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Nominations for Naruto in 2010!

Post author: BlackCherry

Hai, everyone!  It’s BlackCherry (formerly Noneatencookie) here.  I’m back for another “Naruto in the Year!”  Since this is the second year, I will be adding and subtracting some categories.  Now, the same rules apply as last year:

  1. No character bashing. (I’m lookin’ at you, Sakura-haters)
  2. You may only make nominations for things that happened in 2010.  Anything from 2009 or that may appear in 2011 will not be looked over.

Now, I will set the parameters.  In the manga, Naruto started in the middle of the Danzou v. Sasuke fight (Chapter 478) and is close to the beginning of the Fourth Great Shinobi World War (Chapter 522).  Since this is the last full week of December, I shall place Chapter 522 in the mix.  Now, let’s get onto the categories!

  • Most Useless Character: Choose the character that you feel has wasted the limited panels Kishimoto has drawn.
  • Most Grown Character: The character that has shown the most growth.  However, Naruto will be left out, due to his mastery of the Nine-Tails.
  • Most Important Moment: This category is for whatever moment you feel was extremely important to the plotline of Naruto.
  • Most “WTF?!” Moment: What moment made you go, “WTF?!”
  • Favourite Revived Character: Which character is your favourite out of the characters Kabuto revived with Edo Tensei?
  • Most Epic Fight: Which fight just made your blood boil with excitement?
  • Favourite Chapter: Which chapter did you find most epic?

Now that we have manga out of the way, let’s start the anime portion.  The anime this year started with Episode 142 (Battle of Unraikyo) and will end with Episode 192 (Neji Chronicles).  Sadly, many of these episodes were filler, which caused many to not watch the anime.  With that said, let’s see the categories.

  • Most “WTF?!” Moment: Same as above.
  • Most Epic Fight: Same as above.
  • Most Strange Animation: Was there ever a time when someone just looked funky?  (I can remember a particular episode…)
  • Most Failing Filler arc/episode: Which filler arc/episode just failed miserably?
  • Favourite Episode: Which episode did you find the most awesome?

Since I don’t have very many categories for anime, I will add another area of Naruto; Movies!  However, since only one movie came out this year (Naruto Shippuden 4: The Lost Tower), you may choose from all seven (Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden) of them.  For this, I have special categories!

  • Most Bad*** Antagonist: Which main villain really gave you chills?
  • Most Interesting Rasengan: Every movie, Naruto invents a new Rasengan.  Which was your favourite?
  • Most Unique/Ununique Plot: Which movie’s plot did you just find most interesting/dull?
  • Favourite Movie: Which movie did you find amazing? (If any at all)

Well, that’s it.  If you have your own categories, please place them in your comments and I shall add them if I like ’em.  Remember, you have from now till December 31st to place your nominations!  Ciao~


29 Responses

  1. you mean till 522, not 422

  2. mosr WTF moment, when sakura said she’d be abandoning leaf for sasuke

  3. Most important moment: That elder frog prediction on naruto. I still belive Madara needs naruto and sasuke to fight one another to move his plan along for some reason.

    Most grown character: Since I can’t pick naruto, it’s kabuto then hands down.

    WTF moment: 600,000,000,000 paper bombs from Konan, I mean GOD DAMN!!

    Favorited revived character: Haku of couse, I always belive they shoulda did more with the Ice jutsu than what he’s done so far, Maybe we’ll see more soon.

    Most epic fight: Might guy vs. kisame. I just think they took shit on a whole new level in terms of endurance and power. Besides, they are my two most fav characters.

    useless character: Still thinking on that one(trying to avoid saying sakura.)

    favorite chapter: 508 Like I said, kisame is my favorite villian on this show. This just shows how hardcore and dedicated he is.

  4. Anime show

    WTF?! moment: When Tenten has her own episode and even becomes captain. I couldn’t help it, even for a filler I was shocked.

    Most epic fight: Ninja animals vs. team 7. Weird to say but I love the fact that the animals were whipping ass. Ninja animals need more respect.

    Strange animation: nine tailed naruto vs pein. I Know on some level it couldn’t be helped, battle being that intense, but it was still weird looking. Seriously pein was running like sonic the hedgehog out there.

    Failed arc: I’m gonna have to say the sixith tailed arc. Even for a fillar it shoulda been alot better. The only good thing about this was it was short.

    Favorite episode: 168, just an awsome episode overall. Naruto meets his father, and he defeats the last pain in a well thought of and epic series of manuvers. Me personally, just a regular old rasengan taught to him by jiraya, I couldn’t think of a better to defeat him.

