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Revenge of the YellowFlash Part 2 Chapter 2

While battling the Akatsuki, Gaara almost met his end but was saved right before Deidara unleashed his great attack by none other than Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage and now leader of the Kage Alliance.

Gaara: What is this? I thought you were all dead.

Minato: Sorry about that, it had to be done.

Gaara: The entire shinobi world thinks you are dead. This threw the world into chaos and allowed them to take over, the great nations are falling one by one and all you can say is you’re sorry!

Raikage: You think we’ve just been sitting back doing nothing, we are planning our ultimate revenge on these morons. If it were up to me you wouldn’t have even been included.

Gaara: I’m the Kazekage.

Minato: Right, and that’s why we needed you. Here resides Kage of each and every great nation, until resent there was no Kazekage, so now we have a full alliance of power from each village.

Gaara: For what reason are you doing this?

Minato: To save the world from eternal darkness. Together we must face a power that this world has only seen in one life time. A life time when the creator of the ninja existed, the Rikudo Sage!

Gaara: Rikudo Sage?

Far away on the Heaven and Earth Bridge, Kakashi along with Neji and an Anbu Black Op meets up with ninja who are identified as Ao, Chojiro and a Mist Anbu Black Op.

Kakashi: I’m surprised you showed up.

Ao: Just talk, its dangerous being out in the open.

Kakashi: From what I understand, you have stepped in as the Mizukage until your predecessor is found.

Ao: Yes, that’s true. Why have you called this meeting? And don’t pretend you are alone! With my Byakugan I can see you aren’t alone.

Neji: That Byakugan doesn’t belong to you.

Kakashi: No, but that’s not the reason we came here.

Chojiro: No, then what is?

Kakashi: My comrades and I are headed to the Hidden Mist for an attack. Our goal is to end Roots control over that region which will deliver a great blow to the Akatsuki. Since it’s your village we could use you assistance.

Ao: The treaties have been broken. You expect us to believe anything you say? For all we know you are working with Root, they were created in your village.

Kakashi: Look, we could have just as easy taken control over the Hidden Mist once we’d succeeded in taken them down but since we Leaf ninja are all about honor we want to include you in this battle to take back what belongs to you.

Chojiro: You sound confident that you can actually defeat them alone.

Kakashi: After all of the destruction they have bestowed on the world I will put my life on the line to rid the world of this trash. All I ask is for you to be apart of it. Remind them why you were once feared as the Hidden Village of the Bloody Mist.

Ao: ( Staring at Chojiro) Hmph, you really are great, Kakashi Hatake the Copy Ninja…… Fine, we have a deal. If we succeed I assure Konoha will have a stronger partner behind them.

Kakashi: Then it’s agreed, the operation will commence!  (Kakashi sticks his hand in the air and large portion of the Leaf army appear from the trees surprising Ao and Chojiro)

Inside the Sound Village, Itachi stands with countless Sound ninja lying dead on the ground around him.

Itachi: You all are pathetic. You attack recklessly at an opponent you know nothing about. You knew how small your containers were but had no idea my container overflows like a river while yours lay thirsty on the ground.

Itachi walks over to the last remaining ninja who is down on the ground on his hands and knees.

Sound Ninja: I told you I know nothing!

Itachi: No more games, tell me what you know about Orochimaru’s whereabouts.

Sound Ninja: …………

Itachi: From the intel Akatsuki gathered while searching for Orochimaru, he leaves you in charge of the Sound while he’s away. I can motivate you by cutting off another limb.

Sound Ninja: No,no, I’ll tell you…… he’s travelling to the Eastern Hideout with Sasuke Uchiha and Kabuto Yakushi on the borders of the Land of Mirrors.

Itachi: Now all I have to do is finish you off and be on my way.

Sound Ninja: You said you would let me go!

Itachi: I lied, wonder endlessly in agony.

Itachi slams his katana through his chest killing him.

Kisame: ( Standing behind Itachi) As cold and ruthless as ever.

Itachi: I’ve been wondering who Akatsuki would send to take me down……. I have to admit I was hoping it would be you. (Looking over his shoulder to stare down Kisame)

Kisame: We’ve both wanted this since we joined together as a team. I trust you are as excited as I am.

Itachi: Trust, a word I never thought I would hear from your mouth.

Kisame: That’s the one thing we have in common, nobody should be stupid enough to trust us. It’s because we both are cold-blooded killers. I don’t think either one of has a soul, Itachi.

Itachi: We are more different than you think, Kisame. I kill to cut down the trees that block the light of peace that could one day shine upon this world. I have a goal, you kill just at your own whim or for others just so you can feel like you belong, how pathetic!

