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Naruto Chapter 526 – Sometimes Less is More

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hey folks, new chapter this week. Alas, I didn’t find that much to get excited about in this chapter so I might make up for the otherwise shorter-than-usual post with some gripes — read on at own discretion 🙂 As much as I’m enjoying the whole Great Ninja War arc, I think Kishi might have spread himself too thin in recent chapters by covering too many battles at the same time. This chapter especially introduces a whole new slew of mini-battles going on that it make my head hurt. It’s true that war is chaos, but trying to cover so many battlefields at once pulls the readers’ attention in a lot of direction and dilutes the tension.

This chapter introduces us to yet another two battlefields as Mei’s role in this war is introduced and Kankuro is again faced with danger. We revisit Kankuro and his ambush squad as they encounter the backup undead summons sent by Kabuto. Exhausted from their previous scuffle with Deidara and Sasori, Kabuto’s squad has no choice but try to escape when faced with the likes of Salamander Hanzo, Chiyo and Kimimaro… oh, and that sensor guy. That’s one team of undead shinobi I wouldn’t want to mess with. Kankuro better be getting some backup pronto or his team will be annihilated.

The other battlefield is focussed on Mei and her troupe of elite shinobi given the task of guarding the daimyos of the allied countries. To be honest, I completely forgot about Mei in the last couple of chapters. I just presumed she was back at headquarters helping the other kages plan. I’m not sure what to make of their decision to send her on a mission to protect a bunch of daimyos. They could have sent Mei because they wanted to make sure their leaders are 100% secure, but then again isn’t it a bit of a waste to send a kage to oversee guard duty? As well, doesn’t Mei’s presence make hiding the daimyos harder as her unique chakra could be easily picked up by a sensor type ninja? The only way I see them justifying this decision was if they predicted a high probably of Akatsuki making a move to take the daimyos as hostages. This action by Madara is a little confusing to me as it doesn’t directly help him achieve his objective in this war. For him to only send black Zetsu suggests Madara isn’t counting on the mission very much to change the outcome of the war. That’s not surprising since Madara’s main objective isn’t politically motivated at all – he just needs to capture the final two Bijuu and use their power to carry out the Moon’s Eye plan. So is there something else Madara plans to achieve by capturing the daimyos? Or was this all an excuse to have Mei fight Zetsu? To be honest, I would have preferred her take on the Seven Swordsmen.

I dunno what else to discuss here, really. I chuckled a bit when I saw that Darui’s ability was called Black Panther. Maybe Kishi’s just paying homage to the Marvel superhero; heck maybe the whole Darui character was ripped off of DC, lol. The Hyuuga brothers’ reunion barely had a pulse, yawn. And after bringing back Asuma and Dan from the dead, all they are going to do is fight Chouza? Argh! And what is Kakuzu doing? Why hasn’t he kicked everyone’s ass already.

Next week: Darui vs Kin/Gin brothers = I don’t really care.


44 Responses

  1. yeah, it all seems a bit dull. I can’t even keep track anymore of all the battles and training going on. What about kakashi and swordsmen? Or naruto’s training? I wouldn’t have sent anyone to guard the daymios, heck i hope they all get butchered anyway. Bunch of pansies politicians.

  2. starting to miss about naruto’s progress.

  3. @Bob: What? Are you insane? This was an epic chapter. Firstly, the multiple battles being portrayed was done for the simple reason of showing that war is not organised and that everything is happening in real time. Additionally, for me it raised the question of the importance of the daimyos and the power of Zetsu. The fact that Mei was sent means that the daimyos are meaningful enough to actually be bargaining chips. It is like the Naruverse considers them ‘Gods’, just as how in feudal Japan there was an imperial emperor who was considered Godlike, but the Daimyos were the land owners and pretty much did as they pleased. So the Kages have taken on the role of Daimyos in real like.
    I’ll agree to the fact that there wasn’t a lot of progression and that this war is really going to test Kishi as a writer, but i’m enjoying it-and I guess that’s all that matters lol!

  4. mei doesnt have a unique chakra her kekkai genkai is just a combination of elements and unless you count anime fillers i havent seen anyone sense elements

  5. I woudlnt class the feudal lords as gods! i would say that there politicians and that without them chaos would come! if you take someone out of power then it quickly descends in anarchy and that they are good barganing chips

  6. I think kishi is doing it this way because this war will be relativly short. With more or kess all of the shinobi in the known world mobilized how long could it possibly last? Once white zetsu’s weeknesses are identified the shinobi forces will be told and the zetsu army will be in rough shape.

