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Naruto 530 – Facing Down the Past

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hi guys and gals, this week’s Naruto chapter is another interesting read. Moving straight along from the conclusion of the somewhat short battle against the Kinkaku/Ginkaku brothers, we find ourselves being presented with a whole slew of new battles. I’m still itching to see more of Kakashi in action and Gaara’s fight versus the undead kages, but these new skirmishes will do fine for now.
– It’s nice to see Shikamaru and the gang getting more than just a few frames of spotlight, their confrontation with Asuma won’t be the most explosive of battles but it will certainly entertain. Shikaku sent Shikakaru’s team against their former sensei because they know his fighting style, but the opposite is also true. Also, none of them were told Asuma being resurrected prior to arriving on this battlefield, and now they’re being forced to fight him while still recovering from the shock. I doubt any one of them is truly ready to fight Asuma with the fullest of their abilities; Shikamaru is definitely the strongest mentally of the three and will have to pull through for the team. But at the same time, I hope their fight will be a memorable one and that they will have the opportunity to give their sensei the type of send-off a shinobi deserves.
– Kakuzu is as badass as ever. I love how he effortlessly just plows through the cannon-fodder shinobi and replenishes his heart like it was just an afternoon jog or something. He might not have Hidan as his meat puppet anymore but pretty much any of the other undead summons can take his place since they’re all immortal in a way. Kotetsu and Izumo are back again to take another shot at Kakuzu, maybe they’ll learn from their mistakes but I still can’t see lower –tier characters taking out a higher tier villain like Kakuzu – Darui will probably be the one to land the killing blow.
– So we finally learn a little more about Tsunade’s dead lover, Dan. His last name is Katou and his special jutsu is something called the Ghost Transformation technique. From the sounds of it, it probably isn’t a strictly offensive technique. And given that Dan was a top-notch medical nin, it might be something quite interesting. And if is really deadly enough of a jutsu, Tsunade may be forced to enter the battlefield to put her dead boyfriend down.
– The most interesting battle for me in this chapter will have to be Mifune versus Salamader Hanzou. Both of these characters are kind of shrouded in mystery for us readers. Hanzou’s name has been thrown around quite a bit in the past, and all sources indicate he’s one bad moffo that even gave the Sanins a run for their money. He’s made various appearances in flashbacks, but we have yet to see him in the midst of battle. His summoning technique is especially interesting to note because it means all other undead summons will have access to their summoning creatures as well. This could mean that Pein will be able to summon all his other bodies and that Animal Realm will be able to access all of his creatures. Mifune is a wildcard, we know very little about him other than he is the leader of the Samurai of Iron Country. We really know very little about the abilities of the samurai other than the few instances of swordplay they used. This will be the first time we see a high level samurai fight against a high level shinobi, and I think it will be very entertaining.


96 Responses

  1. good chapter btw

  2. cool chapter, great review. hanzou vs mifune = main event. i hope samurai can use some form of ninjutsu or else i dont see how mifune stands a chance against someone as allegedly badass as hanzou with just kenjutsu.

  3. this is a good chapter I like how they put a high level shinobi to fight a high level samurai and the kazuka part is awsome and I hope asumas old team can handle there own sensie

  4. gaara and onoki v kages. It’s the only battle i’m even remotely interested in. Did anyone else get the feeling that dan may have been the original ino-shika-chou’s sensei?

  5. @fastninjaa
    ninjutsu = ninja techniques, odds are that mifune won’t be able to use any ninjutsu. however he might turn out like rock lee and be insanely fast and strong (which would make me quite happy :D)

  6. @Mad: what makes you say that?

  7. @bob
    Dan was never said to be a med nin he was just a tough Jonin that got killed in the 3rd war

    his databook stats are good around high Jonin level like Gai and Kakashi

    his record for Missions is nearly as good as Gai’s only being a little bit worse do to dying 20 years or so ago if he was still alive he would have a better record then Kakashi

  8. also yes Kakuzu is bad ass

    plus I don’t think that Hanzo is going to be taken out in his first fight

  9. damn that poison jutsu salamander hanzo used could paralyze madara before he knew what hit him eh o_O

  10. tobi = izuna..

    that is all.

  11. This isnt brutal enough. I want laughs Kishi. What would’ve been funny is if Kabuto summoned Obito and Rin and Kakashi was forced to kill them. Yep, that would be hilarious.

