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Naruto 2010 Year End Review

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hi folks, we’re coming to the end of 2010 and with the absence of a Naruto chapter this week and probably next week as well, I thought I’d do something to wrap everything up and keep the manga fresh in everyone’s mind when the new chapter arrives next year. This year has certainly seen some exciting things happen in the Naruverse. So much of the secrets that Kishi had been guarding since the beginning of the series have been slowly revealed to us this year. For the first time, we are beginning to understand the events of the past which became the catalyst for the world-changing events that are unfolding in the present day Naruverse. But at the same time, we’ve also been left with a bunch of loose ends and open-ended explanations in the wake of all the new revelations that I feel we need to take a moment to look back and make sure nothing is missed.

Nagato’s Rinnegans
So apparently Nagato was a descendant of the Uzumaki clan. This was said by Madara as he retrieved the Rinnegans from his body after defeating Konan. Nagato grew up in and was raised by his parents in the Rain village, so either his parents were refugees from when Whirlpool country was destroyed or Nagato was left in their care as an infant perhaps to conceal him from those who were hunting down Uzumakis after Whirlpool’s demise. Now we don’t know much about the Uzumaki clan other than what Kushina told Naruto inside his consciousness, but she certainly wouldn’t have neglected to mention that they possessed a Rinnegan kekkei genkai. According to Madara, he gave Nagato his Rinnegans – since Nagato activated his Rinnegans at quite a young age, Madara must have done the transfer during his infancy. Whatever the case, we now know that those of the Uzumaki bloodline are potentially compatible with the Rinnegan. But where did Madara obtain those Rinnegans in the first place?

The Fate of the Uzumaki clan
Kushina mentioned some history regarding the Uzumaki clan to Naruto. It was brief, but we do now know the clan specialized in sealing jutsu and many possessed incredible longevity. At some time in the distant past, possibly during on of the previous Great Ninja Wars, the entire Whirlpool country wherein the Uzumakis resided was destroyed by enemies who feared their power. The survivors scattered, many integrating to other nations. My question is why were the Uzumakis feared so much to warrant being wiped off the map? There were certainly many other villages/clans that also possessed powerful abilities… were they just an easy target? If so, why didn’t Konoha come to their aid as an ally? An entire clan just doesn’t disappear overnight. Also, why wasn’t Naruto told about the significance of his last name? And you’d think somebody along his travels would have recognized Naruto’s last name and shed some light on the matter for him. It’s almost as if information about the Uzumakis was repressed the world over. And if so, why?

Naruto’s “That Jutsu”
Okay, I’ve been confused by this ever since it first came up. I think it was Jiraiya who first started it when he warned Naruto not to use “that jutsu” after they came back from their 3 year training. Then Naruto underwent his first four-tails Kyuubi transformation, and it was assumed that it must have been “that jutsu” since it was so powerful. Yet the topic surfaced again when Naruto was given the key to his Kyuubi seal and was told that he’s getting closer to perfecting “that jutsu.” It became clear at this point that “that jutsu” was something Naruto had been training with Jiraiya to achieve, and that it had something to do with the Kyuubi’s power. Recently in chapter 519, Naruto has begun to learn the tailed beast bomb technique from Killerbee. This potentially could be “that jutsu” as it could be said that Minato passed down the Rasengan and Kyuubi to Naruto for just this purpose. But two things bother me: 1. it’s been implied so far that Naruto has been training towards perfecting “that jutsu”, but during his training with Killer Bee it’s clear it’s the first time he’s ever attempted at it. 2. Minato must have made sure to leave Naruto behind something that can counter Madara’s powers, but is a slow-charging single shot chakra blast any good against someone who can phase and teleport near instantly?

Who was inside Kabuto’s last coffin? Who is Madara?
It’s becoming more and more evident through Kabuto’s interactions with Madara that Madara is not who he say he is, or at least he’s not telling the full story. Kabuto has never really called Madara by his name and only said “you go by Madara these days” when they first met. And every time Madara Uchiha comes up in their conversations, it’s as if Kabuto is referring to him as a third person and not the ‘Madara’ standing next to him. And then there’s the body in the last coffin Kabuto summons in chapter 590 – its revelation was the first time I think Madara has been truly stumped by something and had no counters for. Although it’s not stated implicitly, most fans tend to believe that the body in that coffin is that of the real Madara Uchiha and that Kabuto means to use that information to blackmail ‘Madara’ into cooperation when he said “I haven’t told anyone yet.” That leaves the million-dollar question of who is this man who calls himself Madara?

So what did you think of the Naruto manga as a whole in 2010? Did I miss something important? Any other major mysterious worth mentioning?