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Naruto Chapter 534. May God help us all.

One Piece Chapter 620. Screw the rules I’m a fish.


64 Responses

  1. The dreaded Lecture no Jutsu.

  2. nice to finally get a move on. cant wait to see naruto’s reaction to being kept in the dark while the world is at war.

  3. I loved how chouji goes at the end “im ending this now!”

    i was like, shiiiiiiiiit i wish he wouldve been that BA from the start of the series cuz i wouldve actually liked him ha

  4. the real question is what can he do? has he unlocked a new technique no one in the akamichi clan knew about or is there something to this form they all knew about but know one is using?

    now that chouji seems to have it together im liking his character a little more. the massive chakra wings at the end was rather bad-ass.

    will naruto finnaly join the war? im glad that bee kinda let him go. he is one of the strongest ninja in the world, and he deserves to be in the fight.

  5. i wonder what nagato and itachi are up too

  6. I really wanna kno what the guards can do to stop naruto. I mean really. None of them r gonna be uber powerful, and if they can stop naruto then they should’ve been out there ripping shit up.

    As for chouji and some attack, of course he got a new badass one. Look back thru the series, whenever someone has a breakthru in battle like this they all of a sudden have a new ability (mainly talking about sasuke ha)

  7. So is anyone besides me waiting for naruto to fight itachi and he gets to use that bird that itachi shoved down his throat?

  8. wow I cant believe that Chouji is that badazz. All that complaining about the rookies being left of and useless has finally paid of and Chouji has become one of my top favorite

  9. I’ve been saying this about Itachi and Nagato since they were summoned; they will be thrown in to the fray and beaten by sasuke and Naruto respectively using their new powers. Itachi not holding back and a completely fresh Nagato to fight a brand new eyes sasuke and a perfect host Naruto. Just wait, it’ll shake down this way.

  10. Finally Asuma’s sealed up, i dont know wat Choji thinks he’s gonna do now- maybe he grew some balls aswell as wings and is gonna take on Kakazu?!
    Was nice to see Naruto an Bee again, WTF is Iruka gona say now?! Seriously that convo ia a waste of a few good panels, show us Zetsu or Nagato at least!

  11. am i the only one who isnt swept off my feet by chouji’s new power? that technique he can use without the pills doesnt make him a super powerful badass now. it just renders him not useless which is wat he and every other ninja from the konoha 11 shud have been from the start. its mandatory for a shinobi to not be fodder and he just now became not fodder. on a power scale of 1-10, before his wake up call and before he was able to activate that technique without pills i wudve gave chouji a 3. now with his new power and attitude ill give him a 6.

    @fire fist

    nagato isnt the way he was before yahiko died. he still isnt able to walk even as an edo summon. chances are he’s still going to be using the six paths of pain technique to fight instead of him fighting personally, which sux because we havent seen him use not one elemental jutsu and he can use any elemental attack he pleases since the rinnegan grants its wielder all 5 elemental chakra natures and he mastered them all at age 10 -_-.

    kishi let nagato shine this time around, he deserves it.

  12. hey at the end of the chapter is saw some stuff with other mangas being named and some numbers. i dont kno japanese, cud any1 that knows japanese tell me what that is please. hope ite not a manga popularity pole lol

  13. plz excuse my grammer lol

  14. @fast
    Yep Choji is still a fat burger boy- probably the weakest out of the konoha 11 along with knife an fork girl.
    I doubt Nagato will get to shine tbh, i really really hope he does as i wanna see the Rinnegan get used in all its glory including all 5 elemental chakra natures plus the 6 paths technique. I get the feeling both him and Itachi will just get used for conversational purposes and not there epic fighting ability- hopefully im wrong- kishi better not fuck up Itachi or Nagato coz those are the TOP doijutsu masters

  15. @ fast Im not impressed with fat boys powerup either.

  16. Even with this new powerup Chouji should NOT, and I repeat, Choji should NOT be able to beat Kakuzu. It would make ABSOLUTELY no sense for someone like Kakuzu to be defeated just because a rookie Chunin just got motivated. It’s silly! Just plain ridiculous.

  17. Kakazu will kill him, ino and Shikamaru! None of those fodder ninja fighting him should be able to handle him but out of the bunch thats there who can swing with Mr 5 hearts?!?!

  18. so far all the edo villains that we’ve seen were revived soley for the purpose of the background and history of themselves or their opponents. theyre getting brought back and taken out rite after their background or their opponents background has been told.

    its cool learning about ppl’s histories, but i want to see fights and i want to know why these edo summons are so famous by actions on the battlefield not just conversations and flashbacks. none of these confrontations even count as fights imo. if anyone else thinks otherwise its probably becus its been so long since youve actually seen a real fight that u cant tell the difference anymore.

