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Revenge of the YellowFlash Part 2 Chapter I!






It’s been three years since the battle at the Valley of the End, lots of things have changed. The entire shinobi world has been turned upside down since the sudden disappearance of the Kage. Konoha has suffered great loss and has struggled to regain supremacy after losing the Kyuubi and the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. Akatsuki has gone underground to continue their search for the tailed beasts but why they lie low, Madara has ordered Danzo to act against the shinobi world. With his growing army Root he has ignited war on the Five Great nations throwing the world into chaos.

Deep in the forest and explosion erupts,  five  Root shinobi with Anbu masks on with Akatsuki Clouds stamped on their vests are in pursuit of a shinobi who is running so fast you can barely see him.

Root Ninja 1: Who is this guy? We can barely keep up with him!

Root Ninja 2: Shikuza, you distract him, I’ll cut him off from the front!

Shikuza ( Root Ninja 1): Right, be careful Takira!

From out of nowhere Sakura appears infront of Takira!

Sakura: I don’t think so!

Sakura punches him in the faces sending him crashing through the trees, Shikuza summons a sword that resembles Zabuzas and the blade expands almost cutting Sakura in half. Lee appears and uses his Leaf Whirlwind kicking Shikuza sending him crashing through the trees. The other three are about to attack but a giant spinning ball slams down from the sky causing a huge shock wave. When the dust settles, two of the Root ninja are suddenly caught inside a shadow unable to move, Shikamaru walks out from the trees smiling. The third ninja on the ground reaching for his kunai is suddenly stopped when Kakashi appears above him with his kunai at his throat.

Kakashi: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

Shikamaru: Nice going, Kakashi-sensei.

Kakashi: We’ll take the rest back to the village for interrogation. ( He activated his Sharingan casting them into genjutsu)

Lee: Right, let’s go!

Inside the Leaf village Tsunade stands on the Roof with Shizune.

Shizune: We’ve gotten word, Kakashi is on his way back.

Tsunade: Good, have you heard anything from the Tracker squads.

Shizune: Still no trace of the Kage, it’s like they evaporated in thin air.

Tsunade: Damn it!

Shizune: You think the Akatsuki is behind this.

Tsunade: I wanna say yes but if they were they wouldn’t have a reason to hide. Right now I’m guessing they are just as clueless as we are. The best thing we can do is flex the strength of our army to send a message to the world that Konohas power is still intact. We’ve lost the Kyuubi and the Fourth but we must stay strong and focus.

Shizune: What’s our next move? We can’t call on the others nations for help, since this war has started all the treaties between countries have been broken, we are truly alone. I can believe Root has grown this much, to the extent to even be able to defeat the entire village Hidden in the Mist.

Tsunade: Danzo must have been consolidating power and preparing in these times of peace. They’ve taken over the Hidden Mist village and now using it as their base of operations. My guess is that they will continue on conquering nations until all five great nations are destroyed and on the run.

Shizune: The best way to defeat your enemy is to destroy the very foundation on which they stand. They are destroying the hopes and dreams of which the shinobi world is trying to protect.

Tsunade: If that’s true then our Will of Fire is also in danger, if we don’t act soon Konoha as we know will seize to exist. According to Jiraiya’s contacts, the Akatsuki were going to wait three years before they continue their plans and now times up. On top of dealing with Danzo and Root we are going to also have to deal with Akatsuki but this time we are going to be the ones to make the first move. We’ve been defending against their attacks for too long, it’s time we go on the offence. Call all Shinobi back to the village at once!

In an Akatsuki hideout they all sit at round table talking.

Pein: So it’s been three years since we’ve met. We’ve gather all intel on the rest of the tailed beast now it’s time to act. We will split into teams of two and begin our hunt. As you know we have new disadvantages, Itachi Uchiha has betrayed Akatsuki and right now is in hiding. Also the Shinobi World knows of our existence which will make it harder for us to move out in the open. All Great nations are hunting for us as we speak, so we are going to have to be careful.

Kisame: They won’t be a problem.

Pein: Kisame, you won’t be joining us on our hunt for the bijuu just yet, your objective is to find and kill Itachi.

Kisame: Looks like it’s going to come down to this, we knew this day would come.

Kakuzu: So, where do we begin?

