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Naruto Chapter 522 – Attack of the Dead

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Dangnabbit, here I was certain Shonen Jump would take the Xmas off and then they have to come along and release a chapter on Sunday. Well, seeing as this chapter was particularly awesome in terms of kekkei genkei pwnage, I will forgive them for messing up my usual Thursday blogging schedule. First and foremost, I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Hanukkah or holiday. We here at Shannaro!!! wish everyone happy seasons greetings and we’ll do our best to bring more Naruto and other manga-related goodness in the coming year.

Kakashi’s battle with Zabuza’s group will prove to be the first major engagement of one of the alliance’s army divisions against Madara/Kabuto’s forces. That’s not saying the ambush squad battle was insignificant, but the current battle will be the first time alliance forces will be tested as a cohesive army unit – sensors, medics, frontline fighters and support all have to work together seamlessly. As well, they will be engaging their opponent in direct open combat where the victor is decided not only be strength of their ninjutsu, but also by their ability to coordinate and follow orders from a foreign commander. This is also the first time in Naruto where we see an entire division of shinobi engage in battle rather than the traditional squad-vs-squad fighting. Of course, the attention is still focussed on the primary protagonists such as Kakashi and Guy as everyone else seem to be complete newbs to the concept of war. In one respect, this is a little disappointing because the alliance is a prefect place for talented shinobi from different countries to showcase their battle prowess and utilize their jutsus together against a common foe. Instead, most of the alliance shinobi in the battle so far serve only as fodder for the bad guys to work their bloodline abilities on. But then again, maybe they’re just outclassed by Konoha’s shinobi. And hey, seeing Kakashi giving battle orders like a general in this chapter is the closest we’ve come to seeing him in a kage-like role in the manag. Kakashi for Hokage in 2011! Naruto can wait another year for his turn :p

The funniest part in the chapter was definitely when Zabuza threatened Kakashi to shut his trap after the latter began telling Haku what Zabuza said after he was killed. It’s these moments that make me wish Haku and Zabuza would have survived longer into the series; even though they were the first major villains in the manga, they were very well developed characters that were the first antiheroes of the series. Many of the villains introduced later on fit the bad guy role to a T, which made me really miss guys like Zabuza. If Kishi was accepting suggestions for short spin-off chapters (ie. kakashi gaiden), I definitely think a Zabuza & Haku story arc would be interesting to read.

Now onto some analysis of the battle in this chapter:
– Kabuto appears to have switched tactics to suppressing each summon’s personality in order to prevent further souls from being freed. But doing so forces him to channel additional chakra and require more focus. Originally, I thought suppression of the personalities would reduce the summons’ combat prowess, but that doesn’t appear to be true as Kabuto has proven he can command four individual bodies in battle while still utilizing all their special abilities. Which brings me to the point of how he is doing this without something like the Rinnegan… Remember that even with the Rinnegan, Pein was only able to control six bodies simultaneously and had to be located relatively closely. Yet Kabuto has summoned an additional six bodies this chapter and is probably several miles from the site of the battles.
– With Kabuto now suppressing the souls of any summon he sends into battle, the prospects for Kakashi’s army to defeat these indestructible zombies aren’t looking great. They’ll have to fall back on the old methods of either sealing the summons or completely incapacitate their bodies somehow. The only countermeasure I can think of right now is Kakashi’s mangekyou sharingan ability as it can warp the body away. But seeing as how he can only use it a limited number of times before collapsing, they’ll have to come up with some new ideas to deal with these regenerating undead, and fast.
– Gari, the former member of the Blast Corps from the Hidden Stone has a unique Blast element kekkei genkai. The technique uses the same high power explosive forces used by Deidara, but is delivered through physical contact.
– Paku, the girl from the Hidden Sand uses something called Scorch element as her kekkei genkei. From what I can tell, she scorch element essentially boils off all the water in a person’s body leaving them as dried up mummies. Mostly likely it’s fusion of fire and wind chakra.
– Combined with Haku and Zabuza, these four definitely make a threatening team, but I had my doubts about how long they can preoccupy an entire army division with Kakashi in the lead. But it looks like Kabuto isn’t about to give Kakashi time to plan a counterattack as he brings out another trump card summons: the previous of generation of the Seven Swordsman of the Hidden Mist.
– After hearing about the notoriety of the Seven Swordsmen in the Naruto series, it’s about time we finally get to see the complete group in action. One worrisome fact is that they would be missing their trusty blades but the sudden appearance of Zabuza’s beheader sword in this chapter raises some hope. Zabuza’s sword is in the same condition we last saw it when Suigetsu damaged it fighting at the kage summit, so we know it’s not a copy Kabuto prepared. So the mystery is how it appeared here all of a sudden when even Suigetsu believes it was confiscated by the Land of Iron samurai? Could each sword be bound to the soul of its original owner somehow and be summoned at will? If so, Killer Bee might have to say goodbye to his friend Samehada real soon.


