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Naruto Chapter 524 and One Piece Chapter 611 Are Out!





12 Responses

  1. Kakashi’s about to open a can of whoopass. I guess this really is his year :D. Anyway, I’m not expecting much from the Tsuchikage, he lived in a time when ninjas were weaker…

    For those wondering, these are the pages brought up where Zabuza couldn’t keep up anymore.


  2. first one!! oh yea! lovely chapter!

  3. “Who is this dauntless person gaara has detected?” It might be the tsuchikage’s group. Does that mean that gaara will fight a team of previous kages? I suppose that might be the case. I was hoping that if gaara would fight the preceding kages that he would at least have the support of the current group. I got to say,though, that I thought gaara’s division would be matched with the former jinchurrikis.

  4. @Naruto Tutor

    you may be right, he seems the best to fight the prev. jinchurrikis.

  5. Shouldn’t naruto and bee naturally fight the prev. jinchurrikis?

  6. Naruto will appear when they need him at most like last time, my guess is Itachi and Nagato

  7. @C

    Hmm, perhaps you’re right, that actually adds a lot of story depth, to have all the jinchurrikis fighting, I’m sure KB would have a lot of memories about the other Jinchurrikis.

  8. finally, kakashi’s spotlight, can’t wait to see

  9. Kakashi is pissed. He’s gonna go crazy with the beheader. I’m not sure how tough an invisible man will be for Gaara to handle, I see it ending with a giants sand coffin (the big one he used on kimmimaro).

  10. @ripcord, I can see why Kishi has Gaara facing a Kage. It’s to prove Gaara is Kage-level. I personally don’t consider Gaara as Kage-level, in fact, I’d say he’s about only as SKILLED (doesn’t have to do with who’d win in a fight) Neji. Beating a previous Kage would shut the neigh-sayers (like me) up.

  11. @kisu Totally agree w/ you on Gaara. The thing is, i really wanna see some innovative jutsu on Gaaras part. I mean everytime we see Kakashi fight (besides Pein) it’s mostly the same jutsu and technique everytime. This rampage Kakashi, and Sai wiill go on will show how geniuses fight unreserved. I seriously hope the slaughter and serious fighting continues before Killer Bee then Naruto show up.

  12. let’s see, there’s 52 weeks in a year, and Kakashi has 1000 jutsu. If this is Kakashi’s year, there should be 19 jutsus per chapter, not counting the ones we’ve seen already. lol.

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