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One Piece chapter 611: Enter the world of One Piece

This is the first official One Piece chapter blog/discussion from Jdogg. Before we get into this weeks chapter, I would like to sum up this arc for those who are a little new to this.

This is the Fishman Island arc. The “Straw Hat” Pirates just united after their two year disbandment. Luffy and his crew set of to the Fishman Island which is 10,000 meters below the sea. On their way they seal Caribou in a barrel thanks to Franky, Luffy tames a Kraken and they blast their way into Fishman Island which is considered illegal. Due to this they are separated. This is where we get to this chapter.

This weeks chapter gives us a hint of what is to come in the next chapters. Lets start with the beginning of the chapter, where we are first introduced to Crap-hand Gyro and his crew who are running away from something. The First impression of Crap-hand was that he is just one of those Pirates that is just there to test other peoples power, more like a test dummy for the main characters or villains in this case. But that Crab-hand was pretty sweet, looked sort of like Davy Jones hand from the Pirates of the Caribbean also he seemed to be skilled as a swordsman. But back to our chapter, that something that they were running from happens to be the New Fisherman Pirates.

These guys seem like all Bosses laying back and chilin not worried about anyone bothering them, in fact they are doing the bothering, true kings of the sea. But later we learn that they are more like Thugs of the sea. But we are finally introduced to New Fisherman Pirates, a lot of people have being debating on who these guys might be, but now we know that they are really THE NEW FISHERMAN PIRATES, hence the word NEW. But one of the biggest theory that has being floating around is that the Captain of this crew is some how related to Arlong, one of the first Fisherman introduced to the series. But this crew seams like one badazzz human hating fishes. Wow never thought why fish would hate humans. (Sarcasiaaaammm) But all in all we get to finally know a little bit about the New Fisherman pirates.

Lets start with the Boss because he is the most focused on in this chapter. Hodi Jones this fish is one SOB, super fast, eats anything and did I mention he is a great white shark. Holy shazZZZzam, a great white shark is scary as it is, but one that can think and talk is one bad nightmare. Jones literally hates humans, he seems to have a strong sense that the Fish are the dominate race. His hatred seems to come from all the negative things humans have done to the fish. For instance it seems that The great hero Tiger of Fishman Island died because humans would not donate blood to him, or how they are stereotyped and racial discriminated by humans. You could compare his hatred like how Pain’s hatred towards the Leaf Village. But in Jones case he revels to us his final goal which is to take “back” Fishman Island, make the humans inferior and send them to the abyss. You might think this guy is evil, cruel and one scary fish, but you have to see where hes coming from. He seems like a guy who is tired of seeing his race treated badly and has decided that the only way to treat hatred is with more hatred. I can see how Jones and Luffy having one big grudge match and some how Luffy shows him the right way of doing thins.

The rest of the crew are not really revealed that much, but two in particular caught my attention. Icaros Muhhi and Zeo for some reason I have the gut feeling that these two might be the top of the crew below Jones, plus Zeo has the number two on his cloths and Icaros seems like second in command from how Jones tells him he does not need to come with him will they try to destroy the Crab-hand Gyro and his crew.

Now enough of fish, lets get back to the Straw Hats, we are finally able to see the fate of Nami as it seems she has being casually shopping around. Like the Nami we know she always gets what she wants and even more this time. As Pappug lets her and the crew have what every they want from his shop. And boy our loving Pirates did not hold back and took everything in the shop. Now if that is not taking advantage of hospitality than I don’t know what is. But we are introduced to a shocking new King, Neptune the king of the sea.

So now finally we know who rules the sea Neptune the great Mere King of the sea who offers Luffy and the crew to go to the Ryuuguu Palace. Now this seems like a nice king, but he gives me the behivajibis I don’t know if you know what I am talking about, but just act like you do.

Than we see Jones true colors like I explained he is a fish that wants to make his race dominate, but I think what he really wants is respect towards the Fishermen. Jones shows us a new drug that is called Energy steroid a deadly drug that ups the persons power ten fold and if taking twice than it is 20 times and so on and so forth. But has a sever side effect which shortens the users life span. Jones takes four of these E.S drug and heads towards his prey.

Now Jones handcuffs himself to show that he will defeat Crab-hand and his crew with his hands handcuffed. And he does this flawlessly, by destroying Crab-hand’s hand, the ship and the crew. He leaves some alive so they can tell of how brutal Jones is, to put some fear into humans. Like I said he wants to dominate the human race, by taking the Fishman Island and bring down the humans to the abyss.

These new pills that introduced for the first time in One Piece is going to play a key role in this arc. It can be either the rise or down fall of the New Fisherman Pirates as I can see how they can put a lot of strain on the body and can not be maintained for a long time. Like how Luffy’s second and third gear.

