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The Greatness of One Piece

Okay so it seems that some people are a little hesitant to give One Piece a try. I know One Piece is different from Bleach and Naruto, but it has it’s own uniqueness that it offers for you that Naruto and Bleach do not offer. For me One Piece is one of the funniest and charming Anime/manga out there, Naruto is great because Ninjas are badazz, what I like about Bleach is the sword fighting and the whole Bankai things. That uniqueness that One Piece offers is something you’ll have to figure out yourself and it will be what connects you to the story. I will try to give you guys the plot line of One Piece without spoiling it for you.

The Plot

One Piece starts with a man who is about to be executed that man happens to be the Pirate King Gol D. Roger who conquered the sea and all its treasures. A huge crowd witness his execution but before he is executed with a big grin The Pirate King yells out that his treasures is all out there on “that” place which starts the era of the Pirates. Then we meet the six year old Monkey D. Luffy who thinking that the Gum-Gum fruit was a dessert ate it which turned him into a Rubberman and with the motivation from Shanks, Luffy decides to become the Pirate King and find the biggest treasure “One Piece”. Luffy at the age of 17 decides to depart to his journey to become a pirate and find some friends that will make up his crew. Luffy wants to find at least 10 friends, so far his crew is made of 8 people not including him. Zoro is the first to join Luffy’s crew and is the swords man. With Zoro, Luffy sets out to find some more that will join his crew. That is when his adventures start. The main story line fallows Luffy and his crew. With every new obstacle Luffy and the crew get stronger and more closer towards being the top elite of pirates.

In One Piece there is no actual map of the world (which is Nami’s dream to make a map of the world.) The crew is forced to go from one island to the next because of the geographic pattern of the grand line. But as the story progresses that changes slightly. As Luffy goes from one Island to another he has strange, wild, crazy, dangerous, funny and adventures that gain him his friends. One of One Piece’s strong aspects is its story and the message it send to its audience.

The Message

In One Piece there are a lot of messages that it tries to send to its readers. For example, Friendship is one of the key messages it sends across to its audience. Think of like how in Naruto the main message is Bonds, well One Piece is sort of like that but its more in depth and has way more messages. The main messages I got from reading/watching One Piece is what ‘treasure’ truly is. For Luffy it is the freedom to do what ever you want, Nami treasure is money and wealth, Sanji its women, Zoro it is his swords, Chopper it is medicine, Franky it is his ship, Brook is women panties (LOL), Robin treasure is Knowledge, Ussopp it is courage. So it raises the question what treasure truly is? Another is the person definition of Justice, and the biggest message it sends is chasing ones dream or goal in life.

The Author

One Piece author is Eiichiro Oda who is highly inspired by Dragon Ball author Akira Toriyam. Oda is considered one of the best of the most recent manga authors out there right now. He spends a lot of time and effort in his work. That is why One Piece story line is perfected. Now One Piece started in 1997 and was animated in 1998. Which is two years before Naruto and 4 years before bleach. So its animation is a little old fashioned than Naruto and Bleach. But it got upgrade to today’s date with the newest episodes. The style of Oda drawn is weird, but is highly descriptive. His characters are some times out of proportion. For Example, Chopper who with out the doubt one of the cutest characters out there has the biggest head in the world compare to his body. He looks like a bobble head. But that is why I love One Piece, its different than the other manga’s out their, but i also got love for Naruto and Bleach.

The Awards

Just in Japen One Piece has beating it’s competitors by a long shot.

2008 One Piece Sold 5,956,540 copies and was the best selling manga.

2009 One Piece Sold 14,721,241 copies and was the best selling manga.

2010 The first half of One Piece sold about 15,220,095 copies.  This just tells you how great it is and try to find out what One Piece has to offer.

One Piece is a very long manga it is has 611 chapter and 484 episodes barely any fillers by the way is still on going right now it is at its half point. So if you read up to chapter 10 or watched three episode and quit I highly recommend you to give it a try because there are still a gut load left that your missing out on. Now I will admit the beginning of One Piece is a little dry and the fights are more of all brute strength than super natural powers or tactics to it, but it gets way better when the Straw Hats make it to the grand line. So bare with it for awhile because in the beginning of One Piece it builds up the characters persona and powers. So give it a try or two that was what I did and plus if you haven’t fallowed it than it is some thing new you could fallow while waiting for the next chapter of Naruto or Bleach. It dry in the beginning because all the cool and badazz stuff comes later, you can’t have the main dish without having an appetizer. Also, if  you are watch One Piece In English dub I don’t recommend that because when it was dubbed it was put on 4Kids TV and a of stuff was changed and taken out. For example, in the English dub they call it Cursed Fruit instead of Devil Fruit and a lot of other things are censored or not in there at all. So I would recommend the subbed version. Also this website is the best to watch One Piece. Watchop.com has all the episodes, movies as well as the manga chapter as well. So pick up One Piece and enjoy.

This is why I like One Piece. Watch this video and tell me it is not Epicnesssssss haha.


