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Bleach Chapter 432 – The Soul Pantheism

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What better Christmas present than an early Bleach chapter? Thanks Tite. Now, chapter 432 – The Soul Pantheism. For those of you who were wondering, Pantheism is the view that God is one with the universe, and that there is not one being/creator, but rather an omniscient presence. Whether that has something to do with the “Soul King,” or Xcution, I don’t know.

This chapter was a little more insightful than previous chapters…



Zangetsu ain't got shit on me..

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Revenge of the YellowFlash XIII!

Since we can’t really exchange gifts, my Shannaro friends, I decided to give you the next chapter of my fan fic, I hope you like it!

In Konoha everyone stands in the Hokages office quietly all reflecting on the events that just occurred.

Tsunade: Everything is a complete disaster! We’ve lost Naruto and the Kyuubi all in one day. This is an enormous lost for Konoha.

Shikaku: If the other nations were to find out we lost the Kyuubi then things would get even more troublesome. The good news is the Fourth is still alive, thanks to Kakashi that is. Explain to me how that happened, again.

Tsunade: In a ninja’s body they have two types of circulatory systems, one is the veins that carry blood throughout the body and the other is the veins that carry chakra. These veins are lined around all internal organs and can affect them drastically if something were to go wrong. Minato was completely out of chakra which puts a huge strain on his heart and stopped it immediately. This means certain death to any shinobi who pushes their chakra reserves to this level of exhaustion. When Minato’s heart stopped, Kakashi generated a great amount of electrical current through his body to jump start his heart while I inserted a small amount of my chakra inside his body temporarily until his chakra recovered enough to sustain is life.

Shikaku: This process is very dangerous, and the success rate is very small. On top of that their is only a small window in which you can do this.

Tsunade: Yes, if we had waited any longer Minato would be dead right now and also it takes a great toll on the user, forcing your chakra into someones body for a long period of time isn’t an easy feat. Good thing we got back to the village when we did.

Shikaku: That’s the down side of battling the Rinnegan and the Kyuubi.

Tsunade: He’s really something, isn’t he?

Shikaku: Yondaime Hokage.

Inside Konoha’s hopital Minato lay wrapped from head to toe in bandages as he lies unconscious. He starts dreaming of the death of Kushina. While holding Naruto tightly as an infant and saying his goodbye to Kushina as she sealed away the Kyuubi. He then switches to the Uchiha Massacre when he fought against Madara and Itachi. He remembers how he begged Itachi to reconsider his betrayal and the look on Sasuke’s face when he realized his entire clan had been wiped out all while Madara stands laughing with a sinister voice. He remembers the death’s of Obito and Rin and the look on Naruto’s face when he told him Sasuke had fled the village. The last memory is of Naruto calling him a liar, telling him he plans on kill him and destroying the Leaf and leaving with Madara, then a picture of an angry half Naruto and half Kyuubi monster appears in his head scaring him. He wakes up in a sweat panting heavily staring around wondering where he is.

Minato: Naruto.

Far away in a dark place, Madara stands in front of a serious looking Naruto.

Madara: You must get rid of foolish emotion towards others, the only thing that matters is your goal. No more playing ninja, it’s time you learn a true shinobi’s path. My teaching are regarded in the shinobi world as pure torture and being compared to war itself. I believe a ninja is not a true ninja unless he or she has lived through war. A ninja doesn’t know who they are until they are pushed to their absolute limit.

Naruto: I don’t care about what the shinobi world regards about anything because the world is broken and it’s up to me as the destined child to bring true peace . I’m going to destroy their way of the ninja and my way will shape and form a new era, an era of peace.

Madara: Yes, come Naruto, let me beat all my knowledge into you.

Suddenly Itachi appears!

Itachi: Still up to your treacherous ways I see.

Naruto: Itachi?

Madara: Itachi, What a surprise, how did you find me?

Itachi: The same way I found you before when we conspired to destroy Uchiha.

Madara: Thanks to you we succeeded.

