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ITS OUT! Naruto Chapter 530!



44 Responses

  1. this chapter started with quite a slow pace but it caught up at the end
    i loved how kakuzu introduced dan and asuma

  2. Nothing else matters this chapter since HIDAN was mentioned! HIDAN!

    *sigh* there are no characters, only things that make Shikamaru look better.

  3. decent chapter…
    loved the samurai thing
    hope mifune whatever his name is, kicks azz
    go samurai.

  4. Madara has the banana palm fan. I’m pretty intreseted in hanzo and mifune battle. I wanna see what both can do

  5. i hav a feeling dan is gonna be a beast and i think someone is gonna is die in one of the two battles either izumo or kotetsu fighting kakuzu or someone in the ambush squad against hanzo. cool chapter too.

  6. @a lost shinobi, no he doesn’t. The banana fan was being used by Kinkau. You’re probably thinking of Madara’s guitar-fan-thingy.

  7. if you look at the picture with TenTen you can see her finding the Banana fan

  8. Another chapter and STILL NOT ONE GOOD GUY’S DEAD WTF?! Less of the well done speeches kishi an more blood! lol Choji that fat meatball needs to die- its WAR an he’s still acting like a bitch!!

    Hanzo an Kakazu literally saved this chapter- it was gettin boring until they got goin.

    Hanzo vs Mifune- i never thought Mifune was a fighter but these two swinging it out should be cool- wanna see wat both of em can do. Hope Hanzo is as badass as he was made out to be

  9. Also wouldnt it be cool if one of kakazu’s monster things went to go dig up Hidan an he got to fight again then they’d have brought back everyone from Akatsuki

  10. we just saw a good guy get his heart ripped out Tensa i think he is dead

    its only the first day of the war (in manga time) wait

  11. ok i was trying to reply to you and i took your name instead but you get what i mean

  12. what if obito comes

  13. @clue427

    there is a 0.000000000000000001 percent chance tobi is obito so dont get your hopes high.

  14. I’m curious to see what the ‘Heart Masks’ can do. Did Kakuzu get other elements for each as he did the previous time, or just some random peoples?

  15. @zepwolfx

    most likely he has all the elements like before. well i hope he does and if he gets sealed by kotetsu and izumo i mite cast a genjutsu of my own on kishi and make him kill off some good guys.

  16. Yes hanzo better be freaking epic just because a prime jiraiya orochi an tsunade couldn’t bring him down if he gets brought down by a samurai I will quit anime for ever

  17. @Minatofan

    this guy is the most powerful samurai and is kage level i don’t think he will beat hanzo as well

  18. @Envy, well considering how sh!tty the other Samurai are it doesn’t really speak for him that he’s the strongest. I really want to see what he can do though. Maybe he can redeem the Stormtrooper…err Samurai

  19. @minatofan im not exactly sure jiryia and them were in their prime when they fought hanzo; granted they were younger and everything however i think as they grew older jiraiya and oro grew in strength immensly; it would stand to reason that after that fight with hanzo oro learned his edo tensei and jiraiya mastered his sage mode with the toads seeing as how they never used either against hanzo. Also remember that according to what they say, Nagato killed hanzo and his whole family by himself, and yet against jiraiya he went toe to toe and even after he defeated jiraiya he stated that if he knew his secret its possible he would have lost. Oro and jiraiya were younger to be sure, but im still a little skeptical at how strong all of the ‘legendary’ ninja from the past really r (such as the hokages, hanzo, etc.)…..Hanzo seems to be slightly overrated imo

  20. @Token, we never saw the battle, only the aftermath. Jiraiya could’ve used Sage Mode and Oro could’ve used Edo Tensei. We don’t know for sure. Also, back in Part 1 Tsunade said she was in her prime in the war, y’know when she was in her 20-30s instead of being 50. Hanzo is that strong. If Jiraiya was confident that he was so weak, then he wouldn’t have refused to believe that someone was strong enough to singlehandedly kill Hanzo (NAGATO FTW)


