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Naruto Chapter 529 is Out!

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44 Responses

  1. Nice chapter kind off a low blow win tho but still badazz chapter

  2. Why are none of the good guys dying? THIS IS WAR! Oda had the balls to kill ACE and WHITBEARD for crying out loud. Come on Kishi, at least give us Tenten or Ino.

  3. I dont think that none of the remaining fights will end up badly…not until the Jinchurikis, Nagato and Itachi are showing up…so probably you have to wait a little

  4. And when a character will fall it wont be a side character…its not dramatic enough…more likely a caliber like Jiraya or Asuma…my guess is Tsunade

  5. Why I think it will be Tsunade….because I think Kakashi deserves to be Hokage before the series ends

  6. On one piece did ace really die?

  7. correcting my self….I think none of the remaining fights will end up badly

  8. @Minatofan, crud, seems in my “Ino rage” I spoiled something in One Piece. My bad

  9. dammit was hopign we would get more insight on actual naruto’s training. I like how they say he has the powers now of the greatest sensor ninja but he doesnt know that a war is going on? wtf? hahahahah

    on another note heaps curious about whether or not he will combine senjutsu with this. I mean if he can only use this form for a limited time because it consumes his internal chakra maybe he should go into sage mode and then go into kyuubi mode so that he has an unlimited amount of internal chakra
    which is boosted to risiculous proportions. I hope he doesnt just not use the senjutsu now as i would be keen for him to combine it with something and become super yellow flash! speaking of which what are the odds of him learning minato’s teleporting tech and kushina’s seal?

  10. It’s cool man just sucks he was one of my favorite characters:(

  11. Ino won the fight

    the person seen as the weakest of the konoha 11 beat Kinkaku

  12. @Envy, I rationalized a few minutes and came to the conclusion that it took two whole divisions to beat him and that Ino is still essentially useless 🙂

  13. i knew it kin and gin were related to naruto. those damn uzumaki’s keep popping up but why are they all villians?

  14. @ kisu I agree. Someone has to die and soon. Also knowing kinkaku and ginkaku ate the meat from the nine tails to gain their power is pretty lame

  15. @ King Eric- where does it say they are Uzumaki’s?!

    Lol at Ino thats gonna be her main highlight for the rest of the series, she’s still better than tenten tho!

    Looks like we wont be seeing Kakashi vs Swordsmen anytime soon as next week its Asuma vs Ino-Shika-Cho which is gona be at least 3 to 4 chapters, damn i hope all these filler type battles hurry up so we can get to the main important ones. Also one of the good guys need to die, oh shit maybe it’ll be Kakashi?!!!

  16. com on guys, no need for the good guys to be killed by the hands of this filler characters. Oh wait few random ninjas did die from kakashis n kunkuros team. More WILL die once the big shot villain comes on the screen

  17. @King Eric, they’re not Uzumakis, Senjus or Uchiha, they’re just descendants of the same guy. Its like you and as complete stranger you’ve never met before may have a common ancestor if you look back far enough.

    @xTailed, because these “filler” characters are so hyped up. What’s the point of saying the KinGin bros beat Tobirama, are the Rikudo’s descendants and are part Kyubi if you’re just going to have them beat without killing anyone? It makes no sense. This is war and yet none of the inexperienced children have died yet but countless experienced Chunin have died so far.

  18. I really hope we don’t have to see asumas weak ass. I’d rather what’s going on with gaara

  19. @a lost shinobi, Kisu agrees lol. Asuma is pretty weak. Reviving him was a total waste of chakra. Silly Kabutomaru

  20. some good guys need to die? Darui pretty much lost his whole team at the hands of copycat kyubi. As far as Tenten and Ino goes; yeah Tenten still does the same stuff, and that’s kinda lame. Ino however does have a pretty cool jutsu, and can be very valuable in this war. Now i’m not saying i like her as a character, or anything, but with a well places strategy, as Shikaku has proven, she can be valuable. Just saying.

  21. this chapter was meh, the only thing i want to point out is the sage of six paths seems to have horns while these silver and gold bros did have horns, they might be related in some way

  22. WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT LAST CHAPTER! Naruto would sense something and hell yeah he did! he will complete his BBR and then maybe even a new tech and then come kick some ass! wooop! great chapter. that trio have worked on that tactic since they where youngsters its about time it worked ha ha! good on ya Ino ya useful cow bag lol!!!

  23. @Zepwolf, but the measure of a Shinobi is not how well they can plan, its how well they can asspull.Just look at Sasuke.

    @Mattmaru, well in the Sora filler, which isn’t canon, Naruto could sense the Kyubi chakra in Sora so yeah

    @Profess, Raikage said they were related to the Rikudo this chapter.

  24. @ Kisu

  25. Being in his tailed beast form as well i guess his sensing skills would be multiplied. Sensing someone with the same Chakra or Energy is called sympathetic resonance. like two tuning forks tuned to the same tone they will resonate att he same pitch or tone without touching eachother.

  26. @mattmaru

    I don’t think it is like that, I think it is more like this when one of Naruto’s clones transformed:


    He felt hot:


    Now, it may not be so dramatic, but since Naruto & the Kyuubi’s chakra are linked, I am sure that any disturbance in the Kyuubi chakra would be felt by Naruto.

  27. yeah resonance is energy aligning itself! like when a bus goes past and it rattles the windows until is changes gear, the rattling is like its aligning itself to the same energy wave length just like naruto would feel the energy of kinkaku because its so poweful it would send constant flow of energy which naruto would pick up on. So your right naruto would feel hot because he can feel energy of the same resonance but from somewhere else!

