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Bleach Chapter 435 – Panic at the Dollhouse

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And the plot thickens! Well not really… It turns out the giant teddy-pig is only a local yakuza that Riruka trapped inside of “Mr. Pork.” The dirty language/stuffed animal combo makes for a pretty funny character. Hopefully he will be trapped inside forever ūüėÄ

Ichigo’s training doesn’t progress very much. We never get an explanation for why Ichigo is capable of fullbring like his hollow-infested Xcution friends, but did you really expect one? All he learns is that in order to use fullbring, one must have an object that they are, at the very least, fond of. ¬†You don’t have to love it like Riruka says, but it has to be something you keep on you regularly, or hold some sort of attachment to. This makes sense for Riruka’s dollhouse, and Ginjou’s cross, but what about…

mr. pork

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