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85 Responses

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Tenten is so useless. But that’s why we love her XD

    Other than that, fuck you Kishi. You made Kakuzu lose OFFSCREEN with no casualties of merit.

  2. @kisuzachi hahaha “Other than that, fuck you Kishi” that made me laugh my azz off, but its not that bad, he just left Kakashi, choji’s supposedly finishing that war, what ever happened to Dan’s ghost technique? its just a few things no biggie. But you might get your wish of people getting killed soon.

  3. I agree with you @kisu. To make things worse it seems like fat-ass finished the battle. I hoped Madara wipes a bunch of them.

  4. ohhhhhhhh yeah!! now we are cooking. One big gun have enter the war and two more are in the way. I wonder is madara use teh gedo mazo to fight or to unleashed the bijuu under his command. one way or teh other that means “star the killing of the alliance”

  5. was funny see the captain of the barrier team. all proud of teh barrier and those two easily pass throught it. and was sad to see kakuzu in taht condition and without us see him at least kick some ass. damn chouji with his gay-no-jutsu. i mean buttherfly wings come on what next put it a tutu

  6. Did you all notice Zetsu still says “Tobi” & not “Madara”

  7. Yikes… as many predicted Choji finished things off… sigh.. at least we didn’t have to witness it in action, so perhaps he had ample help to do it.

    Seeing Zetsu in action sorta makes you wonder just what the First Hokage was capable of doing… Zetsu’s communicated via the roots in the Earth… wonder if the wood element gave the First the ability to utilize the entire earth as his weapon or something along these lines, which would’ve made him a BADASS!

  8. This war is a huge joke. It’s just a glorified tournament really. I’d go so far as saying even Bleach’s war was better than this.

  9. @ Kisu: you’re not very far off on your assessment!

    Zero casualties of recurring characters so far on the Allies side… AND against monster ninjas from the past too… lame indeed. Even if that Gedo Mezo statue takes out half the army, the damage has already been done already… another way to cheapen the previous legendary ninja.

  10. @star, sometimes less is more. I think Kishi should’ve kept that in mind with Edo Tensei. There’s no sense in bringing back these hyped up ninja only for them to keep disappointing. I’m especially disappointed in Hanzo.

  11. hmmm , what can i say ….. with Madara out now, does it mean Sasuke is the ultimate bad guy. Because things don’t look like its going as most of the members of this forum have predicted.

  12. and why is Naruto eating paper as opposed to ramen, coolest part of this is the barrier team… after a long wait to prep for Naruto and this happens….i also see the Raikage coming in, although i may be wrong, but i think he will try to stop one of them or join them to fight Madara, if he tries to stop one of them, i see him being owned by Naruto, and he can just join the fight against Gedo Mazo or whatever its name is, i really never expected much from this war like most of u did, i am waiting for a one-one-one fight without focusing too much on so many characters….

  13. @boiy, Naruto cannot “own” Raikage. Raikage is stronger than Killerbee and Killerbee is stronger than Naruto right now.

    I just noticed Konoha has two Yellowflashes now. Minato gained it for his hair, Naruto’ll get it for his yellow chakra cloak.

  14. they were fighting 1000 of jonin and tons of fodder died at least

    anyway Dan is trapped by a barrier but not sealed Hizashi is in Choza’s hand right now and Kakuzu is under a rock but not of them have been sealed

    they will be freed when Madara attacks and actully get a showing Kakuzu may last for a bit as he is serving Kabuto loyally

    @kisu Hanzo was not really trying as best he could and Mifune was a good match up for him

  15. @kisu

    strenght not fighting experience, by strenght… killer bee only supresses himself probably cos raikage is his bro, i know raikage is strong, but what wins a battle is all tricks and fighting experience, naruto wasnt stronger than pain, but he owned godpain with his kagebunshin trick… same here…

  16. minus the fact that Naruto got tons of info about God pain and god pain was handicapped

    he knows nothing about A and A is faster then him

  17. @kisu.. who ever said raikage was stronger den bee? And for that matter wut makes u think bee is stronger den naruto?? Cuz he isn’t in full controll of his powers? That doesn’t mean squat, the power of the ninetails far out classes the 8tail. I dnt recall bee owning kisame with one punch the way naruto did. Naruto is as fast if not faster then raikage, in terms of power naruto has the upper hand.. wut in the world makes u think raikage can beat naruto?? Shit if anything bee owned sasuke, and raikage was seconds from loosing his leg to sasuke along wit his arm. So how is he stronger den bee???