  19. I know I’ve been crapping on the last few chapters, I mean who wouldn’t? The last time we seen Choji before this battle started was Pain destroyed Konoha, where was the butter finger wings then??? I’m not hating on him, I just think other characters deserve the shine he’s getting. Filler characters recieved more attention then Neji, Rock Lee, and Shino(had to look his name up, I forgot about him).

    I give this chapter a B. It had nice build up for the next upcoming chapters, and I know sooner or later we are bound to see Itachi, Nagato, and Sasuke whoop some candyass. @fastninja, if Pain is going to use other bodies to fight for him again I hope he uses Itachi body as God Path, to create some kind of Rinnegan MS fusion

  20. list of actual fights:

    sasuke vs danzo
    sasuke vs the kages
    sasuke vs killer bee
    naruto vs nagato(pain)
    jiraiya vs nagato(pain)
    sasuke vs itachi

    tried putting them in order. i think its rite, too lazy to check tho =). these are the last notable and actual fights we’ve seen imo. notice the time difference?

  21. Wow! after seing Fastninjas list of actual fights I relize sasuke should be dead. Lets not count those figths handmedowns more like it, babygloves is better. sasuke should know his role and shut his mouth always talkin about power when he has none of his own. hahahaha. Chouji is better then sasuke fatboy would own sasgay anyday.

  22. one more thing to add, its sed that hanzou’s speed was unsurpassed in water. thats a pretty big title to have. did we see proof of this…. NO.

  23. ^ Tecnically naruto vs nine tails counts as a notable “fight” as well.

  24. You can not be serious with that bullshit statement about burger boy being better than angry uchiha thats all im gona say.

    Annnnnnnnnyway! @Fast…… you forgot Kisame vs Killerbee!! That was quite a juicy fight! I know exactly what you mean, all the fights in your list were at least 4 chapters or more i think and had a real build up, meaning an ending. All of these war battles have been short and disappointing but i think Kishi only really has intentions of showing 2 PROPER fights in this war with white fang jnr vs 7 fish men and Kage battle royale- out of both sides what other serious fights can he make happen?? like i said before i doubt Nagato and Itachi will be used for full scale combat…………..

  25. Choji better than Sasuke???? Someone has been smoking Whoopie Goldberg’s pubic hair

  26. Come to think of it though if Kishi did do proper fights for this war it would last the whole of 2011 an not finish til around xmas time at the rate that all the edo’s are getting taken out this war will be done by june or in naruto land about a week!

  27. @Fleece, dont even rise to that bullshit statement- its exactly what he wants.

  28. @fleece… lmao. classic.


    yea kisame vs bee was a notable fight as well. and i doubt itachi will be used to fight the war. i think kabuto is planning on using him against sasuke. i cant picture itachi entering the war and leveling the allied forces.

    nagato on the other hand has just the right power to do so.

  29. Pubic hair isnt different from drugs if you think about it… i was dead serius wen i said burger boy is better, own strength vs handmedowns(sasugay). U opened this up 4 mentioning sasuke when sasuke is not even mentioned. whoopi goldbergs pubis hair is awsome! better than sasgay anyway. hahaha

  30. @Tensa, you’re right! I’m not gonna respond to that fool

    @fastninja, Kisame and Guy aslo fought, and Kabuto defeated Yamato(forgot his name also had to look him up), but you’re right we haven’t seen a real battle in a very long while, atleast with Neji, Rock Lee, and Kakashi we are bound to see something happen . I hope Killer Bee and Naruto join this war soon, but as of right now the good guys are winning. Kabuto need to summon Nagato to get the upper hand quick

  31. As much as I want to see all the the dead ninjas in their epicness, in the grand scheme of things, all of them(even itachi and nagato) are nothing but cannon fodder in this war. Madara would’ve gone along with his plan of war even without kabuto’s dead summoning. They’re just there for distractions, nothing more.

  32. @darth

    distractions for what though? it seemed like tobi agreed to cooperate with kabuto because he wanted to strengthen the zetsu army.he has no reason to cause distractions imo. it’ll only be prolonging the time until he reaches his goal. unless he really plans on having black zetsu capture the daimyo, thats the only scenario i can picture where distractions are necessary.

  33. @Fastninja, it may be a distraction because he was lying about what the Moon’s Eye Plan really was.

  34. im more curiou to see if naruto can combine nature with kyuubi now?

  35. it would be insance if he could!

