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One Piece Chapter 617- Hodi’s Strength

Link to One Piece chapter 617

Well here we are again boys and girls with another chapter of One Piece, for those who didn’t know there was not a chapter last week, but we got one this week and it is a very interesting chapter as to the people who are going to fight each other are being lined up. In doing so lets get to this weeks chapter discussion. We start this chapter where we left of last time, Dekken is on his way towards the princess while Hodi and his gang are in the Ryuuguu Palace. The Neptune King begs the Straw Hats (from now on I will refer to the Straw Hats as SH.) The King tells the SH that he’ll give any thing gold, silver and even his soldiers life, and the soldiers reaction to that is hilarious. From this we can tell that the King loves his daughter so much that he is willing to give anything for her safety, which is ironic because usually Kings favor sons more than daughter, but the Neptune king is not a regular King, I got a lot of respect for him from this chapter as he shows that he loves his people as to going as far as being a shield for his soldiers.

Hodi relieves every thing this chapter as to why he was in the Neptune army and why he is a pirate. Hodi tells every one that supposedly Arlong main goal was to rule the world and that while Arlong was in East blue, Hodi was in the Fishman Island building Arlong’s right arm army. But that plan was ruined by the SH. Also, Hodi only joined the Neptune army to gain experience and skills when it comes to combat. And he shows his skills, just by grabbing the wall he was able to make cracks in the wall and eventually making a hole in the wall which made the water come into the Palace. While the water was rushing into the Palace Hodi does one of his techniques which is by taking water by his hands and launching them at the opponents he is able to make the water drops sort of like bullet/arrow water drops, that is a very hard technique to pull of and he calls it archer shark. This is where the Neptune King protects every one from Hodi’s archer shark technique, Hodi mocks Neptune saying as to how he is pathetic for protecting his soldiers, but in my opinion Neptune makes a perfect king, if we had Kings like Neptune in the world where they actually care about their people we wouldn’t have all the suffering in the world.  But Zoro stops Hodi by launching one of his disaster Harbor Bird technique and the way Hodi blocks it is by using one of his comrades as a shield. This shows how evil and so different Hodi is from Neptune where Neptune cares about his people while Hodi will just use his people for his survival.

While all this is happen Brook and Usopp were setting the Neptune army free.  Usopp revels one of his weird, beautiful and apparently disgusting smell technique. He shots one of his green stars which grows a big flower that gives off an awful smell, that is just like Usopp to use such a low attack but was pretty awesome. Zoro frees the king and asks him to take Brook and Usopp out of the castle to a safer area and that he will stay behind to take care of Hodi. This came to a shock for me because it looks like Zoro will go toe to toe with Hodi, I always thought Hodi will face Luffy, but it looks like he will go against Zoro. Which will turn out to be an awesome battle. Zoro vs Hodi will be an under water battle and Hodi will give Zoro a hard time as Hodi is in his environment, but I am not counting out Zoro because Zoro is one of the only SH other than Sanji that gives even a fishman a hard time under water.

In the coral hill beach Sanji is trying to explain to the residents that he did not kidnapped the mermaids even though if he could he would do it, which even strengthens the residents of believing that he is the kidnapper. Poor Sanji always being left behind in bad situations even though he puts himself in bad situations. Luffy while on the shark flying over the scene and notices Hachi and jumps down to see what happened. The shark that the princess was inside of could not take it any more spits her out and his reaction to spitting her out is priceless making everyone shocked and Chopper panics and tells Sanji to not look because it could kill him, but Sanji just notices the thing behind her which I am guessing could be the shark or Dekken flying towards the princess. My prediction for next week is that the Luffy and Dekken will finally face each other and Sanji will try to hunt down the kidnapper of the mermaids.

Side note: Where the hell did Nami go?  So far it looks like it is Luffy vs Dekken, Zoro vs Hodi, but what about the rest of the SH who will they face?


5 Responses

  1. I’m eating my own words. It seems Hodi was strong on his own.

    @Jdogg, I caught something from last week’s chapter. That swordsman with Hodi said he was better at everything than Hachi right? About 400 chapters ago when Hachi first appeared he SAID HE WAS THE SECOND BEST FISHMAN SWORDSMAN! Oda nevar 4gets.

    Btw, I didn’t edit that page, someone else did.

  2. @kisuzachi ahaha yes eat those words LOL
    But I found where Hachi says that Hyozo is the strongest other than him. Its in chapter 84 good observation man.

  3. zorro seems pretty confident to fight a fishman underwater.
    nice chapter btw.

  4. lol @ “building Arlong’s right arm army” 😛

  5. thank u for doing onepiece reviews, and i can tell that u love the manga as well, but in my opinion the fight that will show how much the crew has grown over the yrs will be the zorro fight, we will have to see how he overcomes his one eyed handicap, sheesh i forgot about sanji’s training on okama island, that should be interesting as well,

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