Itachi: (Activating his Sharingan) Enough games, I told you what would happed if you when after Konoha.

Madara: If you are so loyal to Konoha, why not go back? Oh, I know, because you betrayed them and now you come whining to me everytime you get homesick.

Itachi: If you know me so well, then you would know I don’t take kindly to disrespect.

Madara: I do know you, in fact I know Sasuke as well.

Itachi: If you are planning on going after Sasuke then you better think twice.

Madara: I wouldn’t dare hurt Sasuke the same way you hurt him when you murdered the Uchiha.

Itachi uses his bodyflicker technique to appear behind him with a katana  sword to his throat.

Itachi: (Activating his Mangekyou) You know very well what I’m capable of. I however, know exactly what you are capable of, so your little fazing won’t work on me.

Madara: The teacher versus the student, how anti-climactic.

Itachi: You and I both knew it would come to this, seeing that we disagree when it comes to the path a ninja should walk.

Madara: So, you are just going to betray your brothers?

Itachi: Consider this my resignation.

Itachi casts his Tsukuyomi on Madara paralyzing his entire body. Madara, on bended knee gasps for air as Itachi kicks him in the face through a wall. Itachi then activates his Amaterasu and blows the entire place to pieces. When the smoke clears Naruto stands outside from the rubble with his red Kyuubi eyes glaring at Itachi. Madara breaks from under some rock and stands next to Naruto with his Akatsuki robe torn to sheds and his mask cracked, almost falling apart.

Itachi: You pray on others and use them to get what you want. You are full of nothing but greed and ambition, nothing else.  I am through being your pawn, I’ll fight for myself from now on.

Itachi turns around and starts to walk away but stops suddenly.

Itachi: Naruto, one piece of advice. If you are going to walk this path you must accept all the consequences that comes with it. Soon you will come to terms with your betrayal. Every shinobi must choose his path but you must make sure it’s the right one. (Staring into the sky) Sometimes you can’t go back no matter how much you may regret it.

Naruto: You made your decision and I have made mine.

Itachi: I hope more than anything you decide to change that. As for you Madara, our paths will cross again and when it happens one of us will die.

Madara: I’m counting on it.

Itachi disperses!

Inside Orochimaru’s hideout Sasuke and Orochimaru trains intensely. Sasuke’s Chidori ignites the entire dojo as he powers it up. He dashes at Orochimaru at full speed and impales him through the chest.

Orochimaru: You think that can hurt a body like mine.

Orochimaru head butts him sending him flying into the ground. When Sasuke looks up Orochimaru is standing over him smiling with his Kusunagi Sword in his face.

Orochimaru: You lack speed and brute strength. You have strong chakra, so use it, take off the kid gloves.

Angered by his remarks, Sasuke jumps and kicks him into the wall and throws kunai to pin him down. He forms hand signs, Fire Style: Pheonix Flower Jutsu! He blasts Orochimaru with fire balls at an astonishing speed. When the smoke clears, it was an Earth Clone and the real Orochimaru appears behind him and punches him in the face knocking him on the ground.

Orochimaru: You are a clever brat but you are not using your Sharingan to its full potential. From the moment you saw me you should have realized I was a clone. How do you expect to beat Itachi if you can’t even defeat me?

Sasuke: Like this.

Sasuke apprears behind him with a Snake from his sleeves at Orochimaru’s throat ready to strike.

Orochimaru: Nice work. Now, if you are serious about my training you, then you are going to have to put your full trust in me. The only way for you to gain power quickly is to not just enhance you jutsu, speed and strength but your body as well.

Sasuke: I told you, I will do anything to defeat Itachi.

Orochimaru: Then let’s begin.

Back in Konoha at the hospital Kakashi walks into Minato’s room and the bed is empty with bandages lying on the floor and the window open.

Kakashi: Minato-senei?

Shizune busts through Tsunades door screaming.

Shizune: Minato-sensei has vanished from the hospital!

Tsunade: What! Alert the Anbu and Medical squads, in his condition he should be in bed!

Far away in a cave, the Akatsuki organization comes to order.