I hope I did an okay job for this first analysis of this chapter. But I am not try to kiss up or anything, though I want to thank all the writers on this site. I never new how much work, effort and fun this is, until I did it myself and personal I want to say to all the writers here keep up the good job, I hope I will climb to your guys level of writing.


14 Responses

  1. This chapter was great! I dont see Hodi as being that strong. The drugs are all thats making him look so ferocious. I bet on his own he’s probably weaker or as weak as Arlong (I say weak because at this point Luffy is WAY stronger than he was back then).

  2. But you have to take into consideration that Hodi Jones is in his field of advantage over Luffy and Luffy is a devil fruit possessor so that in its self can make Jones the superior if they fight in the sea. Also that octopus guy Hyozo blocked Luffys attack and he’s only a subordinate of Jones. Like I said those pills might play a big role in this arc.

  3. @Jdogg, good points mate. I even though they’re not IN the water, they’re still 10000 meters under the sea so technically water is all around them. But does a Devil Fruit user really lose power if simply surrounded by water? It would explain how Luffy, a guy that one-shot a Pacifista, could be blocked by a lackey.

  4. Very detailed analysis friend. I’m with Kisu on my opinion on Jones, I just don’t see him as being able to compete with Luffy at this point. Luffy is a beast at this time in the story, so much so that he smashed a Pacifista with a gear 2nd fist (less power than a full body me thinks) and he hasn’t tried at all yet. I say the only way Jones has a chance to fight Luffy is to get him in the water.

  5. Well its not that they have to be surrounded by sea water they have to be in direct contact with the sea water, your right Luffy is strong and should be as strong as we assume he is because now he has Haki basics and without Haki he was almost the level of Shichibukai and now he is like you guys said Luffy is stronger than he was. But Jones beat a pirate with a $73,000,000, that has to count for something. All I am saying is if Jones is not the main or one of the main villains than who is?

  6. Jdogg, lol that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that Hodi is weak without the pills. Besides, 73 million is nothing compared to what we’re used to now. Luffy’s had a bounty of 100 million since he beat Crocodile MANY years ago. I really can’t see Hodi being a threat without his pills, similar to Don Krieg without his armor.

  7. The only way I see Jones being a problem is if he takes a bunch of the pills, like a villains last ditch effort to beat the superior hero. If one pill is 20 times one’s own strength then I can see him eating a dozen at once after he sees he’s no match for Luffy. Without the pills he’s just another Arlong.

  8. Exactly my point, its those pills, which I mentioned like twice now are going to play a key role in this arc. But I gave it a thought and I came to realize that if Luffy struggles to fight Jones to the point where he is all out of it and desperate, than those two years will be a waste because if Luffy can’t beat Jones with at least showing he has improved than how is he going to survive in the New World which is considered on a whole different level than the first half of the grand line.

    Though I still think Hodi Jones will push Luffy to the point where Luffy has to go all out and dominate and be all that was a great fight lets do it again with his big grin.

    But I can see how Hodi Jones being to reliable on those Energy Steriods.

  9. It would be pretty funny if Hodi took a whole handful of the pills at once then just falls and die from taking so many over the months/years. They do shave off pieces of you life after all.

  10. Kisu your last comment made me laugh thanks I needed that 🙂

  11. when i read the chapter it said that Fishmen Naturally have 10 times the strangth of a human and taking 1 pill doubles his power not gives him 10 times his own power it just dubles

    that means he is still strong with out the pills as his power does not increase as much as you thought it did

    also there called Fishmen not Fishermen

  12. @Clinton, he took many pills, not just one, at least 4.


    So his strength got multiplied by at least 16, making him at least 160 times stronger than an average human. He really still isn’t very strong without them :/

  13. i think handcuffed jones is as strong as arlong is and i wouldn’t be surprised if he got fishmen karate like jinbei has. also the huge amount of drugging to fight luffy is like easy to predict. but enough ranting about jones there are still others left. i think the king is gonna tell luffy about jinbei remember the other merman said he was unable to pass on jinbeis message. and one more thing the fishmen called zeo looks like one of those fishes that regenerate when they get cut so might be a nice challenge for zoro.

  14. @Kisuzachi Over DOSE I agree with you on that and its highly possible one of the New Fishman Pirates might take to much E.S and OVER DOSE like a Hollywood superstar.

    @Clinton haha your right they are called fishman but I just like to call them fisherman just sounds and is spelled nicer, but for the sake of confusion I’ll start calling them fishman

    @white Shinobi when you said Zeo maybe being a fish that can regenerate. I do not think thats possible because Zeo is a Wobbegong, a type of shark that likes to use it camouflage and its flexibility to hunt its pray.

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