    Kick some ass Kakuzu. Kick enough for Jashin lol

  12. Dan turn to be cool

  13. Does this mean pejn can summon gedo-mazo? Cause in the immkrtal state he is in that could be epic.

  14. Meh so far im not interested in dan at all, if his techniques turn out to be badass enough i might change my mind!!
    Kakazu just doesnt feel right without Hidan, someone go dig him up!!!! Im sure kakazu’s gona be a major problem for darui an the rest tho

  15. Pein** immortal** damn touchscreen.

  16. Hey all, awesome chapter again, glad there was no One Piece. Bleach was boring.
    But Naruto just keep delivering.

    Question: What sort of combo did kakuzu and Hidan perform, I don’t seem to remember the two ever working together really. But they way you all are talking about how Kakuzu needs Hidan by his side, it seems that they had a deadly combo that I am clearly forgetting about. Refresh my mem plz

  17. He doesnt need hidan. But because of of it they made an effective team. Those 2 teamed together when asuma was killed and shortly there after when asumas team with kakashi went back for vengence. It was in the arc where we first saw narutos rasenshuriken. The original non-throwable version

  18. Finally! We get to see my man Hanzo in action. He’s been hyped up throughout the series, and I was curious about him every since he gave the Sannin their title.

    I hope his battle won’t be as short as the Kin-Gin brothers fight, since supposedly, he’s extremely strong when he has his salamander.

    However, I do think he might get owned by Mifune like the rest of the Kabuto summons have so far…

  19. This is war, for gods sake, please get rid of one of the konoha´s eleven, put Tenten out of her misery for example haha.

  20. Since I am pretty sure Nagato only had 6 prepared bodies at one time, it is likely Konoha disabled the ones that Naruto defeated by pulling out those chakra rods. Now, Nagato could grow more rods (as we saw him do from his wheelchair) and make new bodies, but we don’t know how long that would take.

    Of course, I’d almost rather see Nagato fight himself. If he does that, and he shows he is very powerful on his own, then maybe then I will agree that Naruto couldn’t have beaten Nagato in the end if they fought. Maybe.

  21. @ripcord

    Nagato can use all the powers of the six paths in one body he could pull you in then rip your soul out

  22. Can’t wait to see what Hanzo has to offer, he seems like a badass, an old school shinobi who doesn’t take crap from no one. He should be ggod, afterall he is named after Hanzo Hatorri or something like that, a legendary ninja and he is the one that named a young Jiraiya, Oro and Tsunade the Sannin. Hanzo must be Kage level if he could hold off chunnin versions of Jiraiya, Oro and Tsunade off. Mifune should not be able to beat Hanzo without back up, that’s the only way I see Hanzo losing.

  23. @john

    I guess they were already jonin at the timem but well, I am also anxious to see hanzo in battle.

  24. @polytoximaniac
    I think don’t they were Jonin just yet, they were young, non of them were in charge of any squad until after the war. It’s just a guess though since it doesn’t really say, the way I see it, they were the “Konoha 11” of their time the “Konoha 3”, or Sannin later on, they became legendary because as young chunnin they survived a Kage level opponent, not many could say that, from there they continued to grow and improve, they were young back then, some people think the Sannin from back then are the same as the most recent Sannin not so, but I estimate they were chunin, just a guess.

  25. Good point Envy. Although this will show how effectively he can use them together with one body.

  26. @ripcord & envy

    i dont think nagato himself has the ability to take souls or manipulate gravity. i think those are abilities that can only be used through the six paths of pain technique. if he was able to use those powers himself that wud be extremely unfair lol. but idk just my guess.

  27. @FastNinjaa
    He can use all the abilities of the Six Path’s of Pain, Konan said so her self, I think Nagato could use all of those techniques, but just because he can use them doesn’t mean they will work according to how we believe, like yeah it would be hack if he could pull people towards them and then rip their souls, but a skilled enough ninja could attack while being pulled in so the odds of him doing that to a skilled opponent are very slim, so while it’s haX0rz it can very well be countered.

  28. @john

    oh ok cool. since he can use those abilities personally he definately has to be one of the last edo summons we see in my opinion since hes so hack lol. Nagato FTW! KNOW PAIN

  29. @john: kakashi is a skilled ninja and he didn’t use any techniques while being owned by deva pein.
    I think that Pein will only come out if there is a (and i hope so) kabuto v madara fight. I’m really hoping that kabuto comes out as the final villain

  30. “I’m really hoping that kabuto comes out as the final villain”

    That makes two of us. It would be pretty cool seeing Kabuto become the series big bad after being around for so long.