  18. @envy

    that doesnt matter, cos akatsuki have all the infomation about their targets before they even go to capture them, pain knew about naruto’s techs, the only thing he didnt know was naruto becomin a sage like jiraya, naruto found out more abt pain on battle field, and he came up with tricks and pranks to beat him

  19. even if raikage was stupid to go into sasuke’s black flames, thats what bee is smarter about, strenght is also how ur brain analysis, not just physique, thats what the yondaime had, analytical brain.. naruto will own raikage…

  20. Stop complaining and be entertained noobs! Kishi has kept us enthralled for 500+ chapters by doing what he does and not what we expect him to do πŸ™‚

    Sit back and enjoy the ride!

  21. Fuckin hell this chapter picked up the pace BIG TIME!!!!! This is the best chapter we’ve had in a while.
    I said it a while ago and turns out i was right- Black Zetsu vs Mei is on!!!!!!!!! It was beautiful to see ten ten fucked up like that- thats made my morning haha
    Madara made a fuckin hell of a big entrance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. @ beastwithin: it has been stated that there is only one person that can Stop Killer bee and that is his brother A. So this would be under the assumption that A is stronger then his brother even the Killer Bee has a Bijuu. A must be extremely powerful and with his lightning cloak he can move at near light speed plus he is extremely strong! now i dont know whether because A has only 1 hand now that he cannot do any seals is a bad thing but i would assume it is! he may not be able to do some of his more powerful jutsu’s but A is an expert at nintaijutsu so he doesnt use hand seals for that!

  23. @matt

    it has also been stated that there is only one person that could stop naruto (iruka sensei or any other sensei close to him) but thats if naruto wishes to listen, same to killerbee and his bro, even the raikage said it(bee is unpredictable), i think it boils down to respect.. not cos bee or naruto is stronger than the ninja’s that watch and control them, they just respect them, if they really let loose, they can be dangerous

  24. Well atleast Pain didn’t get beat by those underlings. We haven’t seen Gaara or Kakashi defeat their battles, so hopefully we can see that in the near future, but if Kishi just skips through their battle like he did with this chapter that would make me very upset. I’m never been so happy see Madara, I hope he kills fat boy Choji, and have a epic battle with Kakashi. I wanna know who the hack he really is, and how strong will he become using both the Sharingan & Rinnegan. He should kill Hinata and implant the Byakugan on his forehead Lol, but I forgot Kishi ignores that clan too and would much rather us know about Choji’s sorry excuse for a clan. I’ll give my grade on this week’s chapter when Bob reviews it

    @thebeastwithin, Sasuke is better than everyone.

  25. @Thebeastwithin, If I have to explain why the Raikage is stronger then I don’t see the point in debating you.

  26. @kisu – actually I’d like to hear why you think Raikage “is strongest there is”… not to debate it but just to get your insight (and group commentary) on it. Thing is we’ve been given insight into Naruto strength/power/ability; limited insight into Bee’s (vs. Kisame while looking out for singing coach) and VERY limited insight into Raikage strength (when he was all irrational regarding “dead” Bee). Pretty please πŸ™‚

  27. I have a feeling this is Killer Bee’s final battle. I think he will probably sacrafice himself for Naruto. That will probably trigger something in Naruto for him to fully control or release the fox, much like when Krillin died and Goku turned SSJ1.

    Killer Bee has to die eventually.

  28. @ Psy

    Krillin dying and Goku becoming SSJ1 was the greatest moment in the DBZ series- the music, build up and transformation was amazing!!

  29. im too lazy to read all the comments, mostly cause im a little loopy from perkasette after having teeth pulled so ill just do my own annalyis.

    1-tenten is a stupid MF. seriously. i think we all called what happened to her. what kind of kunoichi cant tell her chakra is being drained that rapidly.

    2-i am extremly disapointed that after spending so much time hyping up some of these battles that kishi didnt show and of what we wanted to see. we didnt see kakashi go on his rampage which is what everyone wanted to see. we didnt see choji’s technique, which personally i didnt really care about but after a cliffhanger like that we should have seen some of it. we havent seen garaa fight at all. by skipping some of what we all wanted to see it feels like kishi cheapened this war. im not saying we have to see it all, but he skipped some of the battles we all wanted to see to showcase crap no one cared about.

    3-zetsu calling “madara” “tobi” is extremly suspicious and a very large hint that madara is not who he says he is.

    4-how strong is black zetsu to be able to take on the mizukage and the rest of the daimo body guards.

    5- this might have been one of the best chapters as far as bee’s rapping is concerned. either that or the translators just did a good job this week.

    6- god i hope tenten dies.

