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Naruto Chapter 525 – War on Four Fronts

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

When Kakashi announced that he was going to go all out last week, I thought for sure we’d get a whole chapter devoted to his battle, but alas Kishimoto has other plans. I would have preferred to let Kakashi’s battle resolve first before moving on to the other battles of this war, but maybe is planning form something grander. Chapter 525 is another set-up chapter where no real action occurs but we’re introduced to two additional fronts of the war as well a plethora of new and revisited characters. We also get a lesson on formation deployment from old man Shikaku; I guess with a war of this scale, a sound battle plan is needed.

Shikaku’s battle briefing for the kages might seem a little long winded. I’m sure a lot of the kiddies probably weren’t too interested in the 2-3 pages where Shikaku talk about strategic deployment and pincer movements; it’s a shonen battle manga, after all. It might have been drab reading material, but we now pretty much have a good idea of who each character and their division will be fighting and who will be available to assist who when things get hairy. So essentially, right now the alliance army is fighting four different battles:

1. Kakashi’s division is held up fighting the Swordsmen of the Mist far west of the main army; it’s unlikely they will be able to get back fast enough to help the other divisions.
2. Kitsuchi’s division is holding off the main force of the white Zetsu army. Currently, this division has probably taken the most losses and low on energy since they’ve been fighting the longest.
3. Darui’s division is defending the beachhead against a smaller group of white Zetsus backed up by a significant group of resurrected shinobis.
4. Gaara’s division has set up a defensive position in the south and has intercepted a small group of four shinobis. However, all four are previous kages.

Mifune’s division will act as reinforcement and is stretched out along the lines, ready to fill any gaps. Shikaku’s plan is basically divide and conquer. He sees Darui’s division as most vulnerable to being overrun and wants to shift forces from Mifune to help them while wheeling most of Kitsuchi’s division around to assist as well. And then half of Gaara’s forces will also break off and provide even more back-up for Darui. Once Darui’s enemies are destroyed, they’ll return the favour by helping destroy Gaara’s enemies and so on. The plan is ambitious, but the sheer amount of reinforcements Shikaku is sending to Darui tells me he has no confidence in the kid’s ability to hold the line. Shikaku is also pretty much screwing Kitsuchi’s division by leaving them a skeleton crew to hold off the bulk of Madara’s army and somehow hold out until the other divisions are finished. He’s also underestimating the power of four ex-kages – each of whom is equivalent to a small army in terms of power. Not to mention that this Mu guy is with them, someone they believe only the current Tsuchikage has a chance against.

Mu, the second Tsuchikage, is the most interesting amongst the four kages Kabuto sent against Gaara’s division. He apparently possesses no chakra and is virtually untraceable, yet is able to use Dust element – which we’re told is a combination of Earth, Wind and Fire. Mu is capable of this feat through his “bloodline expansion”, a special trait that goes beyond your normal bloodline limit abilities. Mu was the one who taught the Third Tsuchikage the Dust element techniques, so needless to say he will possess similar powers to his student minus the negatives that come with an old geezer’s body. Of the other kages present, I’d say the second Mizukage is the next most powerful since he was able to kill Mu (himself dying in the process), then the Third Raikage, and with Gaara’s dad last since he just looks like some scrawny gangbanger trying to look tough.

There’s no kages on Darui’s side, but he’s got a large number of S-class and jonin-level ninja to contend with. Kakuzu, Asuma, Dan and Hizashi Hyuga are here along with two guys we haven’t heard of before: Kinkaku and Ginkaku, who are obviously heavy metal fans. I originally assumed Kabuto was going to use the dead Konoha guys as psychological weapons, particularly if he can get Tsunade to face Dan, but so far it appears he’s just going to use them to back up the white zetsus in combat. Yet, even though Asuma, Dan and Hizashi are powerful jonins, they’re not very useful in a large scale battle like this where the area effect abilities of an S-rank like Kakuzu really shine. Well, I think Kishi must have something more significant for these guys to do. But with characters like Tsunade and Shikamaru so far away from this battle, you have to wonder how these reunions with dead loved ones will occur.

