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Naruto Chapter 532 – Faith and Salvation

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Now this is the type of ending Hanzo the Salamander deserved. The last Naruto chapter kind of left me hanging as to whether Kishi was just going to leave things as they were and move on to the next battle. I’m really glad he stopped the fast pacing in this war and devoted almost an entire chapter to Hanzo and Mifune’s backstory. I think the way everything played out was also Kishi’s homage to the classic samurai movies or stories about honor and faith. Hanzou and Mifune are not top-tier characters in the Naruto world, but I’m glad to see that they got some spotlight on them finally.

This chapter does a great job of reinforcing the notion of having faith in something you believe in (Mifune) and the theme of rediscovering that faith and finding salvation (Hanzou). With Naruto and Sasuke out of the center focus for so long due to the epic nature of this war, we as readers may have begun to forget the common theme that has one the reasons Naruto has become so popular. The theme is faith and salvation, not in the religious sense, but in terms of not giving up on someone/something and having the willpower and courage to regain that faith even after straying far from the path. We’ve seen the theme of salvation being played out in many Naruto “villains” of the past such Zabuza, Itachi and Nagato. Often times these villains had righteous ideals and goals in life but were forced into unfortunate situations due to the forces of corruption and greed from a greater power or organization. For many, they had completely given up on their faith (their personal goals or ideals) until meeting up with Naruto, a person who stubbornly pursues what he believes in no matter what. And of course, this theme of bringing salvation to the lost is most obvious in the central plot of Naruto part 2: saving Sasuke. That is why I say that even though Mifune and Hanzou are not popular characters, their interactions and backstory is a great reminder of Naruto and Sasuke, and perhaps even foreshadowing the final confrontation between the two.

I felt that how the young Hanzou was characterized in this chapter was superb. Despite his intimidating exterior, Hanzou had the heart of an honorable warrior and the aspirations of a true hero. It is ironic though that the young Hanzou had the same goals as Nagato – to bring peace to the world – and that both sought it out through the use of force. Being a native of the war-torn Amegakura, Hanzou grew up with the same hatred for war and urge to protect his family and friends like Nagato. But as time grew on, Hanzou must have become harsher in his ways and was ready to deals with people like Danzou in order to fulfill his goals. When he encountered Nagato’s group, he must have saw them as the naïve wannabe-hero he was in his youth, and I think that was why he dealt with them so harshly and ruthlessly. I’m glad that Mifune was able to bring back in Hanzou the sense of honor and respect for even your enemy that he had in his youth and restored his faith prior to sealing him. It was a very proper end for Hanzou by letting the man regain his faith and dying by the blade of his honorable opponent.
Other things of note:
– I can’t believe Choji wussed out during that fight, but I also keep forgetting he’s one of the most soft-hearted characters in the Konoha 11. Choji’s actions will create a lot more tension in the next chapter when this battle against Asuma really gets underway. I can see Ino succumbing to the same of hesitation, so it will be up to Shikamaru to pull the team together.
– It comes to a surprise for me why Kabuto is still allowing his undead summons to retain their personalities when many of them are blatantly help the Alliance ninjas defeat them using verbal directions. Maybe he should have been more careful in selecting which dead ninjas to bring back to fight for him.


240 Responses

  1. I jus wanna say that despite all that is going on in Japan i find it truly remarkable that anyone decided to put out a manga or an anime… I’m really encouraged and this chapter was very symbolic of the strenght faith and courage being displayed in Japan and here in America….

  2. @Bob, based on the title of your chapter analysis I thought this was some Christian shytt.

  3. I loved Naruto the show for its faith into believing you could do anything and never give up. We don’t get that anymore with our knuckle-head. It makes me wonder if this will be DBZ all over again. Great view though.

  4. I can easily see this as foreshadowing, especially when you consider that mifune is missing an eye, god I hope that happens to sasuke.
    @ kisu: as dumb as this may sound, I think Kishi actually does draw some inspiration from Christianity. Afterall, Naruto is good with children and foresaken by his father and prophecized to bring peace. Obviously not as much influence as he takes from Japanese folklore but there definitely is some.

    Great analysis Bob. I really enjoyed this chapter

  5. yeah i like this chapter. did hanzo die permanently from the harakiri or did they seal him? i find it weird that this hyped up zetsu army is so useless, i mean they’re just good for gettn beatn like the putties from mighty morphin power rangers! the major characters are to valuable to kill atleast one so that this war can actually feel like a war…

  6. Surprised that manga came out this week, but I’m not complaining.

    Sweet analysis again bob, touched on everything I was thinking.
    I now have new respect for Hanzo, really great chapter.

    Can’t believe Choji, I would kill him myself if I was there, I mean isn’t he already useless enough. The dude is already dead, don’t get why he can’t hit him. I’m sure they’ve had to fight before, albeit in training.


  7. @Eaglesfan- Mifune isnt missing an eye!

    Im just waiting for one of the zetsu’s to jump up an
    bite ino on the neck! lol

    @Nasri- EXACTLY!!!! Choji must have had to spar with Asuma one on one in training so wats the problem?! Dudes already dead AND can regenerate- is that so hard to get ur head around- grow some balls and hit the guy FFS- i hope Kakazu creeps up from behind an rips his heart out that useless fat shit!!

    Its war. Choji knew it was war when he woke up that morning, he knew it was war when he laced up his boots- he even knew it was war when his giant dad reminded him he was in the middle of the war SO STOP CRYING BITCH AND START HANDING OUT GIANT BITCH SLAPS!!!!

  8. chouji dropping the ball at the last minute really shouldn’t surprise anyone.
    @bob: the overriding themes in naruto seem to be 1. Star wars-corrupted when tryin to protect, but ultimately able to redeem oneself. 2. The new generation outdoing the old one. While these are great and all, unless kishi pushes the fact that they are meant to be metaphors for real life, they seem overplayed particularly the redemption one, it says that evil is made and innate. As i previously mentioned, bad, for the hell of it, bad guys are the most intriguing as they compromise the heroes -e.g. The Dark Knight. It’s a pity the powerful villains like danzou, nagato and itachi had to redeem themselves. Even bloody madara has used that peace excuse. Come on man, i want a ‘The Joker’ to appear in the naruverse: super powerful, motive-less and unapologetically evil

  9. Will someone kill choji already?!!

  10. I wish someone would hurry up and kill Choji, sakura, ino, ten-ten and all the other useless ninjas.

    Unapologetically evil villain, I’d love to see that as well, think Kabuto is the closest we have to that atm.

    This whole will of fire thing, who is taking over after this generation? Konohamaru and his two friends?? Konoha is dropping after Naruto retires lol

  11. hopefully the other battles will get good attention like mifune vs hanzo. This war needs to get crackin

  12. @Nasri, Kishi would never kill Sakura. And Konohamaru and Naruto are a part of the same generation really.

  13. @ nasri I agree sakura needs to go. she doesn’t even fit into team 7. I mean look at kakashi’s, naruto’s, sasukes, and even sai’s background. They’re all filled with tragedy which made them stronger. Where does sakura fit in? Besides her being an original member of team 7 she’s pretty much fodder

  14. i doubt sakura will die in this war not becus of her character being important if ppl think so or if kishi likes her but becus iof how her death will effect naruto.

    anyway i wanna see tsunade come out and face dan. everything about her background says shes a bad ass kunoichi. can she prove it already?????? kabuto wudve killed her in part one if naruto wasnt there to save her. she has to prove herself already cus rite now, to me, she seems like the weakest of all the five kages. and i wanna see wat dan cud do. he seems pretty eager to get himself sealed. cus hes badass? i hope so.

  15. Another thing I want to mention about this chapter is Mifune. I was impressed with Mifune, I mean when he was first introduced I thought he was fodder by the way he was controlled by Danzo, but its understandable, Shisui’s eye is so hack that Madara wanted the eye for himself, that must make the eye really something, so it’s understandable. Mifune brings something to the manga, old school ass-whoop, samurai style. His fighting style stays true to how samurai in other anime are shown fighting, I mean that little flourish after Hanzo and he clashed and sheathed his sword reminded me of Samurai X, aka Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Shamploo, Samurai Jack and all that good stuff. at least in my book Mifune is no longer fodder. On another note, I think Tsunade is not the weakest if we go by strength feats she is the strongest Kage in terms of strength, the Tsuchikage used some gravity manipulation to lift that giant turtle or something like that, her medical ninjutsu is dangerous, she is just underestimated because she almost lost to Kabuto after being rusty for so long. I heard a quote once about how the moment you stop challenging or testing yourself is the moment they get you, bam! your dead. That’s what happened to Tsunade in her fight against Kabuto, nothing else, so she can’t really be judged by that, same thing happened to Hanzo.

  16. @John
    in terms of physical strength, I’d say the Raikage takes it.

    Force = mass * velocity.
    Raikage has more mass, and is soo much faster than Tsunade (just to point out the physics, tho you won’t really need to knoe this to see who is stronger).

  17. @narsi_8
    But the Raikage’s only strength feats involve smashing a wall or desk and lifting some weights and powerbombing the hell out of Sasuke, hahaha good times. Anyways, Tsunade on the other hand has lifted Gamabuntas Sword which must weigh tons, punched the floor open, flicked Naruto meters away with her finger and smashing a wall made of stone with no effort, yet her strength is further augmented by her fine chakra control. The Raikage may be able to generate more “force” if you go by the law of physics, but Tsunade has alot of potential energy stored in a flick of her finger, that and Strength doesn’t equate Force, take this as an example you can have unmatched raw strength but someone who can apply decent speed and has decent mass can still bum rush you and you will be on the floor. The Raikage seems to specialize in Ninja-Taijutsu which is a plus to the force he can generate, but overall Tsunade has the beast strength with little effort.

  18. @madzikage It’s not hard to belive redemption can come to evil people, especially if they become evil out of neccesity or became evil with the best of intentions. Since you used star wars and Batman in ur sayings I’ll do the same. Take Harvey Dent and Darth Vader for example. These villans weren’t always villans. They saw the city(or galaxy) or galaxy for what it was and devoted themselves for the better. However they lost their way by unfortunate situation as well smooth talk(by sidious and joker). These guys could find redemption in their lives to become what they should’ve been.There are two evils in this world, those who do wrong in an attempt to do what they believe is right, and (as afred put) those who just wanna watch the world burn.