103 Responses

  1. I don’t believe it. First!

  2. great chapter, as i said before fuckin epic, i can see suigetsu and chojouro stepping in this battle very soon, if zabuza has his sword wonder if the others can summon their swords too, besides the flounder one chojouru has and the sameheda, which brings me to this question, how strong are these swordsmen without their sword, interesting to see what abilities these swords have, too bad no naruto, wont probably be seeing him for a bit, this edo tensei is a little too much, how many more dead shinobi can kabuto summon, its getting a little crazy but im not complaining, never the less the next upcoming chapters will satisfy our need to see shinobi battle and utilizing their jutsus, oh yeah since haku found out that zabuza considers him more than a tool, shouldnt the edo tensei be released

  3. You forgot to mention Suigetsu and Juugo, Bob >:(.
    I am disappointed in you!

  4. Heh…dangnabbit…old coot word…:p

  5. “You forgot to mention Suigetsu and Juugo”
    meh, who cares about those two team hawk rejects, I really can’t see them affecting the outcome of this war in any way or form, dangnabbit. I also dont like doing panel by panel summaries of chapters, so I’ll tend to cut out stuff, sorry suig and jug fans.

  6. OMG! Suigetsu and Juugo! But mainly Suigetsu ❤

    How could you forgot to mention them? I know it was 3/4 of a page worth, but it was still good that they got out. I swear if they got involved and Suigestu dies…Kishi is going to have 'splainin' to do.

    Paku's Steaming Slaughter jutsu is pwnage, but SCARY as hell. It really does seem to be a very good blend of Fire/Wind Chakras that steams the water inside the body to perfectly cook the person's body and scorch it to a state that of a raisin </3

    As with Gari's…all I have to say is EW@that guys imminent explosion @_@ And WOW at Haku's priceless face on Page 14 xD

    Okay, final thing: Epicsause chapter and AMAZING EMOTION AT THE BEGINNING ❤

  7. Heh, you said dangnabbit again :3

  8. Finaly its getting interesting
    can’t wait to read next chapter 😀

  9. @bob: i don’t think edo works in any way like Pein’s technique. I mean, it appears that the use of chakra is simply to suppress and direct, whereas Pein is transferring chakra to be used in jutsu. So i figure edo is like AI.
    I also like your idea about the swords being bound to their swordsman. I think that this is the case, and since i wasn’t really a fan of KB with 1 sword, i’d be happy for him to lose samehada!

  10. I know it was just a filler but were also forgetting that raiga was on of the seven swordsmen and since her wasnt sumoned he must be one of the current generation. his swords were more like double sai’s. not really a sword but i guess it counts. so so far if the filler counts then weve seen kisame’s Samehada, chojuro’s flounder looking one lol, zabuza’s executioners blade and (if it counts) raiga’s ikazuchi fangs. thats 4 out of 7.

  11. Old Generation Seven Swordsmen = fuqqin epic
    New Generation Seven Swordsmen = fuqqing epic
    Old vs New Seven Swordsmen = fuqqin epic over 9000!

    @sasukethebeast, “just forget about Raiga. All the seven Swordsmen have last names that come from fruit, except Raiga. All the seven Swordsmen have giant swords, except Raiga. All the seven Swordsmen have sharp teeth, except Raiga. All the seven Swordsmen are at least high Jonin-level, except Raiga (who got beaten by Genin). He was somewhat cool, but just forget about him” I said that two reviews ago.

    @Bob and madzi, “I think the significance of Kishi showing Suigetsu looking for the sword is just his way of telling us that Kabuto somehow recovered it.” I said that in the “Its out” discussion :/

  12. I think that its very significant that Kishi had Kabuto say that even with Oro’s chakra he was still having trouble suppressing Zabuza’s and Haku’s emotions/personalities. I think that means that with these additional summons may put to much of a strain on these summons and lose his control of Haku and Zabuza.