20 Responses

  1. I think you should have brought up just how much more popular One Piece is than Bleach and Naruto COMBINED in Japan. It sold over 30 million copies last year while Naruto and bleach together sold less than 15 million. I’ll post the link later

  2. Then again, it may just be the sheer number of chapters that’s scaring new people form picking it up. But, guys, don’t be afraid. You can finish reading those 600 chaps within a week. They fly by pretty quickly.

  3. I just added some of the awards One Piece received over the past 3 years. But I mentioned its long because I thought people would like that considering alot of people here mainly fallow Bleach and Naruto which are long Manga.

  4. To people who are hesitant about watching One Piece: There is absolutely nothing to be hesitant about. You try it and there are only two things that can happen: you like it or you don’t.
    You aren’t going to lose anything, [well, except for time but you have a lot of that… you have years of that], if you try an episode or two of One Piece. You might turn out to be a One Piece lover like myself, but you won’t know until you try. So, go watch it now.

  5. Yeah honestly people who haven’t read it should give it a try, it’s a very close race between Naruto and One Piece for my favorite manga because of how good they are. The characters are cool, the story is great, and Marco The Phoenix is the man.

  6. i love one piece!
    gomu gomu no!

  7. @Fire Fist, so…I noticed you didn’t say Sanji, Sir Crocodile or Smoker rock. I’ll give you a pass on it this one time.

  8. This is perfect, it gives me a much better idea of what the series is about

  9. This is a bit weird lol. i just decided a few weeks ago to start reading One Piece and finally caught up (after about three weeks, phew!).

    I like it, though in my opinion, Naruto and Bleach are still better.

    The length of it was the main reason why it took me so long to finally pick it up. Sure Naruto and Bleach are long too, but I started watching Naruto from the very first episode in 04, and after it got cancelled on CN I started reading the manga, and only had about 100 or so chanpters to catch up on. It was basically the same with Bleach, but One Piece, I was just too far back lol.

    Anyway, I agree its a good manga, and I do recommend it to anyone who can make the time to read it.

    Now I gotta start watching it as well.

  10. @Kisu, sorry there friend, I’ve been a Marco fan since I first saw his fruit power. If it’s not him, it’s Ace.

  11. I love Sir Crocodile Kisu
    he was the most badass villain this series had and can still keep up with later villains

    Crocodile should hvave a great arc when we see him again

  12. one piece!!! definately my favourite manga ever! why? let me tell you

    One piece got funnies! naruto got a few funny things and bleach got nearly none but i only know only 1 other manga that is more funny! and that one is based on comedy

    it’s long, so it kept me busy for a week of 2 back when i started i really had waay to much time and read like 30 full series in less then 1 year sadly that time is gone and now i need more time!

    those are the main resons but i don’t wanna bore you with any more

  13. watched 50episodes of the anime, didn’t see what the big deal is. I’ll pass on it.

  14. for anyone who thinks the start of one piece is a little dry (coughmadzikagecough) i’d reccomend starting at the water 7 arc (around chapter 323 of the manga, dunno anime ep)

    trust all of us OP fans here ppl, this is worth it 😀

    zoro ftw!!!!! :DDDD

  15. this is the only anime that can fit in songs nicely with the story … without making it look silly…

    i especially like Bink’s Sake and the Sogeking song..

    where it’s ok to ask questions like “do mermaids poop?”

    i think ppl have to read the manga first, to appreciate the anime. coz the manga rawks (to the power of infinity) !!

  16. @madzikage,the anime’s pacing is shit. Read the manga. The only reason One Piece isn’t more popular in the west is because 4kids dubbed it first and made it stupid. Here’s an example:

  17. You said that One Piece’s message from what you’ve got was that of Friendship and, most of all, to know what “treasure” meant. As much as I kind of agree with you, don’t you think that the mainstream message of this would be “Dreams” and never giving them up?

    I dunno about you, but that’s what seriously struck me while watching it. I mean, Luffy has had lots and lots of troubles, he was told by tons of people that he wouldn’t be able to do it, and yet he keeps going. Same for all the other characters, behind their hilarious personalities, they all have a dream. Also, no matter what, Luffy always gets back up, for example during the Robin arc.

    It’s true that treasures would be an important theme to send away, however I’m thinking that it’s not the most important message being given by the story.

    Anyways, to add to this, I LOOOOOVE ONE PIECE 😀

  18. @Myst well in some way or form all the messages of One Piece are interconnected. Take the massage of dreams and the will to never give up and I do agree with you that at the beginning that was the main message, but as we progress in the story Friendship comes into play and after friendship is the message of what treasure truly is. So it goes the will to never give up on you dream or goal, that with Friendship dreams can be accomplished and what we truly hold as ‘treasure’.
    Do you get what I mean? But I do agree with you that Dreams is the main message.

  19. True that. Without his friends Luffy would never have gotten as far as he is now, and most of his adventures concerned stuff that he treasured and didn’t want to lose. I’m assuming the message of dreams will come back much later, at the end of One Piece (which should be in an extremely long time XD)

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