  31. Did anyone noticed that even though Kakazu was stealing hearts he’s an edo tensei summon? I’m confused. My opinion on the whole Mifune verses Hanzou is disappointing. I see Hanzou losing to him with the help of Kankuro. Which is very disappointing.

    Mifune does know some type of ninjustu. When at the Kage Summit Sasuke was on the ceiling, Mifune took out his sword and swung at Sasuke. Sasuke then blocked it and when the close of the swords clashing came forth there’s was that chakra embedded look on both. There’s more to the Samurai and more secrets then we might think.

  32. Kabuto becoming the final villian of the show equals EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!! That would ruin the whole build up to who is “Madara Uchiha” an wat can he reallyyyyy do! Im sorry but 4 eyed snake boy junior doesnt deserve the final villian title! As far as villians go Oro and Pain far outshine him. Now if by some twisted plot (and dont ask me how) the sage of 6 paths somehow got brought back an became the final villian ready to fight against his bloodline- Uchiha and Senju aka Sasuke and Naruto then we have one beast of a storyline!!! lol

    @Mani, i think edo summons people back in the condition that they died in so Kakazu would have to steal hearts to get his collection up again

  33. @tensa how is kabuto being the last villain fail? For one thing if it wasn’t for him this war would be owned by the alliance. Its thanks to kabuto That this war is even slightly interesting. For two he has been around this series far linger than tobi and it would be interesting to see him develop from oros sidekick to full fledged unstoppable villain

  34. nobody thinks sasuke has a shot at being the final villain? i think he has a pretty chance of getting that role.

  35. @Madzikage
    Did you forget that Kakashi used that weighted chain to stop the pull of Bansho Tenin and managed to set up a Lightning Style Clone? Two actions by a skilled ninja with still many limitations chakra-wise, you would think a Kage Level Ninja would not fall for a trick like that. I see Nagato coming out when the smaller shinobi armies are together and it looks like they are dominating the battle front and then Madara is going to have Nagato nuke them, then their will be no shortage of casualties, I would love to see that. That would be epic, imagine all those shinobi getting nuked like that? That would be sweet.

  36. I am looking forward to see Nagato and Itachi vs Naruto. That would be a logical step since the battles are almost with opponents who have a connection to their counterparts.

  37. no hope either for sasuke to be the final villain …..he just madara’s tool play with it back and forth

  38. I want Kabuto to summon Yahiko and Obito just for the lulz

  39. Im thinking that in the next Chapter ino,chou,shiki will have some sort of new Jutsu’s that will take Asuma by surprise. im not sure how they will stop him or seal him though! Shiki did have some sealed water scrolls that he used so maybe he has something prepared already who knows but i dont think he had an idea of any weaknesses that Edo Tensei had prior to the war!

  40. @ token, yes kabuto is the reason why the war is remotely interesting coz of the summons and yes he has been around from the start of the show, but as a final villian he just doesnt cut it imo- he just seems like an orochimaru wannabe with similar powers/medical skills.

    Sasuke being the final villian probably wont happen either but didnt kishi say in an interview the last ever Naruto vs Sasuke fight would be the last thing to happen??!

    @Ultimate, Nagato an Itachi vs Naruto- isnt that abit unfair, we know Naruto is super powerful but i dont know if all his Kyubi an Sage powers would be enough to take out them two working together

    @Mattmaru- it would be nice to see a new team combo from ino-shika-cho, havent seen shikamaru’s shadow stitching jutsu in ages!!

  41. @ Tensa! maybe Naruto finds a way of combining his Sage and Kyubi chakra some how! its not clear whether or not Pa and ma and can sync with him now he has controlled Kyubi! i would like to think it can be done and im sure in the fight he will use his sage mode and Ma & Pa at some stage as i see him having a few fights and he will need to throw everything he has at the opponents he will face! i think his Foes will be obviously Sasuke and some point and madara!

  42. @tensa
    give him Bee as back up and it will be an epic fight…..I dont see any other relation to Nagato and Itachi….so for me it must be Naruto….. his brother would also be an option but I doubt that Sasuke would face them that wouldnt make any sense

  43. “but didnt kishi say in an interview the last ever Naruto vs Sasuke fight would be the last thing to happen??! ”

    No, but he did say Madara isn’t necessarily the last villain of the series. This opens the door for Kabuto.

