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One Piece

Okay this Jdog I just got the okay to start a blog/discussion on the most recent chapters of One Piece. For starters I like to thank Bob for this opportunity to actually write about one of my favorite manga.

Now for those who are not familiar with One Piece, I will give a quick sum up of the story. One piece is the story of the Age of Pirates, where pirates sail the open ocean to be the greatest pirate. In One Piece some can gain super natural powers by eating a devil fruit (I’ll explain later on).  The main protagonist is Monkey D. Luffy and his dream of becoming the King of all Pirates and his crew The “Straw Hat” Pirates with each member having a different dream to fulfill.

Monkey D. Luffy-  Main character who ate the Gum-Gum fruit which made him a rubberman. The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Ronoroa Zoro- First mate of the Straw Hat Pirates, swordsman of the crew. His dream is to become the strongest swordsman.

Nami- Navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates. Her dream  is to make a map of the world. Loves money, gold and is a expert at deception.

Usopp- sharpshooter and the clown of the crew and the best when it comes being a coward. His dream is to become a brave warrior.

Sanji- the chief of the crew, fights with Zoro most of the time and loves women to an extreme. His dream is to find all blue.

Tony Tony Chopper- a reindeer that is the doctor of the crew, the most adorable and youngest of the crew. His dream is to become a great doctor and travel the world.

Nico Robin- the archeologist of the crew, the wisest of the crew when it comes to information and history. Her dream is to find the true history of the world.

Franky- the shipwright of the crew, Supeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr. His dream is to make a ship and travel with it.

Brook- the musician of the crew, likes women’s panties and is all bones. His dream is to meet with Laboon the whale.

The Thousand Sunny- the most recent ship that the Straw Hats travel with. Does not have a dream, its a ship.

The Going Merry- the original ship of the Straw Hat Pirate. (R.I.P)

Devil Fruits-Devil fruits are something that people in One Piece that can eat and gain extraordinary powers. For example, Luffy ate the Gum-Gum fruit which made him a rubber-man able to stretch, inflate and pump his body to fight his opponents. There are three different types of devil fruits Logia, Zoan, and Paramecia(strongest to weakest). Luffy is a Paramecia type. Logia fruits give the eater the power to transform and use a particular element. Zoan allows its eater to tranform their body into a particular animal in two ways; either fully or partially (think of Sasuke’s Curse Mark where he could either tranform fully or partially). Chopper ate a Zoan called the Human-Human Fruit, which gave him the intelligence of a human and the ability to transform into more human-like form(s). Paramecia fruits are the weirdest with the most varied effects (one Paramecia made its eater extremely slippery, while another made its user able to generate earthquakes), but typically they alter the eater’s body

One Piece is a funny, charming, and full of adventure manga/anime that I highly recommend for you to start getting into it. This is just a small amount of description of One Piece I would go in depth as in more information on characters and story line after I see if anyone actually wants to read more about one piece. I also would start on the chapter next week.

P.S I am all new to this so if you have any advice or anything that can help me write up these blog/discussions be more than welcome to say something.


20 Responses

  1. @Jdogg, I edited it a bit, hope you don’t mind 🙂

  2. @ kisuzachi, I don’t mind it, I was just feeling out how to work wordpress, and the whole process. But I don’t mind I am all for change. But yeah I read the whole rules for writing a blog and it is really hard to write under 500 words when it comes to writing about something you like. But now i see that its not that big of a huge rule. haha. Thanks Kisu.

  3. Lol @ 500 words, I meant that as the minimum amount of words per post, the sky’s the limit to how much you want to write. Looking forward to your chapter review next week, Jdog 🙂

  4. hey I actually just picked up one piece a few weeks ago and caught up just 2 days ago. its really good (though not better than naruto or bleach in any way).

    oh and im pretty sure zoro lost his left eye, not the right one as yur pic suggests.

    🙂 look forward to reading yur blogs

  5. @Bob haha yeah I just reread the rules and totally read it wrong. All those years of taking english, my teachers are going to be disappointed.

    @nasri that picture with Zoro was the one when Oda changed the scare from the right eye to the left eye scare.(And we do not know if he actually lost the eye yet).

    But Naruto, One Piece and Bleach are all great in their own ways. You cannot really say which is better, but you can say you prefer one from the other. Like they say “to each his own”. I personally love all of them and if I had to choose, it be a very hard pick because each of them are great.

  6. Nice job man. I’m a One Piece fan myself and I’ve been waiting for a discussion board for it too.

    For anyone who wants to learn more about it, I highly recommend the wiki, it’s a great source for info on the series.


  7. Good job man, I was looking for a good one piece chapter discussion board.

    Hope you continue the good work 😀

  8. I’m always looking for new anime to get into. I’ve always wanted to see the greatness that people love about One Piece. I thought Luffys dream was to find One Piece.

