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Naruto Chapter 533 – Man Up, Chouji!

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Well, I was trying to come up with an elaborate April’s Fools joke all day and couldn’t think of a good one that wasn’t so obviously a lie.  So I’ll guess I’ll spare you guys this year, lol.  From that crappy performance from Chouji last chapter, I honestly wasn’t expecting too much this chapter.  It was pretty clear Kishi was setting Chouji up for a come-back by first making him behave so poorly on the battlefield, classic Naruto-esque suspense builder.  But this chapter did end up pleasantly surprising me as Kishi managed to throw in some touching moments as well as providing additional backstory on the Ino-Shika-Cho clan to make it an interesting read.

It’s funny how sometimes it’s the toughest looking guy in the schoolyard that ends up having the biggest heart.  If Chouji was born into any other family, he probably would have grown up to be a chef or baker, but he had inherited the will of fire and thus must take up arms to protect his village.  Overcoming his own natural kindheartedness and aversion for hurting others has led to many hardships for Chouji growing up as the son of a shinobi.  Being forced to literally kill Asuma in this situation must be heart-wrenching for Chouji.  But at the same time, Chouji must also realize that he’s putting both Shikamaru and Ino in danger by making himself a liability in this fight. 

I liked the part in this chapter where Shikamaru yelled at Chouji to “Man up!” It echoes one of the running themes in this war: the younger generation coming to terms with the harsh reality of all-out war and taking responsibility in taking over as the protectors of their people.   For much of their lives, Chouji and the other young Konoha shinobis were sheltered from the true cruelness of the world they live in.  Sure, they have fought their share of tough opponents, but at the end of the day they always have their sensei and the military might of Konoha behind them to bail them out of trouble.  This war will be a coming of age experience for Chouji and many of the others – they are the protectors now, and they must toughen themselves up through this experience if they ever hope to carry on the will of fire from great shinobi like Asuma.  I’m just glad it didn’t take the death of a teammate for Chouji to realize that his inaction jeopardizes not only himself but those around him as well.

Cool things from this chapter:

–          Chouji activating the butterfly technique without pills. I wonder how much fat he’s burning per minute?

–          How did Tenten get her hands on the five-element fan the Gin/Kin brothers summoned?  And how is managing to use it so effectively so fast without her chakra drained by the artifact?

–          Chouji held himself back from decking Asuma even after being called a fatass. I guess it’s hard to bite the hand of the person who fed you, hahaha.

–          Ino was actually semi-useful in this chapter.

–          I didn’t realize the cooperation behind the Ino-Shika-Cho clans went back so long.  The other clans could learn a thing or two about getting along with the others in the village *cough* *uchiha* *cough*

Lastly, I just want to give my best wishes to the people in Japan right now, a lot of people still have no access to running water or electricity. And Kudos for Kishi and Shonen Jump for continuing to pump out some of the best manga in the world even after enduring such a terrible natural disaster.


45 Responses

  1. this chapter gets 3/10 stars. its great to see chouji finally develop and become the protector innstead of the protected but can we move on please??? we all knew that was going to happen anyways.

    why cant someone just accidentally hit tenten in the face with a kunai? -_-

  2. on the other hand great review as always. good job bob.

  3. I give this chapter a big fat F. Nobody gives a damn about Choji’s clan. It was cool seeing Kurenai & Asuma’s son for the 1st time, but other than that, the entire team 10 with the exception of Shikamaru sucks mice nipples. Bob’s review was better than this chapter!

    I would rather see Hinata in action then Choji growing butterfly wings. We should all donate to Japan so Kishi could start putting out better chapters if ya smell what Fleece is cooking. We want Neji! We want Sasuke! We want Gaara! We want Rock Lee! We want Madara!! We want Tupac!! We want Itachi! We want Nagato!! Please just give us what we want

  4. mice nipples & tupac… classic.

  5. Imagine how epic it will be if the king of pop get’s resurrected next chapter and kidnapped Kurenai’s new born

    Kabuto make it happen! 🙂

  6. Love the part when Asuma called Chouji “fat-ass”! That was hallarious!!! But that was enough for him to go all the way, no way he would beat up his teacher for that taboo word….But that butterfly type jutsu will no doubt take him out… YOU CAN DO IT, CHOUJI!!!!…..Overall, going with some of you guys, yeah it was less than average, but going with others, its funny in some scenes and a cool one at the end.

  7. “why cant someone just accidentally hit tenten in the face with a kunai?”


  8. Did tenten actually use the dan or just find it?

    It would have been nice too see maybe 3 or 4 pages dedicated to the other two plotlines (kakazu, tenten) instead of a half dozen panels if that.

