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One Piece chapter 614-A Huge Mess

Man oh man, our beloved crew got themselves in a huge mess now. First they defeat all of the Ryuuguu palace’s guards and tie up every one as their hostage. So like I said that’s how this chapter starts. Zoro goes to far and actually defeats everyone by himself (I am just assuming he did). But Usopp assures us that the rest of the crew just wanted to intimidate the fishman and leave after that not go as far as to actually hold them hostage. Zoro is just too much this chapter, telling every one that “what is done is done” and to go with the flow. While  Nami intimadating the fishman on where the treasure is, and Usopp yelling at everyone. After all the arguing in the palace, the three Ryuuguu Princes come back to the palace, but their way is blocked by the connecting corridor, the main gate and the royal gate.

The person who answers is non other than Zoro. Zoro demands that he will not open the gates, and will not harm the hostages only if his demands are meant. His demands are that the sunny gets a new coating, also that the Princes would go find the remaining crew: one dark girl(Robin), a robot unit(Franky), one raccoon(Chopper), and one perverted Imp(Sanji). Zoro was hilarious this chapter, his description of the crew is just plain hilarious, also Nami asks for one billion beli too. This makes every one around Fishman Island to believe that the straw hats are truly be the down fall of Fisham island.

Prince Fukaboshi finally reveals  what Jinbe’s message was to Luffy: “One: don’t fight Hodi Jones, Two: I am waiting in the sea forest.” So Jinbe does not want Luffy to fight Hodi? It seems that I can assume that Hodi maybe more significant to Fishman Island than we thought. The only reason I think that Jinbe does not want Luffy to fight Hodi is it may cause trouble with the Fishman and mermaids in Fishman Island or that which is highly unlikely that Hodi might be too much for Luffy. Hodi is much stronger than Luffy only if they fight in the sea. But if it was land it be a different story. So I will leave this discussion to you guys. I can not think of any reason why Jinbe restricts Luffy to not fighting Hodi.

KUNG FU POINT!!!!! Chopper finally reveals a new transformation and its one badazz one Kung Fu Point, he looked kind of weird, but kung fu chopper is epic. I am getting so impatient with all these power teases from Oda. I want to see all of the Straw hats powers it killing me. But Chopper deserved the spot light of the day. Also if you guys have not noticed but Usopp and Chopper who are known for running away from any type of fights have showing in the most recent chapters that they can hold their ground all by themselves. Back to the chapter Chopper was fighting the guards because he like the doctor he is was protecting his patient. But Sanji has other plans which is to see the Ryuuguu Princess that could kill him and I think Sanji is going to his death bed. If Sanji actually sees the Princess he will have an instant death. But Sanji is prepared to die, seriously this guys really loves woman to the max, Sanji is like Romeo but never gets a girl.

Luffy actually convinces the Princess to go to the place she wishes to go to and it is the Sea Forest. What the odds that the Princess dream place to go to is where Jinbe is waiting for Luffy, I see a plot here. But while Luffy and the Princess are having a conversation they heat a loud bang on the wall, and it seems like Dekken is throwing stuff at them again. Luffy tells the Princess that he senses someone more troublesome coming towards the Palace and its best to leave to the Sea Forest.

The Neptune King demands that the straw hats go and protect his daughter and the person who goes is Brook who wants to see a Royal Panties haha. But the Right minister tells Brook to take him too. When they arrive at the door of the Princess’s bedroom they witness something unthinkable. Dekken was not throwing knives or axes but actually human Pirates and right when they start getting back up. Luffy, the Princess and Megalo the shark break their way through the door. The Princess seem to be consumed by Megalo the shark and Luffy who is in a coating bubble. This was Luffy ingenious plan to have the shark eat the Princess so she will not be harmed by Dekken’s attacks, Luffy has one weird mind but that is why he is the most likable character. I just wander how he convinced the Princess to go through with this.(The getting eating by a shark thing).

Side Notes: Nami seems to also have upgraded her weapon. Sanji might die from the View of a huge mermaid Princess, Kung Fu Point, Zoro is one Hilarious SOB. We can assume that next Chapter will be the rest of the Crew making their way towards The Sea Forest.

Enjoy the art skills of Oda.


11 Responses

  1. Why doesn’t Jinbei want Luffy to fight Hodi? I don’t think its related to Hodi being dangerous or too powerful, but its related to Jinbei’s relationship with him. Maybe he has a reason for doing what he’s doing.

    It was an okay chapter though.

  2. @kisuzachi yeah it was a fun chapter but on the message of Jinbe and your assumption that hodi is related to Jinbe. Could be a possiblity but I still think it is something else. Also is it Jinbei or Jinbe? I was reading the chapter and it had both spelling.

  3. @jdogg, the spelling for Jimbei’s name is kind of up in the air and has been for a while. I’ve seen it Jimbei (which is what they say in the anime so I call him that), Jinbei, Jinbe, and other ways.

    As far as Luffy nto fighting Hodi, I’m not too sure. Jimbei obviously foresaw that Hodi would want to meet Luffy and that Luffy would most likely either be attacked by Jones or get pissed off by him and want to fight. Now is Jimbei underestimating Luffy or is Hodi Jones a much more prevalent player on fishman island? If it’s the latter I could see him playing the role of balance of power for fishmen to keep them from being subjugated by the merfolk. Just a thought.

  4. @Jdogg, I don’t think they’re relatives, I just think they have a connection. Like Arlong has a connection with most fishmen. Maybe Hodi was an old buddy or something.

  5. wow the pet shark swallowed the mermaid princess.. i thot the shark was smaller than the princess.. hhahaah

    but gotta admit luffy’s quite a genius in these matters. he thinks out of the box.

  6. What I should of said that Jinbe is some what related to Hodi not in the sense of Blood relative of family wise but like you said an old buddy thing…but now I think about Hodi in away is some what protecting the island from all Pirates and if Luffy and Hodi get into it, it might disturb the power balance in Fishman Island…some thing like that but any ways I’ll just wait until it is fully explained on that message of Jinbe…

    @shykss I know right I never thought about it, But Luffy just pulls these ideas out of his rubber head…haha

  7. I think its because Hodi keeps alot of Pirates from runing crazy in Fishman island

  8. What the– why’s that color page so awesome!? They make Naruto’s color pages look like crap by comparison. It’s like comparing photoshop to crayons 😛

  9. Hodi can’t actually be stronger than Luffy, maybe stronger than old Luffy but not the current one. I think it has to do with social order and keepingthings in check. Without Hodi watching the fishmen the order on the island would collapse and the island would go crazy, maybe even be destroyed. Luffy would cause the destruction of the island.

  10. this might be what that fortunetelling lady said before, luffy beating the crap out of hodi and pirates going wild on the island

  11. @white shinobi, I agree with you. I can’t see Luffy purposefully destroying Jimbei’s home island and the home of the other friends they ave (Camie, pappug) so I htink this will be how it is destroyed if that happens.

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