    7-madara’s comments to zetsu towards the end shows that he could really be trying to implement the moons eye plan. after all zetsu is the most loyal companion he has, why would he lie to zetsu about his plan? it didnt appear as though anyone else was there.

    8-if madara is such a bad ass ninja and capable of sensing chakra and such, why did he need zetsu to tell him the tailed beasts had entered the fray? after all given the chakra they must be eminating just about everyone should be able to tell there comming.

    9-naruto pushing bee’s tailed beast bomb is prytty sick. im looking forward to seeing how well they fight as a team.

    10-let the daimos die. i mean really, what good are they. there is a massive war going on that could determine the fate of the entire world and there bitching about not having anything to do to keep them entertained? plus i feel as though if the world is going to unite and change its ways they have to die anyways as there thinking is too caught up in politics and the old ways of doing things.

    11- naruto swalloed irukas letter. can anyone say spitwad?

    ok im done. comment if you like. imma go pass out for a while.

  30. Naruto and Bee aren’t headed into the war quite yet… The “field” they land in on this page:


    Is probably the last line of “defense” against them getting off the island. Or they’ve been teleported somewhere. So Naruto’s training will continue with him and Bee fighting someone or something designed to keep them from leaving the island.

  31. @Kisu
    Raikage> than Naruto or Killerbee? You mad bro?

    Decent chapter I guess, just looking at Madara use Nagato’s toy infuriates me, why not use his own techniques, some other jutsu, too early for Gedo Mazo pawning, it just opens the door for the Gedo Mazo statue to be defeated easily and cheapened. i thought Madara was going to synchronize Gedo Mazo with Sasuke, now he’s looking for a “substitute”, I was looking forward to seeing Sasuke being used as a battery to power up Gedo Mazo, not some cop out ninja. We all know what happens to batteries. πŸ˜‰

  32. Naruto swallowed Iruka’s letter so that the alliance wouldn’t know Iruka “betrayed” them in a sense. He is protecting his sensei by destroying the information. I am sure Tsunade would forgive Iruka, but others in the alliance wouldn’t forgive him for giving Naruto his blessing.

  33. @john

    yeah it really feels as though kishi is rushing this war to much.

  34. @ Bringer

    Here’s a reply in numbered format dude just coz iam that bored lol !!

    1. Tenten is useless and is actually a pointless member to any squad! Im not gona lie- i laughed my ass off when i saw her half dead on the floor!

    2. Kishi has a weird way of showing us what we wanna see- for all we know he could do it flashback style and use up a couple chapters down the line. After ALL THE HYPE HE HAS TO DELIVER! If i dont see the Kage Battle Royal and White Fang Junior vs The Fish Squad at some point i’ll be seriously pissed off but i got faith in kishi even if he does leave tense cliff hangers!

    3. I dont think Zetsu’s ever called him Madara…. whoever he is- he gets serious props for having a sharigan an rinnegan combo an also making a BIG ASS entrance with Gedo! WHAT ABOUT KABUTO THO? WHAT IS HIS NEXT MOVE NOW THAT TOBI HAS JOINED THE WAR????

    4. Black Zetsu vs Mei should (in theory) be a big battle, black zetsu doesnt seem weak or scared that he’s fighting a Kage an her crew. I get the feeling he may have powers like the 1st hokage an wood style but with a spin on it like a venus fly trap

    5. Killer bee is just gangster!! Seriously dude needs to drop that “8 tails” album!!!


    7. The moons eye plan is actually quite deep! Worldwide Tsukuyomi is too dangerous- i wonder if any ninja could break it tho??

    8. Maybe Tobi was praying lol He looked like he was doing something sat down like that

    9. It’ll probably end up being The jinchuriki tag team vs Tobi Uchiha now. If my hunch is right this is where bee will get captured, naruto will get lectured into going back into training if he wants to save bee an the world an then (hopefully) we’ll see the flashbacks of the kage/fishmen battles.

    10. Daimo’s will probably die in the crossfire or get scared an step down like little bitches!

    11. Naruto didnt even chew! haha

  35. @thebeastwithin

    Actually Bee did own Kisame with lariat. If it wasn’t for that cheap energy drain and give back to me he would have been dead.

    Personally I want to see Bee and naruto kick some major ass

  36. @Tensa Gizzla

    Yes Bee is Gangsta lol. Bee is my favorite character! Like someone else said…They are still on the island not even close to the war yet.

  37. Bee is a G!! I got a feeling Kabuto is going make his move on Madara.

  38. Speed. Bee isn’t faster than the Sharingan can detect, not even when he’s at his best in a straight line. A moves faster than the Sharingan can keep up with in all directions.