Kisame: Is that why you killed your clan? Because you saw them as trees blocking your so-called peace or did you do it on a whim?

Itachi: When this is all over and you have proven yourself, I will tell you.

Kisame: As arrogant as ever! That’s what I hate the most about you!

Back in the Kages hideout, they continue their conversation.

Gaara: What does the Rikudo Sage have to do with any of this? That’s just a myth!

Tsuchikage: He speaks the truth!

Minato: As you know the Rikudo Sage is the creator of the ninja, during his life time there lived an incredible  monster that held the world in darkness with no equal. It destroyed everything in its path, reducing the world population almost to the brink of extinction. This monster was called the Juubi and with its power it could destroy the entire shinobi world at a whim. The Rikudo Sage understood this and so he waged war against the Juubi, willing to fight to the bitter end. The Sage knew he couldn’t survive a full battle with the Juubi, so he had only one choice, to seal the Juubi away. The Sage sealed the Juubi away inside himself, thus, becoming the first Jinchuuriki.

Gaara: So there was another tailed beast?

Minato: Not exactly, years later the Sage had grown old and knew his time was at it’s near end. He knew that once he died the Juubi would revive itself and once again put the world in its monstrous hands. He also knew the Juubi couldn’t be destroyed so he decided to split its power into nine parts drastically decreasing it’s power. These parts are known today as the tailed beast spirits.

Gaara: So, this is the truth behind the bijuu? You believe the Akatsuki is trying to gather the Bijuu and combine their power to resurrect the Juubi.

Minato: Not exactly, in order for them to completely bring back the juubi they would need its body. The Tailed Beasts combined is the full power of its spiritual energy-

Gaara: They needs it’s body which contains its physical energy to be able to use the full extent of its power.

Minato: Exactly.

Gaara: Even if it’s true, then what makes you think they are strong enough to match the power of the Rikudo Sage and even be able to make this happen let alone control the Kyuubi?

Minato: I don’t know. I don’t even know if they know what kind of power they are dealing with.

Gaara: I get why you are working together but why fake your deaths?

Raikage: We had to go underground to search for the Jinchuuriki, before the Akatsuki can get their hands on them.

Tsuchikage: Every since the Jinchuuriki have been targeted by the Akatsuki, the others have defected from their villages and went into hiding.

Mizukage: If Akatsuki found out that they broken ties with their village they could have tracked them down and captured them with ease and if we had sent out large numbers of our military then that would have not only made our villages vulnerable but led Akatsuki right to them.

Tsuchikage: Thanks to the persuasion of the Fourth Hokage, we decided to go underground and search for them ourselves.

Gaara: That’s how you disappeared so suddenly, using the Fourth Hokages Space/Time ninjutsu.

Mizukage: We figured with our powers, we would have the best chance at locating and protecting the Jinchuuriki without the Akatsuki finding out.

Gaara: How many have you captured?

Mizukage: We’ve managed to find two of the Jinchuuriki but the rest are still missing.

Raikage: We’ve obtained the three and six tailed beasts and now the Shukaku since you’ve joined the team.

Gaara: So where are the two that you’ve located?

Minato: There whereabouts are in a disclosed location until we can trust that you are truly on our side.

Gaara: I have one more question, Why not send someone else in your place? By disappearing you put your countries in peril and allowed Akatsuki to take down the Hidden Mist village and possibly more. Not to mention, you’ve broken the treaties between nations and for you Hokage, you’ve destabilized Konoha and crippled their power.

Minato: We didn’t calculate the fact that Danzo would use Root to help Akatsuki. Remember we were just dealing with nine criminals not a growing army. I didn’t think I would be gone away from Konoha for a large amount of time. The Jinchuuriki are well hidden and……

Gaara: And you’re planning on finding your son, Naruto.

Minato: Right now, my priority is to obtain the Jinchuuriki to stop Akatsuki from getting their hands on the Juubi’s power. It’s true, Naruto has the Kyuubi, but Akatsuki won’t touch him, they need his power to battle the great nations. I’ll deal with Naruto myself!

Gaara: Fine, I will help you in your quest as long as our number one priority is to ensure the safety of our people.

Minato: As always, then let’s proceed.

As they all walk off together the Raikage quietly says to Minato.

Raikage: Are you going to tell him the truth?

Minato: I don’t fully trust that he’s with us all the way, right now this is all he needs to know.

Back in the Sound Country Itachi and Kisame face-off.

Kisame forms hand signs, Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu, Itachi counters, Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu! Both attacks soar through the air around one another slamming into each others faces. Itachi appears behind him.

him so he uses the water to pull him away into the air as he forms more hands signs.