  19. No one is evil, people just fight for different sides (Pain, Kimimaro, Zabuza, Haku etc). The only evil people are those that take lives for their own selfish desires (i.e Orochimaru, Madara, Hidan, Kakuzu etc).

  20. blegh. Not interesting. I miss the old Naruto </3

  21. Long live Japan!!! Long live Japanese Anime!!! Long live Naruto, Bleach, One Piece!!!

  22. I know how you feel Donkey Kong 😛

  23. @kawkai: well said.
    @kusi: that’s what i want the crazy guys who hit naruto on that psychological tip, it’s too easy for naruto to turn them. We want naruto to be tested

  24. @kisu, But every one you named including pain kimmimaro, haku and zabuza did take lives for thier own desires(or someone else’s in haku and kimmimaro’s case). Whether it was selfish or not is irrelevant. They’ve all done thier dirty deeds and they all paid, or will pay (eventually) for their crimes. You can’t really say no one is evil.

  25. I’m going to have to agree with Narsi_8. As far as pure strength goes Raikage takes it. Plus he is probably the fastest we’ve seen next to Minato. In a one on one fight I’ll take Raikage…

  26. Yeah exactly! Where is that pure evil person at? Someone who just can’t be redeemed no matter what. I agree Kabuto is the probably the only one who is evil with Orochimaru influence in his body…

  27. @Darth, Kimimaro was a puppet and only did ANYTHING because Orochimaru ordered him to, the same case with Haku. Zabuza fought so he could gain enough money to kill the 4th Mizukage. Remember the Fourth Mizukage was the one oppressing Kirigakure. I don’t think I need to explain why Pain is good, I’ve done it so many times now. Notice I used the word “selfish”?

    If we go by your definition of good, then Kakashi, Yamato and EVERY ninja would be evil since they have to kill. Good and evil aren’t clearly defined concepts.

  28. I beg to differ…. the line isn’t as grey as it appears. Killing because u have to is one thing. But just because Somone has strong convictions or beliefs about something doesn’t make killing justified. A serial killer could say and feel that him killing everyone he deems bad is something right but that’s not true. Good and evil r pretty straight forward; killing is generally done by good people either out of self defense or a last resort. Evil people generally use their so called good ideology And kill first before anything else. Pein u can call good but I beg to differ…….. killing hanzo was one thing but killing every member of his family is past That line of good vs evil. Killing unnecessarily is never called for and pein crossed that. In the end he repented of his actions but until than he was just a disillusioned villain who was easily manipulated to do someone else’s bidding

  29. this war is starting to really suck . i mean a dude with a sword vs hanzo and hanzo gives up he was supposed to be a bad a**m****** f*** .this all sucks cause basicilly its 80,007 vs 2 . man look at that power difference and i ain’t talkin about the 80,000 either thats 5 kages + 2 tailed beast vs kabuto and madara . so if he was going to grow a weak clone army why raise money for years ? was it for food for his army or maybe it was to persude a kage or two .who is the traitor ? i vote RAIKAGE

  30. @Token, killing his family, his friends and everything connected to him was the right thing to do. If he had let them live, Amegakure would still be in a civil war, the people would still be suffering and more lives would be lost over time. Besides, the people of Amegakure sure look happy about Pain being their leader. Also, he had NOTHING to repent for. His end was badly written and turned many people off from the series because it made the entire Arc pointless.

    People try to make a line between good and evil, but it isn’t as clear-cut as everyone wants it to be… Haku devoted himself to Zabuza and followed all his orders, did that make him evil? No. The same with Kimimaro.

    Evil people are like Hidan and Kakuzu. Hidan’s just crazy and kills for amusement. Kakuzu trades pople’s lives for money. Madara wants to rule the world (a cliched goal for a cliched villain). Orochimaru wanted every jutsu in the world. See something in common here? Even if you don’t agree, the story seems to agree with me. The world is steeped in Grey and Gray Morality.

    Oh and psychos are exactly that, psychos. They think what they’re doing is right, but are really just a danger to themselves and everyone else. Are they evil? No. They’re just crazy. A killer who takes lives for money or just for the fun of it IS evil. If you want a series with Black and White Morality, I suggest watching Dora the Explorer.

  31. How is killing everyone close to him the right thing??? Lol please saying he had to is such a cop out. O yea the ninja world is alot better without hanzo and his family…….. who’s to say his family may have been different. Nah pain was just a psycho who thought his way was right. Killing the current generation of konoha and nuking their village had nothing to do with him and his pain. He took out his insanity on a group of people who honestly didn’t even probably know what went on. danzo was responsible and yet pein took it out on the current residents of konoha. Naruto is basically the good version of pein; both lost family and stuff but naruto is man enough to deal with it and realize death and killing never solved anything (btw isn’t it funny how pein stated violence begets more violence and yet pein himself didn’t bother trying to break the cycle? Seems to me he is using violence to his end and it just made things worse); pein is like that bully in ur school who picks on the cousins of a kid who bullies him around lol the ones who did nothing to him but o no he had to take care of them cause they might exact revenge. Bah I liked pein for his skills but as a person he was just a little baby just like sasuke. Boohoo I’m the only person ever who has lost family to war and violence…. man give me a break lol. Ummm and if there is no such thing as evil how can there be a line between good and evil? O and killers r evil if I go out right now and kill and state o did It to protect others even though I myself know I’m full of it I’m still not a evil person huh? As far as I’m concerned pein is just as evil as kakuza Just cooler than him lol. Glad he’s gone And done with (well was till kabuto had to Rez him ugh)

  32. Rofl this ssttory is very black and white; good guys r naruto kakashi yamato etc. Bad guys pein zabuza kabuto madara kakuza. Hmmm pretty easy lol. Love how u make it alot more difficult than it really is.

  33. Funny how u stated pein doesn’t have to repent and yet he did… hmmm guess he thought he was wrong???? Wow what a concept…. pein was wrong!! This world may just be over if pein the golden boy admitted he was wrong lol

  34. @Token, hmm I see no reason to argue with you on this. You already flat out said you hated Pain so I already know that convincing you otherwise is totally impossible. Besides, victory on the internet is not when the other side shuts up, its when everyone else thinks the other guy has lost.

    “Bad guys pein zabuza kabuto”

    This is so wrong it hurts.

  35. On second thought, I’ll copy the argument on tvtropes.

    “There are five major Ninja Villages (and a slew of smaller ones), each calling their sides to be the righteous, superior one, only allying when there’s a bigger threat. Don’t mind the fact that each and everyone of them train children into ninjas with techniques capable of leveling cities. Don’t mind the fact that the Leaf Village mistreats Naruto out of mindless fear, the villains are Orochimaru, a villain that lost his way while trying to find a ninjutsu to revive his parents, Pain/Nagato, whose parents, best friend and DOG were killed by Leaf ninjas, Sasuke who, depending on your views, isn’t wrong for wanting to murder his last family member, (and the Leaf Village elders who ordered him) who massacred his entire clan. And there’s Danzo, who is somewhat a prick, willing to destroy all other villages if necessary, even killing any Leaf ninjas whom he sees as defiant. He only does so to try and catch up to his former comrade Sarutobi, and protect the Hidden Leaf to the end. Since everyone is fighting for their own point of view, Good and Evil are pretty much useless.

    On the other hand, very few will disagree that Madara is an irredeemable asshole. Even then, his master plan can be viewed as an attempt to end all conflict in the world by using his Sharingan on everyone at once.

    However, consider the fact that he faced years of war against a sworn rival that, getting tired of battle, proposed a truce which Madara was FORCED into by his own clan. And when he saw something that would, in future, reduce his clan to Hashirama’s slaves, he was deemed warmongering by his own clan (Whether he took his brother’s eyes out or if he offered them to Madara is still to be confirmed, but let’s suppose he spoke the truth just for the sake of argument). If you consider the ultimate fate of the Uchiha Clan, Madara’s prediction came true and he was just a guy fighting for his family’s safety and position, much like all villages fight for their own worldviews, and was betrayed by the same family, forcing him to become the cold-hearted Complete Monster he is today. Still, he does show caring for Sasuke’s well-being, whether for his own goals or some sympathy for the boy, it’s not clear yet.”

    Token, you really have no argument here since it seems Kishi disagrees with you. The only stories where everything is clear-cut are children’s shows like Dora the Explorer or Power Rangers.

  36. lol how many ppl think pein or zabuza r good guys??? i should post a poll and see…… and btw pein ended on the the right note but before that its hard to even believe he is a good guy…. i kno its hard as a pein fanboy but sorry to tell ya.. pein was a bad guy and he died. sorry but its fact. u need some manga evidence for this point?????

  37. lol kisu its ok that ur capacity of life understanding isnt that far along. from what ive gathered ur only around 17 or so so its ok. When u get older and see the world outside of high school u’ll understand it is actually not that hard…. but i’ll let u get older before i go into a debate about mthis with u. until then we agree to disagree 🙂

  38. @Token, the world is f’d up. Wouldn’t someone my age just get more cynical on the outside?

    Dude, just do me a favor and read these two articles. Please


    Also, you haven’t been paying attention. Zabuza tried to assassinate the FOURTH MIZUKAGE. That’s the dude that was oppressing his village under the control of Madara.. He worked for Gato to try to assassinate him AGAIN but he was stopped by Kakashi.

  39. btw that quote is kind of minute and pointless….. this is someones opinion on kishis writings not him himself so to say he disagrees with me is kind of childish to even bring up lol but ill digress for now. Ive learned to not bother with people who never listen to reason over stupidty and try to impose their views on others; i just stated my opinion and u took it a little too personally… seeing as how u and pein i guess had a relationship before konan came into the picture. didnt expect me saying there is evil around could start such a big debate so ill end it here

  40. sorry i dont get my life lessons from tv shows……. so those articles r not for me. thanks though

  41. Back to the manga, i have to say these edo summons have got to be weaker than the originals…. the ease in which they r defeated kind of strikes me as odd and it just seems like these r at 75% strength while them in real life was at 100%. idk i would like someone elses opinion on these edo summons and how they think they work.

  42. wow, didn’t think my comment would start a full scale argument. Oh well, I’ll just end by saying if naruto show was as gray as it was described to be, than intentions seflish or otherwise would be even less relevant then, and kimmimaro and haku couldn’t be classifed as good any more than madara or even hidan would be classified as evil.

