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It’s Out! Naruto Chapter 528!

Check it out.


27 Responses

  1. I kinda knew they may have that ability, I was impressed with Darui but this is too much. The Kyuubi’s power should only be in Naruto and I think it cheapens it by allowing others to have. First we had to put up with Sora and now this. I really am not that impressed with the Gin Kin brothers, I just want to see Gaara’s fight with the Tsuchikage and Kakashi go on a rampage and Naruto. I even want to see Sasuke, I just wish we get back to those stories for now.

  2. Well it was kinda obvious that the KinGin bros could transform ever since the Sora Arc in the anime. Also, lol at the Raikage forgetting Shi. By the way, Kinkaku only has 6 tails in that for, but he doesn’t have the bone armor, so I’m going to assume that this is all hecan have since he isn’t the real Jinchuriki of the Kyubi.

    So anyone else feel some pity for Ginkaku? The dude got trapped because he asked his big brother for help. Maybe I feel pity for him because I only have big brothers. :/

  3. I do feel a bit of pity but lets look at the big pitcture here. they have stolen the very tools they used to capture peoples souls and they have been used against them so really its pay back for what they have done in the past!

    I guess it was very lucky for Darui that he changed his taboo word at the last 2nd. i wonder how he will be able to get those souls out of the gourd! i would suggest breaking it but that might seal them in for good wherever they have gone!

    With Kinkaku turning into kyubi mode it would be good if Naruto Sensed The kyubi Chakra disturbing the area and for him to come sort him out. once naruto defeated him! The Kyubi Chakra would somehow merge back into Kyubi and Naruto would have a power up lol! dont think that would happen though

  4. @mattmaru

    Well, maybe Kinkaku/Ginkaku will be that source of kyuubi chakra that Minato sealed in himself (I forget if it is Yin or Yang, help me out here Kisu). I don’t see how they’d get it out though…. Naruto isn’t like Kabuto.

  5. For the record I’m not saying they will get the exact chakra Minato sealed… they just have a small amount of the same TYPE of chakra in them (and probably the other… i.e. they have both Yin & Yang).

  6. I think it was assumed they could transform but i disagree that it takes away from naruto. Kishi was hinting at this back when he said they had a kyubi taint. It also seems he has far more control in this state because he doesnt actually have the kyubi. Just the chakra.

    Also. Not for nothing but i would think the most used words would be something like “THE” or “WAS” not so much dull, or any of the others. If i wasnt so lazy id go back to the introduction of these 3 charaters and make a list of what they say to see if it works out true.

    Also i dont count sora. He was nothing more then an anime filler.

    Off topic. Anyone know a site that has all the manga? I can only seem to find the last couple chapters on manga stream / mangareader

  7. Kaos – Try http://www.citymanga.com/naruto/

    is a bit late on its releases .. but as of now has everything up till 526

    For downloads try http://www.narutochuushin.com/main.php?category=multimedia&page=manga …. but they kinda stopped at 492 and i am myself trying to find an alternate source

    BTW i agree Sora was just an anime filler – which rules out the naruto sensing the chakra disturbance and all – everything was anime filler crap ….
    abt the six tails .. anyone remember how many tails bee had when he did the type 2 transformation ….

  8. i use http://www.mangafox.com/ for reviewing old chapters
    and for a moment my heart stood still, i thought darui was a goner (he was in a critical situation and he had a flash back) which would be a shame as i’m very interested to see more of him

  9. Even though Kinkaku has 6 tails he seems to be able to control it to a certain degree and not let his primal instinct take over as he is shown talking! that might be that the kyubi power inside him is less powerful or that he has a higher degree of control in that form!

  10. @mattmaru
    I belueve thats due to the fact that it is just the kyubi chakra and not of the kyubi itself. Ir as it was reffered to during narutos training the kyubis will

  11. aah very true! I would suspect then that the chakra itself isnt as powerful without the will attached but obviously it has its drawbacks with the Will attached as we’ve seen in the previous chapters!

  12. Also i would think that the Gin Kin brothers would only have a limited amount of Chakra before they completely used it and it wouldnt come back! would anyone agree with me there? no kyubi inside means it doesnt get replenished!

  13. I agree. I feel like the fact he transformed is somewhat cheap, even though it was someone expected.

    I wonder if Killerbee or Naruto will have to interject in this battle? I just wish it get back the stories of people who are relevant to me. >_<

  14. @chiaki

    I agree. As much as the next 10 or 15 chapters – minimum are going to be very action oriented i wanna know whats goin on with the characters we know. We haven’t seen a single panel with naruto and kb in weeks. Atleast give us a teaser to what naruto is doing.