Dark Zetsu: I’ve recieved word from some of Akatsuki’s sources that all Kage of all the Five nations has completely vansihed.

Konan: What! Do we have any information on their whereabouts?

White Zetsu: I’m afraid not, we may be dealing with a new power.

Pein: Our objective is to consolidate power, if their is a new power on the rise we should be ready.

Kisame: We should split our squads into two teams. One team should continue the hunt for Bijuu and the other should search for the Kage.

Pein: Then it is agree, we shall go underground to gather intel and resume our attack on the Shinobi World in three years. We’ve also got some bad news, Kisame, it seems Itachi has fled Akatsuki to work on his own, I think it’s only fair that you be the one who takes care of him.

Kisame: So, it’s come to that. Looks like our prediction was right, Itachi.

Back in Konoha Tsunade is just informed that all Kages are missing.

Tsunade: How can this be!? What’s going on? Are the Akatsuki making their move already?

Kakashi: I don’t know but how can they enter the village undetected and capture the Fourth Hokage right from under our nose.

The Counsel enters.

Council Woman: We’ve just gotten word, things aren’t looking good.

Council Man: We propose a full lock down of our village and an upgrade on our security. We want all Jonin, Chuunin, and Genin on guard!

Tsunade: Isn’t that a little to much.

Council Man: A little too much!? The Kyuubi and the Fourth Hokage has been captured, do you honestly believe things aren’t bad enough!?

Tsunade: (Slamming her foot to the ground causing the entire building to tremble) I am the Hokage so that means I’m in control, I no longer need your guidance. When I need your opinion, I’ll ask for it!

Shizune: But Lady Tsunade, what are we going to do!?

Tsunade: We’ll upgrade security to level two and I want to send ninja to protect Konoha’s borders and scout throughout the Fire Country. We don’t want any surprises. I want you to call on all prominant families in the village including Hyuuga, Aburami, Inuzuna for their tracking abilities. Also, bring the list of shinobi to me now, it’s time we form a special forces squad. On top of that I think it’s time for a Summit with all the Five Nations.

Shizune: Yes, Lady Tsunade!

Tsunade: As for you two, it will be in your best interest to leave.

On top of a mountain far away Itachi stands with dozens of crows flying around him.

Itachi: Alright, it’s time for a family reunion, little brother.

Back to Madara and Zetsu.

Madara: So, have you found out why all the Kage are missing?

White Zetsu: No, it’s kinda crazy.

Black Zetsu: They all just vanished, could this be a trick?

Madara: Honestly I have no idea, a Kage would never abandon their village.

Black Zetsu: Could they be baiting us to attack?

Madara: It’s possible but I won’t fall for it. I have to gain more power before I go on the offensive. From now on we move cautiously.

Danzo is seen in the shadows.

Danzo: Is it time yet?

Madara: Not yet but soon it will be. Be patient, we have three years to prepare.

In Konoha, Tsunade and Kakashi talk in private.

Tsunade: Right now, I don’t know what’s going on. There could be spies throughout our entire government. The council can’t be trusted, you are the only one who can protect this village if something goes wrong.

Kakashi: What are you going to do?

Tsunade: I’m not sure yet, but if something should happen to me, you are the only ninja left in this village who can protect it.

Kakashi: I’m not cut out for something like that.

Tsunade: You really don’t understand the power you possess, Kakashi?


Tsunade: You have copied over a thousand techniques, with all the knowledge you possess on ninjutsu, you have the potential to even rival the power of the Sandaime Hokage, who was known to be the God of Shinobi and the Professor based on his vast knowledge of jutsu!

Kakashi: I can never live up to the name of the Third Hokage.

Tsunade: If you don’t even believe in yourself, then it’s useless.

Kakashi: But, I have within me the same “Will of Fire” he possessed, an in which he instilled inside me. I will train hard to achieve greatness and make him and the entire village proud.

Tsunade: I believe in you, Kakashi.

This is where the Time Skip begins!! So next chapter, three years have passed.