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Revenge of the YellowFlash XII!

After Peins devastating attack obliterated the Valley of the End, Minato is still standing ready for round two.

Minato: You can’t defeat me that easy.

Madara: So, you survived.

Pein: Not may people can survive my Omega Shinra Tensei, but you did.

Minato: I can’t die, I have too much to live for.

Pein: Still trying to stand in the way of peace, huh? You are what’s wrong with this world and part of the reason why I’m trying to change it.

Minato: I feel sorry for you. You are so full of hatred you don’t even see that you are hurting the path to peace instead of building it. You’re no God, just a powerful ninja who’s using his power for evil. That doesn’t make you great, leading by example does. You think killing people and causing chaos is going to convince people to change? All you’re doing is showing them how to be just like you, a murdering scumbag.

God Realm Pein:………….

Minato throws a kunai with an explosive note tag attached causing a huge blast. The blast blows  them all and Kushina and the unconscious Naruto off the statue. Minato catches them both in mid-air and lands on the ground in front of Madara and the three paths of Pein.

Minato: How careless of you, Madara. Don’t declare victory unless you are sure your opponent is dead, otherwise you look like a fool.

Madara: You will be dead pretty soon and I’ll once again have the pleasure of watching you die. Pein, finish him.

Pein: You should have escaped when you had the chance.

Minato: Hmph! (Thinking) Alright, there are three of them now but how can all of them possess the Rinnegan? Before, when the first Pein was crushed in my vortex his insides looked decayed, like he’d been dead for some time now. Also, there are these medal rods all threw out his body, the same medal that’s on his face. In fact, they all seem to have the medal piercings on their bodies. I am able to sense chakra fuming from those rods, could it be that these things are nothing more than dead corpses being manipulated?

Asura Path stands in front of God Realm Pein and Naraka Path stands behind him getting in formation. Asura path takes off his Akatsuki robe revealing his true form. He then dashes at Minato at full speed.

Minato: (Smiling and thinking at the same time) If they are just puppets then the real Pein must be hiding in the shadows?

Miles away inside the forest, Kakashi awakens from being unconscious and sees Shikaku lying beside him.

Kakashi: What happened? Am I dead?

He checks to see if the unconscious Shikaku is still alive.

Kakashi: No, we both are still alive, I can’t believe Minato-sensei was able to use his Flying Thunder God technique to telelport us out of harms way  in such a small amount of time. Where is… Don’t tell me he went back ( Looking around).

Back on the battlefield, Asura Path shoots his missiles toward Minato, Minato flips into the air to dodge them and the explosion. Asura Path jumps into the air to impale him with his sharp spear but Minato with his foot kicks off of the spear flipping into the air and teleports behind him spinning and drives him into the ground. Flipping background out of the smoke and debris from the crash he forming hand signs, Fire Style: Toad Flame Bomb! The fire thrusts towards Asura Path but out of nowhere Preta Path ( Hungry Realm Path) Appears devouring all the flames.

God Realm Pein: (With Animal and Human Realm Pein kneeling in front of him) Your death is inevitable.

Animal Path summons two giant Rams and they run toward Minato at full speed ready to crush him with their horns. Minato with little time to spare forms hands signs, Secret Ninja Art: Seal of Imprisonment! Sealing notes form a circle around the rams stopping their movements and trapping them inside the circle. Minato forms a single hand sign and out from the sealing notes on the ground, kunai emerge and starts to glow detonating a huge explosion blowing them to pieces.

Minato: That attack took up a lot of chakra, I’m going to have to end this soon!

Madara: It’s true, he’s mastered lots of the Uzumaki sealing techniques. He must have learned them from Kushina.

From underneath Minato a giant earth worm bursts from the ground but he jumps into the air and summons Gamabunta dropping him on top of the worm crushing it. Appearing in the sky above, Animal Path summons a giant elephant and drops it on top of Gamabunta and Minato.

Far Away Kakashi is soaring through the trees going to help his sensei when Tsunade arrives with back up. Guy, Asuma, and Kurenai along with Anbu Black Ops follow Tsunade to the Valley of the End.

Tsunade: Kakashi, you’re okay! What happened!?, Where’s Minato!?

Kakashi: A while ago Pein delivered a devastating attack almost killing us all. Minato-sensei protected us by uses his Flying Thunder God technique to teleport us to safety. While we were unconscious he went back for Kushina and Naruto.

Guy: All alone!? That’s crazy!

Tsunade: We have to go and provide back up.

Kakashi: Right, there’s no way he can fight Madara Uchiha and the Rinnegan all by himself.

Tsunade: The Rinnegan!? Are you serious!?

Kakashi: Yes, this Pein guy possess the Kekkai Genkai of the Sage of the Six Paths.

Kakashi summons Pakkun!

