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Naruto Chapter 528 – The Raikage’s Right Hand

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Decent chapter this week, it looks like we’ll be fully committed to the battle on Darui’s front for a while. Darui’s getting quite a bit of spotlight now but when his character was first introduced he didn’t seem very exceptional. The Raikage placing someone as young as him as a division general was definitely a surprise but the way he’s handling the Gin/Kin brothers this chapter makes it clear this guy is tougher and smarter than he appears.

Darui has a lot of similarities to Kakashi: he is calm and collected even in the worst of situations, has a repertoire of powerful ninjutsus and the intelligence to analyze and strategize on the spot. Even after losing two of his close friends to the brothers’ gourd, Darui was able to maintain his composure and figure out the secret behind the brothers’ unique technique – a very important characteristic for a leader. I was a little confused initially about why Darui triggered the gourd even though he didn’t say “dull.” After reading it again, I think the reason was because he spoke the consecutive consonants for “du-ll” during his little speech and that was enough to activate the gourd. I can see why it was rather difficult for the translators to convey this word-play from Japanese to English. Darui was really lucky to have avoided being sucked into the gourd when his most spoken word changed just at the last moment and turn the tables on Kinkaku. As overpowered as the brothers are, I guess they’re not too bright. Makes me wonder how they got their hands on the Sage’s treasured artifacts. What happens to those sucked into the gourd is still unknown at this point, but I kind of see it much like Madara’s ability to warp others into another dimension – meaning Samui and her brother are probably still alive and so is Ginkaku.

With Kinkaku possessing the golden ropes needed to free a person’s soul, it’s very unlikely that the same trick Darui used on Ginkaku will work on his brother. And with Ginkaku going into a Jinchuuriki’s transformation mode, their battle has now moved on to a whole new level. I kind of thought something like this would happen ever since it was mentioned the brothers possessed the taint of the Kyuubi’s chakra. Even though Ginkaku stayed in Kyuubi’s stomach for two weeks, it’s still kind of hard to believe he could manage this level of transformation. And notice that he has six tails instead of the four tails Naruto grows when he undergoes this Kyuubi transformation. It’s hard to imagine that Ginkaku has enough dark chakra inside him to sustain this level of power, which is just three tails away from a full Kyuubi transformation. It brings back memories of that crappy Sora anime filler arc, lol. I hope Kishi gives us some epic battles in the next chapter, but with Darui’s chakra severely sapped by the weapons he’s holding, he’ll need some major backup to take on Ginkaku.

Other things of note:
Cool to see Kakuzu in his fighting form again, and with all four masks intact no less. His mention of seeing Ginkaku before in his transformed state means they have encounter each other before – but were they allies or enemies in the past?


47 Responses

  1. @Bob, lemme try to explain what went on there with the “anD- I’ll”.

    He said: “オレはボスの右腕だ 類似品じゃねエ” in Japanese. The word “類似品” is pronounced ruijihin, and just before that he says ‘右腕だ’ which is “migiudeda”.

    “migiudeda ruijihin”. The end of “migiudeDA” and the start of the next word he said “RUIjihin” spells out “DARUI” which means “dull”. The translators had to make up something close to that so they used “anD” with “I’ll”, which if you pronounce lazily will sound like “Dull”.

    …Was that clear enough?

  2. ^ I was about to point that out <_<.

  3. Leave it to kisu lolz

  4. I would like to point out that he seems to have full control of his kyubi mode, most likely due to the fact that he only has kyubi chakra and not the kyubi its self. Or the kyubis will as described in training

  5. @kisu
    Yeah, that’s what I thought had happened. The last consenant of one word + the first consenant of the next word twere used to make “dull”

  6. Introduction of the brothers..one chapter…..defeat of Ginkaku one chapter, my prediction for the next chapter the defeat of Kinkaku. It all taste like filler….villians which were never mentioned in the past….hero who was barely mentioned….I would prefer characters like Kakashi and Gaara which I know and which has a story line….but at least one battlefield is on the verge to be closed

  7. @ultimate dont be too sure this battlefield is on the verge of bein over….. kakuza and other summons r still on this field and wont be easy to take out. I think that once kinkaku is destroyed/sealed before kakuza and the summons r handled its goin to transition to gaaras company. I think that all the battles will be established and than within two or three chapters of every battle being described most of the summons will be dealt with. Enter the trump cards nagato and itachi who wreck havoc on all the alliance forces and than naruto/Bee may make appearance.

  8. Yeah, I definitely agree with you to a degree on that Utlimate. Kishi could be just pushing this battle through quickly to devote more time for Kakashi or Gaara. But so far the trend seem to be just 2-3 chapters per battle before moving on. It’s also been several chapters since we last saw Kakashi’s fight, so I’m worried whether Kishi is going to show Kakashi’s battle against the remaining swordsmen at all.