  36. i also think itachi gave naruto the power to overcome susanoo….

  37. Itachi would know that if sasuke turned evil he would have the use of perhaps the most offensive and defensive jutsu ever. Definately would have provided naruto a way in which he could overcome this.

    That or the uchiha power will combine with something in the uzumaki dna (shoidame blood line) and they will re create the sage of six paths within naruto!

  38. @greenpeas

    wild imagination. i respect that but its highly unlikey that itachi gave naruto power just to overcome susanoo or to turn him into the sage of the six paths lol. in his kyuubi form, susanoo is no match naruto because yes he has way more control over kyuubi now.
    constantly avoids battle whenever he can and didnt bother trying to capture any of the tailed beasts. and he has a tendency to lie about almost everything.

  39. *** @kisu

    tobi constantly avoids battle whenever he can and didnt bother trying to capture any of the tailed beasts. and he has a tendency to lie about almost everything. i think edo tensei cud be gonna be part of his plan now.

  40. and i have a question… can hashirama be revived through edo tensei? tobi has a giant tree full of his dna so its possible to revive him isnt it?

  41. @Fastninja, no. He’s sealed in the Shiki Fujin with the other Hokages.

  42. @Greenpeas

    I think that Rasenshuriken or the tailed beast rasengan could overcome or at least weaken susanoo, so what I believe Itachi gave to Naruto is “something” that will prevent Sasuke from taking control of the Nine Tails through genjutsu, or he just sealed part of himself within Naruto´s subconscious, so he can speak with his little brother again.

    And yes, there is A LOT more than meets the eye with this big fat liar of Tobi/Madara

    And I wonder what those guys are gonna tell Naruto, once he realizes there´s a war no one will able to stop him.

  43. @fastninja i think that rasenshuriken etc might have damaged a susanoo powered by normal MS but i think EMS will demonstrate a susanoo that is off the charts! and it should be noted that this will be a susanoo that will not have like chakra issues like the current one, it can regenerate and sustain itself becuase of the power of EMS (assumption)

    @kizu definately like the have a chat with my younger brother idea because i think that more than anything will turn sasuke back to the light side, he has wondered to far down the wrong path that no one other than itachi can probably reach him.

    I still think that Naruto will only be able to trigger this at some insance moment, so looking forward to this mysterious power…

    I think the way this will pan out and happy for feedback is that like most manga the ultimate enemy will come about therefore naruto will have to lose the kyuubi and madara will have to form the juubi! i think what we will see is naruto becoming the ultimate ninja and somehow sealing the juubi within himself and become the next sage of six paths….that or sacrifice himself and the juubi…

  44. im not a fan of these combine release to be honest! would rather have them seperate ha ha!

  45. We all knew Asuma was a weak-ass shinobi, so nothing knew there… and expected ending to a boring fight in a one-sided war. Kishi really needs to step this us! More later

  46. well if you really think about it, it could just be kabuto not making these edo summons strong enough. he does have his own plans after all, which sasuke is a part of. i doubt winning this war is on his to do list. he just wants sasuke.

    maybe we’ll see tobi use edo tensei and summon a few powerful shinobi and make them fight and be as dangerous as these edo summons we see now are supposed to be.

  47. Maybe we will see madara finnaly use the rinnegan soon.

  48. @Bringer
    A sharigan-rinnegan combo would be sick!!!! This war needs to stop being so one sided- it’ll get boring if this keeps up!
    On a side note- i just watched the anime episode of the beginning of kisame vs bee, reminded me of how much of a badass kisame is! He was smart too, ah i miss shark boy!!

  49. @tensa

    I agree. War is seldom so one sided. Its dark grizzly, gory and frightening for its combatants.

    Also i am trying to watch the episode but my phone hates the video players on all websites except youtube

  50. This war is not like the past wars, key difference the Konoha 11 will never experience taking an actual life, killing the undead and zetsu clones can’t compare with taking the life of other shinobi, normal shinobi, they can kill without remorse, get my drift? The tittle Konoha 11 practically guarantees they will all survive. I think Chouji is coming full circle, its long been established that he is one of the gentlest shinobi in Konoha, so I really wasn’t surprised when he had qualms about attacking his master, he was always holding back, not let see if he can do well on his promise to end the battle, hate to say it but the rest of the Edo Summons in that battle are going to get nerfed big time. Overall nice little chapter.