  44. I doubt that Kabuto could be the last….and I give a little chance for Madara….if Sasuke would be the last opponent it just close a circle…they started as friends and face each other on several occasions and finally face each other in battle where one or even both die…that sounds more likely for me than Madara who has showed up in the middle of the series or Kabuto…who to be honest were just a side kick before he showed up with Oros jutsus

  45. @Ultimate
    Thinking about it Naruto an Bee vs Itachi an Pain would be a sick fight, there’d be jutsu’s flying all over the place!!
    If Sasuke did end up as the final villian i suppose it would make sense but id love to see Naruto an Sasuke vs the Final Villian though just for old times sake lol

  46. Naruto and bee v.s. Itachi and nagato would be insane. They would probably destroy everything around them.

  47. kabuto is a mystery and its not clear wat his motives are. and although he was nothing but oro’s sidekick for most of the series, now he has the spotlight and imo hes surpassed oro in power. come to think of it i wud kind of rather like kabuto to be the final villain. the only thing thats keeping tobi in the running to me is that we cant be sure who he is yet and from wat we’ve seen and wat we kno about the sharingan and rinnegan, if u combine the two thats pretty much invincibility.(not exactly, but in terms of power the user is unbeatable to anyone who doesnt have special powers of their own. u get wat im saying.) and sasuke is still a candidate fr obvious reasons. idk about u guys but i see a kabuto vs tobi fight determining who the final villain is.

  48. you all seem to be forgetting that kabuto, w/o edo is very weak. he really has no fighting skills of his own. So unless he’s gna keep spamin edos to do his battles, he will b owned by any of the main characters. Tobi on the othr hand can clearly hold his own against ne1 w/o ne edos or outside help.
    my point is, kabuto cant b d final villain bcuz he cant fight a 1v1

  49. @nasri_8

    kabuto absorbed oro’s remains so he can use all of his snake techhniques. hes not just a one dimensional med ninja who happens to kno how to use edo tensei.

  50. @at nasri_8
    Kabuto weak without Edo ????? are you kidding me???, his medical skills and therefore chakra control were up to Tsunade´s level 3 years ago!!!, plus he now possesses Orochimaru´s skill and knowledge!!! aand as if that wasn’t enough, kabuto is the only one besides zetsu who really knows for sure whats behind Todi/Madara´s Mask, also he said something about “another” jutsu that made “invincible”.

    So, kabuto being the final villain is not necessary nonsense, I mean we all know that Madara, Kabuto and Sasuke will be more than glad to get rid off each other in order achieve their goals.

    And well, I have a feeling that Kabuto will acomplish what Oro couldn’t, taking over an Uchiha´s Body……

  51. These three doesn’t nessecary have to be the last villains: Madara, Kabuto and Sasuke because remember what Minato told Naruto as long as the ninja system exist it can always give birth to a new foe like pien. Kishi can always do a time-skip and create a new bullish to keep the series going – IMO

  52. right but then he would be goin downt he dbz line. dont get me wrong i love dbz, one of my fav mangas and animes ever. but it went for too long and had too many bad guys. once its over it should just be over. the story has been leading to this since the beginning, if after this kishi starts more it will just feel like a filler to me

  53. the whole kabuto being the last villain.. i think that its deff a possibility. im assuming that at some point in this war sasuke and naruto r going to have to team up to take out madara. kabuto will be around after that controling the rest of the army. so i mean it depends on how u would look at it is the final villain the last of the bad guys in charge to be killed or is it the total badass that takes everyone forever to kill?

    and as for kabuto not having the skills without edo, that aint true. he owned the 5th 3 years ago and now he can do everything oro could do and he changed himself into a snake. which probably means he has those powers that oro had where he can take a hit that kills someone and he walks away from it.
    also, if kabuto improved on edo so much who knows maybe he improved on all or most or even some of oro’s moves. oro had some pretty badass moves and to improve those would be sick as hell

  54. @Poly
    Kabuto taking over an Uchiha body- i dont see it happening!! If anything we might end up seeing Sasuke vs Kabuto (so he can try get revenge for Oro. if Katubo vs Madara doesnt happen) but i think that would just be some practise for Sasuke’s new EMS.
    Fair enough Kabuto has powered up a hell of a lot but it wouldnt surprise me if one of the Uchiha’s or even someone like Kakashi end up taking snake boy out the picture! I just thought of something wat if Zetsu (black an white together) ended up fighting him

