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Naruto Chapter 529 – Ino-Shika-Cho to the Rescue

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Pretty solid chapter this week. Overall I felt the fight with the Kin/Gin brothers was rushed, especially since we’re talking about taking down someone with the power to undergo a Kyuubi transformation. But I also understand that Kishi needs to keep things moving along in order to move on to the other parts of the war we’re waiting to see. I have lots of work and tests this week, so I will be keeping this week’s chapter review somewhat barebones.

– It was both interesting and gross to discover the Gin/Kin brothers survived by consuming the meat inside the Kyuubi’s stomach. You’d think they’d be able to create more super shinobis this way, but Kishi covered his tracks by adding in the point about other ninja dying after eating the flesh of a bijuu and how the brothers were distant descendants of the Sage.
– The purifying pot was definitely an interesting weapon, but I was more impressed by the Raikage’s assistant, Mabui’s, ability to transmit an object to a distant location with a lightning jutsu. I can see so many possibilities with such a technique.
– I didn’t expect Ino-Shika-Chou to be the key to winning this battle; this team hasn’t seen any action since the battle versus Hidan and Kakuzu so one could say it was about time they claimed a victory.
– I never thought that the Ino-Shika-Chou combo was great to begin with; there’s just too many things that can go wrong with the coordination of their attack. And with the exception of Chouji, the team isn’t best fit for frontal encounters with enemies, so they’re pretty vulnerable if Shikamaru or Ino miss the opportunity to trap the enemy. I had my doubts whether they would succeed against a powerful opponent like Kinkaku but it looks like the moral of this chapter is that teamwork triumphs over going at it solo.
– The appearance of Shikamaru’s team was also meant to bring them to the same battlefield as their former sensei, Asuma. I’d be tough for them to be forced to fight Asuma, but I think they’ll handle it fine and it’ll give Shikamaru to show Asuma how much stronger he has become.
– This last battle just flew by, which is surprising considering how powerful Gin/Kin were made out to be. But I think Kishi paced it well to keep the action flowing and give a number of secondary characters their time in the spotlight.