Pein: Find your targets, Deidara and Sasori have reported to be tracking the Shukaku Jinchuuriki.

Deidara: Yeah, I can’t wait to see what the little bastards made of.

Sasori: I hear he’s become the Kazekage of the Sand, if he’s reach such a level at his age then this won’t be an easy fight.

Deidara: We’ll see, I don’t know what the big deal is, since this war has broken out thanks to this Danzo guy, all treaties between nations have been severed. That means it will be easier to take them down.

Konan: You know nothing, that means they won’t be following the normal shinobi war tactics, it’s every nation for themselves so they are going to take the kid gloves off.

Deidara: Don’t worry sweet heart, I think we’ll be able to take them.

Hidan: I guess the next meeting we’ll have will be mourning Deidara!

Deidara: What was that!?

Hidan: Don’t get your panties in a bunch, don’t worry, I haven’t heard Jashin mention your demise.

Kakuzu: You and your God!

Hidan: Don’t start with me, Kakuzu!

Pein: Enough,you have your orders, meeting adjourned!

After they all leave Madara enters from a dark room.

Madara: So are things in order?

Pein: Yes, I giving Akatsuki their mission, now we’ll wait. How’s it going with that Kyuubi brat of yours?

Madara: Hmph, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with soon enough. So everything is in order, I hope.

Pein: You’ll have your precious bijuu in no time at all. I hope you don’t get too attached to the boy, we will have to extract the Kyuubi which means he won’t survive.

Madara: Don’t worry, I have no problem with the inevitable. Also don’t concern yourself with the Great Nations, Danzo is make incredible progress.

Pein: I heard of his great feat, to be able to conquer one of the Great Nations is incredible, but we both know he had your help. So, you’ve begun to use the power of the tailed beast that we’ve already captured.

Madara: The Hidden Mist was the obvious choice to focus our attack on, they were already unstable and my control over the village had not been lost. I’ve order Danzo to focus army on the Sand, once Deidara and Sasori have captured the Jinchuuriki there is no reason to leave the village untouched.

Pein: We’ll send those Sand ninja into the next life which will push us more towards our goal of peace.

In the dark room that Madara came out of a pair of Kyuubi eyes stare at them  from the shadows.

Inside the interrogation room in the Leaf village the Root ninja are tied up by chains hanging from their wrists. Kakashi, Tsunade, Ibiki and Shizune stand staring at them.

Shizune: It’s weird.

Kakashi: What is it?

Shizune: Two of them seem to have these medal rods stuck inside their bodies. These things are encased with chakra but it doesn’t match the chakra that’s coming from the shinobi’s chakra points, in fact it’s disrupting his chakra flow all together.

Ibiki: An what does that tell you?

Tsunade: It tells us that these ninja are being controlled by someone else.

Kakashi: Some of Danzo’s underlings in Root must not have wanted to go through with the war and threatened to quit his organization and fearing the crumbling of his army he forced them by controlling them. This other guy must have willingly obeyed Danzo’s orders, that’s why he wasn’t force to bare these chakra receivers.

Tsunade: But where did, Danzo get this kind of device?

Kakashi: Akatsuki, during our fight at the valley of the end we came across a ninja who bared these same devices, he called himself Pein.

Tsunade: Then that means this Pein was also being controlled and something tells me he’s being controlled by Madara.

Kakashi: We have to end this war with Danzo and ready ourselves for our upcoming show down with Akatsuki.

Tsunade: I agree, Kakashi, I want you to form a squad and infiltrate the Hidden Mist, it’s time to bring Danzo down.

Kakashi: That won’t be easy.

Shizune: I agree, how ill they get to Danzo when he has his entire army shielding him.

Tsunade: I want to to form a squad of Konoha’s greatest, it’s time we show them the “Will of Fire”!

Jiraiya appears.

Jiraiya: Looks like you’ve forgotten all about me.

Tsunade: Jiraiya!

Jiraiya: In the flesh.

Tsunade: I haven’t forgotten about you, the truth is I can’t rely on you either. You are always away even now when the village needs you the most.

Jiraiya: I’ve been gathering intel, and I’ve found out some important things.

Tsunade: What is it?

Jiraiya: I thought you couldn’t rely on me?

Tsunade: Just spit it out!