    That leaves the edo summons and vs a whole army they may manage to do some damage but with that many shinobi they should manage to bind them rather quickly.

    I see kabuto getting taken out by sasuke. Bee getting captured. Tobi using edo to summon the real madara or SoSP or for that matter the entire uchiha clan. Given all the eyes he has its possible.

  7. I agree with idea that daimyos are more important than most of u realize and I think sending Mei as one of the guard is appropriate, because kages are just shinobi leaders and something like generals in wars or we can say ministers for Defence. So, they decide everything, when security of village is threaten, but daimyos are holding true power they have land, they vote kages and they handle standard situations without them it would bring chaos as someone else wrote.

    Someone also mentioned that Kishi is trying to make this war short and get to the main reason why is there war, so more Tobi, Sasuke and Naruto as far as we can see it’s looking possible or even probable, if we consider how fast Kankuro’s ambush squad handled Sasori’s group or how easily Kakashi finished Zabuza, other evidence is that Kishi is not giving us real deep in those psychological battles, which is a pitty as Sai fought against his brother or now Hyugas are fighting. So, this seems to be more 40 maybe 50 chapters arc as 100 or more as we assumed before, which is bad, but it seems like Kishi wants go straight to the point.

    But, I hope Kishi will surprise us with longer war and other fights for which we were waiting or hoping will last appropriatelly.

  8. I agree that all these battles does lower the tension a bit. Especially because the Edo Tensei summons have so far not been that much of a threat. I understand that there is a lot of fighting going on across the battlefield, but it would have been better if Kishi had shown us an epic fight chapter with Kakashi going on a rampage and maybe a page or 2 about the rest of the war…. and then he could have gone on to show us some other stuff.

    I think that maybe Kishi is trying hard to show what is going on at the same time, but at the start of the war I kindof accepted that anything shown in different places would be happening more-or-less at the same time.

    I don’t think that Dan and Asuma are going to be stopped here by Choza. Not to say Choza is going to die, but they were brought back for a reason so I expect Dan to survive until Tsunade gets involved somehow and I expect Asuma to survive long enough for Gaara’s split-off group to be led by Shikamaru (who is the likely candidate to lead that group as Gaara fends off the Kages with the Tsuchikage).


    I agree, it would have been awesome to have the number of emotional battles reduced and to have devoted at least a chapter to each one. Yes, that would have made the war very long, but it would have given the story a ton of depth.

    I would say the major thing that upsets me about this arc:

    Up until this arc in Naruto Kishimoto would introduce a new concept and he would explain it in full before its use, example:

    OK OK we Narutards are seasoned enough that we don’t need quite the detailed explanation every time, but Kishi has gone quite overboard here. I would say that the new techinques here are extremely large in number and as cool as some of them are, I just wish I felt they had some basis in the Naruto universe; like this “Storm” element for example.

  9. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think that this war is going to be as short as some of you seem to believe. I think this is only just the beginning. Even though there has been potentially epic match ups so far and it seems to be fast paced, these battles don’t really seem that important to me. For me, these are battles just to feel each other out( well I guess abusing the edo tensi is just an excuse to bring out dead characters you only heard through talk in the past). There’s more to wars than just straight up fighting. I think the main point of these battles( at least in Madara’s mind) is just distraction.

    And with that in mind I wouldn’t be surprised at some point where Madara “surrenders”(I put quotes for a reason)

  10. I thought it was a decent chapter. The black lightning was kinda cool, and showing Hanzo is just freaky. We havent seen a full scale battle with him involved, only the aftermath. Of course I think that if Kankuro and his group are forced to fight then he will have his hands full with Chiyo. I predict that unless he gets some mega back up he and his group are toast.

    I am anxious to see sasuke. Not because he is my fav right now but just cause we havent seen him in forever. Some might say this is a good thing, but I enjoy seeing some of his fights.

    I am confused about the two lightning village brothers that were brought back. At first they seemed like they might be a threat but with Darui’s comment and his display of wicked electricity I believe that it wont be too bad. Though I am sure that they proly have some sweet combination jutsu. I would imagine that that is where the bulk of their strength lies is in their teamwork.