Other things of note:
– agent Zetsu has snuck behind enemy lines to assassinate the feudal lords? I actually hope he succeeds, those guys are like overpaid bureaucrats and totally useless as leaders; plus, they have horrible taste in hats. When this war’s finished, I think all the villages should stage coups and take over running their respective countries — I have no doubt that the previous Great Ninja Wars, like our own World Wars, were started by stupid politicians and foolish leaders.


79 Responses

  1. great post. I thought the chapter a little boring and slow.

  2. i agree, but for now everything is going to good for alliance so it seems to me that they are going to break in some point, the question is where….
    and that point is where naruto will probably jump in and save the day with he’s new abilities …

    and there is tobi, we did not see him in a long time (in a battle), so i em sure that he will join the battle with something else beside the withe zetsu’s, except for the black one who is im sure going to kidnap feudal lords, as someone else already said, and probably try to trade them for jinchurickis or is just going to kill them …

    seems like everyone has tough opponents lol
    but i think gaara’s division, simple becuse of those kages lol

  3. @ bob by the way, big lool on that last comment of feudal lords loool
    hope it goes that way, useless as you said 🙂

  4. lets not forget although they were not shown Nagato and Itachi were with Kakuzu meaning Darui’s divison has even more problems

    KinGin Bros were said to have nine tails chakra on them so that a problem

    Dust release was going to turn the turtle island into dust so what its going to do to Gaara’s group is pretty nasty

  5. i hope for the next episode they will feature Naruto development in his training with KB. Just wondering about madara? Where is he? Im excited about the 2 guys from the cloud. I was surprised about their existence to this chapter. Does kishi will introduce some elite ninja never heard before for the next episode?

  6. My big wonder now is:

    How in the world did Naruto end up with whiskers, those two brothers, and NOT Kushina or Mito? I only see it possible if Mito and Kushina didn’t use a single drop of the 9-tails chakra.

    I actually agree with Shikaku’s philosophy, as it keeps the army generally more together. However, I would bet that Tobi deployed the groups in such a way that the alliance would move in a way that would be advantageous to him.

  7. Great review as always Bob. I can’t help but think after seeing the enemies forces that the alliance is going to be spread really thin and will take a pounding. The sheer amount of white Zetsu and the high level Edos is crazy. I think that the army is going to have trouble dealing with them, and we haven’t even seen Nagato or Itachi yet (although I’m sticking with my theory on them being the first opponents of Naruto and Sasuke once they enter the war, I posted the whole theory on the other page). Should be interesting.

  8. @ripcord maybe nine tails chakra only gives whiskers to boys

  9. @losebrothers, I’ll just reply to you here. Sand manipulation is a power the shukaku gave to Gaara. Its explicitly stated that the Shukaku allowed him to manipulate Sand. When the shukaku was removed he still had his power. That means abilities granted by Biju to their Jinchuriki remains even after the biju is extracted.

    @Bob, I don’t think Shikaku has a lack of faith in Darui, its just his division. there are no notable ninjas in it, just fodder. Oh and lol @ Gaara’s dad looking like a gangbanger. If you go by the anime, he and Gaara’ll have something to talk about; how Kimimaro beat both of them haha!

    Also, Raikage was epic this chapter! Seeing him get angry is always a treat. By Raikage, I mean both of them. A’s dad is just as awesome as his two sons. Speaking of awesome, so is the 2nd Mizukage.

  10. Yea I agree the fuedul lords are useless leaders, especially in this war. Wouldn’t expect them to know anything about this war. How could they? Never participated in one. Think it is all just one big chess game.

  11. Am I the only one who is really exited to see the abilities of the 4th Kazekage? They were never shown really in Part 1.

    I also really wanna see what the 2nd Mizukage can do…his suit already looks beastly in a funny way.

