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One Piece Chapter 618- Sanji’s dream accomplished!

Hello everyone and what a week it has been, to start I would just like to say that my heart goes out to the victims of the Japanese earthquake. I feel that we should of had a blog about this but there was one already made and I am great for that thanks ZepWolfX for making that blog and what would you know our Kisuzachi finds out that Oda the One Piece creator has donated money to help out his country. Now I was surprised that this weeks chapter actually came out, I was relieved and noticed that Japan is getting back in shape from the earthquake. So with that been said lets get to this weeks chapter and what an awesome chapter it is, it had everything action, comedy, and romance(sort of).

The chapter starts right where last weeks chapter ended with the princess out of the sharks mouth all the bystanders blame the SH of being the kidnappers . Chopper tries his hardest to prevent Sanji from turning around to see the mermaid princess, saying that Sanji can’t and will die if he looks. Sanji realizes that the mermaid princess the person who is more beautiful than any women and even the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock  would pale in comparison to the mermaids princess beauty and changes his dream saying that for the sake of his dream he chooses death. Once Sanji turns around and gets a look at the princess something happens that no one thought would happen, he turns to stone. That’s Sanji for you, always doing something that shocks every one in a stupid way, seriously this guys love and opposition of woman goes so far to no end. While Luffy is busy trying to find out what happened to Hachi and Chopper trying to get Sanji to snap out of his stone state, the bystanders tie the SH crew and Luffy notices that something is flying towards their way.

Dekken was the something flying towards the SH and he finally proposes to the princess and her reply is priceless “your not my type” haha every one is in shock because the reason she denied him is because he is not her type. Not the fact that he is opposed with her, he is evil and a psychopath, the list goes on to the reason why no one would marry this guy. Dekken reaction is what we all expected, he yells out that he will kill her, but some one has something to say about that and its Luffy, the badazz stretching pirate who you do not want to piss off. Luffy shows of some of his skills by defeating Dekken while his hands and legs are tied. First Luffy uses his Haki to knockout some of the crowd then launching himself at Dekken stomping on Dekken with his Gomu Gomu no Jet Hammer. Finally Dekken gets a little of some beating from Luffy. Now Luffy did knock him out but I would not call this a victory for Luffy because Dekken is still standing and I have a feeling that Dekken will still pursue after the princess. But Luffy was not done there Dekken calls on his giant which gets punched in the face by Luffy and loses one of his tooth actually more like broke his tooth. But this just shows how improved Luffy has become, first he was able to tame a Kraken, take on Dekken while he is tied up and brake a giants tooth and he still has to take on an opponent on a really battle not these weaklings like Dekken. After Luffy shows every one who is the Baddest SOB in the sea he sets of to the his original plan to go to the sea forest.

Apperently Nami believes that Jinbe has all the answers to what is going on? why Luffy should not fight Hodi? all these answers can be answered by Jinbe that is what Nami thinks at least. Now I must confess even though Nami is one of the SH she is my least favorite of the crew because she is in my opinion the most selfish person in all of One Piece. I know she cares for her comrades and she is a nice person and all but she still has that side of her that she will just do what she wants and lets the other crew in a really bad situation. Yes Zoro is some one that you do not need to worry about, but still Nami should of said something than just leaving out of now where not telling any one. Okay with that said Nami makes her way towards the same place Luffy is heading the sea forest. Than something happens between Zoro and Hodi, Zoro happens that what up, Zoro just cleanly defeats Hodi with just one slash. Now look it this way, he was under water the fishman’s environment, and he can’t breath, swinging the sword is slower, the whole science is against him and he is going against the leader of the invasion of the Ryuuguu Palace and what does Zoro do, he does what we all love about Zoro which is whip some azz. But why did he have to do it against of the character that I had high hopes for, all my theories about Hodi being strong and being the last boss just went down the drain. Does this mean that this match between Zoro and Hodi is over not necessarily because Hodi still have the pills now will he still be a match against Zoro, unfortuantly not because from this chapter I got the feeling that Luffy and Zoro are on a whole different level than they were two years ago.

Side note: Poor Brook and Hodi, Yes Dekken got his azz kicked by Luffy, who else could be stronger than Hodi, maybe Dekken, Hyozo, any of the New Fishman Pirates or other people not yet introduced? Luffy does not like Fishman island.

The awesomeness of Mihawk


10 Responses

  1. Good post. Keimi mentions Hatchi saying something like “Hodi’s mind is more dangerous than his body” and this intrigues me. It could mean that his thought and ideas are more dangerous than he actually is, or it could mean that if his mind were to ever take over his body he would be very dangerous. I could see the latter happening since Zoro has knocked him unconscious, giving his mind a chance to just kick in to pure, uncontrolled rage. I don’t think this fight is over, it was just to easy.

  2. @fire fist I just reread the chapter and it real does say Hodi’s mind is stronger than his strength and your right about his ideas being more dangerous than his strength. If you ever watched the movie V for Vendetta there is a scene where the main character says that an idea never dies so I think this is in Hodi’s case that his idea can encourage other fishman to fallow in his tracks.

  3. with the pills, i think that there is a risk to using them like luffys second and third gear. but on another note luffys new control of his haki and devil fruit abilities really impressed me. and for some reason i think that that was just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. So basically I was right all along. Compared to the Straw Hats Hodi is shyyyyyyt.

    The mot important thing this chapter however is Sanji. He’s the definition of a real man. He makes me so proud :’)

  5. Yeah Hodi is nothing. Zoro only used one sword and still smeared him. I can’t wait to see them fight an opponent who actually pushes them to their limits.

  6. @kisu

    Sanji…. isn’t he just the most pervert of all perverts.. lol

  7. Dude, what could be more manly than knowing you may die for it but still going after girls? That’s what a real man would do. Sanji’s ice.

  8. it is absolutely ridiculous that he’d almost die from nosebleeds. Is this suppose to be comic relief? it ain’t funny, not wen its bein overdone to this extent. One of the best figters been being hospitalized cuz of a nosebleed, just ridiculous

  9. @Nasri I think it is just intended to be funny I know it has being over done but that is just Sanjis character. but if you look at how much blood he lost from his nose bleeding it was a large amount almost most of his body so in actuality it makes sense that he could die from that much blood lose but I agree with you it has gone far enough that’s why I think he turned to stone instead of his usual nose bleed.

    @shykss actually Sanji is not that perverted he might have perverted thought but don’t we all. In fact he shows more respect towards women, he’s not the womanizer or the person who pecks when women shower hes just more like a person opposed with the woman beauty.

  10. sanji’s dream finally came true. at least he didn’t bleed to death this time XD

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