  11. Don’t know about you Bob but I am excited to see what Darui can do. This guy has to be pretty powerful and wise to be a general. Plus he looks cool. Just my opinion on the matter…

  12. @Prodigy25

    I guess Darui is interesting, BUT to me, he’s just a re-take on Kakashi, and that’s not all that interesting to me. For comparisson:

    Both are lazy.
    Both sport 1 eye (Darui because his other is covered by hair).
    Both use Raiton.
    Both have white hair.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Darui and what he’s done so far, but Kakashi will always be my favorite.

  13. There is too much going on right now, with nothing really happening in this ch. I’m losing interest in this war. I’m more interested in what sasuke’s doing. Isn’t he alone now???

  14. @ripcord, Kakashi is the coolest character around, hands down.

    I think Kankuro is screwed. Other than him, he really only has Omoi for backup and that’s not nearly enough help. Chiyo would be more than a handful for Kankuro alone, but then you have Hanzo, Kimmimaro, and the fat man. I think hauling ass is a very wise decision.

  15. my god I do not understand why you all are complainign. How can it get any better than this. It is a war, and so obviously there are gonna be more that a few battles going on at once. So tell me what is wrong with Kishi trying to set them all up and then moving on from fight to fight. If it is done any other way, then it just wont seem realistic now would it.

    Glad to see so many ninjas back in action, especially Hanzo, Kimimaru (dont knoe why i never forget his name) and neji’s dad.


  16. @ nasri_8
    you make an excellent point there………………then you lost me at the last sentence. ONE PIECE FTW!!!

  17. Lol. Me too. Was agreeing with u nasri till u said better than One Piece. I dont think so.

  18. its bad timing that Naruto is training when all hell is broke lose on the battle field! naruto could be a division himself! lol or he could just be a one man army when he turns controlled kyubi mode on! some how i dont think he will be fighting the masses which is a shame as we have seen him fight mass multiple people!

  19. the comparison with darui and kakashi is accurate yes, we have had allot more dialogue with kakashi and grown to know his personality and traits allot more! so it would be the same really if We knew Darui first and kakashi only just came into the manga!

  20. @bringerofkaos Well we have allot of fights to cover really! it will depend if they have back stories to the characters that match up! also you have madara, nagato, itachi, sasuke and naruto to still come into the war! you have the potential fight with madara and kabuto also! Deidra seems like he is gonna be freed!

  21. @nasri I don’t agree on the one piece thing

  22. ha come on guys give kishi a break i mean wouldnt have been lame to make one part of a war 5 chapters and then when its over another war start at the exact same time of the first one ending. so im glad its all crazy because that what a war is.

  23. poor nasri saying Naruto is better than bleach and One Piece lol. He did make a good point though. Its a war, Kishi has to have a lot o f things going on at once.

  24. Stealing the Damiyo’s = Hostage = Give us a Jinchuuriki unless you want Zetsu to chow down on your nations leaders.

    It will also cause some nice chaos, having the Kages disputing over what to do, groups being dispatched to save the Daimyo’s leaving the Jinchuurikis less guarded.

    I though it was a brilliant move by Madara to send Zetsu to get the Daimyos.

  25. never got into one piece! to kid like for me but thats just my opinion! bleach i like allot!

  26. @Anime master

    I am not saying that war couldn’t be chaotic it depends on Kishi writing skills how he will handle it (I think he is capable of it), but wanted more depth in those battles. U know that is just thing that we narutotards seem like always complaining about something :D, but I think all of us love naruto, so much that we want to discuss it with other people and some of use even go into crazy battles and finding evidence throughout the whole series just to made their point :D.

    That’s why we want longer battles it is not about that we don’t like how Kishi writes we are so obsessed that we need to have as much as we can as addicted. 😀

  27. It makes sense that the battles are quick to end between the Edo Summons and the current live nin. I mean almost everything is known about the dead ninjas that were revived while the revived ninjas are left in the dark about the new gained abilities of the living ninjas. For example Sasori was well known by Kankuro a promising puppeteer in his own right so it only makes sense that he should know how to better fight him. Zabuza had already fought Kakashi, Kakashi was on the up and up on Zabuza, but Zabuza did not realize how much Kakashi had improved in techniques and stamina. It’s not going to happen with every battle but most will be one hit quitter’s specially those nin’s we know nothing about, Edo fodder. Can’t wait to see Hanzo fight, curious about his past and fighting style.