  9. CHOUJI IS ABOUT TO GO H.A.M!!! (instead of eating it)

  10. @Bob, I find it refreshing how neutral you are in these Chapter Discussions you write. I would be raging and ripping on Choji, but way to be professional Bobo! Anyway, Tenten didn’t use the fan. It was Asuma’s wind justsu that destroyed the lightning beast, the panel with Tenten was just oddly placed. She even said Asuma took out the Lightning Beast. And she found the fan here in the top farthest right panel.

  11. I enjoyed reading your sight

  12. Ive said it before i’ll say it again- FUCK BURGER BOY!!! The reason those 3 clans decided to work together way back when is coz there all shit!!!!!
    Show me a Uchiha-Uzumaki-Hyuga tag team then i’ll be impressed!!

    I agree with fleece- i wanna see angry uchiha, 9 tailed blonde, madara, 8 tailed goatee, sand boy, old dust man, white fang junior, snake boy junior, bushy brow senior, the 7 fishmen, konoha’s GILF, Blood Mists MILF, Black an White Venus Fly trap etc…..

  13. just one big LOOOOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  14. Yeah, there has been a ton of confusion online as to if Tenten used the fan or not. She didn’t, especially evidenced by her words of wondering what the fan actually does.

    It really highlights her uselessness though if she’s holding onto the fan going “ooooh pretty” when there is a battle going on. She should be fighting right?

    I hope Choji’s fight with the butterfly wings is extended, as the last time he used them it didn’t last long, but that probably was mostly because he used all the chakra in one punch and then the pills kicked in. Still, it was the Choji fight in the Sasuke retreival arc that got me interested in Naruto, so it brings back a lot of memories.

  15. ” Show me a Uchiha-Uzumaki-Hyuga tag team then i’ll be impressed”

    Imagine the sick combos they can use on the battlefield. That would be sick!!!

    @ripcord, I hope this ends within the next 5 pages of next week’s chapter. Choji needs to die so Shikamaru can go on a rampage from losing his best friend, then we can switch to more exciting battles. This entire battle isn’t sparking conversations, it’s a total waste of time

  16. @Fleece

    Shikamaru won’t go on a rampage, he’s got a cool head remember? Besides, Choji isn’t dying here. The butterfly wing technique (whatever it is) won’t kill him, and if he dies, then all that buildup was for naught. He’s going to shine here and it is likely that it may take 8 pages or so until Asuma is sealed.

  17. I am assuming his butterfly abilities may include a cacoon type sealing technique? Too much QQ about the pace of the war and who we want to see fight. I find it great that Kishi is focusing on all shinobis regardless of there Power level and abilities or popularity! All this is setting up the heavyweights who will ultimately decide the outcome of the war. If Madara goes down I see him taking 2-3 Kages and KB down before Naruto is joined by Saucegay to defeat Madara!

  18. I’m hoping Assgay stays evil and dies evil. That way he can at least go with some dignity.

  19. @rip, Shikamaru does get emotional and catch tempers, I remember when he was crying & loathing around when Asuma died. He got his revenge even though Tsunade warned him not to fight. Let his best friend (Choji) die so we can see a good performance of shadow jutsu, and besides someone has to die to make this war real, and I rather it be Choji then any other shonobi


  20. @Fleece

    But it was a calm, calculated revenge, not a rampage. It would be very out of character for him.

    Yes, Sasuke staying evil would be more consistent with his character, if he does turn good it would be a.la. Anakin, just at the end of his life, but that’s so cliche.

  21. Tenten found the fan a few chapters a go after Darui said it was missing

  22. Hey, I just noticed this! Shannaro has been visited over 2 million times now!

  23. Haven’t you guys learned that being patient during build ups like these leads to a great storyline in this manga? I personally liked this chapter even though there was no fighting because it was touching. The reason I love this manga so much is because of the emotions that come along with the cool fights. And its pretty crazy how far back the foreshadowing goes when it comes to the earrings team 10 wears. Props kishi.

  24. i thought it was a good chapter, its good to have developing other characters even though i want to see naruto kick some ass it brings the whole manga up a notch because its not to linear! the manga seems like its coming back on its self a bit by getting the origional crew involved and talking about there past again which i think is good! i hope to see some rock lee and guy kick ass combo going on soon!

    I wonder if the butterfy technique will just wipe out Chouji’s chakra supply or has he got enough chakra control now too give him enough stamina take carry on in the war after he has kicked some ass!