    Power. The Raikage’s known to have been the only one apart from Sasuke to “deflect Number 8”. Before he even became Raikage he’s the one who broke the Hachibi’s horn Then there’s the whole “Tailed Beast Level Chakra”. He was also able to hit “Zetsame” with a Lariat with transformed Killerbee with no adverse effects to his non-dominant arm.


    Raikage’s also the only person Bee is afraid of. Bee has a greater degree of control over his Biju so he is in fact stronger than Naruto, and Raikage’s stronger than Bee. Since they’re all very straightforward fighters, that means Raikage is also stronger than Naruto.


    I doubt Raikage can produce destruction of that level, however his power is more concentrated in a smaller body.

    @Tensa, you’re quite the enthusiastic Narutard lol. Gotta disagree with you though. DBZ has many great moments, and all of them are Vegeta-related. My favorite moments were; his sacrifice against Buu, his attack on Cell when he thought Trunks died, him killing 19, his Galick Gun vs Goku’s Kamehameha…basically every moment with Vegeta lulz

  39. Vegeta still the man!!!


    That’s the new mini poll right here right now.

    Who’s cooler Vegeta or Raikage. (Include example of coolness). This should kill some time till Bob’s comments.

    My Vote:


    Ex. Him tearing a hole in Goku before Buu was revived.,

    Oh and when he told Buu ” *smugly grinning, then transitions into face of doom* You Fool!!!!! I’M GOING TO CRUSH YOU AND THROW YOU INTO THE WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Best line ever :-).

  41. Yay, Tobi joined the fight! Now it’s time for some good guys to die. πŸ˜€

  42. lol Vegeta is amazing i do agree Kisu! we kinda dont have character in naruto like vegeta where he is a badass but goes good eventually!

    Good post by kisu on the strength of the raikage, bee and naruto, naruto obviously has the most raw power but isnt able to fully master it just yet and doesnt have anywhere near as much experience as Raikage or Bee san. If naruto made a deal with Kyubi so he had access to all his Chakra and could transform into him then he may be stronger then Killer bee then. It would be interesting to find out if Naruto in controlled kyubi mode could keep up with Raikage in his lightning cloak!

  43. 1.Ah well, it’s not like the summonings were any important anyway. Madara would’ve gone on with his plan even without kabuto’s edo tensi. Just an excuse for kishi to shed a little light on past ninjas.

    2. With all the fuss of raging war just to keep killer bee and naruto out, that “uber powerful barrier” and iruka’s group was probably only plan 1 and 2 out of the likely 5 to 10 plans to stop them.

    3.Madara better have not gone to that location simply because of choji’s cleaning house right now!
    seriously though, 10$ say that madara’s gonna use that beast to eat thier ass(maybe literally).

    4. Now that madara’s entered the fray, I’m interested to see what kabuto’s next move will be.

    5.DBZ does have great moments, like the ones kisu posted, but none even come close as when the WORLD’S MARTIALS ARTS CHAMPION TAKES THE STAGE! MR. SATAN FTW!

    6. This war hasn’t gone as most people expected,(or wanted) and I bet that’s what kishi’s going for.

  44. @prodigy oh yea I forgot about dat. I still dnt think raikage is as strong as bee. @ kisu I dnt see why u cnt discuss it. I mean I would like to hear ur opinion. Bee owned team hawk by himself, and leterally killed sasuke twice. And raikage had help, and still wound up with 1arm. I mean really, ur right dis isn’t even a discussion, bee is hands down stronger then his older bro….

  45. @Kisu

    Lol ive got a wild imagination- its almost time for me to make sum weird love match ups like raikage an tsunade again lol

    VEGETA ALL DAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! His haircut alone makes him gangsta! And also he fucked the baddest bitch in the whole show- Bulma!!!

    Goku was too goody goody- vegeta was a badass even when he was good. One thing that bothered me about DTZ though is that he never beat one of the final villians on his own- not frieza, not cell, not buu- it was always goku goku goku FFS!

  46. #SN Coolest Manga/Anime Characters ever:

    1. Vegeta
    2. Urameshi, Yusuke
    3. Zaraki, Kenpachi
    4. Samurai Jack
    5. Kenshin, Himura

  47. @Uchiha

    Kenpachi’s a beast!!!!!!!!! Id add Byakuya (from Bleach) to that list aswell just the way he says “Bankai” makes me smile!

