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Naruto Chapter 532 IS OUT! One Piece Chapter 618 is OUT!


One Piece


57 Responses

  1. This chapter was awesome

  2. Oh man, there definitely has to be more to this story then we know so far. Zoro beating Hodi so effortlessly just tells me that we can’t have seen all the villains yet.

  3. Sorry forgot to add this…

    The part where Keimi says that Hachis says there are those who are much stronger than Hodi intrigues me.

  4. Yeah this chapter was great. Sanji finally his dream came true and it was funny how he turned to stone. I wonder who’s more beautiful though Princess Shirahoshi or Boa Hancock. Luffy effortlessly beating Decken was cool and Zoro might be my favorite character especially with that last page.
    I too wonder who these much stronger than Hodi people are. Maybe its Big Mam one of the younkos? Who knows but hopefully we’ll find out next chapter. One Piece Rules!!!

  5. Ok so it was a mistranslation, the new translation says that hodi’s mind is stronger than his body. This makes me think that he might go into a blind-unstoppable rage since he was just knocked out, his mind would take over.

  6. Great ch. Zoro’s the man. I hope these battles aren’t done yet I wanna see more of what zoro and luffy can do after all there training

  7. Hanzo gets taken care of in two chapters lol. Crappy chapter is crappy.

  8. @kisu

    i kind of have a new respect for hanzou like envy sed in the last post. kishi saved his character by making him out to be a peace seeker. although he got dealt with effortlessly by a dude so old he has not one not two but threee bags under each eye, hes still pretty cool.

  9. @Fastninja, I didn’t say I didn’t find some respect for him, I just didn’t like this chapter 😛

    What is with Amegakure’s leaders and trying to dump their responsibilities on other people lol?

  10. This ch. Was ok. To think hanzou really wanted peace, and he got killed by pain who wanted peace. Lol ninja sure has a fine way of showing they want peace.

  11. Poor kabuto. His summons won’t obey him. Hopefully by making the summons full puppets I hope this turns the tide on the alliance and some dies

  12. Come on asuma. Kil choji kill choji kill choji jill choji kill choji kill choji. Lets get a chant going. I wanna see that sniveling piece if shit killed off. What better way then by asuma.

  13. Choji needs to die, and I have many reasons why he should. Good chapter

  14. the opposite will be the case…..Asuma will be defeated in the next chap

  15. cant wait till Kakuzu, Dan, Chiyo, Kimimaro and Asuma are defeated….than it comes to the battles I am looking for

  16. hey I’m going in to the past real quick but first crappy fighting but i did like the way Hanzou explained why he wears that mask and choji just Fttt his team up. your team is only as strong as their weakest link and that team has two and a half weak links. still like the characters but a weak physical fighting team.

    now the real reason i wrote. Naruto Sh EP 203 is out and two thing interested me. first SotSP had red Rinningans. maybe a messed up coloring job or that means something at less in the anime and the oldest son does have the swirl pattern eyes that was the debate of purposely drawn or bad drawing a while back. so what are does dojutsu names and powers if the Uchihas and possible Hyugas are desendants of this guy

  17. @Ryu, I advise you to just ignore the anime. There’s no reason to color the Rinnegan red. They screwed up its coloring the first time, then they got it right, now they’re screwing it up again. Don’t accept this coloring unless Kishi decides to color it that way as well in a future chapter.

  18. cool

  19. Yeah the anime sucks monkey balls. Remember how bad the animation was when nagato fought kyubi naruto? To say nothing of how much they changed the fight.

  20. This chapter just made me feel bad for shikamaru…. it must suck to be a genius tactician only to have two team members who cant pull a small portion of their weight (granted for choiji that could be tough). Sigh shikamaru would be better off joining neji and forming a group with lee. Now That would be a good battle group.

  21. @Token, why not take it a step further and put Neji, Naruto, Shikamaru and Lee on the same team? That would be a kickass team. Neji could be the Jonin leader and could serve as a medic if the need ever arises, Shikamaru could be the strategist and Naruto and Lee could be the dumb muscle 😛

  22. lol well naruto is surprisingly smart at times with his battle strategy so i wouldnt call him dumb muscle… he kind of reminds me of his dad a little (although his dad wasnt too much of a goofball even when not in battle naruto tends to grow serious in a battle like his dad). and if we do that lee would be kind of useless seeing as how naruto far outclasses him in strength.