  43. @Token, I’m not saying you should take life lessons from a silly fictional work, or even that our world is like the one in the story. But what I’m saying is IN THE NARUNIVERSE black and white morality is non-existent. Besides, their world is far more violent than ours. In 100 years we’ve only had 2 world wars, but in the same timeframe they’ve had 4.

  44. @Bob

    I would have to say ‘Good Review’

  45. @ token and kisuzachi

    on subject of pein being evil or good debate i agree with token….
    okay he had a change of heart at the last moment and that counts but it does not change what he did in the past years, (simple said he is something like hanzo),
    he wanted peace but he strayed away from he’s original goal and gone well psychic m a d, probably could not take all that is bad in the world and try to change it with violent force…….
    and naruto is here to learn on that mistakes and do what he is meant to do in the manga…..
    (i got a little carried away lol)

  46. “he wanted peace but he strayed away from he’s original goal”

    No he didn’t. His goal was and is always WORLD peace. Not village peace, or country peace, but WORLD peace.

  47. I’m agreeing with Kisu because my avatar speaks for itself, but if you look at the history of Akatsuki they were hired to handle problems countries could not, (Whose to say Pain was even fighting during those times). The most cruel thing we seen from Pain was the attack on the leaf which led to each and everyone of them getting revived, he beat bubbles in 1 second, and destroyed Jiraiya. If I’m missing his others battles please point it out. The 3rd Hokage was a evil dude, allowing a whole entire clan to get wiped out overnight and eating ramen the next day.

    This war is getting dumb, before the war even came about I wrote a list of all the people I wanted dead and since December I’m still waiting. Obito, a freaking 11 yr old had enough courage to step up without thinking twice to help protect his comrades, but Choji a fatass 16 yr old remains alive??? I’ve grown sick seeing no good guy’s die, I’m getting sick of not seeing the characters I want to see in a battle. Who in their right might is anticipating Shikamaru vs Asuma? Kabuto know he is losing right now, he mine aswell pull out his two trump cards (Itachi & Pain)…. Damn.. Sorry for the rant, I had to get that off my chest

    Oh yeah!! One more thing that’s got me ticked off, Kabuto went out his way to capture Yamato to give White Zestu upgraded powers and for what, we seen White Zetsu bodies all on the grounds, bodies floating in the sea, outnumbering the allied forces by 20,000 but still each and everyone of them getting beat down without any effort. We have been seeing this go on for way to long now, bring on Sasuke, Madara, Itachi, Pain for god’s sake!!!!

  48. who in their right minds I mean

  49. Oh, Kakashi killed people on assassination missions. You heard me, Kakashi basically KILLED for money. Is he evil? To his victims’ loved ones of course he is! To the people of Konoha, he’s a pretty cool guy.

  50. everyones actions are done for there own reasons or someone else reasons. whos to determine right from wrong or wat and who is good or evil. imo there is no good or evil just people doing or saying something is right or wrong and persuading others to believe in and follow their ideals.(these are things taught to each generation) peace can be a mutual goal of both “good” and “evil” they both just may have their own ways of achieving it whether be by the use of violence and force or kind words and acts etc. peace is something all itself. no one has the right to say wat someone else is doing is right or wrong. even if they do theyre doing so based on wat someone else thought is right or wrong. we’re all brought up to do or believe in someone elses ideals. to me that rules out the argument of good and evil all thats left from that from that in the end in selfishness, but that doesnt mean there cant be peace in a world or a village etc.

  51. p.s. im not a psycho nor do i hate the world lol. ima cool dude =) those are just my thoughts on the topic. whether anyone agrees or disagrees with my opinion is ok becus thats wat sites like these are for, sharing your ideas and opinions and getting someone elses thoughts about them.

  52. Does anyone know when the 4th shipoudrn movie will be out?

  53. how can you say there is no good or evil?? OF COURSE THERE IS!! GOOD AND EVIL are two words created by humans and set to represent the diferrent interpretations of the world and the people in it. If you say there is no one definition of evil, as everyone has in there mind a slightly different interpretation of it, then that would make sense. But to say there is no evil is to deny the existance of the word.
    Evil = what ever YOU think is outright unjustifiable.

  54. Which leads us back to what I say every time this particular debate starts, “Good and evil rely heavily on perspective”.

  55. this Good and Evil argument forms the basis of this story. The way i see it is that the ninja system is generally messed up it pretty much says that with enough power you can become the kage of your village or bring in a jot of revenue for your village. This is something that is ingrained at birth (pretty much)-the desire to be the strongest. It follows that ninja would seek peace through violence as it is all they know. Naruto is meant to symbolize the antithesis of this system, yet the redeemed ninja represent the system itself.
    I was first to say that i want the unapologetically evil villains. But ones with immense pein-like power, to bring naruto’s worldview into question. Naruto is yet to fully understand that some evils need to be dealt with in that grey area of morality. This is what happened to pein, he didn’t know hanzou as mifune or the sanin knew him, we knew him as am unapologetically evil douche who would only be dealt with through greater power. Pein’s redemption made him a victim of the system as with hanzou, so anti we not in the end evil but victims of the system.

  56. ” How moral is pursuing revenge? That depends on who you are. If you’re Sasuke, it’s a corruption to stay away from and Kakashi will give you an extensive lecture to make sure you get that. If you’re Shikamaru, it’s a rite of passage that will get you closure. Granted, there are plenty of reasons why Shikamaru is justified while Sasuke is insane, but the manga never brings up any of them.

    Naruto’s obsession with redeeming a traitor and would-be mass murderer just because they happened to have an abrasive “Worthy Opponent” dynamic (which the audience is repeatedly told was friendship) is treated, at worst, as idealistic to a fault; when bad guys are loyal to villains who showed them kindness, it’s tragic and destructive.”

    Want a series with Black and White Morality? Go watch Power Rangers. There’s a new one out every year.

  57. *sorry for the typos blame it on T9 predictive text.
    As an aside, I think that kishi wants to show that the previous generation was surpassed by the current generation (another resounding theme) but he is at ve limits of his ability as an author so it comes across as frustrating that the good guys keep winning, as the underlying message isn’t coming through. But as shikaru said, the legends of the past are not as strong as their legends and that this war is about creating new legends. Unfortunately kishi is takin it all too far. Mind you, i’d assume it’s easier to seal than kill. As an aside though, i’m going to be very upset if gaara dies when view are so many other worthy contenders

  58. Evil and god?? there is a diffrence betwen thoose! Kakashi fights and kill for the sake off his village and the people that lives in his village, and all the evil ones fight only for there own selfish reson and don´t care about other lifes

  59. @evil and god, EXACTLY WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING! Good and evil depends entirely on perspective. However, those who fight for their own selfish benefit are the evil ones; like Kakuzu, Hidan, Madara, Sasuke etc.

  60. On whoever was talking a out Tsunade vs. Raikage in physical strength and such: a. I consider “strength” in a ninja a summation of all their battle related abilities since they are fighting not having an arm wrestling contest and b. Didn’t the Raikage smash Sussano? I consider that on par with lifting Gama. Plus he took out the eight tail’s horn (or was that his dad?). C. It’s been a while, I’m on spring break, how are you all doing?

  61. @Mart, Shannaro’s basically the same. Basically.

    Good points, but in raw strength Tsunade so far has him beat. However, Raikage’s speed and and super strength would kill her in an instant.

  62. i agree with mart’s perspective of strength, it being an accumulation of all a shinobis battle skills not just their own physical strength. but in terms of physical strength ill say tsunade is most likely more powerful given her abilities as a medical ninja and her precise chakra control, she probably can enhance her strength way better than A can using chakra. but A will still kill her with ease.

  63. The only evil in naruto is the daiyamos. The daiyamo’s actions lead to all the hatred and war

  64. @Kisu

    I will disagree with you – if the Hokage uses her chakra to her feet that will increase her speed, yes the Raikage is almost at the same speed as the 4th but this will help her counter his attacks. Seeing that the Raikage is close-combat ninja, the Hokage medical techniques will be a serious problem as we saw with the battle with Kabuto. Even he is a Medical Ninja that realize the effect of the attack and was able to counter the attack based on his knowledge as a medical ninja, the Raikage on the other hand will be left in a state where the opponent has an open to attack like we saw with Hanzo when he committed suicide. As far was we know she is the best Kage at control over their chakra – yes this is an assumption – to see her level of medical ninja and strength, you can say she has the best control over chakra – so I don’t think that it will be a fodder fight ex. Like we see with the Edos we have seen so far being sealed

  65. @naruto101

    A has lightning release armour making him an extremely unfair opponent for tsunade. only shinobi who have a great defense(gaara, sasuke etc.) can square off with A. tsunade herself is close range type and significantly slower than A. its been sed A’s speed is on par with minato’s. idk about anyone else but i havent seen tsunade use her chakra to enhance her speed but even if she can it definately wont be on par with A’s speed. to wrap it up A vs tsunade 1 on 1, A will win 10 out of 10 times.

    on the other hand i do agree with u about her being the most precise with her chakra control of all the five kages and possibly she has the best chakra control of any shinobi we’ve seen. shes needs to show us wat she can really do. hopefully she’ll come out and face dan =)

  66. I think tsunade might have A shot at beating A. The raikage seems to just charge ahead leaving hiself opened to be countered. If Tsunade( that’s a big if) can land a clean shot and pull off a strong medical jutsu it will be over

  67. Are you guys fucking serious?? Raikage is so fucking fast the freaking SHANRINGAN can’t keep up with him, The ONLY way Sasuke (who is also noted to having incredible speed) could survive the Raikage’s blows was with Sussano’o. I’d agree if you say Tsunade has more lifting strenth, as she can lift and push incredible weights, but the raikage is just more powerful. In order for Tsunade to beat the Rai, she’d have to be able to keep up with his speed, something even sasuke and his sharin could not do. One hit from the Rai and Tsnade is out for the count, while the other hand, Rai might be able to survive a tsuna hit.

  68. And its much more likely that he can dodge Tsuna’s attacks with his speed, while Tsuna won’t see his coming.

    Point is, Raikage would rape Hokage, but if the two were to fight, Kishi would find a way of making it interesting.

  69. @kisu I can’t agree with tsunade having the raikage beat in raw strength, only beacuse sakura(it hurts to admit) can really do a lot of destructive damage with her chakra control, so would you say sakura in on par with A????