  13. thatz a different sword u can tell by da handle itz just different good analysis though and u forgot to talk about juugo and suigetsu

  14. OMG, come on kishi- this is serious overkill, how many more people is he gona bring back with edo!! Kabuto is just annoying not even half the bad guy Orochimaru was! Still it is good that we get to see the swordsman do there thing. Im betting either kakashi, guy or lee die in this battle- someone needs to go!!
    As for Suigestu and Jugo, was cool to see them again but i reckon once they figure out Sasuke dashed karin aside like gone off fruit, they’ll end up fighting him and become practice for his new EMS- which i cant wait to see!!

  15. @jajuan sanders, no its definitely the same sword. Zabuza’s sword’s handle is removable, which is why you think its a different weapon. Bob also said he didn’t mention them because they didn’t seem important (which in my opinion, they weren’t beyond showing us why Zabuza has his sword)

  16. Thinking about it… I can’t imagine there being another arc after this one, I mean Kishi is pulling out ALL the stops here and answering a lot of questions we’d had for a long time.

  17. I have to agree with tensa……. this is getting a little ridiculous with this summon. So on top of the original kages, akatsuki members and the other ninja kabuto has access to the seven swordsman? Come on since when is any villain this op? If kabuto had access to this many strong ninja he still can’t handle madara with his new rinnengan? I call BS

  18. i didnt expect zabuza to be kisame’s senior

  19. I always had the impression that Zabuza was part of the current generation of seven swordsmen along with kisame and raiga. Since kisame killed his former mentor (guy on far left in the pic) to become the owner of his sword, maybe since no one managed to kill Zabuza prior his battle with Kakashi, he has managed to keep his title from the last generation of swordsmen.

  20. @Bob

    The only way I could see the divide is that the previous generation was under the 4th Mizukage and Zabuza was a part of that.

    I know Kisame was a part of that (as we saw that one scene with Tobi, the 4th Mizukage, and Kisame), but I would guess that Zabuza was a member of the 7-swordsmen before Kisame was. I know Zabuza was 3 years younger, but clearly we have seen age not matter quite so much in the series.

    Then I would say that Zabuza realized the 4th Mizukage was being controlled and so he fought the 4th Mizukage and had to leave the village.

  21. @ ripcord

    very good point, i agree

  22. @Bob

    Also, isn’t it really odd that no one came to retrieve the Cleaver?

    I mean, if it is supposed to be a special sword, and it hung around for 3 YEARS!!! and no one retrieved it! That is crazy. You would think someone from the Mist would have gone to pick it up.

  23. Suigetsu even knew where it was, and he was trapped in Oro’s prison.

  24. that is odd, maybe the sword really isn’t that special other than being a really big ass sword. We have yet to see any special abilities from it whether it was in Zabuza’s or Suigetsu’s hands.

  25. …. ok then why bother having it summoned to Zabuza? I guess Kishi has a reason, and considering that he just showed that Kabuto can summon through his Edo Tensei summons…. a weapon shouldn’t be too hard.

  26. zabuza was an old generation swordmen he lift the mist cause he revolted against the 4th who we know was being controlled thats why zabuza was a missing nin and not part of madara grow of thugs.
    ok when are we going to find out the purpose of the 100,000 clones

  27. I don’t see the logic of summoning the previous Seven Swordsmen and creating other loose ends that will in the end need to be tied up. Is this Kishi’s way of introducing the current Seven Swordsmen of the Mist? Either way it’s getting really good, hope we see an actual battle and not just a quick skirmish.

  28. @ripcord, one country being invaded by another…the results of that doesn’t sound like its worth just one sword.

  29. This chapter shows us that some of the Edo Tensei summons are still able to fight against kabuto’s control. What if zabuza only powered up at the end of the previous chapter just further his own resistence against kabuto’s surge in strength?

  30. @Token

    who said Kabuto can’t handle Madara

  31. @kisu

    I’m not saying “invade” but certainly there are lots of ninjas who are able to operate covertly, it’s not like it was in a village or anything and Suigetsu & Sasuke had no problems walking right up to it, despite Sasuke being a missing nin. Your point doesn’t hold water.

  32. @Clinton kabuto himself said that he couldn’t: ch 520 page 8 I believe.

  33. I wonder why they called Haku’s ice element clan cursed? I wonder if there is something about it that we dont know?! And we learned his last name! Haku Yuki!