  55. for me there is defenitly an ending without Kabuto…you know why….Sasuke will kill him….Kabuto wants revange for Oro and has asked Madara to hand him out after the war…..what is stopping him to attack Sasuke before the war ends…..and a battle Sasuke vs Kabuto….without all the summonings Sasuke is the clear winner for me

  56. my personal time line:
    Kabuto vs Sasuke
    Kakashi vs Madara….Kakashi dies
    Madara vs Naruto…. looking for revange for his master
    Naruto vs Sasuke

  57. Its gonna be a sad day if kakashi dies- if not him then definately someone heavy in the manga is gonna go as it wouldnt be a realist war without a major player dying. Its probably gonna be either kakashi, gaara, tsunade, raikage, shikamaru or sakura

  58. Personally I don’t see Kabuto as the final villain as he’s relatively too young compared to Madara who must have more than 100 years and of course this is in case that Tobi is Madara. Kabuto’s character is a way from Kishi to bring those great ninjas who all wanted to see. Everything is planned by Madara. The character who is behind that mask is undoubtedly the final villain and the rest is just a way to give some emotion to the serie.

    More than a great adversary I see Itachi as the key to unmasking Tobi/Madara. One way or another he have to find Naruto because he knows something that only Naruto should know. I don’t see Itachi and Sasuke encountered in the future.

    It is true, if this is a war why there are not many casualties on the side of the alliance? but is coming the time when many important ninjas and Kages will die. I see Tsuname and Kakashi dying as well. It’s going to be sad but Kishi should take the risk.

  59. I have to admit the anime really got me when Asuma und Jiraya died….and it would hit me even more when Kakashi or Gaara would die….but if Tsunade would die it wouldnt be a great lost….looking back there wasnt a huge response when Tsunade was on the verge of death….but when Kakashi was in the same situation….the community went crazy….so the easiest way to put some dramatic moments is to let a beloved character die

  60. @Rocks

    Someone from Naruto’s beginning has to stay alive to see the end, in effect to see Naruto’s complete growth. The only people that qualify for that are Tsunade, Kakashi, and MAYBE Iruka, but he’s not all that involved in Naruto’s life and I don’t think his emotional response will mean all that much. If Kakashi and Tsunade both die, then there won’t be any closure. Besides, Kakashi was already “killed” and I just don’t see it happening again.

  61. yea see i think that naruto will fight itachi while sasuke is fighting the elders. once sasuke kills the elders i think that someone that was close to sasuke will die (or itachi will say something to sasuke) and he will snap out of his im gonna destroy the world phase. naruto and sasuke will proceed to destroy the army and have a final go round with kabuto and madara.

    as for someone seeing naruto complete whatever he needs to or something, i think everyone including kakashi and tsunade have already seen that and acknowledged nartuo for surpassing his father. so anything that he learns how is just icing on the cake.

    i just really want to see sasuke’s ems and i wanna kno what kinda powers he is gonna have. cuz so far madara itachi and kakashi have all shown they have their own ms abilities while sasuke has shown he can use itachi’s. i just wanna see him pull something we havent seen b4 and just totally f*ck something up like naruto did with his rasan shurakin lmao

  62. I have been a long time supporter of Kabuto being the final Villain

    Madara makes too many mistakes and gets beaten up way too much plus i never really liked him

    Kabuto has been one of my faves sence the first time i saw Naruto (the first episode i watched was he start of the forest of death trial when i saw Kabuto he just clicked with me as a fave)

    Kabuto is also the longest runing villain in the series (if you dont count Sasuke but he did not became a villain until part 2 so i don’t)

    plus he is no doubt strong as hell and once we find out what he is up to he will just become more of threat


  63. I thik that the kyuubi will be the final villian, Naruto is planing to relase it when he face Sause so they have to fight the kyubi together,
    just read was e saying to the kyubi when e seals it

    he says just wait e little longer, why would he say that?? if not to realse it and make Sauske fight with Naruto aginst the kyubi

  64. @ dookie

    i think he means wait longer as in until i can fully control u like Bee can do. that way they can exist peacefully in naruto’s body

  65. @Tensa, Kishi doesn’t have the guts to kill any of the kids off. I doubt he has the guts to kill any real major character, but expect a secondary main character to die. That’s the cop out he did with Asuma.

