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Naruto Chapter 523 Is OUT!


O_O' B.A.D.A.S.S.


20 Responses

  1. Pretty epic chapter. Good action and we finally get some idea about the Seven Swordsmen and Suigetsu’s connection. Good stuff.

  2. DUUUUUDDDDEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My body wasn’t ready for that orgasm of a chapter. I’ve loved the Swordsmen ever since Zabuza was introduced, I fangasmed seeing them in action.

    Oh, Kishi acknowledges the filler swordsman, Raiga. One of the swordsmen was using Raiga’s lightning fangs. God these swords are incredible! Zabuza’s sword finally got its power revealed and it fits Zabuza perfectly!

  3. Zabuza is EPIC!! I can’t wait to read peoples renewed interest in Zabuza! The only thing I don’t get is that if, Mangetsu mastered each sword type then how the hell was he able to when zabuza, kisame, and even Raiga had their swords before he was probably even born? Also can anyone tell me who’s weilding Chojirous sword? Because the only one not weilding a sword is MANGETSU!! >.< I FUCKING LOVE THE SWORDSMEN

  4. @bloodsasuke, all the swords that have owners are still with them. No one is using Chojuro and Kisame’s sword.

  5. Oh crap thanks for making me realize O.o I thought the fat guy (too lazy and look thru their names) would’ve had it on his back. Wait so that makes ownership of each individual sword confusing. Wait so Mangetsu mastered all seven and had a scroll containing each before he died, so does that mean, Mangetsu was probably the last person before Zabuza to own the Beheador…if that’s the case…Zabuza killed Mangetsu for it? O.o which is why it spawned with Zabuza and not with Mangetsu or stayed with Suigetsu. So then technically Killer Bee is apart of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist…the on edge killer doesn’t suit him but the badassness of his sword skillz does…Screw Akatsuki….these swordsmen are the real badasses

  6. @bloodsasuke, nope that’s not how the swords are passed on. Mangetsu’s personal sword is most likely to have been the one Chojuro is using currently. Zabuza’s been a member of the 7 swordsmen for a long time. Probably since he was a kid.

  7. Great chapter, very informative and action packed, bet Kakashi felt DeJavu when he tried to Raikiri Zabuza. lol.
    These swordsmen are real badasses, but I think any one member of Akatsuki could solo most of the group, except Hidan.

  8. @John, I seriously doubt that. Based on what these swords can do, I’d say they’d give even Pain a run for his money (that’s assuming all of them vs Pain)

  9. eh good chapter, but i wasnt really able to enjoy it cuz i hav a headache. oh well, on to one piece, i’m almost caught up

  10. @kisu: that’s a tall order my guy, but i’ll have to read the chapter first. Will post a bit later!

  11. absolutely epic!!

    all i have to say is that was an awesome chapter! luv how kishi has filled in the identities and the abilities of the “mystical seven swordsmen” and have to say hope we get to see some awesome action or involvment with current swordsmen against older ones!

  12. ok, I’m guessing Suigetsu’s bro went on a long selfish journey to acquire all of the 7SotM Swords. He either killed the others, or waited for them to die to get theirs swords. Once he got a couple common sense kicked in and he realized ‘swords are heavy’. That’s when he placed the ones he had into the scroll. He then took Zabuza’s and mastered it, and Zabuza kicked his ass and took his property back. Before Zabuza could finish him, Hohzuki retreated. Later on Fuguki killed him and took Samehada, but didn’t know about the scroll w/ the other swords. Afterwards Hohzuki’s sword was passed down to Glasses Boy.

    again, just a theory.

  13. soo i was of the asumption that kisame and zabuza are of the same generation

  14. cat daddy

  15. awesome chapter

  16. As I read the chapter, I had a couple of questions come to mind:

    What is Hiramekarei’s – Glasses Boy’s sword – ability again?


    Who’s this Demon Guy Suigetsu refers to when describing his brother?

  17. I hate how the chapter ended. Not because it was a bad way to end it (i knew the plan they made was gonna fail simply because they explained it beforehand) but because I didn’t see it coming.

    I was wondering how the plan was gonna fail but i wasn’t expecting haku doing that again……

  18. Finally!!! I’ve been stressed not seeing a new chapter, now I’m happy. This chapter was so f#cking great, that Kushimaru guy seems like the deadliest. They gonna need more then 3 squads to stop these men, maybe I’m over exaggerating but damn these swordsmen are cool. There’s a few questions I need answered, but I’ll wait for chapter discussion

  19. as kisu said i just came in my pants, might not have sex tonight due to the fact this chapter just performed felatio on me, bob-samas insight will shed some light on some questions we have, until then ill smoke a cigarette

  20. @Zep, the sword’s ability generates a hammer, well at least that’s what it did against Sasuke. And the demon guy everyone talks about is Zabuza (the Demon of the Hidden Mist).

    @Profess, I know right!

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