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One Piece chapter 612- A Shark Pet!Really?

Well here we are again with another One Piece Chapter, which is building up of what the Straw Hats are going to get themselves in. Lets start where the chapter started with a flashback at how Caribou escaped from the barrel. It seems out of curiosity the mermaids wanted to see what is in the barrel, thinking it is treasure because of how secure the barrel was. And what do they find in the barrel but a man who we finally get to know his devil Fruit.

So it is finally conformed that Caribou is a Logia Devil Fruit user. He ate the Numa-Numa fruit making him a swamp man. After popping out of the barrel Caribou uses his ability to trap the poor mermaids and it seems that his fruit is similar to  Blackbeard’s Yami-Yami fruit where anyone who steps in his field of attack will sink in his swamp(where Blackbeard’s it is darkness) even if it is not deep. So he traps the mermaids, though he does not kill them because he wants to sell them in the Auction House. Now from previous chapters we already knew Caribou is a psychopath who earned his reputation because he killed a lot of marines. Like I mentioned last time we do not really know who is the main villain in this arc is but it is between Hodi Jones and Caribou. Personally I am cheering for Hodi Jones because he makes one of those villains that are not really not a bad person. Hodi seems like someone who is trying to make a change, but going the wrong way of doing it. While Caribou seems like he is pure evil, not having any compassion for any ones life. Killing marines, is trying to killing the Straw Hats, and now is going to hunt more top grade mermaids. Who you guys voting for to be the villain in this arc Hodi Jones, Caribou or someone new?

Now enough of this nasty swamp man, we get to see that Prince Fukaboshi asking Madam Shirley if she is absolutely sure of her prediction, where she responded that she truly sees Luffy destroying Fishman Island. Prince Fukaboshi announces that they must “Deal” with them instantly. Also the mermaids-merman are become unease by the Straw Hats presence in Fishman Island, but to my shock some of them protected the Straw Hats saying that they do not know exactly if the Straw Hats are really bad. And than we see our crew on their way towards this famous Ryuuguu Palace.

On their way to the Palace, we learn that Zoro is actually in the Palace waiting for his comrades and his way of killing time he is drinking. The way the King says that Zoro does not listen to him, the crew instantly notice that it is Zoro and that is so Zoro. Also, Franky is on his way to visit a relative of Tom, Robin is on her way to look for some more of history’s mystery. Than the King explains how Fishman Island has a sun, the Sunlight Tree Eve transfers the sunlight from the surface to the bottom of the ocean. basically it common sense if their is sun light in the surface than there will be sun light in the ocean. Then we enter to the Ryuuguu Palace.

I wish this Fishman Island can be in real in our world. Imagine how cool it be if we could actually live underwater and have a Palace like that. The Palace is like it is called a true royality palace with all the beautiful rich royality have, gurads, bulids and we get introduced to the Right and Left Ministers. Who lecture the King on how irresponsible he is and that they must speak to him about something. I get the feeling that something is Madam Shirley’s prediction of how Luffy is a danger to the Island. Speaking of Luffy he does what he loves to do fallow his noise to the food and instead gets to bounce on something and he feels something “Soft”. I wonder what that soft thing is LOL. Than we figure that it is actually the princess.

But what a huge Princess, I thought we get to see this adorable little princess who is griving for her shark pet. Which brings me to my title of the day “A Shark Pet!Really?” Oda never stops suprising us with a shark as a pet, which must be a nightmare I wonder what the Princess feeds him? Back to the Princess, she is shocked as how Luffy was walking on specific parts of her body. She yells for her Father and Brothers and yelling at Luffy that she is not afraid that he came to take her life. For some reason it seems that the Princess has become a target for various people. Now this chapter is not with a lot of action, but we get to see some information out. As where the rest the crew, and so far Luffy, Nami, Ussopp, Brook and Zoro are in the Ryuuguu Palace. Chopper and Sanji are back in the apartment where Chopper is nursing Sanji from losing blood, Franky is some where looking for Tom’s relative, Robin is looking for important history information. Caribou’s Devil Fruit ability and a hint as what the Ryuuga King and Princes are going to do after Madam Shirley’s prediction. There is two things that I see happening next week either the Straw Hats will be considered criminals by the Ryuuguu Palace or are asked to leave Fishman Island. What do you guys think the Kings reaction is going to be after hearing Madam Shirley’s vision of Luffy destroying Fishman Island?

Side Note: Luffy’s Wanted poster is finally revealed in full view where we can finally see that his bounty is now 400,000,000 making him the highest bounty that we have seen so far.


