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Revenge of the YellowFlash Part 2 Chapter 3!

Sorry about the wait, One of my brothers was killed in a terrible accident and I haven’t been ready to write just yet until now. I will try to have my stories out more frequently from now on if you guys are still interested. If you need to, watch my previous chapters to understand this one.



After his epic battle with his former Akatsuki partner Kisame Hoshikage, Itachi rests in the forest tending to his injuries but is suddenly approached by a former teacher!

Itachi: Come out, I know you’re there!

Jiraiya: It’s been a long time, Itachi.

Itachi: Jiraiya-sensei?

Jiraiya: I’m here to have a little chat with an old friend.

Itachi: It’s an honor to be approached by one of the Legendary Sannin. Not many has that privilage.

Jiraiya: Looks like it wasn’t easy taking down your old partner.

Itachi: So you’ve been hiding in the shadows.

Jiraiya: Well, I couldn’t help but watch such an explosive battle between ninja.

Itachi: What reason could you have to approach me?

Jiraiya: I’ve heard of you cutting ties with the Akatsuki, don’t care about the reason, but I do want to know what you plan to do next.

Itachi: How do you know I’ve thought that far ahead?

Jiraiya: One thing I know about you is you don’t make a move without thinking ahead.

Itachi: I have a few ideas.

Jiraiya: Could one of them be to return to the village and fighting by your old countries side again?

Itachi: Hmph! You are a complete fool if you think I’m going to believe that the Leaf wants me to return after I exterminated their most powerful clan and just wipe the slate clean.

Jiraiya: Of course the slate wouldn’t be cleaned but as you know the world is in chaos. The great nations are on the brink of war, thanks to the Akatsuki’s hunt for bijuu. Konoha has suffered a huge blow after losing the Kyuubi and the Fourth and we need all the power we can get if we are going to defeat the Akatsuki. If that means partnering with our most hated criminal, in these times of war, we’ll do it to protect the Will of Fire that burns in the hearts of all our people. The same will that once sat inside you. Besides, you were part of the problem,by helping the Leaf you could at least make up for the things you’ve done as an Akatsuki.

Itachi: Even if I were to believe that I could return to the village, I wouldn’t. I’m a different man than I were all those years ago. I’ve realized that inside Konoha’s walls the Uchiha became weak and dependent and when I left and embraced my destiny I surpassed my potential and achieved greater power. To put it simply……..I’ve outgrown you.

Jiraiya:….. I planned on killing you to rid Konoha of any future threat if you had declined my offer but after seeing your fight with Kisame Hoshigaki, one of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist, I’ve realized you’re worth more alive. Since your betrayal of Akatsuki and seeing that they aren’t willing to allow you to leave so easily, I expect them to come after you again and it would benefit us if you are able to take down more Akatsuki members.

Itachi: Allow me to live? Don’t let these injuries fool you, I am not easily defeated, even by your standards. (Slowly standing to his feet)

Jiraiya: Believe me, I know what you are capable of. If you threaten Konoha in any way, the next time I pay you a visit, it won’t be so pleasant. (Turning around and walking away) Go and get some rest, I’ve got a feeling you are going to need it.

Itachi watches as he leaves, staring at him intensely.

Itachi: I can’t wait.

Inside the Hidden Mist village, Danzo sits in the Mizukages office in front of Fuu and Torune with a beaten Hidden Mist ninja on his knees below them.

Danzo: I’ll give you one last chance to tell me where the Rebel Mist ninja are hiding.

Fuu grabs the ninja by his left shoulder and squeezes it tightly forcing the ninja to scream in pain.

Rebel Mist Ninja: You are going to have to kill me because I won’t tell you anything!

Danzo gives Torune a signal and he takes out his Root dagger.

Rebel Mist Ninja: Do your worst! Soon you are going to be the one begging for your life!

Torune impales him through the back splattering blood everywhere, killing him.

Danzo: Take this sack of garbage away and find those Rebels!

Once they leave Madara teleports inside the office in front of Danzo.

Madara: Report.

Danzo: I don’t take orders from you.