  66. Cop-out with Asuma? Yes, his character wasn’t developed at all, and that could be a shame, but who knows.

    In any case, Kishimoto killed off Jiraiya, Orochmiaru (debatable), Nagato, and Konan. OK, maybe you won’t agree that they are all top tier characters, but they were all fan favorites to some degree. Jiraiya was probably the biggest character Kishimoto had killed, but in some sense his death was necessary for Naruto’s growth.

    The only purpose of a major character dying would be to show the evilness of war… which we do need to see at some point. The person (I can hear the thousands of Narutards cheering now) who could die and have an impact on Naruto the most (which would be the most meangingful death for Kishimoto to cause) is Sakura. Kishimoto started to grow her character, but then stalled her growth after the Chiyo fight. Naruto is still fond of her, as a part of Team 7.

    If Sakura is killed, Naruto will feel betrayed by the alliance for keeping the war a secret, this could add some dimensionality to the story. Just an idea…

  67. @Ripcord, I couldn’t care less if Sakura lives or dies. I’m mostly indifferent to her. Kishi needs to kill someone else from the Konoha 11/12/13, like Kiba or Tenten, maybe even Shino.

  68. Yeah, but Kiba’s hillarious with his constant complaining (ok maybe that’s why he needs to die??) and Tenten would have no impact at all, except on Lee or Neji perhaps, but I doubt Neji would shed too much of a tear over even her.

  69. kishi isnt killing any major characters like any of the konoha 11, cool shinobi from other villages besides konoha(ex. darui kurotsuchi etc.), kages or leaf sensei just yet its gonna be a pretty long and drawn out war so he still has a lot of time to make his decision. wat he should do is just let kakuzu kill kotetsu and izumo. they arent major characters in any way but we see them around quite often and theyre characters arent built up but any true naruto fan knows who they are. i hope he kills them if they survive against a top tier villain like kakuzu two times then he better give akatsuki some major victories later on since all those legendary edo shinobi are getting taken out by fodder ninja. but i have faith in kishi he’ll pull through for us and kill off someone important.

  70. i think kishi’s plan is to make us be all like, “hey wat the hell man??? ya got s-rank villians droppin like flies out there!!!” then he’ll shock us and kill someone who’s a key player for the alliance.

  71. what´s the purpose of killing random side kicks….nothing….just to see some blood…..it doesn´t contribute any actions

  72. theyre obviously not “random sidekicks” since kishi is given them spotlight in their fight against kakuzu. and its a rematch for them since kakuzu schooled them last time. them dying will just be kishi getting his feet wet by killing off somewhat known characters. theyre deaths wont be meaningless at all in fact them dying will most likely lead to more alliance deaths.

  73. guys kishi is gonna make it so that we get down to a very few people let able to fight for both sides. and then its gonna be a huge like 12 chapter epicly awesome battle where some major players r gonna die. thats how i see this ending. after all thats said and done, sasuke and naruto r gonna have it out

  74. you really think that the death of …..i forgot their names affect any narutards here….the subordinates of Darui were sealed….so who cares….even Durai himself doesnt seems to be affected at all…..slaughtering some ninjas with names but without any backgroundstory doesnt build up any tensions…..if Kishi really going to kill some if these “sidekicks” he would just following some cliches…..i just wondering why some people seeking for blood….you really care if Kakuzu kill them both

  75. War is horrible, death surrounds life and it is all squandered. People have a tendancy to romantiscise it through stories, whilst others attempt to in some way speak some truth of it.

    Characters in this i feel must die in order for Kishi to evoke some similarities between a real war and this war of ninja. Fact is this war has still just started, so why would the most skilled ninja die first? well they wouldnt? it would be all the fodder ninja with a few side kicks with lightly researched history to go first. Researched, i mean little background information.

    Thats why one of the Leaf 11 havnt Died, thats also why blood guts and pain is necersarry within this story.

  76. @Ripcord, killing them wont generate much response from the fandom beyond shock and awe, but it will affect the other characters. Plus it’ll show that war is a BAD thing, something that this story isn’t truly showing so far. Another thing is it’ll show that weak, inexperienced ninjas die. Isn’t it strange to anyone that the older more experienced Chunin are dying like DBZ character, but none of the children have died yet? Screw die, none of them have been INJURED yet. Everyone knows war generates the worst, most grotesque injuries (dismemberment comes to mind). Perhaps I’m expecting a tad too much from a Shonen series though- oh wait, One Piece’s war had people losing limbs rather graphically. My bad.