Kakashi: We need to send a medical nin to take care of Shikaku, he’s badly injured and won’t last much longer without some help.

Anbu nin: I’ll go, Tsunade -sama should go with you guys to help the Fourth Hokage. Since you are up against the Rinnegan, you are going to need all the help you can get.

Tsunade: Take good care of Shikaku.

Anbu nin: I will, Lady Tsunade.

Asuma: (Thinking) Shikaku!

Back to the fight, Animal Paths elephant has crashed on top Minato and Gamabunta. From behind Minato slams his Giant Rasengan into the Elephant sending him flying off of Gamabunta destroying it.

A flashback shows Gamabunta throwing Minato off of him right before the elephant makes contact.

God Realm Pein:  You managed to avoid that last surprise,  impressive.

Minato: (Using FTG appearing behind Outer Path) I know.

Naraka Path: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minato slams his Rasengan into Naraka Path blowing him to bits surprising Pein!

Minato: This Pein stayed the farthest away to avoid getting damaged. Judging by his ability to regenerate your bodies, I knew you would want him in top shape.

God Realm Pein: So, You think……

In an instant Minato appears in Preta Realm Peins face!

Minato: Think, I know.

Minato Kick him into the air and throws a kunai after him, and in an instant Minato disappears and appears again a second later. Soon after God Realm Pein falls to the ground heavily with dozens of kunai stabbed into his body.

Minato: Flying Thunder God technique, level 3!

God Realm Pein: He moves too fast, my Rinnegan allows us to have a shared field of vision but it doesn’t work on him. We can’t keep up with him at this level of speed.

Minato: Two down.

Madara: He’s improved his speed since the last time we fought, not even my Sharingan could keep up with him.

Minato: I see now, they all have different abilities and it looks as though I have gotten rid of the most troublesome puppets. Now they won’t have the luxury of being revived and they won’t be able to absorb my ninjutsu . I shouldn’t have a problem getting rid of the rest if I’m careful but I have to remember if the real one isn’t among them than he probably will attack now that I’m almost out of chakra.

Madara: Enough, I’m through playing these games!

Madara activates his Sharingan and stares down into Kushina’s conscience right into the Kyuubi’s cage.

Madara: Come Forth, Kyuubi!

God Realm Pein: What are you doing? He’s mine.

Madara: You are forgetting one minor factor. He is the Fourth Hokage, so soon there will be reinforcements arriving which will make it harder for us to gain the power of the Kyuubi. Stand aside, I’ll put an end to this.

Breaking the Seal, Madara unleashes the Kyuubi from his prison. Kushina’s body starts to overflow with red chakra causing her body to shake heavily and lifts her into the air.

Minato: No, not now!

The ground starts to crack and the entire valley starts trembling including the statues. Kushina mouth starts to open as chakra spew from it and her eyes opes and starts to glow red.  Minato looks on as Kushina’s body starts to crack from the power of the Kyuubi breaking free. Her body turns to ash as she is blown away into the wind and the Kyuubi’s chakra is unleashed stretching throughout the forest forming into his monstrous body.

Minato: Kushina! ( Falling to the ground spitting out blood from the lost of chakra!)

As Kakashi and the others are coming to Minato’s rescue they are blown away by the sudden shockwaves and change in the land.

Tsunade: What’s going on!?

Guy: It can’t be!

Asuma: The Kyuubi!

Kakashi: Minato-sensei!

Moments later the Kyuubi is fully formed and reborn looking down furiously at Madara, Pein and Minato! Minato with Naruto stands after being protected by Gamabunta and then lays him down and walks out in front.

Minato: What power, he hasn’t changed at all.

Gamabunta: (Thinking) How is Minato suppose to fight something like that in his current state? He’s almost completely out of chakra!

Madara: Witness the power of the Kyuubi! You have…no chance.

Minato: You and your little minion couldn’t defeat me on your own so you use the Kyuubi, how pathetic.

Madara: Trying to insult me so I wouldn’t use the Kyuubi, nice try.

Minato: Hmph, had to give it a try.

Madara: Hand over the boy! You will die here and now but if you hand him over I will spare his live. Father for the son.

Minato: I won’t die here today and neither will Naruto.

Madara: Still as stubborn as ever, even before overwhelming power.

Gamabunta: Minato, I’ll give you my chakra so you can battle the Kyuubi, it won’t be much but you should be able to last more than five minutes if you use it correctly. Of course that would also mean I would have to leave you.

Minato: Alright fine, with our combined chakra I should be able to use “that” technique.

Gamabunta: Don’t do anything stupid and get yourself killed.

Minato: Don’t worry big guy, I wont, besides I have to protect Naruto and Konoha. I was entrusted to protect the next generation until they are ready to take over. (Staring into the eyes of the Kyuubi seeing Kushina and then looking down at Narut0)………………….. Only then can I join her.