  21. Im sure Hanzo was that much of a badass but i doubt the legendary sanin were that good when they fought him but i suppose we’ll never know. As for Nagato defeating him by himself i can believe that seeing as he probably has the best offense an defense of any ninja we’ve seen coz of the powers of the rinnegan an all the paths. Hell the only reason Naruto one was coz of the intel he received from jiriya, nagato wasnt fighting to kill him an coz of the kyubbi transformation.
    Anyway back to the point I think Hanzo would be a serious threat an now we’ll see what he can do, i dont expect this to be a short fight either- Mifune better have some damn good skills……..

  22. Alright chapter. Meh, I lost hope in Hanzo after he ran away from Nagato when Yahiko died. I was expecting at least something from this legendary Hanzo, but nah instead he ran away. I’m pretty sure Mifune is gonna defeat him.

  23. Now we see if the samurai are just cannon fodder or if they actually bave some abilities.

  24. Im really excited about seeing how good kimmimaru might be now he isnt forcing his body by sheer will alone!

    I wonder who is gonna give them back up? who is the closest to Kankuro’s Squad? is it Kakashi? im thinking it is yeah.

  25. I am really interested to see what Dan’s abilities are. He seemed pretty anxious to get Chouza and the others to but him in some kind of barrier. I think we are finally gonna find out that Dan is no push over and that who ever defeated him back then must have been pretty tough, or very lucky.

  26. what i got out of this chapter is hanzo summoning his animal. now i know that even in death they still have the contract.. so that means to me is that pein will be even more deadly than before, cause now his animal pein will still be able to do all of the cool summonings without having to worry about getting, and i think itachi went to go and get more bodies, and pein is in the rain village getting ALL of his spare bodies, cause y even mention that they bring tons of bodies to the tall building in the first place. he can now control them all without having to worry about chakra depletion. and one top of that i think he is also getting dna from konan for kabuto.

  27. animal realm was a separate body he put his summoning powers into, though that’s not to say nagato can’t use the powers himself. Since he doesn’t really have access to the chakra rods as far as we know…i doubt he’ll collect bodies for his jutsu like kakuzu collected hearts. I for one, would like to see him use everything by himself now that his body is indestructible. There’s really no point to hiding his ‘original body’ since he cant really be killed…haha.

  28. here’s are my gripe’s ;

    1). y did oro summon the forth if he was sealed and y did the 3rd try to stop it. it seams other villages are aware of the edo summon and how it work, so shouldn’t the be aware as well.hummm

    2). y was ino able to take control kinkaku in 6 tail cloak when she couldn’t handle sora in 1 tails cloak.

    3). y was the 2nd on a mission without any ambu, just a bunch of kids, and if they did indeed kill him how did the leaf get the body back and y did they attack him in peace time.

    i think mardara plan was to release the tailed beast to fight his war as he could controll them and he’s just using kabuto to get rid of as many ninjas as possible. he couldnt of thought the zetsus would be strong enough to win the war.

    if any one could answer this question for me. y was nagato following madara, it seams to reason that he could of defeated mardara if konan almost did so y.

  29. @TeamEvo

    1) they don’t know how it works they know about it but not how it works
    Oro summoned Minato because he thought it would work he did not know it would not work

    2) Sora was filler and I don’t think Ino ever used the mind control thing on him

    3) he was not attacked in peace time he was attacked during the 2nd ninja war and those kids with him were Jonin’s in their 20’s

    plus its not proven that Kinkaku and Ginkaku were the ones that attacked and killed him

    yeah will duh Kabuto and Madara are using one another that was the plan for both of them

    Konan said that they were using Madara and were planning on turning on him

  30. @teamevolution1:

    1. We don’t know if it was the Fourth. Plus the summoning failed.

    2. Filler, just forget it ever existed.

    3. We don’t know the full details of his mission. He could’ve gone with 100 ninja but they died which is why he was left with only Danzo, the Akimichi, Sarutobi, the Elders, and the Uchiha. Or he really could’ve only gone with those guys. Who knows?

