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Naruto Chapter 533 is Out

Naruto Chapter 533 – Crouching Fatass, Hidden Badass

Don’t forget to save the juicy comments for Bob’s discussion 😉


66 Responses

  1. whoo ..

    wonderful japan …. respect for their determination

  2. wow I never realised what a BIG FAT PUSSY (and not the good kind we all love) Chouji was.
    Hope he continues as he was in that last panel.

    HAHAHA “crouching fatass, hidden badass” I love it!! 😀

  3. that was pretty awesome chapter
    Finally a some one from the rookies is actually being developed.
    I enjoyed this chapter thumps up

  4. What an awesome chapter! Didn’t realise how we’d been manipulated into investing so much emotion in Chouji till now! Last couple of pages = goosebumps!

  5. On page 15 choji looked like a fat Naruto lol, I liked the chapter over all but I get the feeling kishi might switch battles like he did with kakashi.

  6. i wasnt too swayed by this chapter because honestly, who didnt see that happening?

    overall it was a fine chapter. i liked learning a little bit about the background and history between the nara, yamanaka and akimichi clans.

  7. this chapter sucked. plain and simple. it was essentialy 17 pages of bunk to see choji grow his wings. now dont get me wrong im glad he is finally being developed and hopefully he will keep his head in the game from now on, but i didnt need 14 pages of back story we all ready knew.

    what does tenten think she will do with that fan?? weapons expert or not it requires large amounts of chakra that she just plain doesn’t have.

    the best part of this chapter was seeing kakazu in all of 3 panels.

  8. Eh, the last part was alright
    Cheesy, ode cheesy.
    But i guess im looking forward to his “evolution”

  9. @bringerofkaos

    I think you miss a big point here, seems like according to Choza it shouldn’t be possible to grow the chakra wings without the pills. Choji found a way to convert all his fat into chakra on his own. If you look closely his face in the last panel is a lot thinner.

    Now, I don’t know if he will be able to fight for long this way, but at least he won’t have the side-effects.

  10. @rip

    i agree. chouji is pretty beast wen he takes those pills. now it seems he has the same power without the pills or the side effects so thats cool. now he can join naruto, shikamaru, neji, lee, and shino at being the non-fodder/pretty damn good ninja of the konoha 11.

  11. @rip

    No i understand, and im glad choji finally got a boost in strength and moreso mental fortitude. I dont like how after 2 weeks we got mostly flashbacks from this chapter. More so ones we have seen all ready for the most part.

    I think kishi could have cut the flashbacks down to say 7 or 8 pages and donate a bit more space to 1 of the 3 plot lines here. Be it tenten, kakazu, or even choji.

  12. weak, weak, weak 😦

  13. sooooo booorring. can we get some action, please? >_<

  14. Meh stupid Chouji. wat a waste of 1 whole chapter on him seirously. should have switched to some other fights instead of some fat kunt crying.

  15. Well Tenten got the fan

  16. U kno I’m actually surprised ino proved somewhat useful! (Although this was quickly negated by the fact shikamaru had to save her from the zetsu lol) poor shikamaru he had several plans and choji had to be a blubbering idiot sigh

  17. thank you, based god

  18. This is a nice chapter….this chapter focuses on chouji and showed how much potential they have. Chouji is gonna kick some ass

  19. Fuck choji!!!! It didnt take a whole chapter to give us some useless background info an for burger boy to grow some wings!! He finally got some resolve but he’s still shit!! Where’s naruto and sasuke at??!!

  20. Is it me or does anyone think this may be the end of Chouji. He had this epicly long flashback, and he gets the surge of power. Hmmmmm, we all know what the flashback coupled with power either before or after the flashback means. Maybe it’s just me.

  21. @uchiha I would this this surge of power would make it pretty likely he WONT die. He had a flashback but there have been flashbacks where ppl had them but didnt die. Im sure he is going to tear asuma up now but it took way to long for him to get serious (love how asuma called him a blubbering fatass lol thats exactly what he is)

  22. I tend to agree token, but at the same time this could be the perfect time for Kishi to throw us a curveball. Everything has gone so smoothly til now. There has to be a big one coming, and something has to get it started off, so why not this. It’s only speculation and a random thought :-).

  23. Wouldnt it be fuckin sweet if Hidan appeared in the next chapter and right when Burger boy is about to launch at Asuma, Hidan chops his head off!!!

  24. I have a question call it crazy, but…….

    Madara has the little eye thing with the alternate dimension right……..


    Why doesn’t he just use that to trap everyone who opposes him and that way he can take over everything?

    Or would that be to easy, lol.

  25. Flashback?????
    Be careful choji, kakuzu is on the loose!!!!

  26. can we see tobi? wen is he gonna actually fight someone? so many chapters ago he sed his rinnegan is hungry for battle. by now it probably died of starvation.

    how many days has it been in this war? everything is moving at an extremely slow pace.

  27. @Uchiha

    thats the whole ninja world, it would take a very long time to do that, not accounting for limits of his power.

  28. @FastNinja, the war’s only been going on for a few hours at best.

  29. Chouji cant die here, the whole point of this flash back was for him to take over the job from the previouse generation. His dad could die but not him

  30. xTailed,

    You are right, so Choza, Kakuzu is on the loose 😛

  31. who honestly WANTS to see in-shika-cho vs asuma??? im happy for chouji finally blossoming but that battle isnt exciting especially wen u already kno the outcome. none of them are gonna die and asuma is gonna go down. ill be glad to eat my words if otherwise but its highly unlike it’ll come to that.


    a few hours??? this is gonna be a long long long war. i hope -_-

  32. @fastninjaa

    What really hope is Kakuzu killing somenos, he is one of my favorite villians!!!!!