  34. The way things are looking, this is Kishi’s cop out method. He realises that he wants to end the series, but also that there is a lot of legends that have been addressed but not tackled. edo is his way of showing us everything that has been mentioned without having to dedicate whole chapters to it’

  35. @uchihatrinity
    i guess they called it cursed seen as all clan members were killed because of people being afraid of their abilities, remember that’s why haku was an orphan!

  36. @madzikage
    I agree with you. I guess that should be Kishi’s intentions. It is a shame as these legends deserve a whole chapters for themselves. Hopefully this could be a filler in the anime ^^

  37. @madzikage

    Yes but… he had Edo Tensei in there from the start. If someone invented it now I might believe you. So I think he put it in the series at the beginning so we’d feel it was more reasonable.

    I agree though, it’s complete overkill.

  38. i heard chapter 523 wuz cumin out da week after this 1

  39. @ aoi_nara I suppose thats true, but it would be neat if there was some other reason. I guess most of the kekkai genkais from the land of water are cursed then. I so cant wait to see if haku pulls out some more new moves we havent seen yet.

  40. hey guys ive just been studying chapter 520 and it seems to me when Kabuto stabs the scroll with the DNA of torune it seems like he also cuts his own hand or the kunai is actually stabbed through his own hand as he places it on scroll!

    Now to me that seems like a blood bind contract! So im just guessing hear but to me i would think that kabuto is giving up a minture part of his soul to bind the souls to the vessels so the soul of the summon can return to the impure world!

    What do you think guys?

  41. Edo tensei still seemed overpowered??… hell yeahs!!!.. So why doesnt Kabuto bring back oro and give him complete free will??

    Also why does everyone think the series is coming to an end?… Didn’t kisihi say that he wanted to create the ultimate enemy for naruto?? Sasuke, in my opinion, is still being crafted into the ‘ultimate enemy’ and this is war will mark his full fall in darkness and not being able to be brought back into the light.. so far i dont think he’s killed any innocent people.

    Anyway food for thought!

    Great analysis Bob

  42. @Mattmaru

    That’s an interesting theory, and it could be true… but all that blood could just be Torune’s. However, that makes sense to me, I just hope that Kishimoto came up with the idea before J.K. Rowling about a snake splitting his soul.

    In any case, Kabuto must have needed his blood for something because he drew a huge symbol on the ground,

    which as we know those sealing symbols must be all drawn in blood.

    Where do they get all that blood anyway? Shouldn’t Kabuto be passing out, that has to be at least a few gallons…

    Also, I know it has been speculated, but I just came across more evidence that black zetsu is an Uchiha copy: I think black zetsu must be an Uchiha copy of some kind because Zetsu records and…


  43. @blunter the 3rd sealed away orochimaru’s arms, maybe that’s the reason he can’t summon him

    @ripcord zetsu records and… what??
    are you applying he uses a sharingan like ability??

  44. @aoi_nara

    Well, Tobi asked Zetsu if he recorded the fight between Sasuke & Itachi, which Zetsu did. So apparently he can record stuff. And in the link I gave indicates that Sasuke recorded Lee’s move… so maybe it is the same thing?

    It seems so to me, although now that the Daimyo’s have video conferencing who knows…

  45. “despite Sasuke being a missing nin”

    exactly. Sasugay is a missing-nin and isnt connected to any country. Whatever crap he does can’t be tied to any village or country. If a Mist-nin got caught who knows what may happen. My point doesn’t only hold water, it hoards it (that made no sense).

    @blunter, Orochimaru can’t be brought back by Edo Tensei. He was never killed, he was sealed by the Sword of Totsuka.

  46. Ok Kisu, so then all the Mist had to do was hire a missing nin to go get it. Shoot, they could have hired Akatsuki to go get it, Akatuski seemed to be able to go wherever it wanted, even with those hard-to-miss-red-cloud robes.

  47. @ripcord, I was waiting for you to say that lol. Call it a plothole until its explained…or not

  48. Well, since kabuto somehow managed to get DNA from a shitload of other ninjas as well as the dead akatsuki members, at this point it shouldn’t be too hard to believe that kabuto found zabuza’s sword.

  49. well the only conclusion I can have is that the sword isn’t so special.

  50. @ripcord, all the swords are special since they’re passed down from one generation of Swordsman to another. Perhaps the Beheader’s sword has no in-battle abilities, apart from being more adept at beheading than a normal sword, but it is important to the Mist’s culture, so to speak.