18 Responses

  1. actully you have missed one person who also is trying for the main villain of this arc

    the man who is harrassing the Princess and was the 2nd person to harrass the straw hats this arc

    Vander Dekken did you forget about him

    so we have

    Wet Haired Caribou, Hodi Jones and Vander Dekken trying for villain this arc

  2. @Jdogg, dude I didn’t even see this. You’re fast :). This chapter was good. Did anyone else see the crazy detail on the color spread with the Strawhats and the sharks? Oda needs to chill otherwise other mangakas might feel cruddy (looking at you Kishi and Kubo) lol. Oh and we learned about Luffy’s bounty from Sabaody a few chapters after the timeskip ended, with the Fake Strawhats

  3. @Jdogg yeah you really know your one piece…I’m gonna rely on your synopsis ALOT! Oda likes to put in a lot of speach bubbles…everywhere O.o The difference in One Piece compared to Bleach nd Naruto in matters of depth of story, dialogue and DETAIL IS MASSIVE!!

    @anyone who the F is Ace nd wats his relation to Gold Roger?!

  4. @Blood Sasuke

    He is gold roger’s son and Luffy’s Bro (not by blood however) once you get to the alabasta arc you will know who he is

  5. @BloodSasuke “who the F is Ace ” man if I wasn’t a nice guy I would attack you haha but like Envy said he is Luffy’s foster brother.I can tell you this Ace is one of the most memorable characters in One Piece and one of the most badazz.

    @Envy no I didn’t forget about Vander Dekken which by the way is a really pirate if you read the history of the Flying Dutchman, but I didn’t want to say anything because I have a theory that he might be an ally of Hodi Jones or they will cooperate with each other since they have the same goal which is to get Fishman Island. And I take it that your voting for Dekken to be the Villain?

    @kisuzauchi Is fast good? Haha

  6. nice blog Jdogg, keep up the good work.
    i think there’s high possibility the ministers will provoke the king to arrest strawhats next chaps.
    and boa will turn the princess into stone if she saw this ,,lol.

  7. @Jdogg

    no I’m not sure who is going to be the villain

    but Jones does not seem well known while Dekken has a poster and is the one that is hinted to be harrassing the Princess so I think he is independent from Jones

  8. @Envy you just made me realize something and I should of realized this sooner but I think the reason the princess is protected so much because of how Dekken was harrasen her. But Jones is not as famous because he is new and I can tell he is new from his pirate name the New Fishman Island. But I am like you I don’t know who is the main villain, but I rooting for Jones.

    @Wong Jowo oh man you just made me laugh so hard I can just picture Boa going on a rampage on the princess haha

  9. one piece, that deer doctor is looks like a cute pet

  10. The princess is hotter… but I think you’d have more ‘fun’ with boa since her lower half isnt a fish. Plus the princess looks as big as Whitebeard O_O

    @Jdogg, yeah, fast is good…except in a relationship 😉

  11. naruto is out!!!
    check it out guys,,,

  12. i think i finally figured out how Luffy is gonna destroy the island. Hancock has been hiding out there and spots Luffy with the princess and goes on a huge rampage! or it will be Carribou that kidnaps the princess and since Luffy brought him here he gets the blame anyway i tihnk the princess will get kidnapped and Luffy gets blamed.

    for the main villan i think it will be like water 7, first enemy the king and co then the new fishmen pirates and lastly when they try to escape Carribou makes his entrance. Decken probably somewhere between fighting the fishmen and entering the new world.

    @Kisu i think the princess is way bigger then whitebeard, i mean her boobs are bigger then Luffy is, and Whitebeard was at most 3 times bigger then Luffy.

  13. @kisu, true we learned about the possibility of luffy’s bounty going up to 400,000,000 but that wasn’t confirmed until now. After all, the wanted poster was never shown then, and the fake strawhat could’ve easily lied to build up his fake reputation even more.

  14. actully Kisu she is at least 3 times white beards size

  15. @Envy and Whitey, yeah silly me lol. I’m no good with scaling 😛

  16. Yawwnn, this whole fishman island arc has been a complete bore, cant wait for it to be over with.

    Caribou cant b the final villain because he is just too weak (compared to straw hats). Jones is the only candiate taking from what we’ve seen so far.

  17. @Nasri, Caribou wasn’t weak, he just couldn’t take on THE ENTIRE crew by himself. nothing to be ashamed of really

  18. I don’t mind much if the villian is a little on the weak side compared to the straw hats. At this early in the game(well early after the timeskip) I expect a villian to be strong enough for the strawhats to show off what they learned, not some superpower that’s gonna hand them their ass. That happened plenty of times before the skip already.

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