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Naruto chapter 535 is Out! Rock Lee’s Spring Time of Youth Is Out!

Naruto 535

Rock Lee

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67 Responses

  1. Where the hell was bee?

  2. This is getting pretty annoying. Still no deaths? I thought war was supposed to be, well, war. Naruto thinks this is what Nagato meant by war? This is a freaking tournament not a war!

  3. Have to agree that the death tally has been too one-sided… Kishi is probably setting up for the allies to suffer a big set back.. personally I think the Tsuchikage is a prime candidate to die – given his age and the fact that he’s going to have a high level battle with his former sensei (someone who apparently he can stop) and a few other kages…

  4. The true war is about to begin.
    Jitsu’s perfected or not… things are about to get interesting…

  5. Hey Guruku and star69! Great to see you guys again

  6. @kisu.

    I agree with you completly. War = suffering. That being said i think kishi is setting us up for a bunch of deaths in the next few chapters. And honestly i think it will start with choji.

    I envision choji goin overboard wiyh his jutsu and dying because of it. Naruto will shop up just in time to see it or too late to save him.

  7. Im disappointed…….Naruto hasnt even finished his new technique yet an wat da hell was bee doing! Seriously naruto is setting himself up to get captured, as soon as he steps 1 foot on the battlefield- HELLLLLLLLLLLLLO MADARA and then Zippppp Special Sharigan technique engaged and off Naruto goes to another dimension!!!!! Choji dying will make up for it tho- we need some serious good guy blood an death- this war is way to happy an slightly dull, i mean tenten’s smiling on the battlefield an has enough time to ask stupid questions ffs!!

  8. Oh and if anyone plays blackops on xbox my nick is. Rusted 420

  9. i agree with star69. onoki should die against mu. that would be a pretty big setback for the alliance and hes about, idk, 63,942 years old? take the forever nap and pass the torch old man.

    dont forget guy and rock lee are both good sacrifices as well. also i doubt chouji’s gonna die. if he does ill be pretty pissed because that would be like 3 or 4 chapters wasted.

  10. Nah i dont want old dust man to die coz dude’s got some cool powers an he can fly!! Besides old ninja’s are always badass fighters!! I wouldnt mind if Guy or Lee died just do them justice an make em have 1 hell of a fight before they go! Personally i think Guy should have lost to Kisame but i wouldnt mind him dying to that needle an thread swordman instead

  11. why cant hidan be brought back?!?!?! i mean seriously the only reason i figured his character was completely done in this story was because hes buried in the nara clan’s forest and always being watched by those deer which i guess can let the nara clan members know if he ever manages to get free. well now theres a friggin war going on (kind of) and i doubt the nara clan has time to sit in the village and wait and see if hidan gets free on his own or by someone else. kishi, cmon man, just bring him back so he can kill shikamaru =)

  12. if you’re ever in the mood to get slapped in black ops or halo or any other game:

    xbl gamertag: OCi ThE RaGeR

    holla =)

  13. Hey Kisu! Been lurking for the longest time, but also been busy with school so decided against posting.

    Anyway, I meant that the Tshuchikage is apparently the only one who can safely stop Muu, his former master… I’m not advocating for the guy to die, but the set up is there… him and Gaara vs 4 former kage and the old guy suicides and saves Gaara – who he originally thought was too young and probably not deserving to be a kage.. that would be quite epic and somewhat balance the death tally in this war.

    And yes, good to see Naruto going to get back into action. I think Killerbee let him out on purpose… he probably wants to fight too.

    I also hope Choji doesn’t take out all the bad guys with his new powers… it would cheapen the former super villains since Choji even with his new powers shouldnt be that much more powerful.

  14. LOL that was my question where the hell was bee doing. I do agree with star69, I believe bee let him out on purpose too. All bee had to do was use sameheda to suck out Naruto’s chakra to stop him. I really want to see bee in action with samehada…

  15. i think bee simply let him go because he knows how it feels to constantly be restricted from doing things and always being watched because of their status as jinchuurikis.

  16. @fastninjaa


  17. I think the old dust dude has to die to really turn the tides on the alliance. If you remember when madara declared the war, the raikage mentioned the old dude was the only one to have fought madara.

  18. I think bee let naruto go so he can escape again.

  19. @star69 I think the same as you do….

    And well, I wonder whether naruto is heading for, Kakashi┬┤s place???, where choji is, may me looking after Madara -Sasuke-?????

    Who knows….