  51. @riocord ps. all links link to the same page

  52. Aww man ok, well I don’t have time to fix that now, maybe tomorrow. The sealing part comes after Sasuke’s fight in the 1st round of the chuunin exams, the recording comments come just before that. Chapter 100-something for all of them.

  53. hey all, I need a one piece discussion/review thingy like this and bleachedichigo. Any suggestions?

  54. @narsi: there actually is a bob-affiliated one piece site created by J (bob’s missing in action right hand man) and managed by white shinobi, however since I went off to college the only one who contributes is whitey and he only does the chap. Posts and only when he feels like it. The site is on a link on this page under “j’s one piece site”

    Something things I noticed: 1. Kabuto controls the summons as beads on a map, of which there seemed to be twenty some beads (I didn’t count) 2. If Scorch element is wind plus fire what is blaze element (sasuke used this element to control amatseru) based on? are they the same? Are there multi element combos that mix a standard element and a combo element? This kind of thing probably needs it’s own blog but I’m retired.

    @Kisu. : Invading that country wouldn’t be all that hard, they have no ninja and were conquered by one mist jounin and his protoge (I consider gato’s men useless). Sending a team to just retrieve the sword would be easier since it’s their sword and ninja from various villages enter the whirlpool frequently for instance team kakashi. They aren’t attacking the country, just retrieving the sword who no one claimed. Finally, did anyone (in the manga) protest the sword being taken or gonafter Suigetsu? No because again, no military.

  55. @Mart, no one even knew they entered :/. Anyway, I was just trying to come up with a feasible reason as to why the Mist didn’t try to retrieve something so important to their culture.

  56. somebody just posted that crap of a song on here, fleece should be deleted

  57. @Profess, way ahead of ya 🙂

  58. @mart1

    Blaze element is just fire, but it is different from Katon because it manipulates fire that is already there, rather than creating fire, which is what Katon does. In fact, there are very few instances where a ninja has manipulated a jutsu after it was created.

    I appreciate the effort for attempting to explain it. It really does feel like there SHOULD be a reason if Kishi would bother giving Zabuza the sword now. There are only 2 possibilities now I think and neither of them is good:

    1) The sword really isn’t special, so the Mist didn’t care about it. Kishi only brought it to Zabuza for some plot device (i.e. he’s going to kill someone with it or showcase someone else’s sword skills).

    2) The sword is special and we will find out soon, but for some reason the Mist ignoried it all that time. Perhaps there was no one who was selected to fill Zabuza’s shoes as a 7-swordsman, but even so if the sword is special…. villages are supposed to be protective of their jutsu right?

    I am leaning toward #1, it’s the same reason why Kisame left Samehada behind, to advance the plot and allow Gai’s taijutsu to be showcased such that Kisame would die. Don’t get all “Kisame didn’t get a fair shake” because he would have tried to absorb the chakra in Gai’s attack with or without Samehada and that was his undoing.

    That brings me to another point:

    Since villages seem to be so protective of their jutsu (like why they sent Neji’s dad with his eyes sealed), why hasn’t the Mist been clammoring for the return of Samehada?!? Kisame’s death must be known, especially because of the alliance. Perhaps the Mist doesn’t know Killer Bee has the sword…?

  59. @rip, everything about Kirigakure is a mystery. I’d just wait it out if i were you

  60. @kisu

    That’s true, we barely started learning about the Cloud, let a lone the Mist and Rock, so I will be patient. And maybe you’re right, maybe Kishi will never answer the questions.


    @Fleece, what exactly did that song have to do with Naruto or manga? You’re just spamming

  62. Hey guys, check this out and be disgusted by it. As if Sasugay could possibly win

  63. @Kisuzachi, I wasn’t spamming. I was promoting geez lighten up a little, we all have TWO more yr’s to live anyways. Here’s something Naruto related,

  64. @kisuzachi
    Where did you find that video? Im always gonna be a die hard sasuke fan and its more entertaining how evil and farther he falls and that vid was actually pretty badass. especially the end fight. pretty sure it was fan made right? where can i find more of them like that? lol

    @Fleece johnson
    WTF does that have to do with Naruto?!?!
    Dude this site is for people who wanna talk bout and debate naruto manga and stuff like that not Discuss Lil B or Miley Cyrus BS.