Jiraiya: It looks like Itachi Uchiha has left the Akatsuki all on his own.

Kakashi: What!?

Tsunade: Why!?

Jiraiya: I don’t know but we need to form a plan to work out some kind of deal with him, or if all else fails capture him.

Kakashi: I doubt he’s going to help the Leaf and it won’t be smart to confront him head on without extreme preparation. Even if we decide to capture him it won’t be easy, he’s too unpredictable.

Jiraiya: These are times of war, we have no other choice. I’ll go and confront him alone, besides, if we are able to capture him sooner or later it will lead to Sasuke returning to the village, then we’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Tsunade:  I can’t let you go and risk loosing you, now, when we need you the most.

Jiraiya: I’ll be fine, you still have your strongest weapon, Kakashi Hatake. Besides, I’m a retired ninja, that means I can do what ever I want.

Tsunade: Idiot, just be careful and come back in one peace.

Kakashi: Alright, While Jiraiya sensei goes after Itachi, I’ll go after Danzo.

Shizune: Good, we finally have a plan.

Outside the Sand village Deidara and Sasori are walking through the desert toward the village targeting Gaara. Before they can take another step two Sand ninja guards appear from the sand.

Sand ninja one: You dare step on our territory without permission from our leaders.

Sand Ninja two: Leave now or we make you leave.

Deidara: How nice, they send us a welcoming party.

Sasori: I think I’ll take the liberty of ending their lives.

Sasori whips his tail towards them but is suddenly stopped by Deidara.

Deidara: Wait, Sasori, it seems we have company.

They both look past the guards and sees Gaara walking towards them in a storm of sand from a large distance.

Sasori: Looks like we don’t have to look for him after all.

Moments later he arrives right in front of them.

Gaara: Welcome, Akatsuki.

Deidara: So you know who we are?

Gaara: Yes, and I knew you would come sooner or later.

Sasori: Now that we are here what comes next?

Gaara: You die. ( Sand starts to emerge from his gourd and swirls around him as he stares them down)

Sasori: How nostalgic, to be back in my old country standing before the Kazekage.

Gaara: Now I recognize you, you are Sasori of the Redsand. How ironic, soon your blood will spill in this desert turning the sand as red as your name.

Sasori: You will be the only one to spill blood here.

Sasori shoots out smoke bombs submerging everyone in the smoke. Gaara jumps back out of the smoke, when the smoke clears Sasori opens his mouth and chakra strings fly out attaching themselves to the Sand Guards. He makes them pull out their swords and sends one of them flying at Gaara. Guard one tries to stab Gaara with his katana but Gaara forms a sand wall blocking his attack. Deidara forms a hand sign and suddenly the sand guards explodes destroying the wall forcing Gaara to jumps back.

Gaara: What happened!? He just exploded, but how?

Deidara opens his hands and reveals his mouths, he sticks them in his pouch allowing them to devour some clay, he then molds them into birds and throws them at Gaara.

Deidara: Let me show you true art!……… Katsu!

The birds explodes right in front of Gaara causing a huge explosion. The Akatsuki looks up and sees Gaara floating on sand in mid-air.

Gaara: I see……. He uses explosive, he used that smoke bomb as cover while they planted those clay bombs on the Guards and Sasori used his chakra string to control their bodies, forcing them to become human kamikaze.

Deidara: He’s fast but I don’t see what’s so special about him, Gaara of the desert, give me a break!

Gaara puts his hands up and the entire desert start to shake as the desert floor lifts into the air. Miles away the entire Sand village is in awe of the power display by Gaara.

Sasori: Say that again, Deidara.

Deidara: Stand back Sasori-sama, he’s all mine!

Deidara summons a giant clay bird and flies into the air.

Deidara: You’re clever, but how did you know we were coming?

Gaara: These times of war forced us to rethink our security, all over this desert are small grains of sand that are infused with my chakra, the moment you stepped foot in this desert you alerted us of your presence. In order words you were detected the moment you entered our country. Even as we speak the entire Sand army is aware that you are here an ready to attack at a moments notice.

Sasori: Very clever, I guess Pein was right, we should have been more careful.