    And I want the Feudal Lords to fight. Who knows, if Samurai exists in the Narutoverse and utilize chakra, then why can’t the Feudal Lords have some skills? I don’t want them to die…just yet. Put up a good fight.

  12. “And I want the Feudal Lords to fight. Who knows, if Samurai exists in the Narutoverse and utilize chakra, then why can’t the Feudal Lords have some skills?”

    Because they’re absurdly wealthy nobles who would never soil their hands with fighting. They don’t even seem to soil their minds with thinking

  13. Freaking awesome chapter, AWESOME arc, unlike the bores that One Piece and Bleach are offering up at the moment.

    Can’t wait to see Gaara fight again, it has been a while. I think Kishi did the right thing by moving away from the Kakashi battle, remember that all these battles are happening simultaneously so we cant just go one at a time.

    @ripcord, I dont know how naruto got the whiskers but it was not from the fox. He is clearly shown with them when he was born, before the 9-tails was sealed within him.

  14. Madara heading to where Naruto and killer bee are. this is the golden chance since every body busy with the war. he will fight both naruto and Bee and for sure he will catch bee leaving naruto to the end, perhaps to confront Susku

  15. Great chapter I want to know more about the KinGin bros

  16. @nasri
    if naruto was born with the whiskers maybe those 2 are the offsoring of a previous kyubi jinchuriki. Perhaps the whiskas come through birth. This would explain why they have some chakra and why the cloud tried to naruto’s mother. I think she had the kyubi at that time though i cant be positive.

  17. Hey great post bob sama! Well i would of thought that Kakuzu will not have his weird Mask Heart puppet things because he wont have there hearts that bind them to him bu he could aquire them i guess if he killed some newbies on the battle field! so he will only have his origional jutsu’s which are pretty powerful anyways but not nearly as devestating as the 5 elemental Mask puppets he had which where probably hand picked for there particular elemental affinities!

  18. Maybe Madara is preparing a counterattack against Kabuto’s technique when the time comes. He knows that Kabuto is preparing something and that he is untrustworthy, possibly his own Edos… ???

  19. can’t wait to see what kind of support Shikamaru will offer to Gaara. perhaps he will confront one of the kages

  20. By the way where is the 4th Mizukage, she didn’t appear in panel where the all kages are

  21. Well there will obviously but allot of emotion when the previous Konoha Edo’s come to fight there respective family members but now kabuto has power boosted his Edo tensei jutsu the question is will Kabuto be able to stop those emotions from cancelling the restraints! i cant decide on this one!

    I thought that Tsunade with very quiet when it came to the tactical discussion! my assumption is that she is just letting the specialists get on with it but it was something i picked up on anyways!

  22. @NSSK- in panel? i dont follow?

  23. @NSSK you’re right Mei isnt there

    Although the Kin-Gin brothers look badass, Ao said their chakra was tinged (meaning a small amount) so thats rly nothing to worry about (in my book)

    @Kisu (every1) since your the ninja handbook of Shannaro, What valuable purpose does killing the fuedal lords of each ninjas village?! >.> I feel like Kishi wasted a good 1 page on people, nobody, even Kishi himself, cares about!! It couldve been used for KAKASHI ='<

  24. @nssk where the hell is the mizukage? This is the second time since the war started there was a page with the kages talking and she was absent. Too lazy to find the chapter and page though

  25. I think that black Zetsu is going to try and asssinate the feudal lords and then frame maybe Konoha!

  26. @NSSK: Just a thought, but she might be guarding the feudal lords. very unlikely, but like i said, just a thought.