  65. @fleece
    im a rapper and this lil b sucks balls, no cleverness no rythym, no rhyming schemes, he says the same shit over and over, you have bad taste in hip hop homie

  66. @sasukethebeast
    I know that. Lil B is a big fan of Naruto. Stay blessed

    Lil B is NOT a rapper, he is a poet from heaven. I have great taste in hip hop homie. He has more songs than any rapper out, appreciate his music while he is still with us.


  67. @ kisu. naruto didn’t die so sasuke didn’t win, it looked like they were both a little worse of for wear. as for sakura, is it anymore possible that she could look any uglier!!! i guess it could have been the camera angle…. anyway if sasuke has the ems would his eyes still bleed?

  68. @sasukethebeast, it isn’t fan made.

    @?, Sasuke and Naruto were having a little taijutsu struggle. That is impossible. Naruto’s Frog Katas would’ve killed Sasuke if he fought him with straight up taijutsu. I only care about this discrepancy because its an official source that made this and not fans. I’m hoping the anime doesn’t make Sasuke seem stronger than he is in the manga, or more accurately, make Naruto weaker just so they appear even.

    @Fleece, I take offense to you telling me to lighten up. I pride myself on being a pretty funny guy and not taking things too seriously lol. But anyway, promoting non-naruto and non-manga stuff here also falls under spamming. Don’t do it. I’m pretty sure Naruto would’ve Rasengan’d Miley so hard her body would be crippled like her brain -_-. Also, no offense, but that rapper sucks.

  69. @Kisu
    Is that clip from the Fifth Naruto Shippudden movie? In which I heard Naruto’s Sage Mode would play a huge part as he faces an unknown enemy. Why wouldn’t Naruto use his Odama Rasengan in that exchange, Sasuke would have been a gonner. Again Naruto holding back and saying he is not strong enough when everyone knows he is, is the only explanation in the case that he should lose BS indeed.

  70. @John, no, its a Shippuden OVA based on what I’ve gathered. The Fifth movie is apparently a redo of the Pain Invasion. And yeah, I agree with you. Naruto is more than a match for Sasuke. I doubt the EMS can be any more broken than the normal MS, so I would say Sage Mode Naruto could be even with it, but now Naruto has mastered the Kyubi. I can’t imagine how Sasuke can even compete with him.

  71. @ksiu

    The only way is if the EMS power Itachi mentioned (during his fight with Sasuke) was even more powerful, although I was under the impression that it was an immortality jutsu. Everything Itachi said during that fight was a riddle of sorts.

  72. @ripcord.

    itachi wants naruto to win against sasuke. thats the impression i get. what i like about itachi is that he is extremely smart, he gives you clues and if you can work them out, you’re rewarded. only the best gets the best. ems immortality only applies to the eyes doesn’t it, i mean sasuke can still be killed physically right?

    you’re right. naruto could pawn sasuke if he wanted to. but naruto doesn’t want to kill sasuke, he wants to save him from the darkness…. like he did with gaara. sakura is more likely to kill sasuke to save him.

  73. What would really make this war more interesting is if we saw Jashinists. Surely Hidan couldn’t have been the only member of a RELIGION in the whole Naruniverse. what would be even better is if we saw Jashin himself :3 (y’know, like we saw the god of death)

  74. thoughts on the whole Suigetsu n Jugo cameos.

    Suigetsu: Prob gonna die.

    Jugo: more Oro mojo for Kabuto to use.

  75. Happy New Year, everyone! My best wishes. 2011 may give you whatever 2010 didn’t. 🙂

    Let’s see what will also happen in Naruto this year (and who is gonna die…)

    (I wonder now if Kishi is gonna give an interview for the plot story of this year, as he did for 2010.)

  76. @ZepWolfX

    But Juugo doesn’t have any Oro chakra in him, the cursed seal is his own.

    @Wo Ai Ni

    I believe Kishi did, but he didn’t reveal much. He just said he promises this year is Kakashi’s year, last year things got in the way. He didn’t reveal as much as last year.

  77. @Kisu
    Ohhh okay yeah I see it wasnt fan made now. but still pretty awesome wether or not its gonna be real one day or just a teaser. that crying baby at end gives me the chills lol

  78. @Kisu, ok I won’t post anymore Lil B vids, but you should def check em out. I didn’t see any new manga this week so I decided to promote his music, kid has got talent. Stay blessed

  79. @fleece Johnson
    There wont be any new naruto manga till 2nd week in january sadly :/ major cliff hanger.
    Dude im young and most people my age listen to nothing but pop, hip-hop, and rap.
    personally im a Heavy metal head till the day I die. and I hate the music poeple my age listen to but weirdly I know a little bout it and this lil B guy doesnt even seem to have any talent what so ever. You chose the wrong site to promote his music man.