  23. Here. Is a epic fail group. Choji, kiba, ino tenten.

    Talk about cannonfodder.

  24. My bad, lets take out Naruto and put in Shino. Now THAT team would be badass.

    @bringer, I think even Team Ebisu could beat that team :p

  25. Killing choji would be cool. He’s just as useless as asuma in battles

  26. THANK YOU! Someone finally says Asuma is weak

  27. @kisu who ever said Asuma was strong?

  28. I’ve been saying he’s weak since 2009. There have been people here that actually thought he was strong lol

  29. That’s insanse seriously who the hell lost a battle to Asuma?

  30. A bunch of fodder sound jonin in the Part 1 invasion :/

  31. Choji is useless, Asuma is useless and Ino is useless!!!
    Damn Shikamaru got the short end of the straw with this bunch!!

    Right Kishi, Kill the fat burger boy, kill their cigarette addict sensi, give shikamaru a new jutsu an lets get onto some real battles i.e White fang Junior (Kakashi)vs The Fish Squad (Mist Swordsmen)

  32. Lol asuma is a diagrace when thinking bout his family lineage. Seriously konahamaru is pretty than him. Took out one of pain while he still chases cats for his missions

  33. ** pretty badass**

  34. Speaking of konohamaru where is the lil dude? Surely he can be more help than ino, choji, and tenten. And if sakura wasn’t a medic he’d be more usefull than her too

  35. Personally I liked this chapter, it gave Hanzo some redemption, he was just another victim of the ninja system. I think it was pretty badass how he spared Mifune when they were younger kind of gives you a taste of how he used to be before he lost his faith in the world, that was one badass dude. Isn’t odd that after he lost his faith and tried to consolidate his power he lost all sense of honor? The young Hanzo who fought Mifune would have never taken Konan as hostage and had Yahiko killed, he would have had respect for their organization.

  36. i think the chap. was great, especially how mifune survived his and hanzous last battle, and the info on why hanzou wears the mask and how he got his abilities was real original. but now at least they have a way to seal the undead, that is until naruto comes and purifies them…..sn* kabuto didn’t think that far ahead when he was spamming edo..lmao.didn’t think they would be that much trouble when he was bringing back the strongest of the strong.

  37. I’m glad to learn a little bit more about Hanzou’s background, and how he received his alias — but I’m very disappointed that I didn’t get not one good jutsu from him. I mean, not 1! What’s the explanation for him being able to defeat the Sannin? Poison breath?

    Atleast, he turned out to be a good guy who had faith at one point and wanted peace. So, I guess he’s got my respect…

  38. @Chiaki
    When he faced Jiraiya, Oro and Tsunade in their youth, he still had honor, that means he had his faith still intact, therefore he was stronger than the Hanzo we saw face Mifune, plus he wasn’t nerfed, he could actually use his jutsu. By the time he had Yahiko killed he was already trash, more worried with power that his ideals, even Nagato respected him at one point before he became security conscious and weary of his age. Well at least that’s what I get from Kishi’s copout.

  39. Im pretty much over the disappointment of Hanzo now, he’s got my respect but still would have liked to see a couple ninjutsu just so we can see his fighting style in action. Looks like its around 2 or 3 chapters each for these fodder battles.
    Hopefully nxt chapter burger boy choji can stop being a pussy an muster up some resolve against Asuma

  40. @Tensa, his fighting style seems to be using Ibuse to poison enemies, causing paralysis, then finishing them with his scythe thingy. If Ibuse’s poison fails, then it seems he goes in for close combat and uses the scythe thingy to poison the person or kill them, whichever comes first. He’s basically a less effective Sasori.

    So the general consensus here is everyone respects Hanzo, but the chapter could’ve been better?

  41. For me the chapter was bleh but I can live with it. The sooner these ninja r out of the way the sooner we can get back to the swordsmen and itachi/nagato

  42. @Kisu
    But Hanzo also had some Fire Style jutsu which he didn’t get to use, like the one he used on Nagato to burn his legs, well at least that’s what they are calling it, he was more trap oriented, with the paper tags and such. Why didn’t he use his body flicker? it was fast enough to avoid Gedo Mazo, but not fast enough for Mifune, overall your right in your summation, way to state the obvious, hahaha. Hanzo earned respect, but he definitely got nerfed wouldn’t you agree, not his fault Kishi is rushing right? I stated the obvious… 🙂

  43. @John, yeah true. I suppose Kishi felt he couldn’t write Hanzo’s battle too well since he’s been hyped up like crazy and anything short of the total annihilation of his enemies would leave fans feeling disappointed. I think that’s why he came up with the whole “He got weaker” thing.