Gamabunta disperses and Minato suddenly feel chakra surge through his body.

Minato: I’m not even half-way replenished but I’m going to have to make this work.

Madara: Stand aside Pein, I’ll take it from here.

Animal Path: Fine, I’ll let you finish him off.

Animal Path forms a hands signs and they all disperse.

Madara: Fine then, you leave me no choice. As long as I possess the power of the Kyuubi, I no longer need Naruto. I’ll kill you both.

Minato: If I let you succeed then the sacrifice Kushina made would have been all for nothing……. Like I said, I won’t fail.

Madara activates his Sharingan which also activates into the Kyuubi’s eyes signifying his control.

Madara: Let’s skip everything and get straight to the dying.

The Kyuubi opens his mouth and activates the Bijuu Ball, ready to obliterate Minato and Naruto.

The Kyuubi blasts the Bijuu Ball, Minto forms hand signs and sends it away through a vortex and makes it reappear right in front of Madara. A huge explosion erupts creating a huge crater in the ground. When the smoke clears Minato appears back on the scene after teleporting away to avoid the blast. Madara also appears with his arm shoulder and one of his legs blown off as the Kyuubi emerges from the smoke un fazed.

Madara: (Thinking) He caught me off guard, I couldn’t fully escape into my vortex before the blast. (To Minato) You’re going to pay for that.

Minato: Look at you, you won’t be doing anything to anyone.

Madara: Oh you mean this, this is nothing!

Madara’s body parts suddenly regenerate.

Minato: How!?

Madara: You still don’t get it.

Minato: No matter, he is not the problem.

Minato forms Hands signs, Sacred Uzumaki Art: Chakra Bind!  Minato presses his hands on Naruto’s chest and chakra chains erupt from Naruto’s body and wraps around the Kyuubi, binding him and his power.

Minato: Now you are no longer in control of the Kyuubi, you’ve lost.

With Minato using his chakra to control Naruto’s chakra he starts to pull the Kyuubi inside Naruto.

Minato: I’m sorry, Naruto. This is the only way I can assure your survival and the survival of the  Shinobi World.

Madara: What’s he planning!?

Minato smiles cleverly.

Madara:……….. He’s trying to seal away the Kyuubi inside the boy!!!

Madara quickly teleports next to the Kyuubi and opens his vortex to pull the Kyuubi through. They both struggle as they play tug of way with the Kyuubi. Naruto starts to scream from the pain of having the Kyuubi sealed away.

Minato: Give up, even you can jump something with this much concentration of power and size through your vortex.

Madara: I won’t let you win! The Kyuubi belongs to me! I won’t let you do this!

Minato:  You can’t defeat the power of the Senju. UUHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA! (Thinking) Hang on Naruto, just a little while longer!

Minato forces out the rest of his chakra which forces out more of Naruto’s chakra putting an enormous strain on his body. Minato starts to cough up a pool of blood on the ground as he tries desperately to hang on. Madara is also struggling to conquer the Kyuubi as blood spews from his eyes dripping down his mask. Minato and Naruto’s power overtakes the Kyuubi and successfully seals it away inside Naruto.

Minato: We……did…….it……..Naruto. ( Minato falls over panting and coughing heavily convulsing)

Naruto: (Awakening) What’s going on?

Madara closes up the vortex with his Sharingan glaring at Minato.

Minato: Haha….hahahaha, you’ve lost, it’s over.

Madara kicks him in the faces sending him sliding across the ground.

Madara: I should kill you for what you’ve done!

Naruto: What happened!?

Madara: He’s sacrificed the entire shinobi world, that’s what. Worst than that he’s sacrificed is you… his own son.

Naruto: !!!!!

Madara: He’s sealed away the Kyuubi inside you, cursing you just like he did your mother, he betrayed you Naruto just like I told you he would.

Minato: Don’t listen to him Naruto.

Madara: I’ll allow you to live and cling to your life once more but the next time we meet the only thing you’ll be clinging to is death! Come Naruto, let’s go and together we will make things right.

Minato: (Trying desperately to stand) Naruto….. Son….don’t……

Naruto: I’m no longer your son! I am going to kill you and destroy the Leaf village!

Minato: Don’t…. follow him down a path of darkness!

Naruto: I follow my own path, just like you said, I’m the Destined Child!

Naruto stares angrily at his father as he and Madara disappear through the vortex, Kakashi and the others arrive just in time to see it all happen. Now on his hands and knees Minato punches the ground in anger.

Tsunade: (Thinking) I’m sorry, Yondaime!

Minato falls over again unconscious and everyone runs to his aid. Tsunade starts to perform medical ninjutsu but soon realizes it’s useless.

Tsunade: No, it can’t be!

Kakashi: What’s happening!?

Tsunade:………. He’s dead.