  48. naruto’s current speed level is higher than raikage’s

    u have to come up with a better reason than that, told you, naruto is strong now, and smart, may not have fightin experience, bee is strong, smart and with good fighting experience, raikage is strong, dumb(not so smart) and have good fighting experience

    plus with all his lightning armour which can easily be countered by proper use of wind…. i still dont tink he can own naruto at this level

    and i told u… bee isnt afraid of his bro, he just respects him.. i dont tink he will leave the village since he knows what his bro can do to him…

    will love to see raikage try tho… let see… so far.. dont even know what naruto can do.. except break barriers

  49. @uchiha
    Sorry dude, perhaps you haven’t watch and read much anime and manga, but I can think of alot of characters cooler than vegeta.

  50. eikichi onizuka, ichigo kurosaki, spike spiegal, edward elric, souske sagara, kenshin himura(should be #1 on ur list not #5, what is u thinking?) kakashi hatake, ippo makunouchi..

    That’s just off the top of my head too.

  51. oh yea, and akito/agito duo as well

  52. @kisu I agree wit boiy, ur gna have to do better den dat. All those links dnt proove anything, just ur opinion. Biju lvl chakara can mean anywhere from 1tail to 9tail. And dats a huge power diffrence. Not only is naruto just as fast if not faster den raikage, u gotta be insane to think that raikages lightning shroud is stronger den narutos new fox shroud. And dats all raikage has going for him. Naruto on the other hand has frs, can summon ma and pa toad, lots of rasengan variations plus sage mode I mean come on, who are u kidding??

  53. @thebeastwithin, how do my links not prove anything? They clearly show Raikage being faster, and stronger. Bee faced Sasuke before he even mastered Amaterasu, Raikage faced him when he mastered Amaterasu more than Itachi AND had learned Susanoo. Bee is NOT stronger than his big brother. This is why I said if I had to explain it then there’s no point in debating it because you’ve already made up your mind despite whatever manga evidence I post.

    @boiy, how is Naruto faster than the Raikage? Not even the Mangekyou Sharingan could keep up with him. All Naruto did was ambush Kisame. Also, Raikage is anything but dumb. Mifune chose him to lead the alliance over everyone else because of that. The only reason he was so careless was because his brother was in harm’s way, and that’s understandable. Also, Naruto has no Wind element mastery. He can’t do a single wind release if it isn’t a Rasengan.

    http://www.citymanga.com/naruto/chapter-468/ (this entire chapter shows A’s intelligence)

    @DarthUchiha, enough of your blasphemy! Vegeta is the greatest anime character of all time! πŸ™‚ Off the top of my head this is my top 5

    1. Vegeta
    2. Nicholas D. Wolfwood and/or Vash the Stampede
    3. Alucard
    4. Gene Starwind
    5. Younger Toguro and/or Shinobu Sensui

    If I put some thought into it that list could become radically different, but Vegeta stays at #1

  54. @ kisu… ok let’s break it down den. Wen sasuke said he can see bee with his eyes, how many tails did his shroud have?? I count 3, now correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the shroud get stronger and faster wit every tail it spawns… so dat throws dat theory out the window… and wen raikage broke the 8tails horn, how many ppl were fighting the 8tails?? Thought so, so again dats also irrelevant. Bee and raikage both got hit with amaretsu, yet bee still has all his limbs in tact. It doesn’t matter if sasuke developed the amaretsu more, its power didn’t increase just his way of manipulating it did. And I’m sorrry but I’m betting a biju blast could put a whole in sasunno. Yet raikage is defenseless to it.. in terms of raw power naruto has dem both beat hands down! Just becuz he can’t manipulate his bijuu like bee can, it doesn’t mean bee is stronger jus incontroll more.. there’s a diffrence..

  55. @thebeastwithin, incorrect. evidence shows that the more tails show up the less the Jinchuriki moves. When Naruto went 4 tails he just sat around. Bee went 7 tails in Version 1 and 2 Kisame was able to keep up. Bee went to full 8 tails against Sasuke and became slow. That tosses that theory

    Incorrect. Bee did not get hit with Amaterasu, Hachibi did. It then substituted with one of its limbs. Raikage was not hit with Amaterasu, he easily was too fast to be hit. He only got burned because he decided to smash through Susanoo covered in Amaterasu.

    “It doesn’t matter if sasuke developed the amaretsu more, its power didn’t increase just his way of manipulating it did.”

    Precisely. His aim was shitty when he hit the Hachibi. When he faced Raikage he had mastered it to the degree he could cover Susanoo in it.

    “Yet raikage is defenseless to it”

    The Hachibi isn’t nearly fast enough to hit Raikage with a Bijudama.

    “in terms of raw power naruto has dem both”

    If he can’t control his Biju then he cannot have them beat in Raw Power.