    -I agree with Bob on the Feudal Lords. Just have the respective Kages run their own countries. They pretty much do anyway.
    -As far as Naruto’s training, I personally don’t want to see it. Why? I like to be surprised. Just as long as Kishi gives me the basics of what he’s learning, i’ll be good w/ that.
    -The Kyubi cheek marks? I agree w/ bringerofkaos. It might just be birthmark. I mean, it’s not said when the KinGin bros died. Maybe they’re the offspring of the Kyubi Jinchuriki before Mito? Just saying.
    -Here’s a hypothetical question. We know Itachi was a genius. And that he shoved a crow down Naruto’s throat. Maybe he knew what Kabuto was up to and left something inside naruto to release himself from Edo? I mean, he obviously let Sasuke beat him in their fight, and visited Naruto before that said fight. Just saying.
    -Fourth Kazekage. I doubt he’s that strong. I mean Kimimaru beat him. Not to take anything away from him, but he’s a part 1 bad guy, and most shippuden bad guys are way stronger than him, and they got did in by the NaruCrew. Speaking of Kimimaru, why isn’t he w/ the dead people?
    there, i think I covered all I wanted to say.

  27. Well, I have to say to all those who are wondering “why hasn’t so and so been summoned” I think the answer is that Kabuto wants to summon them as he goes along. The 7 swordsmen and some of the previous kages were not included in the initial summoning. Not sure if that was so that Tobi didn’t know about them, although it probably was because he didn’t have Orochimaru’s chakra that was in Anko yet.

    The Feudal lords are the rulers of each of the countries, so in terms of ruling the world they each have value. Perhaps Tobi intends on forcing them to negotiate with him or using them as a bargaining chip against the alliance. Even though the Kages rule the villages, they still have to answer to the Daimyo.

    Lastly, about the 4th Kazekage:
    He is familiar with Gaara’s techniques, and for all we know he can use sand as well. The 3rd Kazekage could use the iron sand technique, so why couldn’t the 4th have some sand ability? If he does, then clearly Gaara’s ability is bloodline based rather than from his bijuu.

  28. I think Shukaku was more in the lines of Wind Chakra, than Sand.

  29. This is getting good, I wonder how Kin Gin Brothers have Nine Tails Chakra, Also it’s great to see that Konoha isn’t the only one with strong Kage. But the Second Hokage seems to have been really strong, his technique is revered throughout the entire shinobi world. I can’t wait to see Gaara’s fight, we haven’t seen him really fight since his battle with Deidara. Also I wanna know what abilities his father had, he can’t be too strong based on how he was killed so easily but maybe I am wrong.

  30. I think the KinGin brothers are just experiments, the Cloud village was always after power, they might have stolen the Kyuubi chakra somehow and harvest it and infused it with shinobi.

  31. @bloodsasuke, well the Feudal Lords are in charge of each village’s country, killing them would throw everything out of whack and cripple the nations. Plus, the Kages are only in charge of their Ninja Villages while the Feudal Lords run entire countries.

    Hokage is in charge of Konoha–> Konoha exists in the Country of Fire–> the fire Feudal Lord controls the Country of Fire.

    Just my guess though.

    @ripcord, dude, Sand manipulation is a Biju skill. That’s why none of Gaara’s part 1 jutsus were given ranks. also, just check out what Databook 1 says about Gaara’s Sand Shield:

    “NINJUTSU; Suna no Tate (Sand Shield)
    User: Gaara
    Defensive; Close range; Rank: none

    Main text

    Gaara always carries around a lump of sand inside the gourd on his back. Perhaps the sand actually moves on its own accord… In any event, it flows independently from Gaara’s will, and protects him from every enemy attack without exception. Even in the Hidden Sand village, only Gaara is able to use this particular jutsu.


    -A flowing wall of sand. A jutsu accessible to Gaara only!!

    Picture comment

    -Even though Gaara doesn’t move a muscle, the sand promptly shifts to intercept the attack, as if it had a will of its own.”


  32. Been reading this blog for months, first time commenting,

    Correct me if im wrong. But Isnt Gaara’s Sand infused with the blood or spirit of his mother, could that be the reason why it acts on its own?

  33. I hope naruto and bee come to gaara’s aid against the kages. It would be cool to see bee and his dad have a rap battle

  34. I think that everything will go according to plan except at the end where gaara is gonna face the 4 hokages n then naruto will hopefully pop up n beat them all.. that would b an epic fight scene!! naruto n gaara vs 4 previous hokages.. the new ages against the old… epic fight!!