    Also i wonder what techniques or tactics Shikamaru has gained since we last sore him fight his sensei! im assuming he will catch Asuma off guard with something new!

  25. alright chapter, hopefuly this leads to better fights, battles and jutsu, great job bob, the fat ass remark was pretty funny, not really going to say much but any news on kishi ever being found

  26. @Profess, yeah he’s still alive, and so are most of the mangakas.

  27. Im really hoping that this fight ends next chapter- give us a quick butterfly-shadow knife combo with a quick sealing an lets move on to a more exciting fight. Speaking of combo jutsu do u reckon the 7 Fishmen will have a 7 sword combo jutsu- would be pretty sick!! Suigestsu’s brother looks like a badass leader

  28. @Tensa

    You would think the 7 swordsmen would have awesome combo techniques, but I would think we would have seen that already. Kabuto obviously is not using his ET zombies efficiently, but he hasn’t kept it a secret that he is learning for something else he is planning.

  29. It’s that time once again to come through with my weekly random; “Where are they now?” statement:

    Does anyone know where all the random fighters Naruto has inspired to become great ninja and for what they believe in are?

    Just a question.



  30. @Uchiha

    Neji & Hinata – fighting the Zetsus
    Gaara – about to fight the 3rd Kazekage
    Konohamaru – probably at Konoha, too young to fight

    Naruto has influenced a bunch of others, but most of them are dead and they were already ninjas: Jiraiya, Konan, Nagato, Zabuza

    You could argue that Naruto influenced Sakura to become a greater ninja, but that was an epic fail IMHO as she totally stunk at that encounter with Sasuke. It would have been better for her to try and kill him, only to be outclassed, but what can you do? Hopefully this war will redeem her.

  31. @rip

    I’m talking about the ones from the other villages, that he met along his journey, or were all those just filler arcs? I forget, but I don’t think they all were.

  32. @uchiha

    They were basicly all filler arcs.

  33. Actually, this was a decent chapter would give 6.5/10 gave us more info about cooperation between 3 Ino, Shikamaru and Chouji. That the team was not just randomly formed, but it is always like that. I am wondering, if as a sign of Senju’s respect they assigned always someone from Senju clan to lead them.

    The second thing is that, if this is gonna be the last arc of Naruto, then I want it as long as possible with the plot development carefullly made and intensity and importance of the battles slowly increasing to a grand final battle between Naruto and whoever will have the guts to stand against the main character and hope to survive 😀 !!!

    Go, kishi good work!!!

    Really looking forward to Gaara’s battle and also Kakashi’s.

  34. @ ercan
    i doubt this’ll be the last arc but if it is its gonna be a hell of a long one- there’s still alot to cover such as:

    – All the major war battles and deaths including 7 Fishmen vs white fang jnr, Kage battle royale (Go Sand boy GO!!), the death of tenten etc…
    – Madara’s true Identity and backstory including who or what the 6 paths are
    – Whether or not the Juubi gets revived- if so 8 an 9 tails have to get captured
    – The introduction (if its a new character) and defeat of the Final Villian
    – The Final Naruto vs Sasuke Super Battle a.k.a 9 tailed mode vs EMS
    – Naruto becoming Hokage an ending the cycle of hatred

    With all that to cover plus all the little bits like kabuto gettin slapped up by someone, tsunade probably dying or stepping down as konoha leader, zetsu’s backstory etc… Naruto wont finish til at least nxt year i reckon

  35. @Tensa

    I don’t know I think I’ve read somewhere that this is Kishi last arc and he wants to focus on his new manga something about baseball ( maybe on this site will wait for someone like kisu or ripcord to say whether it is true or not :D)
    and even a year that’s not that many chapters and this manga is going for so long that if it’s gonna end with this arc don’t know how I am gonna drink my coffe on friday mornings without reading a Naruto chapter

  36. @lordercan

    Even if this does end up being the last arc i can see no way for kishi to finish it before the end of the year. As tensa said there is just way to many things to wrap up.

    At the rate kishi is going this initial phase of the war alone will likely last through june or later. Kabuto still has like 20 edo summons that need to be taken care of and he is doing it 1 summons at a time. Hell we havent even touched upon the big bad ones such as itachi and nagato.

    On top of that madara copied the technique setting up for what i believe to be a rampage of most of the uchiha clan. Think back to his wall of eyeballs. I cant believe that kishi would ever show that and not wrap up that plot line.