Madara: Do I have to remind you, you wouldn’t have all this without me and my resources. Now inform me of your progress on the Sand.

Danzo: … Since the Kazekage is dead the village is left without a leader. I have sent ninja to take control of Suna before they’ve inaugurated the next Kazekage. They should be there in the next few days.

Madara: Good, soon another great nation will fall, further throwing the world into darkness and making the other nations sweat.

Miles outside the Mist village Kakashi stands with Ao, Shikamaru and a Hidden Mist ninja named Mikuza.

Kakashi: I’ve just gotten word, Neji and the Hyuuga have taken down the Root Security Forces surrounding the village.

Ao: They’ve managed to do so without alerting Danzo to our presence, impressive.

Shikamaru: The Hyuuga’s gentle fist is not to be underestimated. They remind me of the Seven Swordsman’s silent killing ability.

Mikuza: I’ve recieved a message, all squads are in place. What’s next?

Kakashi: Tell squad 12 to move in, it’s time we begin our operation.

At the gates of the Mist village, the Mist thickens making it harder for the Root guards to see.

Guard 1: What’s with this Mist?

Guard 2: I don’t know but I have a bad feeling.

Guard 1:Maybe we should go check it out.

Guard 2: After you.

Suddenly kunai shoot from out of the Mist attached to chains burying deep into the gate walls.

Guard 2: What the hell is going on!?

Chouji and Chouza along with two other Akimichi ninja tie the chains around their bodies and activate their Meat Tank technique and rolls away in the opposite direction from the village tearing down the village gates crushing the guards to death. In an instant the Leaf army dashes into the village at full speed, taking down every Root ninja in sight.

Back inside the Mizukage’s office, Fuu rushes in.

Fuu: Danzo-sama, the Leaf have launched an attack on the village!

Danzo: So, they’ve finally grown a back-bone. Kill them all!

Torune: But these are our comrades.

Danzo: Their minds are distorted from the truth. They are hellbent on continuing down the path of stupidity, the same stupidity that almost destroyed Konoha thanks to the Thirds teachings. We must take them down before their way of the ninja infects the next generation.

Foo and Torune: Yes, Danzo-sama!

Moments later the alarms are sounded around the village and the entire Root army led by Foo and Torune dashes to the battlefield. From above, Sai flies around witnessing Root dash towards the Leaf army.

Sai: Kakashi-san, the alarms have been triggered, the Root army have begun their assault.

Kakashi: Thanks for the update.

The two large armies of ninja collide causing a shock-wave throughout the land.The full force of their individual jutsu brings devastating damage to the village as the buildings falls one by one.

Sai: So this is what it’s like to be in a full fledged ninja war. (Using his radio) Kakashi-sensei, Root is in position.

Kakashi: (Now in a disclosed position) Alright, let’s move!

Shikamaru: Remember everyone, we only want Danzo dead, if possible just capture and immobilize the rest!

On the opposite side of the village, the Rebel Mist Ninja jump fiercely from out of the ocean and sprint toward the battle field that’s in the center of the village.

Danzo: Trying to surround us huh? I’ll stop you right in your tracks.

Now on top of the Mizukage’s mansion Danzo summons his giant Mastodon which begans to suck dozens of the Mist ninja inside it’s mouth reducing half the village to rubble as the village crumbles from the full force of it’s power. Out of no where a giant shuriken strikes it on it side knocking it into a building. Danzo looks to see where it came from and he spots Kakashi, Ao, Shikamaru and Mikuza standing on another building before him.

Ao: Nice job, Mikuza, your ability to expand the size of any objects came in handy.

Danzo: Kakashi Hatake, we meet again…….. I knew it had to be you, I should have known Tsunade would never have the stomach to do something like this. The Thirds teachings have damaged Konoha beyond repair, the only way to fix it now is to completely annihilate the village and build from scratch.

Kakashi: Still bitter that you were never good enough to become Hokage, so you take it out on the entire Shinobi World, how pathetic! Let me show you what hard work can help you accomplish. (Taking his headband from over his eye revealing his Mangekyou Sharingan expelling a huge amount of chakra).