  56. @Darth, I can respect your list, but seriously Ichigo being cooler than Vegeta, I have to maaaaaajorly disagree with that one. The others on your list I haven’t seen so I can’t comment on those but, no sir Ichigo is not even in the same realm of awesomeness as Vegeta. Ichigo isn’t even as cool as Darui.

    @ Kisu, this one’s for you buddy. We can appreciate the epicness of this:

  57. I prefer that scene in this video


    CLASSIC!!!!!, LOL.

    If we could get Naruto to act like that towards Sasuke just once, we might be able to make something out of the manga after all, lol.

  59. vegeta is the greatest anime character of all time!?! under what basis? My blasphemist statement is NOTHING compared to that one.

  60. Madara is such a boss.

  61. One of the main reasons why ichigo is so cool is becuase of how well rounded he is. He is not perfect and he knows it, but he compensates this awsomely, something many ofter anime characters do not. He is not weak, or two dimentional, but at the same time is not all powerful either(yet). He can still still learn, change, and grow unpredictably. He always puts others before himself. All of this……while still a kid.

    Vegeta, with his angest and his competitveness does make him stand out in DBZ, or most anime characters really. His sarcastic wit, pride, and deeply reedeming qualities, and more importantly, sustaining DBZ for most of the series, he’s a hard character not to like. But regardless of how you or I feel about these characters, the fact is, ichigo has him beat simply because he’s the better man.

  62. @Darth

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Ichigo as well, but everyone has their favorites. No disrespect man, I was just trying to start a fun little discussion before Bob’s comments, I didn’t know it would escalate to this, lol.


    For this to be a Naruto blog, it’s funny how no one has mentioned neither Sasuke nor Naruto as being the greatest anime characters of all time, lol.

  63. tbh watching these (especially with dubbings) is like watching He-Man, GI Joe, McGuyver etc again now. Awesome back then, not so ball rocking now… will pay homage but compared to modern anime, meh. How do you compare these to the closing scene in Naruto when Pain stabs Hinata and asks if Naruto understands pain? Or Ichigo unleashing inner hollow after having a hole blown in his chest by Ulquiorra???
    Top 5 has to include Hei (Black Grimm Reaper) from Darker Than Black.

  64. I forgot 2 characters that are uuber cool:

    Kurama Yoko & Hiei.

  65. @kisu I’ve nvr seen any evidence dat they slow down when they gain more tails, naruto didn’t sit around wen 4tails, dat was the kyubi in control. But den again the concept is they gain more power w tails, I assume w more power it also has more speed, makes sense but den again there’s no evidence to support dat either. Hachibi is a big target to hit, I doubt sasuke can hit him wen he has 7tails form… and the biju blast covers a lot of ground. Even if he can manage to avoid bees bijuu blast, dodging narutos is a diffrent story, n my guess is naruto will complete it in the war. They said raikage was on par with the 4th in terms of speed, and so is naruto. Raikage has no upperhand. His fightin style thus far relies on speed and power, so how could he win agaisnt naruto if kyubi boy is faster and stronger, with a lot more chakara??

  66. @kisuzachi naruto is superior to both bee and A also no one has ever said A was stronger them bee. just because he does not hurt does not mean he is stronger. Bee alone raped sasuke and A lost to him with his bodyguards. sage naruto alone would beat him

    either way good chapter finally the real war starts with naruto and madara both entering the war.

  67. ugh all this vegeta talk lol. He was just a tool imo. Always complaining and bitching and couldnt take the fact that goku was superior to him till the end with gokus fight against kid buu (who btw is one of my favorite anime characters) Btw vegeta actually kidn of reminds me of sasuke lol….. vegeta never obtained ss2 by himself it was only thanks to him getting power from babadi and turned into him majin that he was able to go ss2, just like how sasuke gets power boosts from absorbing oro and gettin itachis eyes, etc. My favorite anime characters have to be teknoman, teen gohan (not whinny kid gohan or high school gohan), and edward elric. to name a couple

  68. Ichigo cooler than Vegeta?! Sorry i disagree! Vegeta was cool for most of the series from when he killed nappa to turning Majin!!
    Ichigo’s cooliest moment imo is his final fight with Aizen after he absorbs Tensa Zangestsu’s attitude, personality and powers- even then it was more Tensa’s badass attitude when Aizen was getting pawned that made ichigo straight gangsta!! Apart from that Ichigo wasnt cooler than Byukaya, Kenpachi or Ulquiorra, hell even Hallibel lol