  70. ^ What has Raikage done that would put him in the same league as Tsunade in raw strength? She lifted Gamabunta’s sword incredibly far into the air then slammed it back into the ground pinning down another boss summon.

  71. Trainer Konoha sent out Tsunade. Trainer Kumo sent out A.

    A used Lariat! Tsunade fainted.

    I see it going something like that. Raikage was fast enough to take Kisame’s head off before he finished making hand seals.

    @a lost shinobi, Tsunade lifted up Gamabunta’s knife. Her technique is more advanced than Sakura’s punches. So far the Raikage’s most impressive use of physical strength was breaking through and smashing the ceiling at the Summit to get to Sasugay.

  72. i cant believe theres even a debate about this lol. bottom line A > tsunade, that is all. -_-

  73. and A’s physical strength is not close to tsunade’s. like kisu sed, A’s most impressive showing of his strength is smashing through the wall at the kage summit. naruto in sage mode can do that, choji can do that, even guy mite be able to do that. tsunade on the other hand cud have leveled the whole building and all that surrounds it.

  74. You wanna know whose stronger than both A and Tsunade……… King Sasuke!

  75. Idk A gave sasuke a Hell of a beating lol. If gaara hadn’t stopped a he would have lost his leg as well but I’m pretty sure that kick would have sliced what was left of susanno and sasuke right down the middle lol.

  76. @kisu you didn’t answer the question. I asked would u say sakura’s strength is on par with A’s?

  77. @a lost shinobi currently I don’t think sakura is up to tsunades strength yet. We haven’t seen too much besides her break a few of sasoris puppet. Other than that we haven’t seen much

  78. Tsunade’s strength comes from chakra control. I highly doubt a punch from tsunade without chakra will be as powerful as A’s punch would be.

  79. @a lost Shinobi, I said Tsunade’s strength technique is more advanced. Sakura so far only exhibits Super-Human strength through punches, however Tsunade exhibits the strength with holds as well. Based on what we’ve seen in the manga of Sakura’s and A’s strength, A is better, arguably.

    Besides, it doesn’t matter if Tsunade’s strength comes from chakra control or not, in an arm wrestling match she’d beat the Raikage 10 out of 10 times. In a fight, the opposite is true lol

  80. All of Kabuto summons have been getting owned so far. Half of them aren’t even cooperating with Kabuto, so I don’t see his edo tensei being that effective.

    It was quite a boring chapter, but I am happy I did get to learn a little more about Hanzou’s background. I just wish he would’ve been able to perform more than just one jutsu (summoning). I was curious to know what else he had in his arsenal that helped him take down the Legendary Sannin. 😛

  81. @Token, Sasuke had to restrain himself because he fought many times before and killing The Raikage wasn’t his motive, but that was back then and now Sasuke has EMS, so you mine aswell join the club like everybody else has already and admit Sasuke is the reason you read this manga, and he will most likely become the last villain.

    I almost forgot to give my opinion on the chapter. Let’s see, No Sasuke, No Neji, No Madara, I give this past chapter a D+.

  82. good ol’ fleece lol. we’ve had our differences about sasuke emochiha, but ill agree with u now. rite now sasuke is most likely stronger than A and if they had a rematch ill put my money on sasuke.

  83. “everybody else has already and admit Sasuke is the reason you read this manga”

    Are you trying to get flamed? lol I cant wait ’til an overzealous user calls you out 😛

  84. @kisu

    i kno rite lmao hes painting a bullseye on his back with that statement lol. but u gotta respect that hes a die hard sasuke fan despite sasuke being spoiled with power and how many times sasuke has gotten spanked in battle and saved from death.

  85. Hm funny other than u I don’t hear much about people wanna see sasuke. Seems to me people wanna see the better fighters like itachi nagato and naruto after training. And restrain himself my ass he used his very best moves at the time outside Karin lo. And just like against bee he should have been dead

  86. p.s. i dont hate sasuke. hes strong. probably stronger than itachi was now, but wen have we ever see him EARN any his power after he left konoha? kishi spoils him for the sake of the story.

  87. Sasuke’s come along way- he’s easily at Kage Level. When Raikage and Sasuke fought tho, it was a close one- A physically dominated sasuke but sasuke’s ninjutsu raped A of a limb. I think that fight was a draw coz if gaara didnt jump in Sasuke would have been split in half but A would have been burnt to death. If they had a rematch now id put my money on EMS Sasuke.

    As for Tsunade vs Raikage…. i say A would win- One Linger Bomb or whatever its called and Miss Hokage is done for BUT they would never fight, they’d be too busy fucking!! lol

    Out the current kages tho (Gaara, A, Tsunade, Mei and the old guy) who do u think is the strongest????

  88. @tensa

    thats a tough one since we havent really seen wat any of the can really do besides gaara, but given wat we kno of all their abilities ill say A is the strongest.

    strongest to weakest (IMO): A, onoki, mei, tsunade, gaara.

  89. @kisu now that you clarified your comment by saying Tsunade’s strength technique is superior I agree.

  90. at first i was weary of onoki but man have to see after seeing that old man in action i wouldnt be surprised if anyone placed him as the strongest/best kage. hes alot more talented and skilled than his appearance suggests and although A has the strength etc, i think onoki is alot wiser and has tons of experience on his side.

  91. @ fast
    Yeah thats true, it is abit early to ask that seeing as we havent seen Onoki or Mei in a proper fight yet. But what makes u think Tsunade is stronger than Gaara???
    Is it just me or is the only impressive thing about Tsunade is her amazing cleavage?! Then again she’s only had 1 proper fight an gave up her chakra in the pain arc to save ppl

  92. @ Token

    Old dust man (Onoki) seems total badass, i love the way he was pissed off at Deidara for losing to Uchiha

  93. @Tensa I agree, now with Sasuke having EMS who can really handle him?

    Thanks fastninja for agreeing with me, most people if not all know’s Sasuke is the best, he’s not just sitting back relaxing, he’s training right now and when he makes his epic return most people on Shannaro are going to be on his side rooting for him. People like token know for a fact that Sasuke is better than any shonobi he likes who in which are probably dead, don’t matter, or couldn’t match up with Sasuke “power wise”

    “lol I cant wait ’til an overzealous user calls you out”

    Nope that will never happen, because pretty much everyone agree’s with me when I say Sasuke is the only reason we continue to read the manga, c’mon we seen Naruto with his new powers, Kabuto hasn’t prove anything, Madara has his own plan’s, so what are we preparing for? The EPIC return of Sasuke with his new set of eyes, dominating everyone in his path, destroying Konoha for 3rd straight time, just wait people

  94. @tensa

    well gaara’s still a teenager and lacks experience and not to long ago we seen him take a loss against deidara. tsunade definately has more experience and she is a sannin despite us seeing her get worked by kabuto in part 1. thats why i keep saying she needs a good fight and i hope that fight is against dan and kabuto fully binds him so that we can also see wat dan can do. ghost transformation technique? that sounds beast lol it has to be a hack jutsu.

  95. as much as most of us may hate to admit it, fleece is rite. the manga is gonna get way more exciting wen sasuke returns and hes most likely stronger than all the five kages but those are about the only things i can agree with fleece on lol. the rest is for u guys to flame =)

  96. Actually fleece sasuke is doing nothing lol. He had itachis eyes put in and he is literally still waiting around as he can’t see so he isn’t training…….. as always sasuke got powers without working hard for them. Btw my favorite characters r minato and itachi; although itachi is dead everyone knows (as u should) that itachi was far stronger than sasuke…… if I remember correctly its itachis eye abilities that sasuke is spamming these past battles lol. Itachi basically is the reason sasuke is so op…… and plz don’t disagree all of my statements r manga supported lol.

  97. And honestly all I wanna see is nagato with non illness, itachi with no illness and who the hell madara is. Sasuke v naruto isn’t too high on my list cause lets be honest…… we r all confident who will win that

  98. Token, do actually think Sasuke is sitting around doing “nothing”. Sasuke wasn’t sitting around doing “nothing” when he was with Orochimaru he isn’t sitting around now. You said he has powers without working hard for them, I beg to differ. He trained with his brother and Kakashi have you forgotten, even after his clan was wiped out he trained by himself, so know your role and reread the entire manga so you can come back to reality

    You said Itachi “was” stronger than Sasuke, but what about now token? Stop living in the past dude, Sasuke is the main event everyone is looking forward to, not dead people okay, so while you’re waiting for the edo version of Itachi and Nagato that will get defeated like all the other edo summon’s, Myself and many others will be looking forward to the best chapters ever when Sasuke show’s up, If a super powered Naruto vs The great King Sasuke isn’t on your list of battles you don’t want to see, then you’re sick in the head. Sasuke’s gonna win just wait and see

  99. Lol sasuke isbstronger than itachi now because sasuke has ITACHIS eyes. And look in the manga sasuke can’t train cause he is still recovering from the surgery. If u like sasuke that’s cool. I’m not gonna persuade u otherwise. I’m just stating the fact that sasuke has been handed susanno and amatersu and when he has had to fight with his own abilities against killerbee and A he was getting pwnd (and if ur gonna argue that what technique was it that saved sasuke? Hint it involves itachi) If ur arguing That I guess ur new to the manga? And outside u fleece and fast ninja have yet to hear ANYONE say they r excited to see sasuke.

  100. If Itachi knew he was gonna die by the hands of his brother why not create a plan B or C beforehand, huh? Answer that token, Itachi had all the time and the world to avoid death but he didn’t, too bad. Sasuke was bound to obtain MS anyway’s, it was just a matter of time. The fact Itachi gave Sasuke his power doesn’t mean nothing, it’s not like Sasuke forced him to do it. Sasuke’s fight with Danzo was way better, because he was getting the hang of his new MS. Killerbee and and the whole entire cloud village will get wiped out by Sasuke himself! SASUKE > everyone else..