  5. * Most Useless Character: Neji: Omg I can explain to everyone next to me what the readers saw the panel just before…

    * Most Grown Character: ehh, I don’t feel like any character has grown other than naruto. I guess Sasuke, just because he should have the EMS by now.

    * Most Important Moment: When Naruto met with his mother. I know, I know, I was happy that Naruto finally got to know both his parents a little, don’t hate. But mainly that we finally learned what happened the day Naruto was born.

    * Most “WTF?!” Moment: When I saw all the minions that Kabuto summoned… I mean seriously… Character recycling much?

    * Favourite Revived Character: With out a single doubt: Zabuza.

    * Most Epic Fight: Naruto vs Kyuubi

    * Favourite Chapter: The first time Naruto shows us his “sage of the six-paths ish” mode. I can’t recall which number that was.

  6. the “WTF” has to go to the armadillo penis >_>

  7. ~Most Useless Character: Tsunade! The 3rd died for the leaf village, Tsunade passed out because she was frightened by wrath of Pain

    ~Most Grown Character: Gaara, he’s the youngest kage in history

    ~Most Important Moment: Naruto meeting his mother during his fight with the Kyubi

    ~Most “WTF?!” Moment: Kabuto edo tensei Akatsuki summons

    ~Favorite Revived Character: Nagato (for now) something is telling that mystery coffin that had Tobi shook gotta be a nightmare

    ~Most Epic Fight: Sasuke vs Danzo * I tried to think of other battles, but this one lasted longer than the other battles this year, and we got see a lot of blood.

    ~Favorite chapter: When Naruto met his mother, it was very moving, and she provided a lot of information Minato didn’t share with Naruto.

  8. Ok let me do it right this time.


    Useless Character: Sakura

    Grown Character: Sai

    Important Moment: Naruto meeting his mother

    WTF Moment: The Armadillo penis

    Favorite Revivee: Zabuza!

    Epic Fight: Kisame vs Guy or Konan vs Madara

    Favorite Chapter: 508 Kisame’s death was just freaking awesome


    Most WTF Moment: ALL OF EPISODE 167

    Most Epic Fight: Animal Realm and Summons vs Ibiki and Anbu

    Most Strange Animation: Episode 167 (should be more like weird art really)

    Failing Filler Episode: The one where Team 7 was still in the Land of Waves.

    Favorite Episode: The episode where Naruto talked to Nagato and made him kill himself.


    Badass Antagonist: The guy in the first movie

    Interesting Rasengan: 3rd Movie’s Crescent Moon Rasengan

    Most Ununique plot: Everything after the 1st movie and before the 3rd Shippuden movie

    Favorite Movie: the 1st

  9. Manga
    useless-almost all of the original 11.
    Most grown- konohamaru
    WTF moment- armadillo penis
    Importent-kushina prior jinchurikki host

  10. I withdraw konohamaru. His rasengan against pain was last year.

    I wager konan as the most grown…then dead 😦

  11. Nice kisuzachi !!

  12. Thanks for all the votes so far, everyone!

    @Kaos; You can always use Konohamaru for the anime category.

    I guess I should put my picks as well…


    Useless – Karin

    Grown – Sasori; I believe he grew the most because he finally realized that becoming a puppet made him lose touch with his other puppets.

    Important Moment – When Kabuto explained the secrets of Edo Tensei; It hasn’t really mattered yet, but I have a feeling Madara is going to use these secrets to his advantage.

    “WTF?!” Moment – When Sasuke went mental

    Favourite Revivee – Sasori

    Epic Fight – Danzou v. Sasuke

    Favourite Chapter – 500


    “WTF?!” Moment – Episode 167’s animation

    Epic Fight – Taka v. Killer Bee

    Strange Animation – All of Episode 167

    Failing Filler arc/episode – Every filler episode after the Naruto v. Nagato fight

    Favourite Episode – Episode 167; although it was extremely weird, I still liked it.


    Bad*** Villain – Hiruko

    Interesting Rasengan – Tornado Rasengan; it was a normal Rasengan, so there was absolutely no need for a different name.

    Unique/Ununique Plotline – Legend of the Stone of Gelel

    Favourite Movie – Inheritors of the Will of Fire

  13. Manga:

    Useless character: Karin

    Grown Character: I’m going to say Gaara because he didn’t seem like a Kage at first but got to see him in a new light. Also, brace yourselves, Sasuke!

    Important Moment: When Team 7 reunited once again and realized each others destiny.

    WTF? Moment: I have to agree when Sasuke went crazy and attacked everyone including Sakura and Karin.