  69. gotta agree with the idea that naruto is stronger than raikage because hes as fast as the 4th so that means that they are equal in speed about and narutos strong enough to take on 9 tails which is stronger tan 8 tails and yes a took out 1 horn but like said before with how much help llok at naruto vs kyuubi. plus raikages lightning cloak has nothing n narutos bijuu cloak sorry to say but naruto wins this one

  70. Oh btw, i thought only Pain could summon Gedo Mazo??!! Does this mean that Tobi must have sum sick chakra reserves to summon that soul sucking motherf****!!! And who from the alliance could he use as a substitute?? Ten Ten??! (i joke, i joke) lol

  71. @ Uchiha…I’m a huge DBZ, YuyuHakoshu and Slam Dunk fan there’s many more, For me this are the stepping stone for loving Anime. and for comparing whose the best character baddess or strongest is simply cannot measure on any scale cause each one of them live on a different world. there power are base on different entity, but if your asking who are our most favorite character then we might all go agree on each other that each and everyone that we pick are all awesome character…. right now Naruto, Bleach and One Piece are on the top of my list and hopefully by the end of this show i will consider them as one of my all time favorites…

  72. you guys talking about Raikage, Bee and Naruto’s strength, Well when it comes down to battle I’m not sure if you could win base on your strength alone sometimes in Naruto’s world the one with most wit wins kind a like a chess

  73. @thebeastwithin, I never said the moved slower with each tail. I said all evidence points to that conclusion. I said that just to show you how what-ifs and assumptions mean nothing. You assume he’s as fast as Minato just because Bee said all he saw was a yellow flash, you assume he’s physically stronger than A because he knocked Kisame into a wall (which A did effortlessly to Jugo). Your whole argument is built upon assumptions. This debate is going nowhere fast so I’m just not gonna reply anymore.

    @smn, I like how you disregard the fact that Raikage singlehandedly took out Sasuke’s entire team in seconds and was fighting Sasuke when he mastered his MS.

    @Token, you need to brush up on your DBZ. Vegeta achieved SS2 in the 7 years after Cell. He didn’t go through that stupid SS training, where you have to be at one with yourself, Goku put Gohan through (the one where they stayed Super Saiyan for days without de-powering), he just pumped up the gravity to 400x Earth’s gravity and through hard work and effort he transformed. Personally, I don’t like Goku that much. He got stronger with minimal effort because he was a genius. Vegeta had to work extremely hard for whatever he got.

    This is why I never compare either to Naruto or Sasuke completely. Vegeta and Sasuke only have personality in common, and that changed as soon as Sasuke became crazy. Goku is like Naruto personality-wise, however Goku’s growth rate was like Sasugay’s. Vegeta has to work extremely hard for scarce benefits, just like Naruto. Naruto learned to use clones to speed up his training, Vegeta used an artificial gravity machine. I like Vegeta more than any anime character for the fact that he never gave up. Even when he saw how far Goku had gone ahead of him he kept clawing his way up.

    SS3 is something you can only achieve in the Other World, so the reason Vegeta never got that power was because he died less than Goku. Gotenks achieved it because he’s a fusion, the boys separated cannot accomplish it. By the way, Vegeta only let Babidi turn him into a Majin so he would pull the evil within his heart to the surface because he believed only someone pure can become strong, and that the 7 years on Earth with his family made him less cold (i.e not pure evil). See dude, this is why people can write (and have written) entire multiple essays on Vegeta’s character. He’s the most determined and the most fleshed-out DBZ character. But, you’re entitled to your opinion as well, even if your favorite character is Hercule/Mr. Satan πŸ˜€

    @Darth, your list is flawed just because you have Ichigo in it. Ichigo has no character, he just moves the plot lol. But you’re entitled to your opinion bro.

    @Uchiha, lol Naruto is great for his manga, but he really isn’t one of the top anime characters

  74. @kisu…. what evidence?

    this isnt assumption

    u still dont get it, raikage is not careless becos his bro was captured, thats how he is, lots of energy but no brains, i mean which kage jumps thru his window to go for a summit, and his secretary even made it known that he does it alot

    he has the strenght, but no brains, naruto on the other hand learns… his fight with pain and kakuzu shows he has lots of tricks, might not be very analytical, but comes up with the right plan, and now that naruto has the kyubi cloak… he is on a new level now, i will like to see him do biju bomb with his wind, and if he infuses his hand or weapon with wind.. it can penetrate raikage’s lightning chakra

    yondaime had his child and wife kidnapped, and almost killed, but he had the brains to save them, may be he couldnt save his wife for so many reasons, but he got them to safety, and he fought under those conditions, raikage on the other hand doesnt have that calm personalty, its no excuse to put ur hand in fire(let alone black fire)

    black flame can be dodged by anybody with speed or kawarimi, even sasuke could evade itachi’s own before it caught up to him

    seeing naruto with sage of 6 part body, and sealing the kyubi with the sage seal alone means alot to his new strenght…

    the hachibi mite not be fast enough to hit raikage, but naruto’s form is fast enough cos he will carry it with his hand.. and move with his new speed, except kishi wants to change the story

