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Its Out! Naruto Chapter 525



42 Responses

  1. So dust release is three elements instead of two huh? Awesome. I’m not blown away though. We’ve seen better. What do those two guys have to do with the Kyubi? Why do they have its chakra?

    so anyone notice how Kabuto avoids summoning First Kages? Its cuz they’re sub-par.

  2. oooooooooooooooh snap, its going down with the kagessssssssssss, can’t’ wait to see wat Muu can do, they said he doesnt have chakra so how can manipulate the 3 elements??? must be legendary though, and gaara is definately gonna go buck wild on his pops for everything that happened to him when he was young

  3. yes,,the war start to be good.

  4. Wait, I think I figured out how those two guys have the Kyubi’s chakra. Remember that good filler with that Sora kid? He got the fox’s chakra from his father collecting the residual chakra left after the Kyubi got sealed. So what if these two men were given the Kyubi’s chakra when Kushina was momentarily kidnapped by the cloud?

  5. @Kisu

    we have seen Dust once it was going to turn Sasuke into dust

    infact it was going to atomize the turtle Island if he was not stopped that tech will reduce anything it hits to nothing

  6. @Ren

    he does have Chakra they just can’t sense him it was said at the start that he could become compleatly invisable if he had not stepped on Gaara’s sand they never would have known about him

  7. @Envy, I know all that but we’ve seen better. Mizukage having 2 Kekkeis, all the Sharingan hax, Rinnegans, Edo Tensei, lots of swords, Biju shenanigans etc. I’m not blown away by Dust Release until we see all its capable of.

    Just a thought: If Nagato had lived I could see the 6 Paths fighting on the battlefield while commanding the Alliance’s shinobi.. Awesome!

  8. i liked the chapter, but Kishi has frustrated me again. How are you going to tease us w/ Kakashi’s remark about being on a rampage and using his many jutsus, AND NOT SHOW ANY!?!?

  9. good chapter but it mention in the page # 6 garra’s Father second Kazekage while he is the fourth Kazekage

  10. @NSSK: Typo. it happens. Or Kishi is loding his mind. Or the guys translating f’d up.

    @Kisu: I agree, having Pein in the alliance would of been awesome.

    @Envy: I’m w/ Kisu on the Dust jutsu. gotta see it.

  11. the Kin-Gin Brothers have three hires in the face same like naruto
    did this a sign/ trad mark of the nine-tails

  12. @Kisu
    How are you not blown? Dust release can blow up freakin’ islands and give you the ability to fly.

    The destruction level is even above Kirin and utilizes flight that’s potentially faster than Deidara.

  13. great chapter, all i can see is the current tschukikage losing his life in the upcoming battle, and my boy black zetsu will show some of his ability

  14. This resuraction jutsu is sick everybody who says its not the most powerful jutsu in the world must be convinced by now. Which other jutsu could keep a whole army of five countries busy and we havent seen Itachi, Nagato and the Jinchurikis

  15. that’s the way i like it!!!!!

    seems like alliance is going to be pushed back heavily on most of the battlefield’s and that is the best moment to bring naruto in with a big bang and he’s new jutsu…….. but well have to wait a while for that cuz there are some badass battles going to happen… lol

    to bad that kakashi was not shown, hope kshi corrects that in the next chapter….

  16. I don’t think former jinchurikis are threat to the war coz don’t posses anymore the power of bijuu. Nor not can have bloodline limit. I think they can easily wiped out. The most challenging are the 7 seven swordsman and the former kages. What do you think?

  17. @ ultimate

    lol, i have completly forgotten about Itachi, Nagato an the rest of jinchurikis,,,,, lol

    it’s going to be even worse for the alliance, kabuto is saving them for final strike or even maybe for he’s own protection in case alliance somehow pushes back he’s troops so he can have a way out or is just waiting the right moment :)…..

    and i can bet that he has something else up he’s sleeve

    hmmmm, we all have forgotten about sasuke, he is also going to battle, but when??
    i think he is going to freak out when he finds out that kabuto has he’s brother…. but that can wait for a few months…… 😉

  18. @lose brothers
    there is a reason why they were chosen to be the host of the bijuu and I think also kishi save the strongest shinobi for last, so dont be so sure

  19. Well the Kin-Gin bro’s must inherit those “whiskers” on there face from the Kyubi chakra yes, sora was a filler and he didnt seem to get the “whiskers”. so Kisu must be right with Kushina being spyhoned of Kyubi Chakra and pumped into those Big beefy Kin-Gin dudes, one of them has a big gourd on his front which must be full of Chakra.

  20. So Muu can conjure the Great motown band that is Earth Wind and fire! he could use that to distract the forces and turn invisible and knife em all 😛

  21. @lose brothers, the former Jinchuriki can use their Biju’s powers even if they don’t have them anymore. Gaara can still use sand even though he lost the Shukaku.

    @BrokenBonds, like I said, I’m not gonna be too into this Dust Release until I see all its capable of. Shinra Tensei is above Kirin in destructive ability as well, and so is Rasenshuriken.

    Fun fact: Kinkaku and Ginkaku in “Journey To The West” have a magical gourd that can suck everyone in and turn them into alcohol. This chapter’s Kin-Gin bros’ shoulders are Kin(gold) and Gin(silver), while Bee’s tattoo read’s Tetsu(iron), so looks like Kishi is really going for a full shout out here.

