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Ch 527 is out!!! KinGin bros Fox Chakra explained.

Here’s the latest Naruto Chapter.

Pretty decent chapter. Makes me question what my ‘Secret Word’ would be. What would yours be? lol.


26 Responses

  1. I don’t want to say to much about this chapter until everyone has read it yet, and Bob does his summary. But man it’ll be awesome if Naruto could use one of those weapons, or at least the fifth one that wasn’t mentioned.

  2. My secret word is probably “cool.”

  3. Sigh this just confirms for me that the second hokage is the weakest of the hokages. At first glance the weapons seems like a long way of sealing someones soul but in the end its surprisingly effective. If naruto was caught by the rope bunshin would probably be his most used word lol that or hokage.

  4. Where are the gold and silverbrothers getting the chakra to use their weapons? They have already ised each of them several times already. I know that they’re summons and are technically dead but the energy has to come from some olace

  5. @narutotutor
    they get the chakra from the tinge of the 9 tails chakra that runs through them.

  6. @Token: If Naruto’s ‘code word’ is Rasengan, he’s screwed. lol.

  7. @Zep, no fair I got out the “It’s out” post first 😦

  8. @token

    how does it make it seem that the 2nd was the weakest he knew Edo tensei and a good space time jutsu its just means these guy’s are strong

    also the pot the 5th weapon was seen in a flash back being used by the 3rd raikage to seal the hachibi

  9. @Bringer of Chaos

    they have a good deal of Kyuubi Chakra so thats why it does not effect them

  10. @clinton sure he invented edo tensei and everything, however he never used it to this degree like kabuto and even oro did (from what we know). Also can u honestly see the third or the fourth or even the first nearly dyin to these two? I mean darui is doing ok by himself and im sure hes gonna do a good job either defeating them himself or gettin help after hes held his own. These two r tricky but they seem to rely completely on their funky sage weapons and when a ninja relys too much on one technique or wep usually ends up being their downfall

  11. anyone feel like jiraya is gonna make a comeback ….
    1. No Edo Tensei
    2. No Body/Funeral
    3. He bet against Tsunade

  12. @devilsrage
    no i dont believe that and as much as jiraya is my favorite character i dont want to see it. i think kishi ended his life in such a way that it would cheapen his character a bit to bring him back, as strong as he would be. also kabuto stated he wasnt able to get any of his DNA as he is at the bottom of the ocean, though i always wonderd if his arm made it down there as well.

  13. does anyone else think that storm element kicks ass? i do 😀

  14. Darui is doing good, but damn where’s the back up when you need it. The 2 brothers are very impressive, but one thing needs to be brought up. If one of the brothers regenerated his arm, how is it that Haku n Suigestu’s brother couldn’t? Idk if this subject has been discussed already, but Kishi needs to explain that, it’s to many mysteries in Naruto as it is. I forget what pg it was, but it looked like one of the brothers sliced through one of the Zetsu’s. Can’t wait for the next chapter

  15. @Rinnegan Invasion

    Yeah Darui is holding his own against 2 opponents like that. I was thinking that the whole time he should have a lil bit more back up then that being a general and all…

  16. I just want to see naurto and sasuke

  17. @rinnegan invasion

    Haku was bound by the Kage Mane.

  18. This chapter just made the kyubii look weak. You mean to tell me a fully powered nine tails couldn’t digest two kids and he had to throw them up. That’s pretty lame. On another note the cloud nins pwned the second hokage

  19. @lost shinobi I know right?! The kyuubi swallows dense chakra but can’t swallow two humans lol

  20. Maybe they went down the wrong pipe

  21. The 5th sage weapon is the fan mardara carries with him

  22. i dont kno about that one

  23. lemme post my comment here instead so it gets noticed, I was replying to ripcord:

    @ripcord, once again, that story is called “Journey to the West”. I implore everyone at Shannaro to read that story because mangakas use elements from that story to death. Even Dragonball Z was based on that story until Raditz showed up.

    To what you’re referring, someone posted this on a site I frequent:

    “The five treasures in “Journey to the West” were the Amber Purifying Pot, the Seven Star Sword, the Banana Palm Fan, the Golden Canopy Rope and the Crimson Gourd, the only one Kin and Gin don’t have is the pot which I think might be where the Third Raikage sealed the Eight Tails many years ago.

    And I posted this 2 weeks ago:

    “Fun fact: Kinkaku and Ginkaku in “Journey To The West” have a magical gourd that can suck everyone in and turn them into alcohol. This chapter’s Kin-Gin bros’ shoulders are Kin(gold) and Gin(silver), while Bee’s tattoo read’s Tetsu(iron), so looks like Kishi is really going for a full shout out here. “

  24. My apologize to Kisu. He DID post this first. I’m sorry.

  25. @ripcord so he was bound to the Kage (who?), like Sai’s brother was bound to see the book his brother made for him, and Haku didn’t regenerate because he was bound to protect Zabuza? Man I don’t get it, fill me in if you can

  26. @Produgy25 I know right, every other general has had a well prepared back up squad except Darui, hopefully Killer Bee shows up soon or somethin. To bad Samui got took out early, I wanted to see what she could do

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