  80. @ripcord: true. my apologies. See people, that’s what happens when you don’t check in once in a while, you loose track of stuff. lol.

  81. Guys im lost, where is that sage naruto vs sasuke mini fight suppose to fit in?? Is it a teaser for their fight after sasuke killed danzou??? Also im not sure about the animation but isnt it the same sloppy style used in the anime of 6 tails naruto vs pain?!

  82. @ZepWolfX

    Don’t feel bad, it really is a subtle thing. Makes me wonder though if there are any other cursed seal ninjas running around, since Sasuke set them all free. That’s a lot of Oro’s chakra running around. They probably killed each other though…

  83. @Tensa, its just an OVA. Anyway, the animation in the Pain fight was very fluid and top-notch, very well done. What was bad was the artwork. The artwork totally SUCKED! That alone makes it the worst episode of Shippuden. Its a good thing the 5th movie will be a completely redone Pain Arc…

  84. @fleece
    hes not a poet, theres no form of poetry being used in his so called base music that he started and he alone participates in, every song sounds the same and he says swag in every one of them, just saw an interview of him on vice, hes horrible

    when will the next chapter come out

  85. Lil B is straight garbage. A lot of people may not like rap on here but I love it. So speaking for those who do like rap, don’t promot trash. His lyrics are preschool, and his beats sound like they came off the beat maker game on the PS2.

  86. Wow starting to get disappointed with shannaro

  87. @Profess, mangastream says the second week in january. So, next week

  88. oh man, everyone is bagging this Lil B guy. wouldn’t it be an irony if fleece was this lil b guy and you guys are bagging him….

  89. p.s. please, please i hope that another chapter is out early….

  90. Authors are alive, the new chapter MIGHT come out tonight, Kishi has taken a break for christmas and so have we, but we are here and we’re working on stuff. If the chapter is released while im awake Ill post it straight away.

    Its the year of Naruto, Lets do this!

  91. okay is it just me or has everyone forgotten the battle between madara and senju at the valley of the end… Senju had all seven swords when he fought the nine tails… i think they serve a purpose of controlling the tailed beast as well…..

  92. You’re talking about here right?


    I’m not sure if it has anything to do with it… almost seems to me that Hashirama made a branch for defense and the swords stuck into it. You could be right though, perhaps there were 7 swords of the Fire, and so on for all the nations. Seems like a bit much for Hashirama though, he’s already got enough power with Mokuton.

  93. you know what would be well cool if Hashirama used mokuton with the swords! like he used the vines as arms and had all 7 swords battling away 😀

  94. Ok question for you guys! Do you think the tailed ebast bomb will be the most powerful attack interms of rare power or do we think the might push is still the top dog interms of destructive force? or is there something else that is even greater?

    Im thinking the tailed beast bomb from kyubi if he had both yin and yang chakra would easily be the biggest devestation! but the thing is that even when naruto was just about to control kyubi! even in his emaciated state Kyubi still managed to create and colossal menacing ball the dwarffed Naruto!

  95. I didn’t know Naruto was voiced by a fat person : (

  96. @Fleece, no one watches the English dub. She doesn’t do a good job with Naruto’s voice. After the 3-year timeskip he sounds exactly he did back in Part 1, a whiny little brat. lol

  97. the english dub is pretty bad but its dope hearing the akautski voices such as hidan and kakuzu, in about a month thier arc will come out in dub

  98. @Profess, lol I can’t wait to see how they’ll censor Hidan and Kakuzu. Hidan’s whole way of fighting has to get censored in my opinion lol

  99. @kisu
    i never watch it on disney xd, only on narutoget

  100. @Kisu I watch the english version sometimes to grasp the imporatnt scenes. I don’t no about anyone else but I hate pausing the videos of the japanese version, but I like it becuase it’s uncut and dirty how I like it

    It feels like it’s been yr’s since we read a new Naruto chapter

  101. hahahahahahaha @fleece. Not used to Anime I see. don’t worry, we all started like that. you’ll get used to it, even to the point where you finished reading the subs before they disappear. lol.

  102. its out… 523 is out

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