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One Piece Chapter 622-Its okay to Cry

Read One Piece Chapter 622

Well we finally get to know Fisher Tiger and his ideals and I can finally say that his ideals are not that different from Queen Otohime; in fact, their ideals are very much alike. With the goal to have a peaceful existences. This chapter shows the true meaning of every one is the same no matter what they are or what race, in the end they are the same. This is the basic idea of Tiger, he believes about both liberation and freedom, and like he said nothing more nothing less. Before I get to Tiger, lets get to the rest of the chapter first. The New Fishman Pirates show up in their younger years and Hodi really reminds me of Usopp, by his looks. But now we know that Arlong had burnt his ideology about humans in the young new fishman pirates.

The true Arlong and Jinbe

How wrong was I on believing that Arlong had some sort of respect towards humans. Last week Arlong showed a hint of honor for not hurting someone who is incapable of fighting, but this chapter shows the Arlong we all know, the Arlong that hates human kids, women, men, old, young they are all the same in Arlong’s eyes, that they are all evil and should be killed off. Jinbe on the other hand shows that he is absorbing Tigers ideals more than any one in the Sun Pirates. Jinbe shows that he is accepting Tigers ideals by hitting Arlong when Arlong lashed out on Tiger because Tiger ideals are the complete opposite to Arlongs. This might be out of respect for his captain or that he is beginning to believe in Tiger’s ideals. Now I noticed some thing very interesting between Arlong and Jinbe, for one they have the relationship of a older brother and a hot headed younger brother. That Jinbe has to always scold Arlong for his hotheadedness.  The other is that Jinbe and Arlong are the same as Tiger, it is like they are two halves of Tiger. Arlong represents the anger and hatred that Tiger has, while Jinbe represents the honor and freedom fighter that Tiger has. It is like Tiger has imprinted his ways in these two, but only one of them got the good half while the other got the bad half.

Fisher Tiger

Like I said before Tiger is not the way he was described as, but to me he is much similar to Luffy and Dragon(Luffy’s dad). That they are both revolutionists, we know that Tiger wants to change things because he witnessed “HUMANS”. This might be that he witnessed how the world government works and their obscured laws they lay down. This is the reason I think Tiger’s first act as a Pirate was to attack Mariejois, this act sends a message to the world government that Tiger is here and he is not taking their BS anymore. Now he shows a side of him that I did not expect, his sadness of known that he has demons dwelling inside of him and the thought of  them released makes him sad. This makes me really respect Tiger’s character. But I wonder what he meant by that his demons are the most terrifying? Tiger wants to change the whole idea of discrimination, but has come to the realization that no matter what one does, discrimination will always exists. But that does not mean one can not try, this is how Tiger is showing in this chapter, even though Tiger’s goal is impossible he still holds strong in his ideals. He also believes in Queen Otohime ideals which makes me believe that he is influence by her but has his own way of approaching the discrimination of the two races.


Tiger can be compared to Luffy belief that killing some one is not the answer, but it does not mean you cannot beat the crap out of some one to change their wrong ways. Tiger proves my point with Koala, now I really like how this character is introduced. Koala is a proof of what slavery can do to some one, his whole character was of a slave that he would not cry because he wanted to make the Sun pirates happy. In fact when he was a slave he would be killed if he would cry. When Arlong smacks Koala, he does something very slavish, he rips a piece of his pants and starts cleaning and tries everything to make his new masters accept him. Which brings me to my point of Tiger’s harsh way of changing Koala’s slave characteristics, he burns Koala with something which I think is the sun pirates symbol, an act that Tiger does to show that not only fishman are in the sun pirates but now a human is part of the sun pirates. Koala was one of the slaves that escaped during Tigers raid on Mariejois, from that Koala was made into a slave and something was taking away from him. Something that every one needs which is that you are cared about that you actually matter, Tiger in a way gives Koala back his humanity and shows Koala something Koala properly never experience which is that he is actually cared about given him the happiness to cry.

Side notes

  • The queen sees how saddened Tiger is, proven that she can feel or hear the “Voice” in peoples heart.
  • Admiral kizaru is a funky guy sporting the side burns and might be the reason Tiger dies.
  • This story is becoming very deep and meaningful.
  • I know that I said that there might be 2 more chapters of flashback but there might be much more and to tell you the truth I hope that this story goes on longer.
  • What is the current Koala up to?


6 Responses

  1. jdog, great post!
    at the beginning of the chap. i thought that the best lines came from tiger and neptunes conversation. he said what happened to u, and tiger said “humans” i was like whoa. but as i read on i started to side more and more with tiger, and then koala was introduced. and im going to keep it honest with u, that little kid mad me feel extremely sad. i was almost moved to tears. thats a first for me. that just goes to show how great oda is. this man can honestly tell a story and get u to care about the characters. but i think koala is the reason for the current status of the sun pirates. did u notice that once he was on the ship that the hate towards humans started to fade, and the fishmen started to relate to koala as slaves. so in a way tiger is correct in the sense that humans disregard and disrespect fish ppl. and then the princess was correct in the fact that not matter who u are, either human or fishmen, that if u find common ground in her case living under the same sun, and in the sun pirates case, being slaves, that by finding common ground any and everyone can get along and come to an understanding. this is a chapter that i am going to remember, it was great. but i think either koala died during the journey, or tiger died protecting koala. a human.
    one more thing, tiger and arlong’s conversation about not killing humans was pin point on the money. he was just making it his mission to let the world know that the fishmen aren’t to be treated like scum. i don’t see anything wrong with the way he was handling business.
    great post man, keep up the work

  2. @J, I had no idea this was out already. You’re fast man. It was a good chapter. I’m really digging this flashback. Getting the backgrounds of villains is always interesting. I’m seriously not liking Otohime though.

  3. @Kisuzachi why you hating on Otohime, she just showing her motherly love, plus she probably be one of the strongest female characters if it was not for her illness. But yeah One Piece proved the theory that flashbacks are not only for when a fight is happening and the guy who is about to die has a flashback. Myth busted

  4. @Jdogg, I could give u a long somplex explanation of ehy I don’t like her, but instead lets just say I hate idealists in my action mangas.

  5. ^ that is very true, but some idealists are kickazz like Dragon and Tiger.

  6. Great chapter. It makes a fellow think about the important things in life…like smiling humans.
    No but on a serious note this chapter really does express the ideals of TIger and how similar it is to both the Queen and Dragon. Dragon, in a way, had seen “humans” too. He’s trying to fix that so that the world can be peaceful.
    Nice review btw JDogg

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