  33. someone*

  34. @poly

    i dont mean to be negative but i doubt kakuzu is gonna get a kill. with the way top tier edo villains such as akatsuki members are getting taking out with ease, kakuzu has a small chance of getting a kill at best and thats if hes lucky.

  35. i wonder if kabuto has more summons up his sleeve. i’d like to sakumo hatake and yahiko in action. i bet yahiko is a bad ass shinobi. he gave his own life without hesitation. that has to mean something, fodder ninjas wont do that. and we all kno white fang was a beast.

  36. Could Chouji be top 5 in the Konoha eleven? I mean… I think that might a debatable topic. We haven’t got a grasp on everyone’s current power, but “Butterfly Mode” went pretty hard.

  37. I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but the way I see things going I picture Kakuzu getting killed by TenTen. What did Ten Ten do to deserve such a legendary weapon? But besides that Kakuzu might have the most humiliating defeat in this arc, Ten Ten for real hahaha. Just a thought.

  38. @fastninjaa

    I don’t know about the White Fang, look at the way they hype up Salamander boy, and the big letdown that incurred, so don’t get your hopes up……..smh.

  39. hyped*

  40. @Fast, yeah Kabuto should’ve revived Sakumo instead of worthless Asuma. And based on the info we have, Yahiko should be quite powerful.

    @Everyone, just so you’re all clear on this, Asuma’s Ash Cloud destroyed the Lightning monster, NOT Tenten. It only looks that way because of the bizarre panel placement. She’s still as useless as ever. And don’t worry about Kakuzu losing to her. He has a big chakra reserve, and I doubt Tenten could even use the fan once without collapsing.

  41. @kisu

    I’m glad you clarified this for people, Tenten doesn’t even know what the banana fan IS let alone how to use it. I do have to correct you though, it is a dust cloud that he creates (wind element), while his ash cloud is a fire element technique.

    Also, Tenten likely has a small chakra reserve, it can’t take much chakra to summon weapons.

  42. My question is does she even have chakra. I think she has them all duct taped to that scroll ;-).

  43. @uchiha

    well i wud disagree with u about sakumo, but he and hanzou both have similarities in the fact that they both allowed there skills to dull substantially.

    yahiko on the other hand, i think deserves a showcasing of wat he can do. if kishi cud INTRODUCE the KinGin bros for the first time in this war then i dont see why he cant have kabuto resurrect yahiko. if yahiko doesnt make an appearance as himself, i think he will as nagato’s deva path again since nagato cant walk anymore even with being resurrected by edo tensei.


    if dreams come true tenten will die from chakra exhaustion from holding the fan for too long lol. wat an idiot she is.

  44. Tenten- “ooo pretty fan, i wonder who dropped this thing =)”

    on the battlefield acting like a 6 year old FTL? death should be imminent for her. wen your only ability is to summon all the tools a ninja wud use and throw them at ppl, u have no purpose in life at being a shinobi. she shud try circus performing. that is if she can make it out of this war alive.(i doubt it)

  45. @fast

    I like the idea of Yahiko coming back, even the White Fang, but the thing is, do we really want to see people come back, and they have been played down substantially from the hype that was created around them. I know it’s supposed be showcasing the “New Generation Surpassing the Old”, but come on. At least give the last gen. a little more fight is all that I’m saying.

  46. It was said that the white fang was on par with the sannin. Also if tenten is able to use that fan i might quit naruto. However that would be a good weapon for naruto. He would barely notice the chakra drop

  47. I think Naruto needs a sword, possibly Samehada. That would curb Sasuke’s eyes in a hurry, lol. Possibly even Madara because it doesn’t even have to touch you to absorb chakra. So this could be a great counter to Madara. He couldn’t phase out it has no chakra. I think I may be on to something. *Pats himself on the back.*

  48. he has*

  49. Guess what day it is.

    That’s right, its Friday!

    Oh and before I forget, Naruto sucks and Dora the Explorer is far more entertaining.

  50. @kisu

    You forgot to mention that ino is the best character in the manga and jirayai is still alive

  51. @Bringer, ah yes, my bad.

    I would also like to mention how much I am enjoying Kakashi’s rampage. If this keeps up he’ll beat Madara all by himself.


  52. Wait…….we also forgot these things:

    1. The Sage of 6 Paths is really Tenten, who has been playing a weaker role this whole time to spy on everyone.

    2. Jaraiya is really Madara Uchiha, he just wanted the chance to tutor Naruto and Sasuke so he could take their body and eyes once they got old enough.

    3. Finally, the Raikage is really Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo with his hair braided.

    That is all.

  53. i must say i just watched jiraiya fight with pain and i forgot how sad his death was. The one thing i can promise you is he will not die in my fanfic once i start writing it. 2 weeks and my computer will arrive.

  54. @Uchiha, I suppose that means Killerbee is really just Gasser and Samui’s Torpedo Girl 😦

  55. @kisu

    And the truths continue to unfold…..shocking isn’t it?

  56. @Uchiha, actually it’s more like….A TWIST!

  57. @kisu

    Agreed, lol. And “What a TWIST” it is.


    I love when can get back to being silly on here with out debating whose better Sasuke or Naruto. Just like the old site.

    *fades off into good memories of the old shannaro*

    Good times……good times

  58. SMH, my link didn’t work like yours kisu, *sadness*, that was a waste of a good setup line, smh.

  59. There you go Uchiha 🙂

  60. YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! Thanks kisu.

  61. finally friday =).

    rebecca asks herself this all the time:

  62. This ch. Sucked. Did fat boy really need a power up just so he can kick asuma’s punk ass?

  63. @FastNinja, lmao!

  64. @lost

    he really didnt. i can beat asuma lol

  65. @fastninja that was hilarious

  66. awesome title

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