  20. i doubt we’ll see naruto actually enter the war.(well at least i really hope not). him entering the war has to be a sign of this manga coming to an end =(

    i wouldnt be surprised if we see sasuke soon after naruto enters the war.

  21. Naruto is about to F stuff up… That’s all I can say. (I’ve been waiting for this)

  22. is anyone as alarmed as me with the penises on the outfit of Rock Lee and Guy? WTF O.o

  23. @??????, they aren’t penises lol. It’s a rather overused Japanese visual pun.

  24. ROCKING CHAPTER!!! Deaths will come people, for now Kishi is building up the emotional content which will give the battles MEANING!

  25. Give us one decent death next week- even if its a quick one! The Kage Battle Royale is gonna be massive- Gaara vs his pops, Old dust man vs Muu plus the other 2 kage aswell (an the alliance back up too) this is gonna be long range jutsu heaven!!! That battle alone should make up for all the fodder ones so far

  26. am i the only one that saw how fast naruto switched from SageMode(SM) to KM(kyubi mode)… he didnt even do the whole stay still thing… i know he has improved on his SM, cos he was tryin to do that back at the iron village, but men that switch was fast… and am not surprised he is goin to war witout completing his trainin… cos its only normal for naruto to perfect his tech durin battle.. or deperate times, or come up with sumtin crazy.. remember he is always suprising us and konoha

  27. @boiy

    I noticed that as well. I dont know how long it takes to activate kyubi mode, it cant be that long but naruto sure did dovit quick

  28. Naruto stayed still for just a moment for Sage Mode, although I doubt he generated a whole lot of Sage chakra, probably just enough to break out.

    He doesn’t have to stand still to access the Kyuubi’s chakra though.

  29. A few chapters ago I said. “Is it me or does anyone else think that this may be the end for Choji?”, and most people said no, now everyone is on the Choji not coming back bandwagon, nice, smh. Oh well, anyway, the Rock Lee comic was better than about the last 5 regular Naruto chapter, another smh moment.

  30. @ripcord, yeah the sage mode disipated pretty quickly, maybe he has trained to generate it quickly, but depennds on how much is generated obviously depends on how long you can stay in that mode also depending what you do.

  31. @ripcord naruto generates the same amount of chakra everytime when he goes sage mode according to what that geezer frog said and from watching naruto’s sage training because without the right balance of chakra naruto will resemble a frog.

  32. @ lost shinobi, where does it say that mate?

    im sure he can balance the chakra quite easily enough now to stop himself petrifying without thinking baout it to much. I think with sage as soon as you gain enough sage chakra enough to use it then Naruto gains his sage eyes. if that just means using it for an hour or a minute. maybe its like a battery where u can charge it upto 100%, you can still use a battery if it is only has a charge of 5% but you wont get much juice!

  33. Sage mode is also limited by narutos chakra. The more chakra naruto has the more sage chakra/energy naruto can accumulate. I also asume that as naruto gets better using sage mode the time he has to remain still to enter it will diminish a bit.

  34. @mattmaru sorry cant post the link for you at the moment but ch. 410 page 15

  35. @lost shinobi


    That is the link. But, I would say that all it means is that they must be balanced. Once Naruto can control the flow of natural energy into himself, he only has to balance it with the appropriate amount of spritual and physical energy.

    This is how Ma & Pa toad maintain sage mode with Jiraiya during battle, they generate as much sage chakra as they can while staying still. Naruto has worked on lengthening sage mode, probably by being able to generate more sage chakra at once. But I would argue that his control is so good he can make a tiny amount too.


    Here we see Naruto generating additional sage chakra in preparation for FRS. Also, Naruto was able to enter sage mode quickly after being “captured” by hungry ghost realm:


    Although it is likely that Naruto was unable to generate too much sage chakra in that case.

    I suppose one could also argue that Naruto is able to generate a large amount of sage chakra very quickly, as it took Jiraiya a very long time to enter sage mode while fighting Pain, but it’s hard to sort out whether that was what took Jiraiya so long, or if he had to generate enough chakra to summon the Ni Dai Sennin.

  36. I would also say that Sage training requires people with large chakra reserves because natural energy easily overwhelms those who try to master it. So, if you have low chakra, the likelihood of turning into a frog is higher.

  37. “I would also say that Sage training requires people with large chakra reserves ”

    Actually, that was outright stated as one of the requirements.

  38. i have enjoyed the anime more than I have enjoyed the manga in the past few weeks.. that rarely happens

  39. @kisu

    I meant to say that it was the training itself not Sage techniques in general that required large chakra reserves.