    I too still wonder who is Tobi but at this point the buzz around this guy has died down, and as slow as this war is going we might not find out who this guy is until this summer, and yeah not everyone has express their opinion on who they want to see. Everyone wanna see the champ i.e. “Sasuke”, not some fat retarded losers like Choji or Asuma

  101. Lol itachi PLANNED on dying ot his brothers hands and he wanted sasuke to be madaras downfall (but madara lucked out that sasuke went against his bros wish and went bad). In fact have u not forgotten??? he did have a plan B and gave his power to naruto with that crow and that will be sasukes downfall in the end im sure. and btw what did sasuke use for most of his fight?? itachis susanno summon. Susanno has been sasukes safety net for some time now. And madara himself stated that itachi prolonged his life just so he could die at sasukes hand…… his disease was incurable but thru sheer willpower itachi stayed alive.. i think u r purposefully avoiding the whole sasuke/itachi fight and have forgotten what we have learned about itachi afterwards…. itachi was always thinking and he ALWAYS had a plan in case something went wrong… plan a was sasuke kill him he is a hero and than celebrated. plan b madara takes him and amateresu was supposed to kill madara (as madara stated if itachi knew everything about him he might be dead) and plac c was if the above failed he would give power to naruto to battle his brother ( and itachi stated he hoped naruto wouldnt have to use it) so yea itach had several plans lol.

  102. the greatest shinobi have been great tacticians. look at minato, itachi, jaraiya, etc (and eventually shikamaru too). all have had elaborate plans, all have had backups. minato planned most parts of narutos life which has affected naruto after minatos death. itachi is another great tactician and i agree with token, his backup plan has been left with naruto, the only other person that could possibly deal with or change sasuke. and jaraiya, i miss jaraiya, he was a great character.

  103. I’m not sure if I should reply to you Fleece. What you’re doing right now seems so much like trolling for fishes, hoping someone will bite.

    @fastninja, I wouldn’t mind if Sasuke never shows up again. Sasuke is a blackhole that sucks up anything good in this manga. All logic dictates that if a single ninja attacked the 5 Kages that ninja should be dead, but Kishi gave him asspull after asspull. I don’t think Kishi knows how to write Sasuke, since he wasn’t originally part of Kishi’s story, but Kishi was forced to create a rival for Naruto by his editors. What makes things worse is HOW he created Sasuke. Instead of creating an original character, he just went through a bunch of different manga and took traits from rivals in thse stories then amalgamated them into one character, Assguy Uchiha.

  104. Both Naruto and Sasuke were pretty much created by other characters from other manga’s, DTZ being a very obvious one!
    Anyway guys i dont know if anyone’s thought of this but (Here comes another Tobi theory) WHAT IF TOBI IS THE SAGE OF SIX PATHS ELDER SON (i.e THE FIRST EVER UCHIHA)???? And by some life expanding jutsu has managed to stay alive all this time and the only Uchiha who was as strong as him was Madara hence why he is claiming to be him to cover up his identity…..damn i wanna know how he gave Nagato the Rinnegan….and also why does it feel like Tobi is related to Sasuke and Itachi???!!!! Think about it- he probably knew years ago that those 2 boys had the potential to be the strongest Uchiha’s in history and has guided both of them to help them become as bad ass as they are kinda like a father or grandad would…….

  105. @Tensa, think of it like he meant he set up the situation that caused Nagato to first awaken the Rinnegan. That’s the explanation that uses the least amount of assumptions. It might be the least fantastical explanation, but most explanations usually are boring compared to theories.

  106. “I’m not sure if I should reply to you Fleece. What you’re doing right now seems so much like trolling for fishes, hoping someone will bite.”

    No trolling here, I’m just stating the obvious, so Kisu know your ROLE, and sh… well you know the rest.

    ” wouldn’t mind if Sasuke never shows up again. Sasuke is a blackhole that sucks up anything good in this manga. All logic dictates that if a single ninja attacked the 5 Kages that ninja should be dead”

    Why, is it because he’s electricfying? Why, because Kakashi trained him instead of Naruto during the chunin exams? Is it because he can study and learn techniques through his eyes? Is it because he has the potential to be the strongest fighter this manga has ever seen? I think someone is jealous, Kishi did a great job creating Sasuke, don’t underestimate the mind of Kishimoto.

    @token, I’m not trying to discredit the fight between the two, but you’re acting like Sasuke forced Itachi to give him his powers. Itachi is DEAD, let him rest in peace, he wanted his brother to become stronger than him without the aid of the curse seal. Was Itachi stronger than Sasuke “at that time”, yes, but TODAY Sasuke is the reason we read the manga this very day. You’re praising a man that killed his own mother & father, yeah Itachi was a great man alright -_- When it’s all said and done, Sasuke is the only reason we read the manga, If the Edo summons can’t kill no one important by now, I know Sasuke will

  107. For starters:

    Itachi did NOT give Sasuke MS abilities. Yes, there was that one Amaterasu against Tobi, but in that instance it was Itachi’s MS acting THROUGH Sasuke’s sharingan, not Sasuke’s MS. It was a one-off ability.

    The future MS abilities Sasuke has used are with his own MS. The main points to this are:

    His MS looks different.

    Sasuke appears to be able to control Amaterasu’s form, we did not see this with Itachi (although he might have been able to do it, but chose not to so as to reduce eye wear).

    Sasuke stinks at Tsyukiyomi (spelling?), so it definitely did not come from his brother.

    Now, with Itachi’s eyes implanted, who is to say that Sasuke shouldn’t get a boost from his brother’s eyes in the future.

    I agree with Kisu though, Sasuke’s character does not have a lot of depth. Yes, he has his backstory, other than that though he is one-dimensional. I hope that Kishi ties it all up in a nice little bow when it is all done and Sasuke’s fall at the Kage summit is explained. If not, then I say it’s almost Deus Ex Machina.

  108. @Token

    Sasuke may be the reason you read the manga every day, but I read it for Kakashi, Naruto, and Shikamaru. I am sure everyone has their own favorites.

  109. FINALLY….Kisu has come back to SHANNNARO!!!

    @Fleece, What in the blue Hell is wrong with you? I guaran-damn-tee it that I read this manga just to see how it ends and not for any one character. Now Kisu wants you to take a stroll down Know Your Role Blvd, hang a right at Jabroni Drive, and check your candy ass directly into the Smack Down Hotel!

    Okay, enough the Rock lol

  110. @rip I def do not read this for sasuke lol……. maybe u meant to put fleece????

  111. @Kisu
    That was fucking funny! Im gonna have to go on youtube an watch the rocks funny moments now lol
    Anywayyyyyyyyyyyy everyone has there favourites and has there own opinions on every character- the same way i think choji is a fat useless shit an should be killed im sure someone out there in a far off distant land thinks he is the best character in the show!!!

    Speaking of burger boy choji how can u be a ninja an be fat?! Surely all that training should burn off major calories! He’d be alot better if he was the same size as when he took on that last food pill against that curse mark fatty from the sound 4

  112. Noooooooo!!!!!!!!! I was gonna use those lines later on! You’re always 2 steps ahead of me

    But How dare use the Great ones catch phrases, without the Great ones premission. I’m am the most ELECTricfying man and Allllllll of Anime entertainment. I’m the Jabroni beating, La La la Low Pie eating, Trail blazing, Eyebrow raising, best thing since green grass, always ready to whoop some candy ass… The peoples champ!

    I almost thought I lost, *whew*!

  113. “Now Kisu wants you to take a stroll down Know Your Role Blvd, hang a right at Jabroni Drive, and check your candy ass directly into the Smack Down Hotel!”

    Okay that was too golden, I submit defeat, but until next time Kisu… I’ll be ready

  114. @Tensa Lol yeah Choji is a big fat burger eating boy, it might sound evil but I think everyone wants that Fat Kentucky fried chicken eating boy out of this manga, biggie smalls serves no purpose at all in Naruto

  115. @tensa

    Ooops, my fault. I did mean Fleece.

  116. Lol this is just nuts!

    When do the spoilers come out?! i want the Asuma vs Ino-shika-cho fight over with ASAP then we can get onto Kakazu or Dan or Kimimaru

  117. i wanna get back to kakashi and guy vs the seven swordsmen. i wanna see kushimaru sew some alliance ninja together lol

  118. @Fastninja, at this point I think when we get back to Kakashi the battle will be over and some of his division members will say “That was epic. I sure feel sorry for anyone who missed seeing that.”

    Seriously though, don’t do it Kishi.

  119. @kisu

    wow kishi wud lose major cool points in my book if he does that. thats a high caliber battle. the seven swordsmen of the mist is an allstar team, idc wat anyone says. i hope he doesnt toss it aside for these fodder fights we’ve been seeing.

  120. No chap this wk. Jump is on break, not sure why. New chap next wk.

  121. @ripcrd, THANK GOODNESS! No chapter 😀

  122. Sasuke is an emo, PERIOD!!!!

    And BTW the biggest asspull so far (besides sasuke surviving 5 kages) has been Naruto defeating nagato!!!

    Do not get me wrong, sure I know his sage mode and chakra level´s are over Jiraiya´s but why in the world Nagato did not use ALL his six paths of pain at the SAME time, sure all them were present, but they fought naruto one at a time, hehe

  123. Poly nagatos intentions was never to kill naruto, it’s much easier to kill than subdue someone

  124. Kisu an fleese it was great seeing the rock come back an make fun of cena

  125. @poly, trust me we’ve been over this dozens of times here.

    @Minatofan, yeah I hate Cena. He’s like the WWE’s Sasuke. I wanna see him get Rock Bottom’d at Wrestlemania 🙂

  126. @poly

    Best answer I can give you is that the huge Shinra Tensei took a lot out of Nagato. He knew he couldn’t use God Realm for a while, so he was on defence to protect God Realm, since that is Yahiko and meant more to him than any of the other Pains.

    And also Minatofan makes a great point, although I think it is secondary to my point.

  127. @poly, emo is short for emotional right? If your whole entire clan was wiped out I guess you will be happy huh? And Naruto defeating Nagato was pretty stupid. Nagato is my second favirote character

    @kisu, no he isn’t, Cena is like Sai, he doesn’t respond to the fans hatred of him. I wanna see the peoples elbow

  128. “If your whole entire clan was wiped out I guess you will be happy huh?”

    Actually I wouldn’t feel a thing if I knew they were planning to start a civil war. I’d hate that I was even related to them.

    “I wanna see the peoples elbow”

    Yea he definitely needs to get the Elbow of the People. All our hatred bottled up against him for 9 years released at one moment. I don’t think even Super Cena could survive X_X

  129. “Actually I wouldn’t feel a thing if I knew they were planning to start a civil war. I’d hate that I was even related to them”

    His whole family (Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, cousins) are dead, and you wouldn’t feel nothing? The Uchiha was the strongest clan in Konoha, just as the Uzumaki were the strongest of their village.