  35. Dairu01 I think your right, Gaara’s sand has some part of his mother in it

  36. @kisu if the sand manipulation is a biju skill how can gaara use it after he no longer has the biju? My guess is that the biju simply amplified his already skilled sand manipulation and used the sand as a way to protect gaara, which in turn protected himself (btw the sand shield referred by u is used by shikaku, however this is not gaaras only form of sand manipulation and At the summit we still see the sand protect and such although now I would think its either by gaaras will or purhaps its a rare ability that gaara himself has).

  37. @Token, the same way Gaara still has his raccoon eye markings. They’re traits given to him by the Biju that still remain. If you extract the Kyubi from Naruto he’s still gonna have those whiskers, extract the Niibi from Yugito and she still had her slanted cat eyes.

  38. Trademarks and markings r different than abilities. Can’t compare the two. And those eyes r most likely from the fact gaara couldn’t fall asleep lol.

  39. @Token, I don’t see how they’re different. They’re both things inherited from a Biju. Next you’ll be telling me the Uchihas’ black hair are different from the Sharingan :P. Hoping Gaara’s power isn’t from the biju is wishful thinking. I even think it’s been outright stated as such already (like the 3rd Kazekage mastering Iron Sand from watching the previous Shukaku Jinchuriki’s sand powers), if it wasn’t then it’ll be clear in the upcoming chapters, or disproved.

  40. @Kisu: So, according to you, the Jinchuuriki’s are going to be pretty hard to beat. Yugito’s still gonna have blue balls coming out of her mouth? lol.

  41. @kisu

    I understand that the “Ultimate Defense” comes from the Shukaku, but I’m not completely convinced that only the jinchurrikis could use Sand manipulation. Most of Gaara’s sand jutsus were conscious manipulations.

    You state that the 3rd Kazekage probably learned the Iron Sand technique by watching the Shukaku’s powers. Fine, if that’s what happened then I say to you that the 4th Kazekage learned normal sand manipulation the same way. Or some similar technique. I only make the assumption that the 4th Kazekage can use the sand techniques because that “feels” more interesting to me than the 4th Kazekage showing all new techniques… although we have a lot of that going on these days.

    Although, I have to say it would be interesting to see the jinchurrikis retain some of their power, but I don’t see Yugito doing a full transformation.

  42. @Ripcord, actually, Chiyo said that’s how the third developed his powers not me. Then again, his power is magnetism, but he used his magnetism to manipulate iron powder like a Shukaku Jinchuriki would use chakra to manipulate normal sand. It isn’t out of the question that Gaara’s father can use sand moves, but he just can’t use it the way Gaara can. Well, that’s only if Kishi doesn’t ignore all he’s written before. I doubt the Jinchuriki can do full transformations or even partial ones anymore (so far Gaara hasn’t made Shukaku hands when using his sand since he lost the Biju)

    @Zep, that would sound so wrong if I didn’t know what you meant…hell it still sounds wrong O_O

  43. Lol here’s a link to the eye comment; http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Gaara ( and as someone who doesnt sleep often ones eyes do tend to get darket lol) and btw there is a huge difference between hair and skills being inherited. Its simple genetics but I wont go into that.

  44. Like I said before, I don’t think there will be hidden nations anymore after the war. Let’s look at it, Naruto is there to bring an end to all the nations fighting. How do you do that by uniting them. If they take out all the feudal guys, then there will really no longer be defined nations only territories. Once Naruto beats whomever, sasuke, tobi, kabuto, whatever, he’s going to use his Speech No Jutsu to convince everyone to become one nation, blah blah blah the end. Let’s look at it, he has been winning people over from different nations his whole life, and he has all those allies on his side to help convince each one of the naitons to join him and believe in his message.

    Oh, and for everyone saying that the 4th kazekage is week, lets look at who defeated him, Orochimaru, who pound for pound just going on overall stats (intellingence, jutsu, skill, and strength) is the most powerful foe in the naruto universe. And next in line is kimimaro, who orochimaru hand picke to be his next vessel, and i know you wouldn’t call gaara weak by any means and he got defeated by kimmaro as well, so i don’t think he’s as weak as he may seem.