The Mist Ninja enters the battlefield and with he help of the Leaf they both overwhelm Danzo’s Root army.

Back in Konoha, Tsunade stares out the window of her office with Shizune.

Shizune: Tsunade-sama, I know you have a lot of faith in Kakashi but I can’t help worrying about him!

Tsunade: He’ll be fine Shizune, he isn’t in the bingo book for nothing. He’s copied over one thousand techniques and have taken down the strongest of enemies.

Shizune: But, having a thousand jutsu in his arsenal means nothing if you don’t have the chakra reserves.

Tsunade: That’s exactly why I’ve taken care of that. If you are wondering why me and Kakashi spent so much time together during the last three years it’s for that very reason.

Shizune: What did you do?

Tsunade: When Kakashi was a boy he had a great amount of chakra. It wasn’t bijuu level or anything but he possessed a great chakra capacity than most ninja.

Shizune: ……..

Tsunade: Once Kakashi obtained the Sharingan, since he’s not an Uchiha, the Sharingan had an unusual effect to his body. It shut down some of his major chakra points throughout his body blocking the flow of chakra that once travels through them. This forced his body to adapt and redirect the flow of his chakra, which also damaged his chakra network.

Shizune: That means that it would take him more time to build up chakra, or it could have even stopped the use of his chakra all together. Since he is able to use chakra, that explains why his body shuts down after using a too much chakra. For normal ninja, using too much chakra is dangerous but for Kakashi it’s unbelievable. His body is always pushing itself especially when he use techniques such as the Raikiri.

Tsunade: Yes, Kakashi originally thought his reserves were low but it was his body shutting down from the continuous strain of building up chakra. He was forcing more chakra down his already full veins causing his veins to clog up rendering them useless.

Shizune: That explains his condition.

Tsunade: After realizing this I reanimated the dead chakra points that shut down, which regulated his chakra flow, making it easier for him to build up chakra and at a quicker speed. I had to almost restructure his entire chakra network. He’s faster and stronger including the level of power of his jutsu.

Shizune: …..That’s crazy, it must have been extremely difficult. What about his Sharingan?

Tsunade: He’s still not an Uchiha, using that eye still consumes a great amount of chakra but he’ll be able to last a lot longer in battle and his techniques have increased dramatically if he is smart at using his chakra.

Back in the Hidden Mist, Danzo and Kakashi face-off.

Danzo: You brats today think you can defeat your elders, how naive. Let me show you why I’m feared throughout the entire ninja world. (Unwrapping his eyes revealing his Sharingan)

Shikamaru: He possesses the Sharingan too!?

Danzo: I’m not done yet! (Taking the bandages off his arm, everyone is amazed that his entire arm is covered in Sharingans)

Kakashi: Danzo, what have you done?

Danzo: Time to unleash my true power!

Kakashi forms a hand signs and chakra explodes from every chakra point in his body causing even Danzo to be surprised.

Danzo: Where did you get this kind of chakra?

Kakashi: Where? I have always had this power sleeping inside, it has awakened to meet you!

The shear force of his power causes the ground to shake and debris to fly in the air. Kakashi forms hand signs and activated his Raikiri and jumps into the air and in an instant he uses the bodyflicker technique to push him towards Danzo who is ontop of the Mizukages Mansion. As he teleports, you can only see a long thunderbolt shoot towards the building as he blows a giant hole in the roof. Danzo, who is now in the air after dodging the attack forms hand signs also, Wind Stlye: Air Slicer! Danzo inhales a great amount of oxygen and uses his chakra to blow out giant air knives, shooting them towards Kakashi. Kakashi jumps off of the building as Danzo’s attack completely obliterates the mansion.

Ao: We are going to have to do some serious rebuilding after this is over.

Mikuza: That’s an understatement.

The three armies quit their battle to watch their leaders fight to the death. Danzo dashes at Kakashi while throwing a volley of shuriken, Kakashi dodges the shuriken but Danzo appears behind him trying to punch him in the head. Kakashi ducks and spins around, quickly kicking him in the chest sending him flying. While he’s in the air, Kakashi sends a lightning dog charging right into him electricuting him to death. Danzo appears ontop of a giant bolder moments later smiling.

