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Naruto Chapter 527 Is OUT! One Piece Chapter 614 Is Out!




12 Responses

  1. It wasn’t THAT great of a chapter. It was okay. It seems that Mito lost the Fox at some point, or was this before Hashirama’s fight with Madara at the Valley of the End?

  2. @kisu

    I find it hard to believe that Hashirama would have to recollect the fox…. it would make more sense to me that he got it after his fight vs. Madara and Konoha kept it.

    The 2nd Hokage and the 1st are close in age, so Tobirama’s death couldn’t have been too long after.

    So, this means the 2 brothers were in “the belly of the beast” before then.

  3. It was a decent chapter. We keep seeing all these incredible weapons of the shinobi world yet it doesnt look like the leaf has any. How does that happen? If ever there was a pair of edo summons they should take out its those 2

  4. And what do we think the last weapon of the sage is that those 2 dont have

  5. I read somewhere that there is an asian story with 5 mystical weapons, the only missing one is a flask.

  6. @kaos Maybe the five treasures are related to the five elements. The only connection I can think if is that the banana fan represents the wind element and maybe the gourd represents the earth element.

  7. Ive been thinking. How did kabuto get the DNA of some of these people for his edo summons. He said he went graverobbing for some of them. I have to believe however that some of these people have been dead and turned to dirt long ago.

    On top of that everything we know about the shinobi of the villages is that even in death a persons body still holds secrets to their jutsu. I find it hard to believe that the villages wouldnt notice kabuto graverobbing. That just doesnt make sense.

    Back to nursing my hangover.

  8. @ kaos Did kabuto get some help from orochimaru?

  9. @ kaos I think sum of the dna was already collected by orochimaru along time ago. That man had sum heavy secrets.

  10. This is true but in some cases it still doesnt add up. Nejis father for instance. The leaf wants no one getting the byakugan yet kabuto got that DNA. And any other corpses from the leaf for that matter are all in the graveyard inside the village. Stands to reason that someone would have noticed kabuto.

    And that brings me to the next point, why is none of the uchiha resurected aside from itachi. I would think an army of sharingan users would be very formidable.

  11. @ripcord, once again, that story is called “Journey to the West”. I implore everyone at Shannaro to read that story because mangakas use elements from that story to death. Even Dragonball Z was based on that story until Raditz showed up.

    To what you’re referring, someone posted this on a site I frequent:

    “The five treasures in “Journey to the West” were the Amber Purifying Pot, the Seven Star Sword, the Banana Palm Fan, the Golden Canopy Rope and the Crimson Gourd, the only one Kin and Gin don’t have is the pot which I think might be where the Third Raikage sealed the Eight Tails many years ago.

    And I posted this 2 weeks ago:

    “Fun fact: Kinkaku and Ginkaku in “Journey To The West” have a magical gourd that can suck everyone in and turn them into alcohol. This chapter’s Kin-Gin bros’ shoulders are Kin(gold) and Gin(silver), while Bee’s tattoo read’s Tetsu(iron), so looks like Kishi is really going for a full shout out here. “

  12. Holy crap! You did do it first! I’m sorry. I just saw One Piece. Didn’t notice the Naruto. Sorry again.

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