  45. weak*

  46. Why are you guys arguing over this…the influence of a Tailed Beast probably imprinted on Gaara and left him with his sand power and his appearance. Likewise the ninetales probably imprinted on Naruto since he was born of its host.

  47. @??????

    Well, sometimes it’s a battle of the minds… Kisu knows the manga well, and so do I, and we like to flex our mental muscles now and then.

    Also, it’s exciting to try and figure out what is going to happen in the manga, the only tool we have is analyzing what has already happened.

    Well reading Chiyo’s conversation we see that the 3rd Kazekage was born with some magnetic ability, and since we have no idea how Gaara controls his sand, it would be hard to see if any other ninja could learn it. It does look unlikely. I don’t deny that whatever influence the bijuu had will remain, as we see that the Gin-Kin or Kin-Gin? brothers still have 9-tails chakra.

  48. @Token, just like hair, the Sharingan is genetically passed on lol.

    @??????, ripcord usually knows more about the manga than I do so I try to beat him whenever I can lol

    @Uchihatheinfamous, what would happen if you killed all the world leaders? I don’t think there would be peace emerging from something like that.

  49. Lol hair isn’t necessarily genetic…….. but u kind Of skipped my while gaara observation

  50. am i the only one concerned about the spores from white zetsus that madara ordered to be placed on kabuto?

  51. The kin-gin bros being revived really shows off kabutomaru’s creeper side seeing as those two weren’t known of outside kumo. Overall good chap IMO since we get t see the tactical side to the war. Good summary Bob.

  52. My stance on the whole sand manipulation debate is that it is purely bijuu based and is left over, possibly due to some sort of chakra imprint the bijuu leave on their hosts. The racoon eyes however are stated, on the wiki, to be from sleep deprivation and should start to disappear as time passes.

  53. @Token, no I read your entire comment, just didn’t feel like talking about Gaara. Dude, look it up, hair is passed on genetically. And don’t try to counter with a blonde + a brunette can have a redheaded kid, thats just a recessive trait coming into play 😉

    Btw, it would seem you are ignoring my comments about Gaara’s sand powers. Like the one where Chiyo said the Third only knew Iron Sand by observing a previous Shukaku Jinchuriki

  54. @kisu how many of us know the art of “Talk No Jutsu” to the extent of Naruto, lol. J/k. In real life this tactic wouldn’t be effective, but the mo of Naruto is about change through speech. In real life no weapon is as powerful as speech, and this has been a prevailing theme in the entire series.

  55. But gaara is the son of a kage so he had to naturally be born with some type extraordinary powers just like the 2nd n 3rd rock kages are the only ones in naruverse with the bloodline expansion gaara should’ve been super powerful whether he would’ve had the bijuu or not maybe the sand manipulation really is unique just to him but the bijuu enhanced it like naruto gigantic rasengan n remember rasengan was “developed” from watching bijuu n only 5 people in naruverse history learned it n it can’t be copied just passed on

  56. “But gaara is the son of a kage so he had to naturally be born with some type extraordinary powers”

    Just no. Not all Kages have kekkei genkais. Tobirama didn’t have one, neither did the 4th Mizukage, 4th Raikage (E), etc

  57. @Kisu

    the 3rd hokage did not have one as well and he was considered the most powerful

  58. @Yuffie

    its probbley a tracking thing or somthing for inevitable backstab

    Madara has 1 trump card while Kabuto has 2 so i still give the advantage to kabuto

  59. @Envy

    Well the spores are at least able to trigger the chakra sucking jutsu seen at the summit. If there is more to it, such as tracking, we haven’t seen it yet but that’s possible, as Yamato’s wood pellets allowed him to track Team Kakashi.