    I hope the great one doesn’t take sides with that toaster strudel eating bastard Cena. The Rock will lay the smackdown on allll their candy a**es

  130. @Fleece

    Yes, but Naruto is under almost the same circumstances. Sasuke claims that because he knew his family and then they were destroyed is a greater trauma than never having a home in the first place.

    I’m not saying one is greater than the other, but Sasuke lacks complete empathy that other people are suffering too. He is acting as if his suffering is greater than anything else that is going on in the world. He has a good reason to be upset, but that doesn’t justify his actions in the slightest.

  131. @Ripcord- True, I agree with you. It’s really the elders fault for agreeing to the downfall of the Uchiha, so with that being said I think Sasuke should destroy them and kill anyone whose in his way. So far his actions have been good more than bad. He killed Deidara, Danzo, and Orochimaru (sealed). That’s alot more then what Naruto has accomplished this series.

    I know Iruka parents died, but I bet you he still had other family memebersa. Sasuke had nothing 😦 . Sasuke is my favorite character because he brings BLOOD, violence, incredible power. Naruto brings friendship, bonding, and all that other kid stuff

  132. Kid stuff? It only seems like kid stuff to you maybe because they are ideals that children think is easily achievable.

    In truth, those are difficult things and it takes true growing up to turn the cheek rather than punch back. Unfortunately, that’s one of those lessons you have to learn for yourself…

  133. In every battle Naruto is in it’s always a lesson to be learn, why can’t he ever defeat someone without all of that like he defeated Kakuzu? Sasuke get’s to the point and doesn’t waste anytime. What Naruto hasn’t been taught is that not everyone is gonna be your friend

    Example here:

  134. next chap is gonna be great

  135. can’t wait the see the 7 swordmans battle

  136. @justpassing

    Kishi is fully aware that loads of kakashi fans have been looking forward to him in a major battle for years and with a nickname like “the man who copied over a thousand jutsu” its about time he showed off a whole slew that we havent seen- im talking earth style, water style, fire style- all the damn styles!!!!! Its probably taking him longer to write this battle though- he’s gotta make white fang junior and bushy brow sensei go out with a BANG!!!!!!!!

  137. Fleece I don’t think naruto Idea is that everyone should be your friend just that ppl should understand each other an not be enemies

  138. i would just like to say maybe the elders did not know what they were doing ordering the uchiha massacre it could have been danzo using his stolen eye. lets ses danzo, the third ,and kagami uchiha grow up together . the third was trained be the first and the second so it possible that kagami was trained by madara . so when madara was defeated kagami was mad at the clan just like him so madara dies years later he takes on his identity. kagami knows danzo who is in league with orchimoru who inplants the eye in danzo which explains kabuto having something on tobi madara really body. so tobi is none other than uchiha kagami . and as for the next chapter it would be good but asuma is just going to tell them how to beat him. thanks for your time!

  139. @Fleece, you do realize Naruto has no gone through the same thing Sasuke has as well right. He felt the pain of losing Jiraiya, Kakashi, Hinata and many of his fellow-villagers but he didn’t whine and bitch about it. Sasuke and Naruto for that matter, need to go to a brothel and get laid. I’m sure that would solve Sasugay’s “restore my clan” complex when he sees the only way to do that is to have children and it will let Naruto see that women are way more fun than a guy that doesn’t give a sh!t about u and wants to kill you.

    Besides, the elders had no choice but to kill the Uchihas. Negotiation failed, the Uchihas had planned to spy on them using Itachi and were planning a friggin’ coup. It was either kill the aggressors or have many innocent people die and possibly start the Fourth Ninja War early.


  140. @Kisu
    I agree!!! Naruto and Sasuke and even Kakashi for that matter all need to get laid!!!
    Naruto needs to handle Hinata properly and finally rip off that tracksuit jacket an whip out them titties!!
    Sasuke needs to give Sakura that Uchiha Fire that she’s practically been begging for since they were little and go straight fire style on that pussy!

  141. Lmao at tenza haha wow that made my day reading that

  142. “Fleece I don’t think naruto Idea is that everyone should be your friend just that ppl should understand each other an not be enemies”

    I’m still tryna get used to that, because to me it’s a waste of time and makes Naruto character a little soft if you ask me. I mean I’m a old school anime fan, I think Bleach is nothing but a less entertaining Yuyu Hakusho

    @Kisu, C’mon Kakashi and Hinata are still alive, so is the other villagers that were brought back to life, and even when Jiraiya died Naruto had friends to make him feel better, Sasuke had nobody to cheer him up. This to me makes Sasuke the ultimate character

    And oh yeah, Sasuke has already got laid before everyone in Konoha, it was interrupted by Danzo, but Sasuke still got it in

  143. @Fleece, Naruto turned down everyone’s help with the Jiraiya situation but Iruka. Sasuke had everyone in the Village loving him but chose to shut everyone out. He’s just a whiner. And biting a girl’s arm does not = getting laid.

  144. Kisu you don’t understand that his WHOLE entire clan got murdered. Naruto had one guy, and parents that he never knew that died on him. Itachi is a freaking douchbag, there has to be more to the story then what Madara told Sasuke. I know Itachi didn’t want war, but god damn he killed his OWN mother, the same person that gave birth to that fool, made his dinner, cleaned his clothes, all for the sake of no war. You have got to be kidding me. You’re trying to make it seem like Naruto and Sasuke are equals but you’re falling short. Karin was breast feeding Sasuke, the anime shows it from a different angle

  145. @fleece

    itachi a douchebag??? i try to agree with u wenever i can and help u defend sasuke on certain things that are true but lets not even call itachi a douchebag. he had two choices, peace or war. peace came at the cost of erasing his clan which wanted war. if he didnt do wat he did there wud have many hundreds upon thousands of sasukes and narutos. i respect that your a die hard fan of your favorite character cus most ppl just change their favorite character as soon as theres a cooler stronger character introduced, but u only think of how to make sasuke look good wen the facts are sasuke is the real douchebag cus in the end after he gets his revenge wats he gonna do? he rejected everyone whos ever cared about him and he wont have anything to avenge which means he wont have any goals. itachi did all he cud so that sasuke cud live happily, be a hero and restore the uchiha clan and he chose vengeance instead. thats selfish and he thinks hes avenging itachi wen really hes making the death of his clan and all itachi did for him meaningless. come to think about it sasukes not really “emo” hes just selfish.

  146. But fleece, the entire village (with FEW exceptions) rejected naruto, the adults hated him and the children mocked him, he could have choiced become like other jinchurikis.

    Lets face it , the uchihas were plotting ( I believe even since the kyuubi attack ) and had to die.

    And well Sasuke´s motives to becoming evil are more dull and lame than the reason behind Anakin turning into dark side of the force in the Revenge of the Sith, and thats quite something.

    What an AWFUL acting by the way……

  147. and sasuke did get some boob action but hes still a dry d**k lol =)

  148. Could have chosen* lol

  149. C’mon fastninja, so you’re telling you would kill your own mother who can’t spark a war by herself, and your whole entire clan, to avoid war? Man f*ck that. Are you a DBZ fan? Most likely you are. Just think would any of the saiyans allow themselves to make the choice Itachi made??? If we get more information behind the massacre of the Uchiha, Itachi remains a douchebag in my opinion.

    My mind is just puzzled on you, Kisu, and Poly. I mean the guy killed his mother. That takes away so many cool points away from Itachi is not even funny. I thought I would atleast get one person to agree with me, but I guess a anime character killing his own mother is the new trend in the anime world, I must had missed it or something

    “But fleece, the entire village (with FEW exceptions) rejected naruto, the adults hated him and the children mocked him, he could have choiced become like other jinchurikis.”

    The adults had a reason to hate Naruto, and the children had a reason to mock Naruto. He had the 9 tails within him that killed many people in Konoha. If the 3rd took a better & stronger group of shonobi with him the day Kushina gave birth to Naruto, all of this could have been avoided

  150. “Sasuke and Naruto for that matter, need to go to a brothel and get laid. I’m sure that would solve Sasugay’s “restore my clan””

    You need more Uchiha’s to restore their clan, otherwise his descendants end up like Pan, and besides I think women determine the last name, seeing as how Naruto has his mothers last name, but I could be wrong

  151. @fleece

    hiruzen gave naruto kushina’s surname to protect naruto from minato enemies. he wud have been naruto namikaze but minato made too many enemies pwning other villages on the battlefield.

  152. @fastninja, Yea I think you’re right, Minato was whoopin alot of candy a**es

  153. Come to think of it is there any other members of the namikaze clan?

  154. Fleece, u went too far by calling itachi a douchbag.
    Seriously u need to open ur eyes. Oh sucking on someones boobs doesnt mean u got laid lol

  155. How did I go to far????? He killed his own mother for god sakes, did everyone forget that?? Here’s a reminder

    I mean, he could atleast let his mother live, that’s all I’m saying. There should be a poll on this topic, and I’m pretty sure most would agree with me that Itachi is a douchebag for killing his creator

    @xTailed, yea it does, if you got your fingers up in her XD, but you’re right sucking on someones boobs does not mean you got laid, but I’m pretty sure Sasuke smashed Karin the nights they went to sleep

  156. Minato was straight up gangsta!!!! Would like to see more of his battles tbh

    Im pretty sure everyone is secretly getting it on with someone else!! Sasuke at least must have got his dick sucked by Karin a couple times!! And someone must be banging Anko!! She’s easily one of the top 5 chicks in the village!

  157. samui, karin, hinata, tsunade, kurenai. top 5 hottest kunoichi in the manga.=)

  158. @ Fast

    Karin?!?!? Really????

    Temari and Ino are nicer than her!!

  159. @tensa

    wat?!?!?!?!? youre craaaazy. ino and temari hotter than karin??? hell to the no -_-

    well maybe ino shud be in the top 5 but shes not hotter than karin and idk wat youre thinking with temari lol her hair looks as if gaara just smacks her with sand everyday.

  160. @Fast

    Sand Slapped hair looooooooooool, her hairstyle’s wild!! she looks like she’d be a freak in the bedroom, she’d probably bring up a mini fan an tickle ur balls with it : D

  161. @Fleece, why let her live? She was in on it as well. Just so you know, she was a Jonin as well.