  28. I might be saying this only because I’m black but Darui is cold. lol

  29. @Kisu: Sarcasm? I sense, sarcasm. lol.

  30. @Rate1 he sure is mate, to stand up to those two is something special. a bit of luck as well always helps. I think A is just a bit cooler then him though.

  31. This chapter was good but it really introduced some problems. For one, I agree with some of you saying that the kin gin bros eating the meat from the nine tail’s stomach is pretty lame. You mean to tell me that the most powerful of the nine jinchuriki’s can’t digest two ninja that rip off overpowered ninja weapons to fight? Kishi could have picked a better way to handle that.

    I’m really kinda hoping we hop back to naruto’s training again soon. I can’t wait to see naruto back in action. And i really wish that kishi would finish the battle bewteen kakashi and the swordsmen. You can’t stop a battle halfway through and jump off somewhere else. When we finally do get back to Kakashi’s batlle, it will lost the momentum of excitement it had.

    As far as character deaths, I’m in no rush to see anyone die. I believe kishi is saving the big deaths when the bigger battles roll in. Right now he’s knocking out the small fry battles which i can understand. I still have faith in kishi pulling this war off right.

  32. I dont know why some of you are so excited to see Narutos training….his abilities are very predictive and he will show up at the end of the war anyway and not sooner….I like rather battles with tactics and new jutsus….for me the last decent fight was Danzo vs Sasuke…that has all I am looking for…..jutsus, tactics, background stories and its not predictable at all…..this current fight had some glimps of what I am would like to see but its was far too short and there was almost just side characters involved…..
    so I put my hopes in Gaara and hope to see the first decent fight since Danzo….just my point of view

  33. @curton2244

    Actually when you think about it the Uzumaki/Senju lineage being resistant to the Kyuubi makes sense:


    Here Yamato explains that Naruto should be dead with that kind of chakra around him, but he is able to withstand it. Obviously we don’t know if Yamato is aware of Naruto’s Uzumaki heritage, but I would guess that that is THE reason behind why Naruto can handle the poisonous 9-tails chakra. That would also be the same reason why the Kin-Gin brothers survived it as well.

  34. So I think this proves the point that Kishi was planning for something like this a while back.

  35. ripcord has right 😉

  36. Acquiring chakra by eating meat from the stomach — I never seen ‘that’ coming… -___-‘..

  37. enough of the KinGin clowns. they were brought just to showcase darui’s skills. i wanna see kakuzu get his revenge against the ino-shika-cho trio and if dreams do come true kakuzu or kabuto will summon hidan somehow so he can kill shikamaru like he promised =)… HAIL JASHIN

  38. The chapter was ok. I think the end of the fight was fairly predictable. The real question is are those other 2 permanintly sealed away.

    I like seeing some more tactical fights over the DBZ like straight forward fights. Its time for people to start dying though. All of konoha characters are still living. Take out a couple low grade ones. Choji for instance. Or

  39. @bringerofkaos

    YESSS… its not kool seeing powerful ninja from the past just get pwned by the alliance. i may not care about the KinGin bros but they were pretty formidable opponents for any allied shinobi and look who took them out, ino(fodder) choji(fodder) and shikamaru(hes kool tho). Kishi needs to start killing off some of the konoha 11 seriously. either the summons start getting some kills or the all main shinobi allies somehow survive long enough and band together to fight and get killed by the ninja we’ve been dying to see (Nagato, itachi madara) but anyway is fine with me. i just want good guy blood

  40. @FastNinjaa: Hidan isn’t dead, he’s just trapped in the Nara forest.

  41. I wonder if ginkaku too was able to go into “kyuubi” form, since the Raikage said both of the brothers absorbed the nine tails chakra.

    And as for this “filler” battles, I am also afraid (since I do not like him) that all of these alliance´s “victories” will end once sasuke is unleashed……,.,

    And yet, I hope he still kills Ten ten, my God, what waste of ink, please someone put her out of her misery, lol

  42. @ Ultimate, i fully agree with the Sasuke vs Danzo fight- something about it makes it stick out as one of the better fights kishi has wrote- it has everything u need- new jutsu, tactics, blood an a few surprises like sasuke summoning the hawk

    @Fast, Good guy blood needs to get spilled an quick, im expecting at least 3 of the rookies to get taken out.

    Neji needs to have a one on one with someone aswell, Kishi totally doesnt give a damn about the Byakugan

  43. @zepwolf

    well we dont kno if he is dead or not but he cud be because although hes immortal he kind of isnt because he can die from lack of nutrients and who knos oro and kabuto hav been very hard at work getting dna from all these ninja maybe he has hidans =) and hidan was like an edo summon before shikamaru blew him up so if he died and was summoned i think he’ll be a huge problem for the alliance because wen he was still active he didnt hav to worry about dying but he cud still be incapacitated by dismemberment. if he was summoned through edo tensei his attack plan (which is attacking relentlessly without giving a f***) wud be flawless cus if he gets dismembered he cud just regenerate and i dont think anything in the naruverse cud seal him the way kankuro did sasori. bottom line it wud be very kool to see hidan back in action

  44. @tensa gizzla

    yea i think the hyuga clan just lucked out with getting a dojutsu cus without it they wud all be fodder and its not like the sharigan or rinnegan which originate from the ten tailed beast (in my opinion) its like that kid ranmaru’s dojutsu in that filler arc with that wannabe swordsmen of the mist. kishi doesnt care about it at all

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