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One Piece Chapter 615-Setting off

Well this weeks chapter was a little late, but eventually it is here, and its a decent chapter full of information on the plot of the story so far.  There is not a lot of action going on but we get to know the ability of Dekken. Two hours before the start of the chapter Hachi tries to convince the New Fishman pirates to stop their plot of taking over the Ryuuguu palace. The New Fishman pirates have high respect for Arlong’s ambition. It seems that while Arlong and his crew were running wild as pirates the New Fishman were still kids. After hearing Hachi proposal to stop the plan of take over Ryuuguu palace, Hodi becomes disappointed and calls Hachi a coward. Now according to Hachi both Dekken and Hyouzou were both given the opportunity to join Arlong’s pirate crew but both refused. Hyouzou declined Arlong’s proposal to join him because he is only into money, as he is now only hired by the New Fishman pirates. This Hyouzou character comes of as one lazy, but seriously strong swordsman as he claims that Hachi and him always spared together and Hachi can never match his swordsmanship. I think that he is the potential person to fight with Zoro.

Now Dekken wanted to show his power and he chooses Hachi as a test subject. From this chapter we get to know the basic ability of Dekken’s Mato-Mato curse. Now this so called Mato-Mato curse fits the description of a devil fruit as he has an ability and lack the ability to swim, but we still can not confirm that Dekken’s ability is due to him eating a devil fruit. I can just assume that he did but he keeps calling it a curse, which in away is the concept of a devil fruit, that you get an ability but can never be able to swim. The Mato-Mato curse gives Dekken the ability that who ever he touches becomes his target. After he touches Hachi he sends a knife flying but that knife comes back to Hachi stabbing him in the same area Dekken touched him. Dekken can only have as many targets as many palms he has, which is two, but in reality it is just one as he has never washed his right hand because he touched the Princess with it. This guy is one sick freak who has a addictive fetish towards the Princess, I just can not wait until Luffy or one of the Straw Hats gives him a beating of his life. The Mato-Mato curse has one major flaw that is if the object is blocked or sent off course by another object the object thrown by Dekken will not reach the target. When Luffy blocked the axe when first meeting the Princess is an example of how to avoid Dekkens Mato-Mato curse.

Jinbe who snapped Luffy out of his depressing point due to the tragic event that happened to Ace, shows up in this chapter. Before I get into that Luffy and the Princess are on their way towards the Sea forest. The reason the Princess wanted to go to the Sea Forest is because there is a certain grave she wants to visit. Now this is where Jinbe is introduced in this chapter. Jinbe seems to be at that grave and was talking about how time goes by too quick. The grave the Princess wants to see is her mothers grave Queen Otohime. Ten years before the time we are in right now in One Piece, there was an incident that occurred and an assassination was made in day light and Queen Otohime was part of it according to Jinbe.

Now I don’t know about you guys but I have the gut feeling that Jinbe is a high candidate for being the ninth member of the Straw Hat crew excluding Luffy. For one he has being a good friend of Luffy, is a Fishman, has a high knowledge of the see and is on badazz guy. He could be the ninth member because the Straw Hats crew need someone like him to be able to survive in the New World. But there is also the possibility that he will not be a candidate for the straw hat crew. For reason is that he is a ex-Shichibukai and plus Fishman Island is his home, so this is just something that I would like to see as it would be cool to have a Fishman in the straw hat crew one can only dream right. Vote for Jinbe to be the next crew mate of Luffy.

Side Note: Sanji beat up all the guards because he didn’t wanted to be handcuffed, the Neptune King thinks the Princess is kidnapped,  the human pirates are in the Ryuuguu Palace trying to open the gates for the The New Fishman pirates to attack.

We get a treat this week too. Color pictures for the second week


14 Responses

  1. its a devil fruit for sure he calls it a curse because he is a fishman that can’t swim thats got to suck

  2. Now this might sound completely out there, and even a dumb idea, but what if Jimbei doesn’t want Luffy to fight Hodi because they are related? This idea popped into my head and I quickly thought it was dumb but it became a thought that I could see the manga pulling. Probably dumb though.

    I would have to say though that the Straw Hats are probably lucky that Arlong didn’t pay for this other swordsmen because if he had they would’ve been in trouble.