  162. Kisu: jst give up bro, I dont its worth taking to the wall.
    Lol so far kurenai seems to be only who got laid. Tsunade should hve banged poor jariya lol

  163. Sasuke is the manga version of anakin in the vengeance of the sith!!!

  164. @poly, no. Just no. Anakin is cool. Darth Vader is awesome. Sasuke is the exact opposite. Anakin became Darth Vader because he wanted to save his wife, Sasuke became evil just because.

  165. I like your list fastninja but I’ll probably switch Kurenai with Anko

    C’mon kisu, I know you’re not that cold blooded. Itachi could of atleast kept his mother alive. How was she going to start a coup d’etat by herself?? I remember either the anime or manga showed Sasuke’s grandmother but I can’t find it. Itachi and Madara killed everyone. Kisu and xTails, you 2 guy’s are coooold blooded. Let’s drop this “Itachi being a douchebag”, I would like to see a poll asking rather it was right or not that Itachi killed the person that gave birth to him. I’m sure everyone would agree with me

    @poly- I like Star wars the 1st movie, but after that I didn’t care to much for the sequals, battlefront the game is fun as hell. So whoever Anakin is, he must be pretty badass to be compared with the king

  166. Sasuke’s a bitch. He’s soft. He supposed to be so bad ass and yet he’s tobi’s puppet. If he wanted revenge on the elders so bad he should have been marched his ass to konoha. So sasuke fans are gonna say madara stopped him. Just proves how soft he is. He’s afraid of madara. End of subject so sasuke fans have fun replying.

  167. @a lost shonobi, Sounds like you’re a big fan of Rebecca Black. Sasuke also followed Orochimaru’s orders, where is Orochimaru now???? Don’t underestimate Sasuke. The elders are bound to get “the” biggest ass whooping of all time. If you’re not a fan of Sasuke, most likely you listen to Rebecca Black, Taylor Swift, Nickleback, and the Culture Club daily. Know your damn role

  168. If my mother was planning something that would lead to millions of deaths, I would try to stop her…by any means.

  169. @fleece

    this whole thing is a dumb argument, probably the dumbest one we’ve had on this post yet. why shud he have left his mom alive? and if he did why not leave his dad alive too? and while hes at it why not spare his lover and friends and the rest of his family and clan? they were all planning to start a civil war which wud have led to the 4th ninja war. it is f**ked up that he killed his own mom, but she along with every other uchiha were basically willing to cause thousands maybe millions of deaths just for their own selfish reasons. your only looking at one tree and not the whole forest. itachi was both wrong and right, but in the end it all came down to two choices and they werent, A) kill his mom and everyone else in his clan besides sasuke or, B) dont kill everyone in his clan. they werent those two at all. it was either peace or war and he chose peace. in this argument no one is right or wrong. this is all because of your statement about itachi being a douchebag. in everyone elses opinion hes the exact opposite. think of it this way. sasuke is alive right now and is as strong as he is right now because of itachi. dont u think sasuke is “electrifying” lol. he wudnt be very electrifying if he was dead now wud he? if u like sasuke so much i dont see how u cud think so lowly of itachi. hes the reason sasuke is still alive. u shud appreciate all he did for your favorite character.

  170. No this isn’t a dumb agrument. It’s a agrument I haven’t seen on this site, and it probably made people uncomfortable to talk about it. I appreciate Itachi sealing Orochimaru away, and keeping Sasuke alive, but that’s about it. I see alot of people say that Itachi is their top 5 or top 3 favorite character, sure he has the skills and cool look to make the reader like him, but you have to question his character. The Uchiha were one of the strongest clans in Konoha, In the long run was it worth wiping out the clan that helped found Konoha?? Face it, no matter how cool you think Itachi is, he still betrayed his clan. Whatever the Uchiha needs were at that time, it obviously wasn’t met and it’s all because Sarutobi was connected to the Senju (Rivals of the Uchiha) . If Itachi knew Madara was such a threat in the near future why couldn’t he himself fought Madara?? Itachi doesn’t deserve to have the Uchiha name

    @Kisu, let’s say choji was apart of the millions, would you think different?

  171. @fleece

    i have to agree with you. he did betray his clan and in uchiha terms, he doesnt deserve to have the name because the uchiha were a clan fueled by hatred and itachi was traumatized at a young age by the 3rd ninja war which made him love and want peace more than anything and at any cost except sasukes life. he betrayed and slaughtered his clan, but by those actions, he prevented the 4th ninja war from happening at that time. so again he is right and wrong. which ever action you think rules out the other is entirely your opinion. and this argument cud branch out and become many differnent arguments since u brought the senju/uchiha feud into it, so ill stop here.

  172. lmfao i forgot booker t effed up like that lol

  173. Fleece:
    No offence but ur pretty annoying hahaha. Itachi couldnt kill madara coz madara kept some secret n prob was cautious all the time plus itachi was in a very weak state so he couldnt kill him. Itachi gave everythin to the emo kid to hve ems n kill madara but emo kid is……..

  174. Hey don’t get me wrong, when Itachi returns I’m going nuts, maybe I’m just overreacting. Madara could of been lying to Sasuke like he said the 9tails dizaster was a “natural dizaster” when it wasn’t. Madara could have been the one who killed Sasuke’s & Itachi’s parents, maybe Sasuke assumed Itachi killed their parents because he was in the house checking over their dead bodies. I still want the elders dead though, Booker T thought he was back in the hood lol

  175. I share the same last name as the great one Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I’m only annoying because I bring the raw truth no man can’t dispute, the truth is too hard to digest when you eat 10 sweet potatoe pies with no eggnog, if you smell what I’m cooking

    “Itachi couldnt kill madara coz madara kept some secret n prob was cautious all the time plus itachi was in a very weak state so he couldnt kill him.”

    That was a poor excuse xtails. Itachi wasn’t weak, sure he was sick, but that didn’t stop him joining Akatsuki. I don’t know how strong this Tobi character is, but Minato owned him, Mifune devoured his arm, and Konan blew half of his mask off. Imagine what Itachi could have done, nuff said

  176. @kisu

    I liked darth Vader (Anakin) in the chapters 4 ,5 and 6 but during 2 and 3 the way he behaves is just pretty much like sasuke is doing right now.

    Tthink about it, lots of unjustified tantrums and attention whoreness out of his status as an spoiled “genius”, so talented and yet so full of himself, eager to kill anyone, and eventually, attacking the person he originally wanted to save by going into the dark side in the first place, and the one who loved and cared for him the most, his wife!!!!

    I know that as an “accident”, but it showed his egotistical lust for power, and least the emperor wanted to bring “peace”, pretty much like madara, but sasuke and young anakin were selfish whiners who demonstrated and sought power at any cost!!!


  177. @poly, what I got from it was the Jedi took a kid with a troubled past and trained him despite knowing they’re breaking their own laws and got screwed for it. Anakin only developed a lust for power because he thought attaining that power would save his wife. There are a few similarities, but then again, I can draw similarities between Iruka and Sasuke as well, and they wont mean a thing.

  178. Lets change it up a bit…Which ninja’s have one hit kill jutsu? So far I would say:

    Naruto – Wind style rasegan
    Tsuchikage Onoki – Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique

    Anybody else care to add??

  179. Sasuke- Lighting Style: Kirin

  180. Pain: Chibaku Tensei

  181. Deidara: C0 and C4(technically C4 is millions of microscopic explosions)

    Hidan: Death Controlling Possessed Blood

    Kakashi: Raikiri

    Pain: Human Path

    Raikage: ALL of his techniques

    Konan: Paper Person of God

    Killerbee: Bijudama

  182. Nice people! I could only think of those two at the moment…Let me also add

    Gaara: Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral

  183. Guy: Afternoon Tiger

    Sasuke: Chidori Sword

    Sasori: 100 Puppet Performance

  184. Rock Lee – Reverse Lotus

  185. Well guy and rock lee can use that technique

  186. I also forgot to add my favorite…Sand Waterfall Funeral

  187. Kisame: Great Water Shark

    Zabuza: Great Waterfall

  188. Kakuzu – Lightning Release: False Darkness

  189. Jiraiya (in sage mode along with fukasaku and shima) – Sage Art: Bath of Boiling Oil

  190. Mei – Boil Release: Skilled Mist Jutsu

  191. Garra- desert burial

  192. Jiraiya: Sage Art: Rasengan (according to Databook 3 it can hollow out an entire mountain)

  193. Nagato – Summoning: Gedo Mazo (that dragon that comes out of gedo mazos mouth kills anyone it touches instantly by removing their soul)

  194. Itachi- Tsukuyomi (he could have killed kakashi easily if he wanted to!)

  195. Kimimaru- Dance of the Seedling Fern (That Forest of bones jutsu where he can spring up from any bone to kill someone an almost got gaara)

  196. See, this kind of thing is why I miss the forums so much :(.

    @Tensa Gizzla

    Tsukyomi doesn’t kill on its own, although I would say that after one of those, the recipient could be killed easily with a kunai or something mundane.

    In general, I would have to add (OK I know Kisu is going to be rolling his eyes that such a weak character has a one hit kills jutsu)….

    Asuma’s wind blade technique! It lopped off Hidan’s head in one swipe and if it was anyone else, they’re dead.

    I guess Baki’s wind blade is also on the list too.

  197. Oh, and don’t forget that technique Danzo used against all those assassins (after he revealed his sharingan). Not enough time to look the name of that one up.

  198. @Rip

    I get what u mean, genjutsu can literally turn a top ninja into a cabbage but i was thinking what if in a genjutsu a victim got there head chopped off- what would happen to them after it wore off??! Would they just roll over an die or sumthin

  199. @tensa

    u wudnt die. in a genjutsu, your opponent has control of your mind and disrupts the chakra flow to your brain rendering all your five senses useless and your body incapacitated. this happens regardless if u kno your in a genjutsu or not.

  200. @Tensa

    I think the person incurs the amount of mental stress that would be equal to the mental stress from actually suffering the acts in the genjutsu.

    For example, when Kakashi was hit by a Tsukyomi for the first time, he was “stabbed for 3 days” in an instant. He collapsed afterwards because the mental stress he recieved was equal to the mental stress from actually being stabbed for 3 days.