  60. @Bob-sama I can agree with a most of your review for this chapter. However, I think when Kakashi made the comment last chapter stating that he is the copy ninja. I think that was Kishimoto assurance to us readers that Kakashi diverson will take care of the Seven Swordman. Leaving him a good chance to introduce the other two fronts. I think the way how Kabuto will ‘win’ in the the allies fight their precious memory. The half that will come in behind on Darui enemy from Kitsuchi diverson, Hizashi will somehow fight his son; the half that break away from Gaara and the back half of Mifune diverson, will allow Asuma to fight his students. My opinion on the Edos that will be attacking Darui diverson is not suited for their fighting surrounding: Asuma seems to be a more of an one-on-one combat fighter, Dan attacks are unknown, Hizashi is good if he is fighting mutiple enemies but with the thousands of white Zetsu army surrounding him can cause him to cause damage on his own men. Is that something Kabuto will allow? The Five Great Nation seems to be having a lot problems trying to detect enemys. From the start of the war, they were well aware that their enemy would be using the Edos technique. Wouldn’t you make sure that you have your senor diverson picking out all of the Edos to elimate them due to the fact that they can’t die. We all know that there are still a lot of Edos that we have not seen surface yet but yet all of the fronts are engaging in warfare. Will that allow the enemy to pass the allies line? If we look at the way the formation is set up. I can’t remember which chapter but it was stated that several thousands Zetus army continued under Kitsuchi diverson while they were fighting. If those thousands continue to travel, who will they come up against? Mifune is currently splitting all of his forces to the other four fronts to provide aide. Something tell me that the Zetus army will make their way to the allies headquarter and cause more trouble. I know that in this chapter they said that Raikage was the Commander of the General army but isn’t Gaara the General Commander! Kabuto leaving the minds and personality of the mindless fight machine attach will be a big downfall for a couple reason. The Konoha ‘Will of Fire’ burns the strongest in the believe we have seen in Naruto; I am pretty sure that Konoha ninjas will be able to break their bond as we saw with Sai brother when he looked at the picture book. Another account will be with the Kages. it seems like all the kages are based on ‘Old System of the Ninja World’ and doesn’t realize that a new age has come. The reason why I say this is because they all seems to want to fight each other and we don’t see that with any of the other Edos summons. So the kages warlike beef can cause some serious problems on Akatsuki part. I can definitely say this, when the tv show catch up to this point, we can expect a lot of fillers for the war, I feel like we are being cheated in some kind of way, we are not seeing combat for combat. I feel like I want to see the Konoha 11 each showing how much they have grown since thier last war with the Sand and Sound village.

  61. Seems I have a lot of haters. Well what can you do.


    I think Kabuto’s leaving the Kages’ minds free actually would be to his advantage, the older Kages only feel that the other villages are their enemies and I doubt they’d be able to rationalize that all of the hidden villages are allied. I think they are all (except for the 4th Kazekage) from the era of wanting to beat all the other villages.

  62. @Ripcord

    Since you mention it, I do see that being advantage for Kabuto.

  63. Raikage cursed akatsuki? Akatsuki pretty much disbanded. This war is madara’s idea. In fact, he isn’t contributing much to the battles. Kabuto proves that he is really the muscle of the operation and that brilliant at strategy. He has just two real people on his side, and he is still able to hold off the entire ninja world with thousands of clones and a hundred or so zombies. It’s just fantastic.

  64. Well, according to the fraud ripcord’s Gravitar (which is linked to his email by the way), he is “boss260” anyone know this guy?

  65. Phew. Thanks Bob…. or whichever Admin took care of those comments.


    I believe that Dan must be very strong. His dream was to be Hokage someday, so he was no pushover. Obviously this is more of a psychological thing to combat Tsunade.

  66. One thing I dont understand is that why they dont order the sensor division to look for the edos user. I mean they know its kabuto n he must be close by the frontier, so y not look for him?