  3. eh..?? luffy seems to be popular at dadan’s place.
    and now sanji n ‘zori’ finally have agreement on one thing “what’s done is done” lol
    poor hachi, and megallo expression was helpless.
    after all, very informative chap.

  4. @FireFist Hodi and Jinbe related, could be since they’re both sharks haha but I think it is for a more maybe personal or it has to do with Hodi being the new generation. If you think about Jinbe was mad at Luffy for crushing Arlongs ambition, but this topic is very mysterious and will be answered in the next few chapters.

    But have you guys noticed that this arc is the same time line in the beginning of One Piece, Like from Arlong arc then they went to the grand line(got chopper than left for the grand line). Now its Fishman arc than they go to the New World

  5. i vote jinbei for next nakama. (although yes, he is too powerfull imo)

  6. @jdogg, I don’t think Jimbei was upset at Luffy for crushing Arlong, in fact I believe Jimbei had a thought bubble at one point in the story where he thinks about how he owes Luffy for cleaning it up. I don’t think Jimbei liked what Arlong was doing, and I think he has some kind of relationship with Hodi. Be it that Hodi looked up to Jimbei when he was young and then went down a darker or another way.

  7. @ Fire Fist I tried to search on my claim that he was mad at Luffy for Arlongs, but I did find that he felt responsible for Arlongs behavior. Once I find the chapter he says this I’ll let you know. But I am with you on the relationship of mentor to Hodi. That Jinbe feels that Hodi will just end up like Arlong which he already is on that road.

    Sorry for some of the grammars I made in this post but I just corrected them.

  8. @jdogg I began speculating that Jimbei may be the 9th(10th w/ Luffy) new member added to the Straw Hat Pirates since that tiny travel time between the Impel Down escape and the Marine Headquarters War so i hope your right. It just seems like things are playing out perfect for that to happen especially wit Blackbeard getting so many level 6 pirates from Impel Down, Luffy has to gain atleast one lol.

    I expect the next few chapters to get a little racial with so many different species interacting underwater. That could possibly be why Jimbei urges Luffy not to fight Hodi, in fear that it could vastly perpetuate the hatred between Humans and Fishmen n Mermaid/men.

  9. I FREAKING CALLED IT! This chapter proved what I thought. There is no way Hodi is much stronger than Arlong. Sorry Hodi, you showed up in this manga a little too late. So Van Der Dekken hides his hand for a reason other than the standard one for DF-users. Yep, he’s definitely one of those creepy stalker types ~_~

    Sucks to be Hachi though.

  10. So its gonna be Hyouzou against Zoro. I think Sanji will fight Dekken for the princess. And maybe Jinbei against Hodi, if Jinbei loses because of the steroids that Hodi takes then maybe Luffy vs Hodi.
    After seeing Dekken’s powers I wasnt impressed but maybe he can do something more than just throwing stuff to his target but I think Sanji can take him down.

  11. @nincj, I afree with the Zoro vs Hyouzou matchup, but I was think Ussop vs Decken due to the nature of his ability. I could also see Jimbei stepping in to stop his pupil Hodi and start putting a hurting on Hodi until Hodi uses the steroids and takes down Jimbei, only to be beaten by Luffy.

  12. @ firefist & nincj don’t forget the fishmen that were introduced with Hodi and it’s one piece. we will, never know who will fight who until it happens. i think none of us expected luffy to take down blueno at enies lobby either.

    also don’t forget about carribou he might be a possible recruit for the strawhat crew too it;s just a feeling i had since the start of this arc. and who knows maybe no one will join yet. i got a feeling that the one to join them next has not been introduced before the timeskip.

  13. Usually when the strawhats have to fight, Luffy fights the strongest opponent, Zoro fights the second and Sanji the third

  14. @white shinobi, there is no way Caribou will join the crew, he is a sociopath. His original goal was to kill Luffy and the crew in order to gain their bounties and gain infamy for doing so. He attacked the mermaids with the intention of selling them at the auction house, something the crew won’t like at all. His personality is just completely different from what the Straw Hat norm is as well, he’s not a funny or happy character at all, just a crazy one. He’s a villain through and through. Didn’t mean to take such a shot at your idea, it’s just that I could see Jimbei joining before Caribou, and even then that’s a long shot.

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