  9. I hope that bob…hope that Kishi just push this battle to give the main characters the time they deserve…but if the former kage would also fallen that easily it would be just ridiculous….given the fact that they have to be sealed and not just stabbed or something else….its hard enough to injure top class ninjas like that but sealing them its a lot harder…. so given that fact….kishi makes the greatest ninjas of the past just look like a bunch of weaklings

  10. @token
    agree that Nagato and Itachi are the trumpcards
    and if you would say that an immortal Itachi is strong or even stronger than Sasuke it will be a world class stone in their shoe….because remember Sasuke was able to keep 4 kages bussy….but otherwise I have the feeling that Itachi is not going to fight that much because he will be stopped by words or conscience or something else

  11. “Enter the trump cards nagato and itachi who wreck havoc on all the alliance forces and than naruto/Bee may make appearance.”


  12. I wonder where the both and the 7 jinchurikis are, they all summoned at the same time so…..maybe sneaking around the whole army to hit the headquarter

  13. @Ultimate
    May be kabuto keep them as back up

  14. “Enter the trump cards nagato and itachi who wreck havoc on all the alliance forces and than naruto/Bee may make appearance.”

    May be nagato is collecting bodies, who knows, or that power itachi gave to naruto could be a sealing technique……

  15. hail KISU sama

  16. am i the first? wow cool lol, first me for doing the first post! well good analyisis BOB dude

  17. lol ok i was no where near first…. *hangs head in shame*

  18. @nssk
    why keep them as back up….throw them in now and the alliance would be defeated in no time…..without Raikage, Mitzukage, Naruto and Bee….and not to mention if Madara throw himself in

  19. @Ultimate.
    I like your idea of Nagato and Itachi being trump cards in the war, but I’m indifferent with your perspective on Sasuke taking on all the kages. Remember he took one on after the other. Taking them all on at the same time and that would of been death for our emo friend.

    Also, to me this chapter was poor writing. Am I the only one that thinks Darui is lucky. You can’t be that lucky to the point where you said “dull” more then “the.” Like how is that possible his most said word and most said 2nd word was that close. Naruto has me in a new manga head swivel mode.

  20. @Manii
    precisely…..first Raikage, Kazekage and Durai at the same time and than the other kage one after another….but I just wanted to express how difficult it must be to fight Itachi with full power if they already had this problems with Sasuke

  21. And it seems that the summons are not running out of chakra….Itachi with permanent Sasunoo…..untouchable….they must defeat him in another way

  22. Susanoo isnt perfect. Afterall we saw danzo bkow a whole in sasukes susanoo. Now it is posdible that sasukes is even stronger now but thats why naruto is learning the bijuu bomb. Kishi hasnt told us that but its fairly obvious. Plus id be willing to bet rasen shuriken could blow a whole in it as well. Atleast pre EMS.

  23. the question is….did sasunoo crumble because of a lack of chakra or the attack…..my guess is the first one

  24. Good chapter overall, I would expect a split chapter next time.


    I think it’s a matter of pumping chakra into the technique. Susanoo can withstand a huge amount of damage so long as the user is dumping chakra into it to maintain the armor, and probably the more experience the less chakra required to maintain it (such as how Itachi rapidly brought Susanoo to its advanced form right after getting up after Kirin).

    When Susanoo crumbled against Mei’s attack, Sasuke didn’t have enough chakra to build the armor back up again. Hard to say how EMS affects Susanoo though.


    I don’t think Kishi would announce that Kakashi was going on a rampage and then not show it at all, I think that was Kishi’s promise… if he makes those… that he will cover it, but later. I think he has a reason for showing things in the order he is showing them. Plus, Sai is going to use Root’s sealing techniques, we’ve never seen them before (unless it was the one used vs. Sasuke).

    We haven’t seen that many fights off-screen (the most notable ones were the dopplegangers that Might Guy’s team had to fight) in Naruto.

    Last, I would say that this is almost a perfect break from the Darui fight, it is not really a battle with the Sage Six Paths weapons anymore.

  25. @ Ultimate

    I think the only reason Sasuke got blown open was because his Susano’o was incomplete. Itachi had the overcoat on his which would mean there’s 3 levels to Susano’o. Meaning Sasuke fought with level 1 verses Danzo. Each level is stronger is what I’m getting at.

  26. Though that is true of susanoo the point is it can be blown open or in the case of kakashi warped away. It just takes a jutsu of unbelieavable power

  27. @bringerofkaos
    I agree Kakashis MS is probably the only jutsu which currently works, because Naruto killer bomb would get through this armor but it wouldnt seal Itachi ….Kakashis MS on the other hand would theoretically seal Itachi if we assume that the jutsu opens an other dimension….but after all I dont see a fight Kakashi vs Itachi….in the previous fights we always saw a connection between the opponents think about it
    Kankuro vs Sasuro
    Sai vs brother
    Durai vs former village member
    Kakashi vs ….
    Gaara vs probably his father
    Tsuchikage vs Tsuchikage
    due to this string there not many left which are suitable to a fight
    plus after an exhausting fight with the 7 swordsmen there no way Kakashi could face Itachi

  28. Anyone else think it’s possible Kakuzu was apart of, or saw, the battle against Tobirama? Would explain why he knows the Bijuu mode, and what triggers it…

    That being said, Tobirama’s element was Suiton… the only mask not shown was his supposed Suiton mask. Connect the ots.