    @Jdog Bob has locked down Naruto reviews and Jsama has a great grasp on Bleach. Based on that quick review, it looks like you know you’re One Piece. Geat job! I hope your synopsis becomes a regular on this site and draws in more fans!

  9. @Bloodsauske yeah it is true his dream is to find One Piece, but finding One Piece makes the person Pirate King in a sense. Also, recently Luffy stated that he’ll become Pirate King in chapter 601, when he tells Rayleigh the he is going to become Pirate King.

  10. Thanks Jdog! Seriously I hope you become a One Piece regular.

  11. yeah, finally we have one piece discussions here.
    good start Jdogg, i’ll wait for next blog.

  12. Actually Jsama has been gone for a while I think pretender or ssj were doing bleach and Jsama actually had a one piece site that white took over but it didn’t take off very well with Jsama basically disappearing so soon after starting it. I wish you luck, I’m not around much but I think it would be interesting to discuss OP. For instance, what effect do you think a devil fruit would have on a fish or mer person? Or what stops the four kings from making the final voyage to get “One Piece.” I also have a crazy theory that “One Piece” is really just Luffy’s hat.

  13. @Mart1 anyone or any thing that eats a devil fruit will get that devil fruits ability depending on the fruit. For example, Funkfreed the sword that Spandam uses (Spandam from CP9), well that sword somehow ate the Zou Zou fruit and had the ability to turn into an elephant. So from that I would assume either a fish or mer person who eats the devil fruit will get an “ability”.

    Luffy’s straw hat One Piece? You can be onto something, but remember Shanks and Rayleigh were in Rogers crew so they Know what One Piece is, so there is a high possibility that hat has do to with One Piece.

    But the four kings are considered the highest level of Pirates below Pirate King. So what I think is holding them back from becoming the Pirate King is each other.

  14. “So from that I would assume either a fish or mer person who eats the devil fruit will get an “ability””: But they live in the sea and have been highly effected by it. I just thought it would make an interesting reverse Davy Jones type character, because at the least they could never return to the sea, and at most it might kill them or have some other adverse effect. Especially Zoan type since they are already part animal.

    “Shanks and Rayleigh were in Rogers crew so they Know what One Piece is”: that’s the point. Rayleigh offered to tell luffy what was on the last island but luffy wanted to find out himself. Shanks started luffy’s journey. I think luffy will get to the end and realize that the treasure is his friends and fun times and such and that Rodgers only worldly possession was his hat, a “piece” of clothing.

  15. Well you really on to something there, with One Piece being the straw hat. But we can argue about this topic for ten years literally because that’s how long it will take One Piece to end. Though I agree with you on that the treasure is friendship and all that sentimental things. Or it could be the truth about the history of the world government.

    But as for the fishermen and mer person eating a devil fruit, it is really hard to say what effect it would take because like you said they live in the sea. I am still sticking with my thought that they would just be not able to swim. But I think this question will be answered soon because One Piece is in Fisherman Island Saga.

  16. @Jdogg

    I was thinking about starting to watch one piece but I have my doubts. I got about halfway through the first episode (animated) but just got bored. I know im not really giving it as much of a chance as I could give it.
    But i’ll read your posts when I can to try and get you to convince me. The show just seems seems a little not mature at face value. (I hate saying its immature because thats offensive)
    I’ll try and get the general idea of the plot from you because if it’s more popular than Naruto, it must be worth reading/watching 🙂
    Your post was pretty informative from what I could tell, but I want to know more about the actual plot like whats the storyline generally?

  17. @JJ I am going to post something that will give you a full informative plot story Just for you man. If I can convert you to One Piece I am happy haha. But One Piece is sometimes is imature but not in a stupid way. Its more like care free attitude towards things. But I’ll admit the beginning of One Piece is a little dry, but it gets much better, as in action, adventure and charm.

    But I will make a post that has a lot of the plot and character depths.

  18. Jdog I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog/reviews on OP. I love OP as much as Naruto . Bleach is taking a back seat .. haahaa

    I think OP is so great because of the endless fun, drama, emotional upheavals that it shows. The anime is just showing the part where Ace died and it was such a heart-wrenching episode. Of course the manga is way ahead. Oda-sensei is really a master at making people glued to the manga.

    I love ONE PIECE!!

  19. @ JJ

    initially the anime put me off too basically with the seiyuu for Luffy. I thought the voice didn’t suit him, because I first watched the English-dubbed version. So i was thinking Luffy’s voice in japanese will be similar. But turned out the voice sounded so childish-sissy. But it slowly it grows on you.

    Luffy’s seiyuu can really bring out the emotion portrayed in the anime.

    Go on give it another try.. It’s a great manga and anime.

  20. @Jdogg
    😀 I’ll definitely be reading your posts then

    Do you recommend english dubbed or the subbed version?

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