  28. I get why kishi is writing it like this- its war, everyone is fighting at once but also it gives the other guys like kakashi, zetsu, kages, famous dead ninja etc.. a chance to shine before all the major battles start- i wanna see Sasuke vs Pain, Madara vs Kabuto, Itachi vs Naruto and Killer Bee………Now wouldnt that be amazing but for now im looking forward to Kakashi vs 7 swordsmen!

  29. “i wanna see Sasuke vs Pain”

    I really don’t want to see that. Kishi would make Pain look like shyt just to make Sasugay look good. He does it to all of Sasuke’s opponents. Itachi vs Naruto and Killerbee is just too much for Itachi. He wouldn’t be able to do a thing before getting ko’d. A good match would be Itachi and Nagato vs anyone else. Kabuto vs Madara is epic though. I put my money on Kabuto.

  30. @ kisu really kabuto over madara why?

  31. @minato well fact of the matter is its thanks to kabuto that this war is even close. I mean honestly without kabuto all hes got is well zetsus. Also if kabuto really wanted to he easily could have just used all his summons to just attack madara if he wanted to; just itachi and nagato alone with kabuto would probably be more than enough to handle madara.

  32. @Minatofan, currently Kabuto is one of the most interesting characters and is just starting to come into his own as a character. Its really bad writing if he gets put down like all of Madara’s other opponents. And lets not forget Kabuto still has that “other jutsu”, which he claims is as strong as or stronger than Edo Tensei

    @Token, I know right? It really begs the question, what would Madara have done if not for Kabuto and Edo Tensei? Plus the Zetsus are stronger than the ones Madara originally grew thanks to Kabuto and they’re still getting pwned. Kabuto saved his ass

  33. @kisu

    I think the fact that Tobi was going to go to war without Kabuto speaks to the war being a front to the true goal. We already see Black Zetsu going after the Daimyos, now I don’t think that is THE goal, but part of it perhaps. If Tobi can do that in secret, he could certainly do something else.

    I mean, I would bet all of the Hidden Villages are practically empty. Maybe Tobi just needs to sneak into Konoha and get that tablet from the Uchiha hideout… or something like that. I think this war was meant as only a distraction, but he feels that with Kabuto he can weaken the villages as well.

  34. @Ripcord – good insight

  35. @ ripcord
    Yeah, agreed with u I have the same feeling after I saw black zetsu going after daimyos. Also Tobi has presented Moon Eye plan as his true goal and now I’m kinda thinking that he did it on purpose to remove juubis from the war, where they could be easily protected by the whole army, but he assumed that kages are gonna transport them to other “secret place” .He did it just to get rid them of the war to do some kind of plan or to capture them more easily. Isn’t it rly kinda suspicious to you that he explained his entire plan in front of all kages. I think that someone as Tobi who waited until Kushina gave a birth to Naruto to release Kyubii did this just to get some advantage let’s say to start a war, because now as ripcord pointed out villages are empty and jinchurikis are not as much protected as they would be if there is no war and maybe that is Tobi’s plan

  36. @ ripcord, i completely forgot about that tablet an now the he has a rinnegan he can read more of it- damn kishi’s got his work cut out for him with this arc!

    Also as for kabuto vs madara, it would be a bloody good fight an i do wanna see kabuto’s other jutsu but against Madara an his Sharingan/Rinnegan Combo, snake boy’s a gonner!

  37. yes i to believe this war is a front. so why start a war you don’t need. why make Akatsuki only to let them all die? those ten shinobi could have won this war.why collect tailed beast, and let two roam free, which i do say he could have captured them all his self with that one jutsu he has shown.why go after theDaimyos ? why not have kabuto use pain to destroy the battlefield just like he did the leaf village it ain’t like he is going to die again. yes i say these things cause why the front? why let naruto keep getting stronger? if he is madara why not crash the kages one by one at this time there ain’t no one able to beat him in the joint army. so what is he hidding what does kabuto really now about this madara that keeps him from being killed. are is it that madara/tobi is scared? if orochimara and kabuto were after the same thing and you had a basement full ” sharingans” why not give it to them.are maybe he plans to bring back his whole clan using edo tensei. just some thoughts what do yall think?