Kakashi: What happened? He should be dead after an attack like that.

Shikamaru: What just happened!? Was that some kind of substitution?

Danzo: You fool!

Danzo Forms hand signs and inhales a enormous amount of oxygen, Wind Style: Vaccum Blast!

A giant ball of air thrusts forward right towards Kakashi, Kakashi forms hand signs, Earth Style: Giant Mud Wall!

Danzo: So you are using some of Sarutobi’s techniques? How unoriginal!

Kakashi: Like that huh? Then you are going to love this!

Kakashi jumps ontop of the mud wall.

Kakashi: Secret Ninja Art: Infinite Darkness!

In an instant the entire battlefield turns dark as Danzo desperately tries to find Kakashi. Kakashi using his lightning fast speed, begins his assault on Danzo, pounding Danzo with pure brute strength then finally sending him crashing into a stone wall.

Kakashi: Im not done yet!

As Danzo body sits stucking inside the building wall Kakashi activates his Raikiri and uses the bodyflicker technique to appear right infront of him and impales him through the chest bringing down the entire building from its force.

Danzo: (While standing in a pool of his own blood and coughing up more blood) To be able to combine the Infinite Darkness technique with your Raikiri takes a great amount of chakra, how incredible of you Kakashi.

Kakashi: ( Panting) A little sommething I copied from my master who got it from his predessors.

Danzo: Don’t I remember. (Thinking of the last time he seen Minato, Minato used his Flying Thunder God technique and combines it with Infinite Darkness stabbing him with dozens of kunai) This time…….

Danzo body suddenly fades away and he appears behind Kakashi with a kunai encased in wind chakra and impales him through the chest as blood spills from Kakashi’s mouth.

Danzo: I’m prepared, game over!

Shikamaru: Kakashi-Sensei!!!


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  1. Where the fuck is Naruto 533? Its friday -___-

  2. That’s very sad news yellow, my condolenses for the loss of your brother. No one will blame you for not having the energy to write blogs after something so tragic. I’m glad you will continue to keep writing though, keep up the excellent work!

  3. @”Where the fuck is Naruto 533″

    Please be a little more respectable on the blog please. the cause for delay: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2011-03-23/shonen-jump-posts-quake-delayed-issue-online

  4. oh quake…thats understandable….and sorry yellow for your loss

  5. Awesome fanfic Yellowflash!!!

    Your writing is great and you’re doing a better job with the war then Kishi is doing… 😉

    It’s hard to find what to say in these situations, but I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry for your loss and I hope you will feel better eventually.

  6. great chapter, i wish kakashi would become the strongest character in your story..the same power as the yellow flash but with a sharingan eye, that would be the greatest..

  7. My deepest thoughts and prayers for him. May he rest in peace. Health, hope and luck to the rest of you. ❤

  8. I’m not really good at this but I offer my condolences Yellow. We here are grateful that you can find the time to still write. I’m sorry for your loss. I have brothers but I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I lost them.

  9. Sorry to here bout your loss man. Such things are never cool take as lobg as you need.

    The chapter. Well in a word damn good. Despite its length i found my way through it in record time. I like where your going with kakashi and just seein jirayi and itachi makes me gappy.

  10. Thanks everyone for you comments and condolences, I really appreciate it.

  11. Hi there Yellow Flash,

    My sincere condolences on the loss of your brother. May he rest in peace.

    This chapter is just off the chains! I can’t even tell you how much i enjoyed it and have looked forward to it for the past 6 weeks.

    Keep up the good work

  12. Sorry about the lost – continue your story, I love the twist that you added, can’t wait to see where you take it 😉

  13. Sorry flash couldn’t imagine what your going through, like kisu said I couldn’t imagine how I’d feel I I lost my brother I’m really sorry bro an it’s amazing you still fount the time to keep writing, I look forward to your version of naruto more than I even do with with kishys

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