    Favorite Revived: Itachi!

    Epic Fight: Minato vs. Tobi and Konan vs. Tobi, Also maybe Sasuke vs. the Kage! I liked those battles even though they made Sasuke look incredibly strong out of no where.

    Favorite Chapter: 500-504


    WTF? Moment: Episode 167, they completely ruined Naruto’s big fight!

    Strange Animation: Episode 167!!!

    Filler Arc: I never really liked any, too much.

    Favorite Episode: Episode 143


    Bad Villian: The Inheritors of the Will of Fire!

    Interesting Rasengan: All of them were the same.

    Unique plot: All of them are unique in their own way.

    Favorite Movie: Bonds

  14. Important Moment: When Naruto embraced his Jinchuuuriki self!

  15. Also go and check out “Revenge of the YellowFlash”. It’s Out!!!!!!!

  16. Hey Cookeh!

    * Most Useless Character: Ino >_>
    * Most Grown Character: Eh…Sasuke?
    * Most Important Moment: Danzo’s Death was rather important…I guess.
    * Most “WTF?!” Moment: Kabuto Revealing himself as a big snake dude :O
    * Favourite Revived Character: Deidara-kun FOREVER!
    * Most Epic Fight: Minato vs. Madara in the past (SERIOUSLY :D)
    * Favourite Chapter: I don’t keep track of the Chapter Numbers, but the revelation of Minato’s Past of course.

    * Most “WTF?!” Moment: Eh
    * Most Epic Fight: Sasuke vs. Bee was rather epic.
    * Most Strange Animation: xD Hinata did look rather weird in one small scene against Pain.
    * Most Failing Filler arc/episode: Weeeell…Not sure…
    * Favourite Episode: GROUP of episodes, which would be Naruto and Hinata vs. Pain ❤

  17. Most Useless Character:
    Sakura I guess.

    Most Grown Character:

    Most Important Moment
    Madara taking the Rinnegan.

    Most “WTF?!” Moment:
    Sasuke’s face when he stabbed Karin, my lord.

    Favourite Revived Character:

    Most Epic Fight:
    Not a lot of very good, long fights during that time… Konan vs. Madara I suppose.

    Favourite Chapter:
    Chapter 515.

  18. Speakin of karin. Isnt she alive and in konoha? I thought she survived being stabbed by sasugay

  19. 1. Most Useless: karin. (At least sakura punched that Pein summon)
    2. Most grown: danzou (always figured he was strong, but not that strong)
    3. Most important: kushina’s revelations.
    4. Most WTF: Izanagi (is there no end to the power of the sharingan)
    5. Most epic fight: danzou v sasuke (danzou isn’t a douche after all)

  20. @naruruler finally someone picks minato vs madara!!! 😀 (epic fight)

  21. In my opinion, the Minato v. Madara fight was pretty dull. there wasn’t many new techniques and the battle was just Madara phasing through everything.

  22. @Fujin: I gotcha :3

    @Cherry: Well, it was epic because even though it WAS pretty dull, it still showed off the style of Madara’s fighting. it didn’t have to be flashy with new techniques and bright attacks to be epic.


  23. Dull is dull, Naru.

  24. That was so funny I forgot to laugh


  25. Really? I didn’t. 😛

  26. Happy Christmas, Shannarolites!

  27. ok i have re-read through all the chapters for xmas
    and i made up my mind now

    Most Useless Character: i think i will shock some people but for me it’s zetsu, he is super awesome and i like his ability. but kishi either you tell us the whole story or don’t get us excited into him. and he hasn’t done anything major up until now which will certainly change for next year
    another option would be yamato, seriously all he did was give the enemy Intel and strength

    Most Grown Character: kabuto, he “perfected” edo tensei and he is changing into the second orochi and he is frickin powerful

    Most Important Moment: i think the most important moment was when in the beginning where naruto accepted his fate, and decided to take the key to unlock the kyubi

    Most “WTF?!” Moment: kushina being the former host

    Favourite Revived Character: ZABUZA FTW

    Most Epic Fight: naruto vs. kyubi, imagine being bombarded with odama rasengans

    Favourite Chapter: 498 although it was a bit cliche with the love story i like the rad hair alot

  28. Most “WTF?!” Moment: the 4th hokage legacy episodes in the middle of pain arc
    Most Epic Fight: pain vs. naryto & hinata
    Most Strange Animation: yes in sasuke vs. hachibi the animation was totally wired
    Most Failing Filler arc/episode: ninja animals, and seriously tenten as a captain *shakinghishead* *no*
    Favourite Episode: i kinda liked 174

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