    This is why Danzo didn’t immediately collapse after Sasuke’s Tsukyomi, the mental stress Sasuke was able to cause Danzo was not very high and so Danzo could withstand it.

    This isn’t like the Matrix where what happens in the mind is made real by the body.

  201. I’m surprised nobody mentioned it yet, but Pain’s Almighty push is a beast

  202. @Fleece, its called Shinra Tensei or Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God. Almighty Push doesn’t even count as a translation. We all know how strong Shinra Tensei is, but most times Pain doesn’t put enough power in it to kill his opponents, just incapacitate them.

    @Ripcord, I roll my eyes at such a weak character having a one hit kill jutsu.

  203. i guess if u take a direct hit from the shibuki sword your dead right? its wrapped in explosive tags.

  204. Well isn’t any jutsu that actually makes a direct hit a one hit KO against fodder ninja’s?. I was wondering if there are there any jutsu that are village enders, aside from the Biju Beam, Pain’s Shinra Tensei, Jiraiya’s Sage Art: Rasengan, or Naruto’s Tarenga, anyone have any ideas?

  205. @john

    i doubt jiraiya’s sage art rasengan can destroy an entire village and if it can it wont be any of the five great villages becus i think theyre too big to be fully destroyed by it.

    deidaras C0 can definately level a village. other than that one, im not sure.

  206. john started the new topic. village destroying jutsus.

  207. Kirin. Kisame’s water jutsus. Suiton: Great Waterfall.

  208. chibaku tensei

  209. Gaara – Sand burial

  210. chiyo – three buddhist treasures vacuum destruction

  211. Kimimaro: Dance of the Seedling Fern/Bracken Dance

    So anyone wanna actually discuss something now? It’s been pretty slow around here.

  212. @kisu

    so yea i wanna see the second mizukage in action. he killed mu and thats an amazing feat since mu is apparently the allied forces worst nightmare on the battelfield.

  213. Just being a Mizukage makes him a badass dude. I’d say the strongest ninjas were probably produced under Yagura’s reign.

  214. well technically tobi’s reign. if tobi is madara, he had sasdistic methods, but as a kage he produced some bad ass ninja. the leaf wudve been a lot stronger if he was kage imo.

  215. Okay i know yall changed the subject but if the elders orderd itachi to kill his clan who told madara to help

  216. itachi went to madara for help according to tobi. thats what he told sasuke at least so take it for what its worth.

  217. i wanna kno if tobi really did meet with danzo before the massacre and if so wat for.

  218. @fast
    The leaf would have had some vicious ninja if Madara was hokage!
    Tobi an Danzo probably go wayyyyyy back lol

  219. itachi was good but even so he and the elders knew he would need help. and the clan was about to take over the village isn’t that what madara wanted

  220. @king eric

    well if tobi wasnt lying about izuna willingly giving madara his eyes, madara was not that much different from sasuke back then. izuna sacrificed his life for the sake of his clan and madara just as itachi sacrificed himself for the sake of the leaf and sasuke. madara wanted revenge against the uchiha for betraying him and making izuna’s sacrifice meaningless just as sasuke wants revenge against the leaf for oppressing the uchiha and making itachi kill off their family and the rest of the clan. he wanted the uchiha clan to be in control of the leaf as himself being hokage, but not at the cost izuna’s life.

  221. @tensa

    thats wat im saying. the “will of fire”, imo, eventually went against the way of the ninja as it still does which is causing the leaf to produce fodder ninja.(ino, ten ten, choji etc.) idk why the previous generations say that the konoha 11’s generation will surpass them. theyre dead wrong. if madara was hokage, i think the leaf wud be the strongest of all the five great villages rite now.

    p.s. kisame was a true shinobi. no will of fire bs wen it comes to him.

  222. The “Will of Fire” is just some BS created by fodder ninja!! Never really heard of it until Asuma got some spotlight before he died.Go tell Raikage and Kisame about that will an u’ll get a swift slap to your jaw!!
    TBH most of the Konoha 11 are SHIT apart from Neji, Shikamaru an Lee (i dont count Naruto as being a member lol)

  223. the will of fire wasnt created by fodder ninja though. it was created by hashirama, but look wat it ultimately made konoha… weak. konoha either gets detstroyed or comes close to destruction almost annually and i guarantee nagato wud NOT have been able to nuke kumogakure or iwagakure.

  224. @fast
    Yeah it has made Konoha weak, the only real badass shinobi that konoha have left are Kakashi, Naruto an Guy whereas other countries have got alot more.
    I reckon Pain could have Nuked anyone of the countries if he wanted to- if he was to fight to kill i dont think any of the current kages would be able to stop him

  225. I don’t get why everyone is saying Konoha is weak. I mean, all the other villages had their tailed beasts taken by Akatsuki, so they’re not any better than the leaf. Also, Sunagakure and Kirigakure had their Kages killed (and enslaved in Kiri’s case).

    Are you saying Konoha is weak because Pain leveled it? Pain could easily level any village. The truth is that we are seeing strong moments from the other villages in this war, but have not seen any of their struggles. Besides, which villages actually succeeded in taking down Akatsuki:

    Kakuzu ->Konoha
    Hidan -> Konoha
    Kisame ->Konoha w/ Kumo assist (although it was all Might Guy really)
    Sasori -> Konoha
    Itachi -> Sasuke (although not really, Itachi COULD have won easily)
    Deidara -> Sasuke
    Pain -> Dicey here, Naruto & Nagato (“suicide”)
    Konan -> Tobi

    You don’t see any other village names there, so if you ask me they are all just a bunch of turtling cowards up until this war. Konoha was the only country with the guts to take on the tough fights.

  226. @ripcord couldnt agree more. Everyone acts like cause pein destroyed the village konoha is weakest and yet its konoha that has borderline singlehandedly taken down a majority of Akatsuki (who I may add had missing nin from the other villages ex. sasori who their respective villages failed to get rid of.) I found it funny how the raikage tore into tsunade how sasuke was a missing nin who the leaf couldnt get rid of and yet ninja such as kisame, sasori and the like werent killed off by their respectivie villages; it was konoha who had to deal with the other villages problems and that is pretty ironic that the village called weak by many is responsible for taking care of most of akatsuki.

  227. @rip & token

    u guys do have a great point. the other villages took no part in the destruction of akatsuki, but then again that doesnt make konoha a strong village. basically i meant konoha is getting weaker with the shinobi theyre producing wudnt u guys agree?(ino tenten choji sakura etc.) the will of fire has every shinobi from their village going against the way of the shinobi(although its pretty effed up) which is to put the mission at hand before everything. i assume just by how the raikage conducts himself and how the tsuchikage conducts himself that no will of fire or anything even remotely similar to it exists within their villages which is why imo, even with the fact of them not being able to control their missing nin or protect their jinchuuriki, they are both stronger than konoha military wise. and we only see the other villages mishaps and screw ups but we dont see anything amazing that they do. i do believe if akatsuki were being hunted by iwa or kumo or both that their organization wudve fallen way faster than it did and tobi’s eye of the moon plan wudve been extremely effed up and off schuedule, possibly ruined all together.

  228. i think everybodies judging konoha to ruff people are looking at the konoha 11 and comparing them to the other villages front line fighters.how many 15 year olds do we know from the other villages to say tenten , choji ,ino,sakura and etc are weak . konoha nins are well trained and if they stay their course lets see ino will be as strong as her dad choji will be as strong as his dad and sakura will be just like tsunade. now tenten she is…..ok weak i will give you that one

  229. well it wasnt me that compared them to the front line fighters of other villages but imo theyre weak with the exception of naruto, neji, shino, shikamaru, and rock lee. and shikaku, inoichi, and choza havent really showed any amazing feats of strength so whos to say theyre strong. not too long ago a lot of ppl wanted to see some of the konoha 11 die or get badly injured in the war on a count of most of them being fodder.

  230. well kobohas military according to the raikage is very good. Don’t forget when shikaku was explaing how to deal with the summons raikage muttered “u have good ninja tsunade. No wonder the leaf has been so hard to take down” (or close to that effect) also the konoha 11 is a bad way to measure their fighting force. Also of the 11 shikamaru neji naruto leeand even sakura have proven useful and with the exception of sakura those 4 r an impressive group of teens. Konoha has Also produced ninja such as kakashi and Guy ( and kakashi was considered by many to be worthy of hokage) so to sayeven their military is weak is debateable.

  231. wenever konoha is under attack the military seems to never be able to control the situation. (ex. oro’s attack in part 1, pains invasion, even in that filler arc with that guardian shinobi twelve dude) the konoha military is always overcome by the enemy under attack, yet wen the kaguya clan attacked kirigakure, their entire clan with the exception of kimimaro was eliminated seemingly with ease.(although imo konoha is stronger than kiri)

  232. and its those key players that u named that keep konoha stable in times of attack or distress. kakashi, guy, naruto, neji, lee etc. their military without their key players hasnt shown to be very formidable. if u put konoha’s military against kumo’s military without both having their top tier ninja(kakashi, darui etc.) i think kumo would win that war same goes if it were konoha against iwa. thats just my opinion until i see other wise. hopefully we’ll see some promising acts from konoha shinobi in the current war.

  233. Guys does anyone know if there’s gona be a manga release this week???

  234. Yes a few spoilers are out. Looks to be kinda dull. More from the current battle.

  235. Christmas came early this week. It’s out!


  236. End of this wk brings back memories of the Sasuke Retreival Arc. Ah so nastalgic, it’s what brought me into Naruto in the first place…

  237. End of this wk brings back memories of the Sasuke Retreival Arc. Ah so nastalgic, it’s what brought me into Naruto in the first place…

    Oh and FYI, it’s Asuma, NOT the banana fan that destroys something. It just happens to occur next to Tenten.

  238. Kumo has no missing-nin just to be accurate.

    From what I can gather, it seems Fastninja is saying Konoha ninjas are morally weak. They put the Will of Fire above the success of their missions, when even Kakashi said the mission should always come first to a ninja. He’s somewhat right. In the time of Tsunade and Sarutobi, the Village has been destroyed twice, that hasn’t happened to any other villages because they are strong and don’t teach their ninja any “Will of Fire” bullcrap.

    Also, of 87 Konoha Academy graduates, only 10 got through the Chunin Exams. Take from that what you will.


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