    And i cant believe im saying this but i wanna see sasukes EMS. That think should be sick looking.

  15. Been a while since I been on. But before I read Kisu comment I was think the same thing about the Gin/Kin Bros and Sora. It is just like how the Sharingan was exclusive to Kakashi for a minute then Sasuke. Now we got more Sharingan user out the ass as well as the M.Sharingan was Itachi’s but no need to go there now. Now with Naruto it was exclusive in that he was the only Nine tail user then Sora goes and uses the 4 tail transformation and with K.Bee using the move but as the Eight tails it had to come soon that someone else would use it. Especially with Naruto most like not using those transformation for a long time if not at all. But as you all say this was a cheap way to turn that battle back in favor of Madaras’s army.

  16. One last thing. Darui from what I know never seen Naruto as a transformed but most likely K.Bee. So that statement on page 17 (Mangastream) is false to me.Kishi would have more believable statement if he said Kin look like K.Bee Eight Tail Transformations.

  17. @Ripcord, Minato sealed the Yin.

    Sora should be forgotten, but for anyone that watched the filler it shouldn’t come as a surprise than Kinkaku and Ginkaku can turn into the Kyubi. It’s probably just Kishi taking that idea from the anime staff so as not to cause any confusion. Just like he did with Ringo Ameyuri using Raiga’s Lightning Fangs.

    Btw, I dont get narutards. For years they’ve been begging for the side characters to get some action, but when they finally do they wanna see Naruto and Sasuke? Truth be told, right now I couldnt care less if the two of them never show up again. What’s happening now is far more entertaining because when Naruto and Sasuke fight you know neither of them will die, but that isn’t true for the side characters, which makes things more interesting in my opinion

  18. @ The Evil Ryu, maybe at young age Darui has sore the Kyubi when they tried to capture it! but yes hes probably seen the Hachibi allot more so it would of been better the say that! i wonder if kinkaku and achieve more tails!

  19. Darui could’ve seen the Kyubi’s transformations when the Alliance shared the information all 5 villages had. And if he didn’t see the transformations he could’ve just been going on a description. So its easily explainable why he made the connection to the Kyubi instead of the Hachibi.

  20. @kisu

    Its not that i dont want too see the side charaters its that i want balance. We have gone 528 chapters with very little development of second tier characters. Now all of a sudden its all we are seeing. During the arc where pain destroyed konoha that was an awesome opurtunity to showcase some of the side characters abilities. What did we actually see? Konohamaru was the most impresive. Choji was a toilet. Tsunade did nothing.

    I just want better balance amongst showcasing the main vs side characters. And better development of the side characters.

  21. @bringer, well its clearly not within Kishi’s writing ability so let him focus on what he’s good at 🙂

  22. Well so far that is true.

  23. Well I see where Kisu and Matt are coming from and saying. With the knowledge Darui knows about the bros and them having the nine tails chakra that he would put two and two together but the way his statement was said was as if he seen the Nine tails himself before (He’s EXACTLY like the Nine Tails Jinchuuriki) We all seen Naruto except one time during his training with Jiariya in all his forms and never had a picture been taken and I don’t think description would warrant the way the statement was said but the translation could have been messed up. Also from the past assumptions Kushina nor Mito never used that as no one not even Kakashi seems to remember these form, and Darui was not even born during the last time Kyubi was free roaming the land when the GinKin bros fought the beast. The only thing that could remotely make that statement true in terms of Darui seeing the beast forms is a telepatic connection done by ninjas like Ino and her family.

  24. @Ryu, hmm, I see your point. Meh, maybe when another translation comes out it’ll say “This is like what they described about the Kyubi!”

  25. Does the fact that kinkaku transformed open the flood gates for all of the jinchuuriki current and former to go beast mode too?
    The former jinchuuriki summons are probably waiting in the wings. because they’re still very powerful.

    All the jinchuiriki using beast mode simultaneously would be epic!

    I know that all the former jinchuuriki probably died because they couldn’t handle the initial shock of being without their respective bijuu, however, hopefully none of them were cast under Edo Tensei after they had lost their tailed beast abiities.

  26. @ naruto tutor
    That would be HUGE, but at the same time I do not think a way in which the alliance could win hehe.

    The jinchÅ«riki are still very strong shinobies and since Gaara kept his sand after the extraction, I guess that Roshi will be able to use his lava, and utakata his bubbles…..

    PD I am happy of NOT seeing training or sasuke just recovering…….

  27. @naruto.

    From what i understand edo does the res they way they were prior to death. So there is def an argument for no longer havibg the beasts since they were sucked out then death. But its such a fine line that who knows

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