Gaara sends his giant sand arms thrusting towards Deidara, as he dodges them Gaara continue’s  his assault. As Deidara flies dodging the sand with everything he’s got Sasori spits an enormous amount of poison needles at Gaara. Gaara uses his sand to protect him but at the same time he drops a mountain of sand on top of Sasori. Sasori jumps out-of-the-way discharging kunai with explosive notes attached causing more explosions. Deidara also unleashes his clay bird bombs from above forcing Gaara to use his Sand Sphere to protect him. While the Akatsuki duo are focus on Gaara in the air, the real Gaara forms out of the ground from behind Sasori and he binds him in his sand Coffin.

Gaara: Sand Burial!!!

Deidara looks down in shock as he sees his partner crushed by Gaara’s sand.

Deidara: This kid, we were fighting a clone this entire time, he is able to have full control over his clone and manipulate the entire desert at the same time! I see he been underground this entire time, even before we spotted him.

Back on the ground when the dust settles, Sasori jumps out from the sand.

Gaara: As I thought that thing was nothing more than a puppet, this is the real you, isn’t it?

Sasori: Not many people has managed to destroy my level one puppet. Now I’ll show you true power.

Sasori summons the Third Kazekage puppet.

Gaara: That’s……!

The Iron sand emerges from its mouth and forms into a giant three-dimensional triangle and shoots towards Gaara, Gaara tries to block with his Sand but the Iron Sand it to strong and breaks through his armor. Gaara grabs the triangle stopping it from impaling him through the chest but it knocks him to the ground pinning him. He tries hard to throw the sand away but it’s just to heavy. Sasori forms a three-dimensional square and it about to drop it on top of him but the sand that Gaara is holding in the air forms into a giant slide and the sand clone slides down on his feet with a sand spear at throws it impaling Sasori through the chest. Using the sand from beneath him he pushed the Iron sand off of him and stands back to his feet.

Gaara: One down.

Sasori: I don’t think so.

Gaara: (Shocked) But I……!

Sasori: Oh, this? (Sasori pulls the sand spear out of his chest and squeezes it breaking it to dust)

A clay bird flies right on side of Gaara’s face and explodes causing a huge blast! When the smoke clears Gaara is buried under the sand with only his gourd showing.

Deidara: We got him!

Gaara bursts from under the sand an sends a sand stream soaring at Deidara grabbing hold to his arm crushing it and ripping it from his body! Deidara screams in agony as blood spews from his body.

Sasori sends the Kazekage puppet into the air and forms a hand sign,  Iron Sand: World Order! Countless amounts of spikes fall down on Gaara impaling him on many parts of his body and once again pinning him to the ground as he gasps for air.

Deidara: Let’s end this, I was planning on using this to destroy your entire village but I guess I’ll have just as much fun killing you.

Deidara takes out a clay bomb and drops it down on Gaara from the air. A gigantic explosion erupts lighting up the sky but in a mere instant Gaara and the entire blast including much of the desert floor is sucked up inside a vortex. Deidara and Sasori are shocked at what just happened.

Deidara: WHAT THE HELL!!!?

Sasori: The Jinchurriki and the blast just disappeared, which means we failed in retrieving the Shukaku. I blame you, that bomb was a dud.

Deidara: My bombs are absolutely perfect, screw you Sasori!!

Sasori: I should kill you.

Far, far away Gaara lies unconscious in the middle of the forest. He awakens and is shocked at the sight of all missing Kage staring at him intensely.

Gaara: You……what………how!?

Raikage: I had nothing to do with this, nor do I care, if you wanna know who saved you, it was him. ( Pointing at Minato who’s all the way in the back)

Minato: Nice to meet you Gaara or should I say Kazekage.

Back in Konoha, Tsunade stands on the roof of her mansion in front of all jonin and chuunin along with the Council.

Tsunade: For three years our entire world have changed and we’ve seen our power dwindle right before our eyes. We’ve lost a hero and a great power that was presumed to be the foundation of our supremacy throughout the shinobi world and now our very existence is in danger. What they don’t know is that the power which lead us to the top of the shinobi world was not the power of the Kyuubi nor was it the power of the Fourth, it was the hopes and dreams of every single person in this country, it was the Will of Fire. It’s time we act, and as the Fifth Hokage I say we show them our will just as they have shown us their hatred.  To protect what out ancestors have built and the future generations to come in our village I say we fight!