  38. @King Eric, bravo. Bravo my friend. Very good questions, but I’ve been too active so I’mma let the other Shannaroites/Shannaroians attempt to answer them

  39. @King Eric

    Keep in mind that a lot of this is speculation. If your questions were truly answered with absolute facts…. the manga would be over. Some of this comes from evidence from the manga, a lot of it is inferences I drew though. Take all of it with at least 7 or 8 grains of salt.

    1.Tobi needed to create Akatsuki in order to capture the tailed beasts, BUT killing them off was ingenious because odds are they wouldn’t go along with Tobi’s real plans… and as we know they all had their own motivations. Once he didn’t need them anymore, they could be killed and it wasn’t a big loss to him. I think he planned it out that way.

    2. I don’t have a good answer to why Tobi didn’t just suck all the hosts into his dimension. I guess KillerBee is too fast for that to work and if his statement is true about sealing the 9-tails last, then he would have to wait for a good opportunity to get the 8-tails. As we’ve already seen, the Haichibi was watched considerably, as KillerBee complained about not being able to do what he wanted. This also answers your question about letting Naruto get stronger… he has to wait until he has the Haichibi.

    3. The Daimyos (as Genma said) are the actual leaders of the countries. Yes, we haven’t seen them actually DO anything special (Kishi even seems to poke fun at political leaders a bit with them), but it would be like kidnapping the President.

    4. Kabuto has already stated that he is “Collecting Data” so while he COULD blow up the entire battle field, with Deidara or Nagato, this wouldn’t help him at all. Kabuto is clearly using ET to learn something else because quite frankly he IS messing around. So, he will allow battles to play out and maybe in the end he will blow things up big time, but not yet.

    5. As to Tobi being Madara or not…. there are 2 ways to look at it, he is and he is really weakened OR he is not Madara at all and lacks true power. I think based on the coffin that Kabuto produced, it is the latter. Tobi was scared by information. If he was to be scared from power, the other ET zombies should have been enough.

    6. Orochimaru and Kabuto were not after the same things, Kabuto still isn’t, that Tobi is after. Orochimaru wasn’t even after ruling the entire Narutoverse. Yes, he wanted to destroy the villages, but ONLY so he could steal their jutsus I believe.

    Now the last question I will answer (and the first one you asked) is why have a war in the first place. Well, I have already stated that Tobi to me is like the ultimate Itachi. He is putting up a huge front that everyone is going to believe. While his left hand is juggling and the crowd is oohing and ahhhing he is stealing your wallet from your pocket… or something like that. The Uchihas are great illusionists and if Itachi can get everyone to believe he is a really bad guy and a criminal, well I think Tobi could do it too.

    Last but not least…. I have to say it….. Tobi is Obito. Haha ok maybe not, but if I had a magic lamp, that would be my first wish….

  40. I just realized that my answer to #4 is only correct if Kabuto is in complete control. As to Deidara and Nagato’s motivations:

    Deidara wants to kill everyone, so he tried to blow himself up. Nagato would not, so he would likely try and fight less aggressively… just a hunch.

  41. Tobi being obito is more plausible than him being tobirama, you know it is possible that right before obito got squashed he awakened his time space jutsu an an warped to the the secrete uchiha place an since he had awakened his sharingan he was able to read some of the tablet the sage had wrote on an from there he thought of this masterplan that’s probably not what happened but I still refuse to believe tobi is madara

  42. Comment on Madara being Obito is false. As we look at warfare, any fallen solider will be bought back to their country to be buried before their family. With Obito being Kakashi bestfriend, I’m pretty sure they would have brought back the body to his family – another fact that can prove the relation to be false is the fact that when Madara kidnap Naruto and attacked the village, you can tell from his hands that he was an elderly guy, if you look at the page that show Kakashi, he was probably in his late teen or early 20’s – How many chapters do you think this war will take up?!

  43. @Naruto101

    Well we have clearly seen that neither of Tobi’s arms are his own original arms, they are Zetsu-like pieces. We see this from when he detached the one that was attacked by Torune and the other was crushed by Minato. The wrinkles are likely imperfections from the phony arms.

    Also, Obito died behind enemy lines, it is possible his body was never retrieved. Why would Kakashi pray at the monument if Obito were buried near Konoha? He would go to the grave. So, Kakashi must go to the monument because there is NO grave for Obito at Konoha.

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