  75. No I assume he is stronger den raikage becuz he has the demon fox, member the bijuu that can level mountains wit a single swipe of a tail… can raikage do dat?? Ofcourse not. Saying raikage is stronger then naruto is completely moronic. I mean are u reading the same manga, or is it ur hate for naruto dat leads u to such a conclusion?. I mean u can argue about raikage wining a fight against naruto, but arguing that raikage is stronger is ridiculous. If pein couldn’t handle the power of the ninetails wut makes u think raikage can?? Naruto is covered by the most powerful being in naruverse at the moment, and raikage is covered by lighting or wut eva it is. How is he stronger again??? IMO sage mode is stronger den raikage! No one, I repeat no one in naruverse is stronger then den naruto in terms of raw power. Kyubi ftw!!

  76. the whole logic is based on what we have seen so far, not assumptions,

    u believe raikage is stronger…. thats your opinion

    thebeastwithin and i think otherwise…, naruto detects evil, kisame said “not even the most atute sensor types is capable of that” … bee didnt even see him leave his side to get to kisame, i still say it, Naruto will own raikage… call it my opinion

  77. please look at all the other kage’s…

    who else would mifune have chosen, and bsides the hidden cloud have a clean record when it comes to akatsuki

  78. @boiy

    the fact of the matter is we dont know who would win in a fight, naruto orr the raikage. the one think we do know, or atleast in my opinion is neither would get “owned” its much more likely the one would just get beat up slightly less. both have there strengths and weakness’s

    everyone who keeps making this comparison seems to think that naruto is in a league of his own above raikage, and thats just not true. as strong as both is i suspect raikage would give naruto a serious run for his money.

    more importently as well is that the longer this debate rages the more riduclous it gets. we havent seen any of narutos new abilities other then his new found speed and sensing abilities, and little of raige outside of his lighting shield and some of his taijutsu.

    anyone who thinks that is the limit of the raikages abilities is a fool. you dont get to be kage level with just speed and taijutsu.

  79. @thebeastwithin

    no one is disputing the strength of the kyubi, but the fact of the matter is the raikage isnt fighting the kyubi he is fighting naruto. naruto can NOT transform into the kyubi the way bee can, and if he did he would have zero control over it. im not going to sit and argue about if naruto or raikage is stronger but if you are going to argue the point stick to the two you mentioned. since the kyubi is at best a puppet for naruto and he can not control him, just use his chakra. the kyubi’s abilities have no bearing at all in a who is stronger match between naruto and raikage.

  80. @bringerofkaos
    i never said his abilities are limited,

    am just talkin on what we have seen so far,

    sasuke almost had him…. if gaara hadnt stoped him

    and what excatly is it to become a kage level and how do u get there this days?
    , what makes u a kage?

    raikage’s personalty gives him away alot

    tsunade is hokage, but couldnt take on pain, her abilities are not limited

    tcuchikage seems to be very strong(kinda reminds me of jiraya and sandaime), he is a true example of kage level

    raikage could have defeated sasuke if he was thinking proparly, ur reasoning is part of ur strenght, thats what i have seen in the manga so far…

    bee’s fight with sasuke shows it,

    till i see naruto’s abilities… will have more to say, but based on what i have seen on the manga so far,(no extra page added, or no extra chapter added)….
    naruto abilities will own raikage’s

  81. every time i see one of these debates it just gets more and more ridiculous as it goes on and its hard to not join the argument because it really gets to me when ppl try force their ideals and opinions on others then bash them when they dont agree. sometimes ppl arent going to agree with you, DEAL WITH IT!

  82. I never said naruto would win, I’m talkin bout strength. And the kyubis strength is narutos strength. Why would naruto need to transform into the kyubi, he has his chakara, dats all he needs. I dnt see why y’all getn bent out of shape, its a discussion, dats wut we are here to do, discuss our opinions. πŸ™‚

  83. @beast

    I agree. Discusion and debate are great so long as you dont flame.

  84. agree with beast too

    dont get all emotional.. just discuss

  85. New Chapter is out!!!!! I won’t spoil it for you guys yet, but lets just says shikamaru is the man!!!!


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