    Plus there is still all our main characters to add closure too. I suspect this manga wont end till late into 2012 assuming kushi doesnt rush through it too badly

  37. @ bringer

    Exactly!! Kishi’s got wayyyyyyyy to much to cover!! Oh and when did Madara copy the Edo technique?? Anyone got a link to that page, i cant remember it! Also am i the only one that thinks that the Uzamaki clan is gona make a surprise appearance at some point- they cant all have died!! Just imagine if they show up an Madara edo’s the Uchiha clan an we have a Uzamaki vs Uchiha Royal Rumble!!

    Also Id like to see Neji get some development aswell, he’s too much of a badass not to get some decent spotlight besides 64 palms is one of the dirtiest jutsu out of the Konoha 11

  38. @tensa

    It was the chapter where kabuto showed him edo jst before the war kicked off. I dont remember it but as kabuto showed madara jow it worked we had a whole panel show only madaras sharingan copying the technique

  39. I agree that this manga will go for at least a year. It troubles me that Sage Mode was used for so little, because it could mean that Kishi sped things up a bit, but we shall see.

    It’s true that each ET summons was sealed individually, but I think that Sai’s Root technique could be used to seal a few swordsmen all together, or at least in rapid succession.

    About the Uchiha thing: I find it hard to believe that Tobi would sacrifice all those eyes just to revive ET Uchihas. I think it is more that he has them to implant them, perhaps because he is using an MS power as he warps around and the large eye supplies ensures he doesn’t go blind. That or they really all are for Izanagi.


    Tobi witnessed Kabuto use ET soon after the war started (after Tobi killed Torune or Fuu… I forget which is which).

    Lastly, either Kishi is a year behind, so this manga is going to go a year longer than he wanted (he stated that last year was supposed to be Kakashi’s year, but he had to use last year for other things first, and so this year is what he wanted to do last year it seems). OR Kishi is going to rush things, which might be why some of these battles are very fast. Hard to say.

  40. @rip

    I think Sage mode was a one major battle only deal (against pain) and doubt that he’ll use it much again (kinda like sasuke and Kirin) From now its pretty much nine tailed chakra mode time for our fave blonde!
    About Madara an all these eyes….if they are just spare it makes u wonder how many times he has or plans to use Izanagi???!! The mystery of this man is soooo highly anticipated.
    If it is gonna be Kakashi’s year tho- he’ll probably make his battle against the 7 fishmen his main battle of the war and his career- bring on the combo jutsu!!

  41. OK, I been read the comments here for quite some time and today I just thought to respond to an occuring theme of killing Choji or Ten Ten.
    First, if choji was so weak he couldn’t defend himself then he wouldn’t be in the battle now. Not wanting to kill someone who practically raised you is human nature and what most people put in that situation would do. Second, Ten Ten I feel could be the next chacter to be developed because she has not really evolved as a full on self relying shinobi yet because her type. and I like her type ; ) which is the wepons user. She is like Spike from Bebop but 1,000,000 times lamer. I think Kishi is trying to boost her arsenal so she can complete. So she needs a little something after the war that sends her off to find herself and improve that when evrerybody is getting there asses handed to them enter Ten Ten stage left with a few things she picked up on her travels to save the day

  42. Think about it, I told Kabuto was going to be a beast and step his game all the way up and people thought that was dumb now look at him. Beast Mode!!

  43. @kingpin

    Its not that i hate the charaters themselves per-se. Its that i dont agree with how they have been developed. The fact is chouji has been a blubbering fat ass his whole life. The one time he had a chance to fix the problem during the sasuke retrieval arc he didnt. He reverted back to himself.

    And tenten is even less functional then him. With the length of time this series has been going on kishi could have easily developed the characters of narutos supporting cast. That doesnt mean new jutsu either, just smarter, more experienced ninja in the ways of the world.

    And yes i wanted choji dead partly because he has been utterly useless up until now and partly because this is war and some of the main good guys need to die otherwise they may as well be playing monopoly.

  44. @DC
    I get where ur coming from but burger boy and knife an fork girl are SHIT!!! Like bringer said Choji has had chances to step his game up an he flopped, someone do him a favour an stab him in his cheese infested gut- dude was never meant to be a real ninja.
    As for knife an fork girl- she generally has no purpose- ur in a team with Neji and Rock lee, two powerhouses amongst the Konoha 11 an the best u can do is throw a knife?!! A 5 yr old can throw a knife FFS! Its not even like her looks make her more like-able either- she has an ironing board chest an her hair style is like 2 fat turds are sitting on either side of her head!! Ten Ten an Choji need to go away an play with konohamaru!!

  45. i thought madara had ems not ms so why whould he give ems for one jutsu . are like i always sat that aint madara

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