    If anyone doesn’t know what “Journey to the West”, I recommend googling it before reading anymore manga. Journey to the West is what Dragonball was based off of (well at least at first), and Kishi has also taken bits from it.


  23. Dust element sounds badass. Although WTF is a Bloodline Expansion?! Does it mean the 2nd Tsuchi experimented on 3rd Tsuchi? Or did the 3rd already have a potential for the bloodline limit and Muu only expanded the teaching of his jutsu?

  24. All we have been seeing is Kabuto’s tactics in war… and now we get a glimpse of what Madara was actually planning doesn’t it?? Will the shinobi give up the Jinchuriki’s to save the Feudal lords??

  25. So not really related to this chapter or anything, but I was thinking about who would end up fighting Itachi and Nagato when they finally appear. I view the two of them as the most powerful Edo Tensai zombies so I think it would only be fitting that they are combatted again by the last people who beat them: Naruto and Sasuke. I think that each of them will reveal their new powers by fighting them again, with Nagato being at full power and Itachi not holding back this time since Kabuto won’t let him. I think it’d be a good way to show off Sasuke’s EMS and Naruto’s new fox powers.

  26. I think Kabuto is going to summon something really crazy to the battlefield, because he mention something about summoning, and i don’t think he meant the Kages even though it appeared that way at first glance. What’ if he summons Pein and then he get him to summon that thing that sucks the life outta people, or maybe he has found a way to summon it himself…hmmmmm. That would weaken the alliance in a hurry.

  27. @rintu: you know, it would be interesting if kishi actually went into the role feudal lords play in his world. I mean the power of a feudal lord in feudal japan lay in his samurai (not much help in the naruverse), but they are respected in the naruverse and consulted with for war purposes, ninja exams, etc. So why are they so importan? Who are they? Are they more important than the jinjuuriki?
    @nssk: but gaara is the 4th. that kage being impersonated at the chuunin exams was the third. And after that whole arc, gaara went back a good boy and became the 4th if i’m not mistaken.
    @lose brothers: additionally, their chakra levels would have to be significant to allow them to house a bijuu without ramifications i’d assume!

  28. @madzikage, Gaara is the 5th Kazekage, not the 4th.

    @madara uchiha, trust me bro, no one wants to see Pain more than me T_T

  29. man this isnt even fair

    edo tensei = warlord ak74u, grip and rapid fire, with scavenger pro from black ops

  30. btw tobi = izuna. lol

    i know that has absolutely nothing to do with the chapter 🙂

  31. I knew this would be another cliff hanger, good chapter though. I really wanted to see Gaara’s dad confront his children (he looks like one of those dads that never showed emotion towards his kids like Vegeta compared to Goku). There’s 2 more new people which is kinda cool, can’t wait to see what they can do. If Kabuto is bringing back all these relatives he mine aswell bring back Kakashi’s dad and momthat would really mess him up mentally, but then again that would be too much, I’m suprised he got the DNA of all the shonobi he brought back so far. Can’t wait to see the dad’s versus their son’s, I wonder whose stronger

  32. If you go by the anime, Gaara and his father have one thing in common; they both lost to Kimimaro 😛

  33. Lol killer bee takes after his dad

  34. Yo! Kinda pissed i didnt see kakashi and his bag of jutsu- im hoping to see at least 1 of every element from him!
    And i know this’ll sound strange but i kinda wanna see Pain again too- i think he died to early and guys am I the only one that’s pissed off that KABUTO has the strongest move in the whole series?! I mean kabuto was orochimaru’s bitch, how the fuck did he become a top bad guy WTF!!!
    Madara, Naruto, Sasuke- one of you guys needs a jutsu stronger than edo!! Also on a seperate note wat if when Naruto and Sasuke fight we end up seeing The Kyubi vs Susanno?! How badass would that be!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. @tensa
    Kabuto became the best because he merged with orochimaru after already being at Kakashi’s level

    @Fake Ripcord
    thanks for the info

  36. @Kisu

    Kirin is more destructive than Rasenshuriken, Rasenshuriken may be more lethal if it hits but Kirin still trumps most techniques with the range and the potential destruction it could bring.

    It by itself is island busting / jet speed flight, is crazy sh*t.

  37. @ultimate former bijuu are not belong to the elite ninjas of their country they are sacrifies and experimental. Look at naruto and gaara they hate them because of the demon within them.

    @kisuzachi that’s gaara power. not the bijuu. Gaara don’t know how to control the power of bijuu just like the other former jinchuriki

    @madsikage again they are all sacrifies and experiment

    Sorry guys i just base it from what i read

  38. @lose

    actully in Kumo Jinkuriki are respected

  39. Cant remember who said it but i swear the order of strong jutsu’s so far are:

    Edo, Shinra Tensei, Kirin an then Rasenshuriken.

  40. @kisuzachi,even though gaara lost shukaku and till use sand doesnt meen a thing he learnedto control the sand as a chakra nature not for the bijuu.
    Also the controlling of sand comes fromhis father so we will see a great fight between sand and sand

  41. @losebrothers,and gaara wasthe first jinchuriki to be able to go full by his own will ifhe wanted too it was shown he never had to become full shukaku in the first naruto aswell as in shippuden he learned how to use shukaku too its fullest

  42. @Envy,and kakashi could easily kill kabuto or an impure world ressurection usinf kamui. as shown inthe fight with deidara it can anihlate human anatomy easily

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