  31. @justpassing i highly doubt that nagato in any way or form will retain his 6 bodies. kabuto and madara only want the ability of the rinengan, and nagato wants peace so he wont help kabuto wining by giving him the bodies (of course not willingly, kabuto can still force him to which i doubt he will)
    and about konan her death wasn’t too long ago so it would be to much for the storyline for kishi to bring her back straight away
    also nagato would want her to RIP so he wouldn’t get her dna for kabuto

  32. @kisu

    Well if it wasn’t the 4th Hokage in that coffin then Sarutobi did stop the summoning (even if he said he didn’t know how he stopped it). Or Orochimaru tried summoning someone else that was sealed.

  33. If I were Kabuto I would choose an other tactic…..first take down Madara….especially with the body that shocked him so much…..than after this war there wont be any summons left to beat Madara….so why working together….this canon fodder Zetzus are not worth it

  34. i just wanna make this official cus im tired of hearing it. NARUTO DID NOT DEFEAT NAGATO. he talked him into changing his ways. all naruto did was overcome one of nagatos jutsus(six paths of pain) and nagato has an infinite arsenal of jutsus.

    also is it possible that the summon sarutobi stopped oro from bringing back is the summon kabuto showed to tobi??? i think it is and i dont think it was minato, sarutobi probably thought it was since tho oro summoned hashirama and tobirama. it wud be pretty cool too. just who in the world wud it be?

  35. @ FastNinjaa

    Ok calm down some may not get what you saying but I do. Everyone he means Naruto defeated all the Pains but did not actually defeat Nagato however either way it was a victory none the less.

    Slow chapter, not much to say except can’t wait for next weeks fight. Ninja master vs Samurai master.

  36. :’) I’m so proud of you guys. Nagato ftw

  37. I love the Kisame at the end. And the name Mifune sounds familiar hmmm

  38. ***I meant to say I love the Kisame artwork at the end

  39. Oro didnt summon the 4th. The third coffin was in the anime only. It is a mistake i also made

  40. @ Evil Ryu- Ninja master vs Samarai master= **Winner- Ninja Master**!! But there’s probably more back up coming so Hanzo an co might have there hands full

  41. @evil ryu

    yea thats a battle i wanna see. i hope hanzo lives up to all his hype tho. i wudnt like to see a shinobi who single handedly took out platoons of ninja by himself and fought the sannin all at once and probably cudve killed them be taken out by a samurai. if hanzo does lose then i hope mifune is extremely badass but wat wud be the rest of the samurai’s excuse?(ino and ten ten > army of samurai).

    idk or if i do i cant remember if samurai are capable of ninjutsu. are they???

  42. i want to see sasuke and naruto!!! BAHHHH!! what is happening with sasuke its like he has dont a ninja! lol

    but yeah looking forward to seeing the EMS in action! also looking forward to nagato and itachi just pawning later on.

  43. @Fast ninja, i remember they had decent chakra control an i think they used some minor ninjutsu right before sasuke vs raikage but got pawned by Mr avenger (sasuke). My money’s on Hanzo tho- his rep is far to huge for him to lose to Mifune!!

    @Greenpeas, i doubt we’ll be seeing sasuke for a couple of months- he got a lot of time last year and had 3 major battles fighting raikage, danzo an team 7- if anything we’ll see naruto first i reckon. Although like u im dying to see his new EMS!! I wonder if Kishi will give him a badass new outfit an if the EMS will make him stronger than Nagato an the Rinnegan???!!

  44. ripcord, on March 3, 2011 at 2:44 pm said:


    Well if it wasn’t the 4th Hokage in that coffin then Sarutobi did stop the summoning (even if he said he didn’t know how he stopped it). Or Orochimaru tried summoning someone else that was sealed.

    4th sealed himself didnt he??

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