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One Piece Chapter 620-Getting to the Past


Not much progress in this chapter, just a bunch of setting up the fighting places and the explanation of Jinbe on Fisher Tiger and the Queen ideas. Basically all of Hodi’s strongest men are going around trying to make people disrespect the Queen by stepping on her picture in a sense stepping on her ideas. The three princes get mad, Sanji becomes very serious this chapter explains why Nami is the most anxious to knowing why Jinbe let Arlong to east blue.


This whole chapter has being dedicated to delivering to us the two separate ideas that the Queen and Fisher Tiger had, but before we go to that lets analysis this chapter and the information it provides us about what started all this mess. Now there’s one thing I like to point out and that is that the organization of the story line and how Oda never forgets his older characters and ties everything together. In this chapter it is explained how Arlong created his park to exactly resemble the Sabaody Park. The Arlong arc was more than 500 chapters ago and till now things are being related to in the 600 chapters and it just goes to show that Oda has planned his story ahead and ties it all together, now I might be given this too much credit but it doesn’t seem like something Oda pulled out of his azz, it was more thought out; also, in chapter 84 Hachi points out that he is the second strongest swordsmen in Fishmen Island and it is most likely that he was talking about Hyozo the current swordsmen of the New Fishman Pirates. (Kisuzachi gets the credit for this because he was the one to point this out.) My point is that the plot and story line is extremely organized.

This chapter also tells us on what the rest of the New Fishman Pirates were up to and they were up to no good. Their goal is to have every one in Fishman Island disrespect and look down on The Queen ideals. Each member of the New Fishman are separated in different locations and each has their posses with them. Muhi is the giant squad fishman and he is the biggest in the Fishman pirates, when he was first introduced he did not seem that big, but in this chapter he is at least twice as big as a normal human. Hyozo is the swordsman of the New Fishman pirates, when he first was introduced I thought that he would have a code of honor and discipline but now he is just a ruthless swordsman who uses his skills to get money and honor doesn’t seem like something he would care about as to he threatens to kill anyone who does not do what he says. Dosun the hammerhead shark gets his azz kid by prince Fukaboshi. This princes is no push over as he is given Dosun a hard time, and has skills, I would say that his skills are equal that to Hodi, this is why Hodi was so happy that the three princes where not in the palace. All of Hodi’s elite soldiers are spread out in Fishman Isalnd which makes it a perfect opportunity where the SH will most likely fight each one as they go to save their friends. The New Fishman goal is to rule the world and for the first time one of the New Fishman pirates calls Hodi “King Hodi” which brings up the question that the Fishman Pirates just want to rule the Fishman Island and I don’t think that they care about morals and ethic because they seem to have  the attitude of either your with us or your against us. This is no more about whose ideals are more ethical or right but more about a gang of thugs who want to rule their own kingdom.

I mentioned previously that we will get to talking about the two main ideals; On one hand you have Queen Otohime who ideals are to be equal, kind and live with the humans; while, the opposite goes for Fisher Tiger who believes that separation from the humans is the only solution. Now these two threw me off because for one I thought that the Fisher Tiger wanted peace with the humans but the suffering his brethren have endured made him into having no hope with the alliance with the humans. Also, I am curious as to why not all Fishman have the same hatred towards humans as Alrong and Hodi have, this leads me to believing that these two childhood were rough. Which is ironic because if that is true than what Arlong did to Nami to make her childhood so miserable is the same thing the humans do to the fishman.  This arc is basically about the cycle of hatred and whose ideals are more towards gaining the right answer and peace. Now just like Jinbe said I do not know what the right one is but I have a feeling that the person who will solve all this hatred and fighting is Luffy.

Nami finally explains why she has so much anger towards Arlong and for the first time I actually like Nami because in this chapter she shows a side of her that she rarely shows which is that is not about her, that she still has compassion for her falling friend and that Arlong in a way is like her arch enemy. But when she explains how she for the first time experience how the fishman get treated by the humans badly and that she can not believe it, she shows a side of her we don’t get to see alot which is caring for something other than treasure. This is why my hat goes to her this chapter and I think that she deserves an explanation from Jinbe as to why he would let such a cruel person loss on her home town. Sanji also shows a side we don’t get to see which is actually being serious but in the next page he is still the same goofy Sanji this man never fails to make me laugh every time he is in the spot light. Now I know what you all thinking, why I did not talk about the introduction of Fisher Tiger, but in reality we really do not know that much about him other than his ideals and that he is a slave-freer, and is a very confusing character because his actions speak about freedom will his ideals speak about isolation from the rest of the world. This is why I am going to wait till next chapter to learn more about this legendary pirate. Oh and Caribou is most likely going to get an azz whipping if he tries to kidnap the princess. But I hope that he is actually a strong character and not like Hodi who disappointed me even though he was facing Zoro, but now I am aiming for Caribou to be the final villain or a whole new character.


10 Responses

  1. ur speed with ur posts are impressive

  2. @just passing Thank you but is it a good post or do I need to improve more, anything that can help me be a better analyzer even if it is mean. PLEASE share it with me.

  3. I’m starting to dig Arlong, but I can’t like the dude. He was just too weak.

  4. @kisu
    he was not weak Luffy was just stronger on land then he was at the time he used to be equal to jinbei

    hell he may have gotten weaker because in the east blue there was no one there capable of fighting him and got weaker with time because of that as he probbley did not fight anyone strong for the 10 years or so he was in Nami’s village

  5. nice work on this one jdogg, much more interesting than before, though still a little lengthy for MY liking.
    Also liked how you seperated everything, gave the post a good flow.