  77. @ Kisuzachi, good point- even if we havent seen any major player die yet- this is war- at least 2 of the konaha 11 should be badly injured at least!!! Im pretty sure one of those zetsu plant clone things could at least take out ten ten or choji, hell even kiba!!
    Asuma vs Ino-shika-cho, im expecting at the very least for choji to get seriously injured- lets be honest his resolve isnt strong enough for this. So far these fights have been a little too easy for the good guys to be winning. This is war an kishi is making it a little to one sided!! Bleach was good for the Aizen vs captains an co war- Aizen chopped off limbs an fucked people up like they were chickens in a meat shop!

  78. yet in bleach none of the captains died. even the captain commander, whom used an ability which was supposed to kill him, didnt die. there wasnt a single person which died in bleach against Aizen or his “army”

    also in one piece, i havent really kept up with it so i dont kno all that much, but were anyone besides ace (who was my favorite character and i was pissed that he actually died) and whitebeard killed who were actually important and big in the story to the readers or was it just people that luffy liked and didnt want to see hurt?

    and on that note, at least in one piece ace and whitebeard were actually killed. i dont think anyone who would be comparable to them in naruto will die. and for certain nobody like them died in bleach.

  79. lol so the moral of the story is pretty much all our fave characters in naruto probably wont die (apart from Kabuto an Ten Ten lol)

  80. This war is lacking. The war vets of the shinobi world they described war as something way more horrible than what kishi is showing us now

  81. I love us narutards. We sure do know how to complain a lot 😀

  82. haha i always wonder if the writers of mangas go on these websites (like think, is kishi reading this at this very moment?) and read all our comments bitching and complaining or giving ideas and providing our thoughts lol. it would give me quite the laugh if i wrote a manga and then read a site full of people who wrote things about it lmao

  83. @chakrabeast, if I wrote a series I’d go to several forums and read what they think and use that to influence my decisions, even though everyone knows fans are unpleasable haha. (If Kishi was reading english forums, trust me, Sasugay would’ve died a looooooooong time ago)

  84. @kisuzachi, thats probably true but we luv our favourite angry emo uchiha really lol Kishi probably does have a few people checking out fans opinions online- it wouldnt surprise me if he leaked a few clues just to get us talking about it!

  85. Aaaanyway, new official Naruto popularity poll, number 7. Here’s part of it:

    1 – Uzumaki Naruto – 6880 votes

    2 – Uchiha Sasuke – 5791 votes

    3 – Hatake Kakashi – 4828 votes

    4 – Gaara – 4239 votes

    5 – Uchiha Itachi – 4011 votes

    6 – Deidara – 3623 votes

    7 – Namikaze Minato – 3477 votes

    8 – Sasori – 3152 votes

    9 – Nara Shikamaru – 2533 votes

    10 – Hyuuga Hinata – 2517 votes

    11 – Umino Iruka – 2494 votes

    12 – Haruno Sakura – 2188 votes

    12 – Sai – 2188 votes

    No Bee, Raikage, Konan, Nagato, Darui, Jiraiya… poll number 7 sucks.



  86. Thats what im talking about!! Team 7 in the top 3 most popular characters!!!
    Also those spoilers were damn exciting!!!! who would have thought that mifune vs hanzo would have that twist!

  87. @Tensa, lol Sakura and Sai are in twelfth place 😛

  88. Lol sorry dont really care about sakura and sai STILL hasnt had a proper one on one battle, still waiting for Paint boy to whip out some serious jutsu an show his full potential. Him and Neji both need some top notch fighting time!!

  89. @ kisuzachi, yea if i was writing something i would go on the forums as well lol.
    @ tensa, haha yea that would be soo funny lol. like this whole debate about who tobi really is lol. if kishi actually brought up some of the crazy ideas that have been on here that would be soo epic ha.

    and that spoiler was awesome. i fully guessed that hanzo uses poison tho cuz of that mask ha. as im sure everyone else did too lol.

  90. damn u kisu!!!! i didnt want to read the spoilers but u posted the link so i was forced to lol. this is gonna be a good chapter.

  91. 531??? wen is it coming out? is it gonna be late?

  92. It’s out already.

  93. New ch. Is kinda lame

  94. wow your rite its pretty boring.

  95. Deideira before Minato wtf

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