    It is a little ambiguous here, but I feel like Fukasaku is talking about the training.

  40. @ripcord, I was agreeing with you. You have to have a large chakra reserve to even begin the training. If you don’t have that much chakra you’ll never become a Sage.

  41. “i am goin to end the war” sounds like yondaime, when he ended the 3rd ninja war, like father like son…. but it will only mean the story continues, and errbdy goes home to thr villages but this time.. with friendship in thr hearts…

  42. New Naruto volume cover. Volume 55

    Naruto Shippuden Movie: Blood Prison Extended Trailer

  43. Thanks Kisu! You’re always on top of things!

    By the way, anybody here see the last Naruto Shippudden movie with the Fourth Hokage? Any good?

  44. i have a feeling that Gaara is gonna be the first high profile ninja to die. As it needs to be a character the reader and naruto have formed a bond with to have any meaning. The tsuchikage means nothing to any of us really and ends up simply being a death for deaths sake.

  45. @star69, it isn’t online yet if that’ what you’re getting at.

    @madzi, it’ll most likely be the Tsuchikage though. It’s fairly obvious Kishi has a hard time killing off major characters.

  46. If you wanna kill off a character the reader has a connection with go with garaa, rock lee, sakura, tsunade, or shikamaru. Those would all be huge deaths to naruto

  47. and onoki doesnt mean much to us but in the naruverse he means a great deal to the alliance so its a decent kill. it’ll at least be a good way to start the turning point in the war if theres going to be one.

  48. I personally don’t feel that Garaa will get killed, for the simple purpose that He and Naruto are the new age Kages that will change the ninja system and bring in Peace together! I won’t be surprise if all the former Kages die

  49. @Naruto101

    I feel like the Tsuchikage is definitely set up to die here. Also, I would think the Raikage would die too, he is too engrained in the old ninja system. Also, we’ve already seen people that could be successors for those roles (Kitsuchi and Darui).

    Tsunade I feel has to live, in that she will pass on the title of Hokage to Naruto because he’s earned it. Plus, Kakashi would be next in line for Hokage and I don’t think that will happen as he was able to narrowly avoid it. Not sure about the Mizukage living, but we don’t really have a successor that has been introduced into the manga unless Chojiro would be, but he’s too young. Ao is out, he’s not really strong enough I think.

    Gaara isn’t going to die here, he also has a bond with Naruto (I agree with Naruto101 here), and it would mean more for them to share the new world together.

  50. i am glad naruto did not listen to iruka. and he entered the war. he will probably finished the bijuu bomb in battle like he did when he first used the rasengan, and used the clones in battle vs pain to gather chakra.

  51. garra isnt gonna die lol. theres no way. i mean he already died once in this series theres no way thats he is gonna let himself die again. i mean for him to fully become “good” for lack of a better word, he needs to defeat his dad and let his dad release his spirit and reverse the impure world rez himself.

    i fully agree that the raikage and the tsuchikage r gonna die tho. tsuchikage is gonna die for garra for sure. we have already seen a connection between the two. as for the raikage, i just dont like him lol. he acts like a dick and has no respect. and his comment about how killer bee has no battle tactics was just hypocritical. i mean seriously, he gave his arm to hit sasuke which didnt even do shit. come on if thats what u call battle tactics then no wonder the cloud village has never really been heard of b4 this lmfao.

    and to whomever said that madara was just gonna pop in and suck up naruto asap, i doubt that will happen. remember when naruto first activated the 9 tails charka, he was like instant transmission across the room and then played the naruto card and gets his foot stuck in the wall. but still naruto is fast enough now to get away from being sucked in just like how the 4th got away in the flash back.

  52. @ Charkrabeast: LOL! I’m with you on the Raikage being hypocritcal! He’s just worried about his lil bro… like Kankuro even back when Gaara was a bad guy.

    I also doubt Madara can easily warp (powerful) ppl without ‘weakening’ them first. That’s just too imba… I could be wrong tho since that was his tactic when he fought the 4th.

  53. I don’t think the Raikage is going to die. The Raikage has some old school principles, but he has been acceptant to the new world philosophies. By him holding on to some of those old school battle tactics he is the perfect general. He keeps who he is, but can use the new school cues to help the whole army. Like I stated before. The cloud village is the best one by far. We voted on this a few weeks ago, and it was unanimous, lol.