  44. hey guys this chapter is all about Mifune and not bout looser Hanzo. Kishi is just wanted to shine Mifune since he made him a leader of one of the divisions. average chapter with a lots of flash back not to mention team Shikamaru just screwed up after they defeated Kin/Gin brothers whom more stranger than asuma

  45. I hope int he anime when they eventually catch up that there fight in the past is extended and you see some more moves and techniques from both characters as im Sure hanzo has more in his arsenal then just poison and hack and slash! probably some water jutsu’s maybe

  46. KILL CHOJI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. @Mattmaru, I’m hoping the anime extends all the battles, without making the usual mistakes they do.

    Exampl: They extended Kakashi and Naruto vs Fake Itachi and they made Kakashi use the Hidden Mist Jutsu, but said it was ineffective because the Sharingan can see through it, when that jutsu was used by Zabza BECAUSE THE SHARINGAN CANT see through it. That was a huge mistake on the anime’s part.

    Hopefully they can extend the fights without any errors. But that’s asking a lot from a semi-incompetent team.

  48. Lol. Semi-incompetent. Have to admit they are pretty bad. I also have respect for Hanzou now. If Chouji does die, will we see a rage attack from Shikamaru and a new shadow technique? If so watch out Kakazu.

  49. @kisu ha ha very true, Well i personally enjoyed the extended fight between naruto and pain! that was quite good! even though it was done in a different style! and yes i would agree all the fights need to be extended as you just dont get the full scale of what going on the manga obviously its just a caption in the time and the most important parts. you would think that the animation guys and manga guy would fault find before releasing it…

  50. “Well i personally enjoyed the extended fight between naruto and pain! that was quite good!”


  51. The anime will most likely stretch out this war an make it alot longer. The content of the naruto extended fight was decent but the animation style was terrible!! They had pain running around like sonic the hedgehog an making weird faces every 5 mins!! I liked the animation style used in the early shippuden fights like 4 tailed Naruto vs Orochimaru and Sasuke vs Team 7 (without Kakashi), they seemed really detailed but after that the style changed an standards dropped abit

  52. personally, i’m getting pretty fed up with kishi’s spamming of the the whole, ‘i was looking for peace’ excuse. I like unapologetically evil bad guys, who want to just let the world burn.
    As an aside i think tenten is pretty useful in this war seeing as how white zetsu is fodder and ino is useful when around darui although they are both generally useless. Chouji is useless all round and drops the ball again

  53. @madzikage
    though i agree with you the fact of the matter is no one wants peace more so then those who actually fight wars. I have to believe its the same in the ninja world.

    Just because they do what they have too doesnt mean the have to enjoy it. Death and violence in any manner is generally avoided As much as possible amongst intelligent individuals.

  54. @madzi, sounds like you enjoy villains like Hidan. Now that guy was a great villain. No excuses, no sob stories, and no goals he was just batshit crazy. He did what he did just for the evulz (lulz+evil). It was fun as hell watching him do what he’s good at. Not even Orochimaru was as evil as Hidan.

  55. no one tops hidan on the evil meter. it seems like most of these villains claim to be evil but then throw a couple heart felt words at them and its all about peace. BOOOO. hidan is just insane, he killed all his neighbors becus they WANTED peace. and oro is a quite a sick fellow himself. he kidnapped children and experimented on the leaving idk how of them dead except yamato. oro and hidan are the only true villains we’ve seen so far. and i wud say kabuto but idk wat his intentions are but if all hes doing is for peace then theyre(everyone in the naruverse seeking peace) all crazy seeing as how they all want peace but they still kill each other in the name of peace.

  56. oh and hidan killed all his neighbors before he became a jashinist lol. hidan da man.

  57. Hidan was evil and it was fucking brillant to watch!!! That laugh was too good!! Oro was just a sick character- Kidnap, Murder, Brainwashing- all just to get what the fuck he wanted!! Another great character. Tobi is another sick guy- anyone who can round up the top badass’s in the ninja world, make em do his dirty work an still have enough power to intelligence to move forward with his plans an take em out if they get outta line is a top notch bastard!!!

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