  67. But the 2nd hokage eventually developed techniques only the 4th orochimaru n kabuto learned I’m saying all kage level shinobi have their own special techniques not always a kekkei but they all develop super powerful abilities that at the time only they can use n in the 3rds case he wasn’t special In any bloodline way but excelled at many things

  68. @cas24, exactly, and as a super-ninja Asuma sucked, even though he was the son of the strongest Hokage.

  69. To add to Kisu’s arguement; Kankuro and Temari are also the 4th Kazekages children, but they don’t have any special skills. Not to take anything away from them, but wind element isn’t special, and who doesn’t know how to do puppet jutsus in Suna?

  70. Hey, I’ve kinda been super busy lately and haven’t had time to keep up with the comments on this chapter but surprisingly I had some extra time out of the blue and finally finished my latest chapter of my fan fin Revenge of the YellowFlash!

    There will be a lot of different things in this segment of my story, I will try and go in a different direction so it won’t conflict with the manga. There will be a lot similarities but I’m going to also change a lot.

    I hope you guys check it out, it should be out by tomorrow so don’t be afraid to comment and tell me what you think.

  71. you got some good Naruto manga skills Ripcord! chin up mate!

  72. @Mattmaru

    Thanks for the support, although I’m not phased by those comments, I just feel bad because Bob works so hard to maintain this site.


    I would argue that Asuma had a ton of power, which was useless against Hidan. He took out Hidan in one strike, in case you forgot. Now before you go all jumping on me, I agree that Kishi didn’t give Asuma any time to shine, he just fell flat. Asuma’s death would have been more dramatic like Jiraiya’s if we’d seen one epic battle with him, during the Chuunin exam arc for example. If he’d pwned just one ninja then (aside from that Sound Ninja fodder) we’d feel better about him now.

  73. @ripcord: i agree with you on the asuma thing, but since we didn’t he is pretty much a weaker ninja. Also consider the fact that hidan was imo one of the weakest, if not the weakest akatsuki member.
    Just a comment about tobirama senju. Is he not east becoming an extremely suspicious character? I mean 1. He developed what is in it’s nature a ‘bad guy’ jutsu 2. His death is just dubious, why didn’t he summon hashirama or roof other powerful ninja. Surely if his technique was known by people like the tsuchikage it was used and formidable in battle 3. What the hell was a kage doing on a random field mission with a bunch of kids?

  74. QUESTION: Who do you think is the most powerful summon shown during the war thus far (this excludes the greatness that is nagato and itachi)?
    My opinion: Muu; 1. Kage level 2. Undetectable 3. Bloodline expansion 4. He’s a frikin’ Mummy! Nuff said!

  75. @madzi, lol so the 2nd Mizukage looks like a vampire, the 3rd Raikage looks like an ogre, Muu looks like a mummy… and Gaara’s dad looks like a gangbanger…lol. About Tobirama, everything about him is dubious. He’s also the one that segregated the Uchihas and put them under surveillance (smart move)… so basically, he’s the only Hokage that didn’t mess up, that alone is enough to suspect him since we know just how incompetent the Hokages are.

    @ripcord, I said Asuma sucked as a Super-ninja. I’m sure as a regular ninja he’s pretty good, but by Super-ninja (Guy, Kakashi, Naruto, Akatsuki, Sanins, Jinchurikis, Kages, Seven Swordsmen of the Mist etc) standards he sucks, pretty bad.

  76. I have to say, I agree with Kisu, Asuma’s only use in this war is to be psychological damaging to people who were close to him like Shikamaru, Choji and Ino and since Kurenai isn’t participating then what else can he do.

  77. @Ripcord – About Dan, I don’t see anything special about him. Yes he dreamed to be a Hokage but doesn’t at least every ninja in Kohona will fight for that title. I will wait and see him in battle and see why Kisi wanted to bring him back.

    About the Asuma comments – in the Naruto (filler episode) they showed Asuma in battle as a ‘Twelve Guardian’ so he does have the ability to preform as a Hokage, but he choose to go a different route then his father.

  78. Spoiler Alert;

    Tenten is starting to lose and throws a kunai.”

    Tenten’s losing, what a surprise *sarcasm*

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