Kisame: Hmph, you really are a genius. To be able to cast more than one jutsu at a time is amazing. ( Flashback: While forming his seals at an incredible speed for his Fire Dragon Jutsu he also uses the Shadow Clone Jutsu.) Water Style: Twin Sharks!

The twin sharks fall down out of the sky crashing on top of both Itachi’s. Out from the water a swarm of seemingly endless shuriken shoot toward Kisame. Kisame slams his hands in the water forcing a water wall to form protecting him. Itachi appears behind him punching him in the face sending him sliding across the water onto the land, into a tree. Itachi forms hand signs, Fire Style: Ultimate Fire Ball Jutsu! An enormous ball thrusts forward through the trees causing a great explosion. In an instant a huge water wave erupts forming into a Mega Tsunami sweeping through the forest destroying everything in its path. Right before the wave hits Itachi activates his Mangekyou Sharingan and uses Susanoo to withstand the Tsunami. After the water settles Kisame is seen inside a water prison shark swim through the giant river he just created going back to the surface.

Kisame: I knew you would use Susanoo to survive. Even in the face of death you do not whither but conquer your fears and force your way through. That’s why I admire you Itachi.

Itachi: Admire this!

Itachi uses the Totsuka Blade and slams it on top of Kisame causing a giant shockwave, Kisame jumps into the air to avoid the attack but Itachi also jumps slam Susanoo’s shield into Kisame sending him crashing into the ground. Itachi once again dropping the sword of Totsuka on top of him. When the dust settles Kisame appears with his Akatsuki rope ripped apart and bleeding from his mouth and injures all over his body.

Kisame: I can’t believe I can’t-

Itachi: What? Absorb my chakra? Isn’t that what you did before when you managed to survive my Ultimate Fire Ball attack. Too bad Samehada can’t absorb my Susanoo.

Kisame: I’m going to kill you!

Itachi: Enough talk, come.

Kisame grabs Samehada and unleashes a huge amount of chakra and starts to fuse together.

Kisame: Now you will see why I am compared to bijuu themselves.

Kisame jumps into the air spinning violently and comes beaming down on Itachi’s Susanoo causing a huge shock wave cracking Itachi’s defense. Itachi uses Susanoo’s shield and knocks Kisame a few feet away but he recovers in mid-air and lands on his feet. Kisame sticks out his sharp giant shark fins and charges, slamming into him, knocking him into the river. Kisame slams his hands together forming his Giant Water Prison trapping Itachi inside. Kisame using his incredible swimming speed and starts to pound away at Susanoo destroying Itachi’s defense. He then starts to pound away at Itachi’s body making him spit up a large amount of blood. As Itachi tries desperately to hold his breath he falls unconscious almost drowning to death but Kisame brings down the Water Prison dropping Itachi to the ground.

Kisame: To think I kind of feared the power of you Sharingan. Believing you were stronger, I allowed you to be my superior but now I realize you are nothing.

Kisame flashes back to Itachi joining Akatsuki and their first mission as a team and how they’ve both saved each others lives.

Kisame: It’s time to finish this.

Kisame once again sticks out his Shark fins and charges toward Itachi in a blinding rage but out of nowhere Itachi sits up and activates Amaterasu igniting Kisame on fire causing him to scream in horror and pain as he rolls around on the ground trying to put out the flames. Itachi deactivated Amaterasu moments later as Kisame lies on the ground separating from Samehada.

Itachi: From the moment I met you I knew you were a complete fool. So long, Kisame, may you find peace in the next life. I on the other hand  will force my way through the forest of hatred and darkness and grasp the peace I’ve waited for, for so long.

Itachi disperses into the forest.

Moments later Zetsu forms from the ground!

Black Zetsu: I always knew Itachi could kick Kisame’s butt.

White Zetsu: It’s not about strength, Itachi just has a stronger resolve than Kisame. Itachi has a goal and when you have that sort of determination not even the strongest of fighters can stand in your way.

Black Zetsu: You have to admit this battle should go down in the history books, it’s too bad no one will know.

White Zetsu: Maybe they will. (Staring down at Kisame clutching Samehada)

Black Zetsu: What do you mean?

White Zetsu: Don’t you sense his chakra? We may be seeing a rematch between these two soon enough.

Black Zetsu: Excellent, let’s get him back to the hideout.

White Zetsu: Samehada truly is amazing.

Zetsu swallows Kisame whole and dissolves back into the ground.

Itachi sits in the forest panting, exhausted from his battle with Kisame tending to his injures when he senses someone.

Itachi: Come out, I know you’re there!

Jiraiya: (Stepping out from behind the trees) It’s been a long time Itachi.