    Don’t really know if it would really make a difference though, may give some good feats to Tobirama and show us some really nice Suiton showings.

  29. there is absolutely no way kakashi can take down the seven swordsmen, pakura and gari. if they all are defeated without an important shinobi from the alliance dying then thatll suck big time. ive been a big fan of the seven swordsmen ever since the beginning of the first series of naruto wen zabuza and haku made their first appearance. i hope kishi doesnt treat them like the other villains that are summoned for the sole reason of ultimately getting taken out by the alliance.

  30. @BrokenBonds, Kakuzu is from Takigakure, while the ninjas Tobirama fought were from Kumogakure. He probably knows about the transformation from other battles with them.

  31. kakuzu could have been hired by the gold & silver bros to help aid in watever crimes they were going to commit. kakuzu’s love for money makes it a good possibility in my opinion.

  32. @FastNinja, except back then he wasn’t a greedy bounty hunter. Back then he loved his village and was loyal to it…until his village’s elders locked him up for failing to kill the 1st

  33. A Kakuzu and Kin-Gin brother flashback would be quite interesting to me…

  34. @kisu

    we dont kno exactly wen kakuzu’s encounter with the gold & silver brothers took place but at the time tobirama was hokage kakuzu had already defected from takigakure for the failed attempt on hashiramas life. i think his encounter with the gold & silver bros was after he left his village becus if it was before he left, why wud he have an encounter with shinobi from the hidden cloud? and also if they met before he left taki then it wud most likely have been in combat against each other since the KinGin bros were known criminals and kakuzu at the time wud be loyal to his village and the way of the shinobi

  35. @ kisu

    and i threw tobiramas name in there becus we kno for sure the gold and silver bros were around during the time of tobiramas time as hokage giving more plause to kakuzu and the KinGin bros encountering each other after kakuzu left takigakure

  36. @chiaki

    yea a brief flashback of kakuzu and KinGin bros wud be cool but given the number of battles going on and how much work kishi has to cover with the backgrounds of all these famous shinobi from the past hes brought in, i dont think he has time for it

  37. @Fastninja, I figured that out after I clicked “Post Comment” lol. This series really needs a clear timeline. Since the next databook should come out this year (1st came out in 2002, 2nd in 2005 and 3rd in 2008, so one comes out every 3 years) hopefully Kishi makes one. Even Dragonball Z has a timeline even though Toriyama (DB’s creator) basically hates the series because he doesn’t want it to be his defining work.

  38. kishi MUST put out a new timeline and show us more about tobirama’s history and until that happens im forced to believe tobirama has something to do with or is involved in tobi’s plan. thank you and goodnight.

  39. u guys are really thinking that the summons has no effect on the user, that is really ignorant.
    kabuto only told madara what he wanted to hear. there isn’t a tech that doesn’t have its drawbacks, and the only thing that comes to mind is his hunting down ppl with the curse marks, maybe the summons feeds off the summoners chakra, so he needed the curse marks to have oro level chakra, and maybe thats y he hasn’t used the powerhouses yet. or he could just need itachi to summon susano and release oro. its never what it seems with kabuto.

  40. has anyone considered the one who gave the brothers the weapons was Madara himself? They tried to kill their own Kage, so what does that say about their allegiance and who they would probably work for? Kakuzu would know them because he’s so old and has been working with Madara for a long time.

  41. @uchiha_gaiden

    We clearly see that the brothers had the weapons when they tried to capture the Kyuubi for the Cloud. And it was also stated that the Cloud had gathered the Sage Six Paths’ weapons, so the Cloud gave the weapons to the brothers because they could use them.

    Now, it is likely that the brothers were revered for being able to use them, up until they decided to assassinate the Raikage and Hokage. It could have been Madara (if he’s been pulling strings all this time) who convinced them to (via genjutsu or Talk-no-jutsu) turn against their village.

  42. Nothing against Itachi’s abilities, but it’s my understanding that Susanoo is a doujutsu. If he doesn’t have his eyes anymore, how is he going to use it, or any other doujutsu that requires the Sharingan? Same thing goes for Nagato, he doesn’t have the Rinnegan anymore. Looks like Kishi slipped on that. Could explain why we haven’t seen tham in action.

  43. its my understanding that edo tensei works so that whatever powers/eyes the dead had before being killed would be returned upon their return; if this is the case than nagato/itachi would have their eyes as they were before they were taken out after their death.

  44. @Token: Just went back a couple of chapters to review, n your right. They still have their jutsus. my bad.

  45. Tailed transformation=RIDICULOUS. lol.

  46. @token, yeah thats the case about all origional traits and abilities!

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