in love with the cute teacher. Negi aims to become a mage master like his father, the thousand master. But it’s a long and hard way to get there this is the start of a funny but action packed manga.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Tsuna is just a no good school boy but this all changes when his home tutor Reborn tells him he needs to become the next boss of the high ranked maffia: Vongola Family. He objects to it cause he hates violence but Reborn forces him to become leader.


Oga, a delinquent finds a baby that turns out to be the son of the demon king. Oga doesn’t want to take care of baby beel and makes it his job to find a new parent for beel. wheneven baby Beel begins to cry he will shock the people surrounding him much to Oga’s annoyance. And as if a unstable demon baby isn’t enough madness Hilda baby beels maid shows up to see if Oga takes good care of him will Oga survive this?

Hajime No Ippo

Ippo is being bullied at school each dat but one day he meets the proboxer Takamura Mamoru who scares the bullies away. Ippo decides to become a boxer and enrolls in the gym Takamura boxes. There he meets Miyata Ichirou and the 2 of them become rivals as soon as their eyes meet. after they do some sparring matches they vow to meet eachother in the pro ring and with that miyata leaves the gym cause gymmates can’t fight eachother.

Soul Eater

Technicians wield humans who can turn into weapons. Maka is in the school for these sort of people together with her partner Soul who turns into a scythe. Soul wants to become a Death Scythe by absorbing the souls of 99 humans and 1 witch soul. Black*Star wants to become the strongest and wields Tsubaki who can turn into many weapons such as a sickle, smoke bomb, Shuriken and more. The owners son, Death the Kid also wants to enter the academy he wields 2 guns called Patty and Liz.

History’s Strongest Deciple Kenichi

Kenichi is always bullied by others so he decides to get into the karate club. In the karate club he gets bullied even more and eventually quits it. He meets Miu who has been raised by her grandfather who is a famous martial art master nicknamed the invincible superman. Kenichi decides to join the dojo Miu trains at and experiences hell multiple times. As he beats down the people who are bullying him he becomes more and more famous and stronger delinquents keep appearing will Kenichi survive this?

suggestions are still possible. next week i will collect the votes


11 Responses

  1. Wow I truly am surprised you mentioned Soul Eater AND Hajime no Ippo. I like both and prefer you did Soul Eater but based on the poll and the serious lack of comments, I hope you have an audience who knows these animes. This isnt a put down because I love all the animes you suggested, I just dont see (based on polls/comments) a high interest from others. I could and hope im wrong.

  2. SE and FT FTW!!! 8D

  3. fairy tail is good,,,

  4. I am suprised you have not mentioned Toriko which is becoming very popular and just got made into an anime.
    But other than that I would like to see either fair tail or hitman reborn.

  5. cmon dont anyone of u read Gamaran….its awsome…..so far,

  6. lol you guys i know there are enough good ones that i didn’t mention but that’s just because i have yet to catch up with them (air gear, toriko and such)

  7. lol who was the idiot that answered naruto? it’s already being reviewed here by bob.

  8. lmao that amv actually made khr look cool.

    I’d say do one for claymore, if not then fairy tail

  9. very nice ws i like most of these mangas. I’d say FT or KHR but they are both at a very climactic period in their stories right now and it would be difficult to do a review starting there.

    The Mahou manga is almost done right now so that wouldn’t be good either. I don’t read Beezlebub, SE, or Hajime, so idk about them, but HSD Kenichi is a great manga if you start reading from the beginning, so I think that’d be a good choice. The story still has plenty to go, and they haven’t even covered the juicy stuff yet, like Miu’s father.

  10. I voted Fairy Tail because I really like it…

    I also read Soul Eater, but I like it less than Fairy Tail and it’s also a monthly manga so there would be less reviews.

    I don’t read any of the mangas on this list, but I did start reading Toriko about a month ago.

  11. ssj i think mahou will still keep going for at least 1 year since not all girls have made a pact with negi or someone else yet and he still has to meet his father that would probably be enough for 1 or 2 more years of manga

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