  54. @UchihaTheinfamous

    Co-Sign! I don’t know what it is about the cloud but I definitely like their style…

    And yes Naruto controlling sage mode like the uchiha controlling the sharingan with no effort…

  55. @UchihaTheInfamous

    I just don’t see the Raikage signing onto Naruto’s view of things, and since he’s not compatible, he would have to go. I suppose he could change his ways, but that would cheapen his character. I could see all the other Kages going along with Naruto’s view of things (maybe not the Tsuchikage, but he seems less stubborn than the Raikage IMHO).

  56. Wait when did we vote on this??? I can’t seem to recall bob putting up a poll lol. But I’m not saying he is a bad general or anything and I def think he is a total badass. I just think that with his one arm and how emotional he gets when something happens to his bro (who for we know and imo is stronger) he goes outta his mind. I just think he is the perfect one to die cuz he is the leader. What happens when ur leader goes down? U either turn tail or fight harder.

    And madara is a typical bad guy. He gets a new ability and he is going to spam it. That’s how all bad guys work and he is no different.
    For example: sasuke, sharingon, chidori, ms, susanoo
    Majin buu, (fat) gets hit a lot and good guys think they won, turns to candy, turns to chocolate ect.
    Cell, taunts cuz he’s perfect, gets destroyed and comes back (once by gokus kamahamaha and then blowing himself up)

    Need I say more? But so madara is gonna spam that renningon (sorry I can’t spell) until someone gets past it

  57. There was no official poll it was just a spur of the moment comment kisu put i think, and everyone cosigned on it.

  58. ahhh well im not gonna lie, i really think the cloud country is pretty sweet and they have some pretty ba moves lol

  59. Lol.

  60. Garuto is back!

  61. this maybe far fetched but i beleive the hokage will be the one to die. how trying to protect or stop naruto .this the part thats far fetched by who either sasuke or the Tsuchikage why them sasuke wants to crush the leaf and you start with the head and this war is one sided due to the lack of power on tobi’s side and i think the Tsuchikage will betray the allinace. it was said during the 3rd and oro fight that 2 shinobi of that caliber dont fight for long but he survived a fight with a young madara who was trying to prove his clan was the strongest but they both lived. and at the summit madara/tobi said he would basiclly take over the world he did nothing he should now madara moves and how to counter it. and he is the only one wanted to put bee and naruto out front after seeing tobi warp sasuke way. the hokage will die her replacement was already picked

  62. @King Eric

    Well, the Tsuchikage did feel the jinchurrikis should be involved in the war, and Tsunade was surprised that he agreed to go along with the alliance. I personally don’t agree with you though, I think the Tsuchikage really did have a change of heart. Besides, a TON of his shinobi are fighting in the middle of this war among all the other villages, it would be suicide for all of them if he betrayed the alliance I think.

  63. @rip

    thats not all true we don’t know how strong the are but we do know that shinobi are rasied to die for a missions success and there army ain’t that big thats why the used akatski
    and on a side note what do yall think the Raikage going to do when he sees naruto ? narutos pissed and the Raikage told him he respects power will we see the Raikage vs naruto?

  64. King Eric I will disagree with you tsuchikage will not turn against alliance because for the simple statement he said to Garaa when he flew in to fight the front with him. – mizukage – to me she seem like she will survive the war due to the fact that she is a new age thinker, remember the comment she said to Ao about the Mist is no longer the ‘Blood Mist’ that means she’s willing to use her authority to make a better future for her village. The Raikage will go and I hate to say it but Bee will take his place, notice the family power; Bee will be able to understand Naruto view point even though he comes off a little ‘dull’

  65. Also it seems like the mizukage and the black zetus will have a final showdown battle… That is one battle I am looking forward too because Zetus power is still unknown to us. I am pretty sure a lot have forgot about that build up.

  66. I agree with Ripcord – it’s just too late and too far into the war, I know it’s just started but if he’s planning on doing something like turning against the alliance then he will have to let his shinobi know when to do that; and after he was leaving the Iron Country, he was asked if he was going to go against the alliance and his own remark was that he is now fight for what he left behind long ago – his principles.

  67. hey thr is one thing i wanna know, do u guys think that naruto has enough power to beat madara or sasuke? I dnt think so. I think at da end he myt get rinnegan while fightin nd then he wud defeat them..think about it nagato and his pains’ had rinnegan they wr all uzamaki nd so is naruto so it wud make sense also i agree that tsunade will die cuz the other two sanins died nd it wud mk sense if da last one died too, but i thnk she wud die at the very end and after her death naruto wud bcom hokage..

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