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Naruto Chapter 526 Is Out!



One Piece Chapter 613-Dangerous Union

Okay people we are in the finally chapter before we get the battles going or at least that’s what I hope is going to happen. But we get a lot of information on the main forces of “villains” in this chapter. Lets start with the badazz Japenese Bullhead Shark Fishman VanDer Dekken IX, Captain of the Flying Pirates. Now I know many people are going to assume that Dekken is Davy Jones because of his ship the Flying Dutchman. But in fact Vander Dekken is based on a real Pirate while Davy Jones is a Pirate mythology character. (If you want to know more about the history of The Flying Dutchman and its captain goggle the Flying Dutchman.) We get to know more on Vander Dekken and why he is considered a criminal.

So it seems that Dekken IX has a fetish for the Princess. He seems like a sick headed Fishman. Basically he wants the Princess to marry him or die. Like he said “Dead or Marriage,” if it was me I’d chose Death. But now we know what type a person he is some what. Now back to the chapter, for ten years Dekken has being waiting for a reply from the Princess and his way of sending his messages, he throws a huge axe with a rose on it. But that axe comes back and breaks the ships mast, but he says how he never misses his target, this gave us the hint that he might be a devil fruit user.Also, that huge guy that pulls his ship is a Giant Blow fish.

Than we get back to where we left of from last chapter, Luffy tries to make the Princess stop crying but that just makes her cry louder. Just when he realizes something coming in the door, the huge axe that Dekken actually threw made its way to its target, but Luffy stops it with his hands and feet and bounces it off to the wall. Than the royal guards enter the Princess room, she hides Luffy behind her and the guard explains how Luffy and his crew are a danger to the island and it has been decided that the  “Straw hats” will be put in the castles prison. The guard assumes that so far Zoro, Nami, Brook, and Ussop are “captured.” After the guards leave Luffy does what he does best, eat a huge load of food. The princess comments on how he eats so much though he has a small body. She sees how his check are so fluffy and pokes one of his checks, infuriating Luffy yells out what her problem is? Seriously if its one thing that you don’t want to do is disturb Luffy when he is eating, he might just bite you. The Princess like the spoiled brat she is starts crying saying how no one treated her that way, that he is a horrible person because Luffy said he does not like her (than again its kind of mean to say straight up to a person you don’t like them.) But Luffy is an honest person and it seems that he will convince the princess on sneaking out with him on a “walk”. Man Luffy always gets the ladys so far he has Boa who is in love with him and now a Mermaid Princess is starting to fall for him. If Sanji figures this out will be a very funny scene, I can just picture his reaction.

Than we get a sneak peek at the strength of Ussop, Nami and Brook who so far have held back the Ryuuguu guards from arresting them. I especially like how Ussop and Brook have shown confidence in there strength. Ussop got a new weapon “Black Kabuto” which from the looks of it is smaller than his original Kabuto, but we still have not seen it in action, than The Neptune King decided that it is best to just arrest them and swings his Trident at the crew, Brook was hoping to stop the Kings attack, but some one more badazz stops it is ZORO, how says that he heard a party so he came to the where the party is at. So far we only got glimpse of the crew in action and I am pumped to see all of them in an actual fight with their respected powers shown Especially Sanji, Zoro and Luffy.

I had a theory that Hodi Jones and Vander Dekken IX are going to form a union since they both have the same goal, well my theory was correct. Now these two have shown their powers, Hodi with his Steroid Pills and Dekken with his “Devil Fruit” not confirmed yet, but the Princess said that he had a curse called Mato-Mato which to me seems like a devil fruit ability that gives him dead on perfect aim on targets. But for some reason he can not touch people as when Hodi extends his hand to Dekken, who said oh thats going to be a problem and puts on a glove to shake Hodi’s hand. Which is why I think they have some mutual respect to one another. But now we know that with this Union makes these two the potential villains of this arc. Their main goal is to bring down the Ryuuguu era and take the head of the Neptune King.

Notes to take into consideration, when Dekken came to Hodi he had a bubble surrounding him, why? Why can’t he touch people?

Bleach Chapter 435 – Panic at the Dollhouse

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And the plot thickens! Well not really… It turns out the giant teddy-pig is only a local yakuza that Riruka trapped inside of “Mr. Pork.” The dirty language/stuffed animal combo makes for a pretty funny character. Hopefully he will be trapped inside forever 😀

Ichigo’s training doesn’t progress very much. We never get an explanation for why Ichigo is capable of fullbring like his hollow-infested Xcution friends, but did you really expect one? All he learns is that in order to use fullbring, one must have an object that they are, at the very least, fond of.  You don’t have to love it like Riruka says, but it has to be something you keep on you regularly, or hold some sort of attachment to. This makes sense for Riruka’s dollhouse, and Ginjou’s cross, but what about…

mr. pork

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