  51. in my view chouji might have a power but hes not gonna be as strong on his own as he has weaknesses that the other 2 cover, just like the rest of them cover there weaknesses! Chouji has a genius to back him up and they all know without really talkin to much what each other is gonna do because they have worked together for so long now! so in my eyes chouji couldnt defeat kakuzu alone but the 3 of them could do now Chouji has the power up! we still dont know if shikamaru has any new techniques but Ino is able to split her mind swap technique into two bodies which is pretty cool, i wonder if she can do more then two? maybe we will see! Ino is getting less useless by the chapter ha ha!

    I thnk that iruka is going to obviously try and persuade naruto to stay and he will be honest with him i suspect! Narutos reaction will either be his pig headedness and try and save everyone or he will try and finish off his technique in the hope that it will be a key to taking down the army! if naruto was in kyubi control mode he would easily get past those guards in a *flash* lol

  52. im glad Chouji has had a breakthrough and just ebcause he has had a power up people are starting to think he is close to naruto’s power which isnt true, not taking anything away from chouji though as he has pulled off a great victory!

  53. I’ve been wondering if the Naruto we’re seeing is really a shadow clone. He’s fooled Yamato that way before easily.

  54. @rip

    i think shino’s dad wud be able to tell if its a clone or not. it cud be though.

  55. good thinking ripcord buttt! like killer bee said that if he creates shadow clones in that form he will be in biggg trouble cos hes using to much chakra! and the scene between killer bee watching him run off and the guards on top of the building watching run off was no time for him to make a clone in my opinion!

  56. 1. The Byakugan can’t tell, because the entire chakra network is the same, so I doubt the bugs could tell. They might be able to find another Naruto running around though.

    2. Naruto isn’t using the Kyuubi chakra at the moment.

    I agree Mattmaru though that it appears there wasn’t any time for Naruto to make a clone, and it seems he was being watched continuously. I wouldn’t put it past him though.

  57. i doubt naruto wud create a clone. not only is it unlikey since he knows somethings up but doesnt exactly know whats going on yet, but it will make the next chapter seem irrelevant. a lecture from iruka is a big deal (although it may not be to us) so i doubt thats a clone iruka is about to speak to.

  58. You have a point about Iruka…. it just seemed to me that it would be the perfect time for one. Besides, Naruto would hear everything Iruka had to say, it just wouldn’t occur until the clone dispersed.

  59. Its my hope that after the lecture naruto voes anyways. Thats his character. He must help, he is compelled too. Its more likely though at this point that naruto will sneak out afterwards. Either way it wouldnt be our saviour if he staus back and lets others fight his fight.

    That being said there is a lot we dont know about his new form. For starters what effect if any it will have on the battleground. When he first used it yamatos wood element actually started growing because of the life energy aura being given off by naruto.

    Now if that specific instance has any bwaring on the current war or if it will be somwthin else i do not know but either way naruto will be fighting soon.

    P.s. i got the ichiraku ramen tab if sasuke doesnt make an appearance next chapter.

  60. I would think naruto might rebel and bust some nuts to go to the rescue ha ha, naruto could easily take them all out me thinks! or just shoot off in a *flash* ha ha!

    @ kaos, yeah its gonne be interesting to see what else besides what we have seen him do in training that he can do like the yang chakra life giving properties! that could be a vital thing in the future.

  61. Has anyone else thought that because Naruto’s 9 tailed chakra mode can make forests grow that maybe it may have the potential to not only make things grow but also have some healing ability or dare i say it bring people back to life like Nagato’s power (i forget the name of the jutsu he used to bring konoha back to life)….just a thought!! I cant wait to find out the full extent of his new power!!
    Also does Naruto actually know that Yamato has been kidnapped an is possibly half dead?!

  62. @Tensa: yeah thats what Yang chakra does it breathes life into form as yin chakra creates form out of thought. it would be great if Naruto somehow harnessed his yang chakra and was conciously able to use the Yang ability as a form of super healing or life giving technique!

    maybe at some stage he will do! when Naruto creating the beast bomb he is able to change the ratio of yang chakra he is pumping into the technique. so he is able to independently control the amount of yang chakra going into a technique so all he needs to know now is what the yang chakra can affect and how it affects it.

  63. @ Mattmaru
    So if Naruto is learning how to use his Yang 9 tailed chakra, it makes u wonder will Sasukes Yin EMS powers be totally off the charts as is Naruto’s Yang an be able to create some super illusions as im assuming that Yin is used for Genjutsu, Yang for Ninjutsu and Taijutsu a combination of the two….
    Maybe this is why they are both a “path” of the sage of 6 paths coz they’ll both master there respective powers- Yin and Yang or maybe im just wayyyyyy off lol

  64. Naruto Movie 5 2nd Trailer. I hate these movies so I’m only posting info on them because some users here seem to like them.

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