    The queen and Tiger are basically MLK Malcolm X respectively in the sense that they both seeked a similar goal but took opposing routes to reaching that goal.

    Keep up the good work, 🙂

  6. @Envy, for all we know Jinbei could’ve been weak back then. The most powerful pirate in East Blue was the great (and one of my favorites) Don Krieg, and it was Arlong’s dream to take over East Blue, that doesn’t say a lot about him power-wise. Current Luffy would stomp East Blue Luffy into the ground. Hell, Marineford Luffy would’ve stomped East Blue Luffy. Arlong was weak.

  7. @jdog, dude u don’t have to do anything different, if u feel like u have a lot that u want to discuss, then break it down into sections like u did, that was great. 2 reasons.
    1. by breaking them down, u can elaborate on points that u want to touch
    2. u are also giving insight into the manga, cause unlike u and me, most ppl havent been following one piece since the beginning and don’t know how all of the events from the start of the anime are showing up in later chaps. i understand it all and i feel the same way about the manga, he is a genius as far as preparation and execution of his manga. its great. but man u are doing a great job. and if u miss something or didn’t touch on something from earlier chaps. that are effecting the current, best believe, i will bounce ideas back and forth with u. again U ARE DOING A GREAT JOB. i can see that u really love this manga. it really is the better of most if not all of the current mangas out now. but only for those that have been following, but pls note that if u guys are trying to play catch up, u have a lot to read.lol

  8. @just passing and nasri_8 Thank you so much for your opinion makes me more encouraged to do these blogs. But at nasri_8 I truly understand what you mean about the length, for the past few weeks I have been trying to just point out the important thing, but its really hard to write less about One Piece because honestly a whole book could of been written just about this chapter based on the depth of the ideals.

    But I am going to take just passing’s idea about dividing it in sections like I have been doing and hopefully shorten the length of the blog to the perfect length and again Thank you for your support.

  9. @jdog, dude
    u don’t have to shorten the length, if ppl want a shorter version, ask them to read the manga, what u are doing is a review. so u in all honesty, u have to describe everything. one piece has always been different from naruto and bleach because the SH always split up at the beginning of an arc, and the manga tells all of the 9 crewmembers point of view, so that includes backstories, motives, and the battles at hand. so u have to give the review a nice length, i was really surprise that someone volunteered for the gig. i was there when u asked if there was a section for OP like there is for bleach and naruto. and bob said if u were interested to get in contact with him, and then that next week u started with a bang. and u are doing a great job, reason no one has done it, or have done it and stopped is because. in this manga there are soo many things going on at one time, and puns that are funny to us, but to some, they don’t get it. but was too much responsibility, so the project fell off, cause there was one, but it didn’t catch on.it was something like mellorine something, i forgot. doesn’t matter, what u are doing is great. and u have to remember that all of ppl that luffy recruited for his crew had their own reasons for joining, and have their own dream. so u have to do give the respect by explaining that to ppl that don’t know. everyone has a back story in this manga. EVERYONE, EVEN THE VILLAINS. and the one piece world has history, and there are still things with the sunny that haven’t been explained yet. so u picked up a big gig, do it justice, i feel that u can do it. and i will respond to every post that u post weekly. i promise, even if its nothing but “good job”, but i will be bouncing ideas off u so that we can get a discussion on, and put pieces together”what is onepiece?” i know it can’t be treasure. but ur reviews have to be lengthy, if some ppl don’t like it like i said, if they want shorter, read the manga, but ur post have to cover every point of view, and then ur own opinion and predictions.
    some of the naruto ppl are just starting to get that multiple point of view fighting with the ninja war thats going on. but for one piece fans, thats nothing new, hell even the anime is like that. the only arc where it was centered on one character fighting was the luffy going into impel down, when he escaped and joined the war, it was multiple fights all over again.
    but hell yeah this was a long comment, i just wanted to let u know jdog that u are doing a great job,its a big job but u are handling it greatly, u don’t have to shorten it, if anything make them a little more detailed. i will do anything i can to help. but fans of naruto and bleach might can’t keep up with the pacing of one piece, they’ve only had to deal with one battle at a time, or a whole chapter devoted to one fight, now the pacing is different, and no disrespect to bob at all, he has to try to cover everything on every front, but he’s use to one battle that he can elaborate on. but one piece has always been too many things going on at one time, complete chaos every chapter. thats what i love, and the inside jokes. some ppl might not get the fact that yeah zorro is awesome, he has no damn sense of direction, he will get lost walking straight. lmao, but keep it up man its great. don’t cheat the characters by skipping details. tell what happened with nami and arlong, yeah he’s weak now, but he was strong in the beginning, even zorro had problems his hacchi. but that was like 400 chaps ago, some ppl memories aren’t as sharp, so just let them know the events that happened as to y nami hates arlong, and what she did in arlong park, tell about the rm with all of the maps, and how they made her make millions to free her island, just to let the government steal it so she would have to start over.
    yes again, this is a long post, most of u guys can skip it, or not read it all together, im not disrespecting and of the editors, this is for jdog, he knows what i mean, and what point im trying to make, keep it up dude, u are doing great, just don’t burn urself out.

  10. @just passing Thank you so much and I will do my best to make each week a great place to discuss One Piece and even other manga as well. And I got to be honest I became more fascinated with one piece, naruto, bleach and other manga after finding this website and again just passing I am really thankful for you advice and encouragement and hopefully each week will be a place that we can discuss one piece so again I just want to thank you and this website and its editors for making it a great place to discuss all of our favorite mangas.

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