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Naruto Chapter 521 – The Demon of the Mist Returns

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Another spectacular chapter this week from Kishimoto. The man is wasting no time in pushing this war forward as expected. Last chapter gave us a bit of a reprieve with the transition/exposition chapter between Madara and Kabuto, and this chapter drops right back into the action. And who to welcome the reader back into the fray than the fan-favorite yaoi-couple in the old days, err… I mean the infamous dynamic duel, Haku and Zabuza.

These two had the honor of being the first “boss” villains Naruto and team had to fight — back in the days when Naruto first began to utilize Kyuubi chakra and when Sasuke’s Sharingan was still in its infancy. To have Haku and Zabuza back sure is a treat; their fights with team seven was one of the things that helped make Naruto really popular when it first started. It really makes me want to go back and re-read those chapters. These two set the standard for high level kekkei genkai/ninjutsu battles to come and, even though both died in the end, were the first ones to be “converted” by Naruto to the good side. To this day, I consider Zabuza to be one of the best Naruto villains, and still feel his death, however cool it was, was somewhat premature.

That’s why it’s so great to see Zabuza back in action again with his trusty sidekick Haku. But when they were first revealed to be part of Kabuto’s Edo Tensei summons, I had some doubts about their fighting strength in the current times. After all, team seven had managed to defeat them back when they were still genin scrubs – and now they have to fight an army of allied shinobi. What’s worse, Zabuza’s even missing his cleaver sword cuz some water-sipping Sasuke fanboy had stolen it for his collection. So essentially, as this chapter proved, the great Zabuza is relegated to the rear while Haku gets the entire spotlight with his ice-based bloodline skills. And as much as I’d like to see Zabuza go berserk on an entire army with nothing but his water jutsu and sharpened teeth, you have to admit it’d be pretty one-sided; especially since he is facing off against Kakashi who has upgraded his Sharingan significantly since last they fought. Fortunately, Kishi must have realized this as well and made Kabuto give him a little boost near the end of the chapter, we’ll just have to see what kind of power-ups he’ll get next week.

Kabuto revealed to Madara the method to stop his Edo Tensei technique this chapter, but Madara is still mistrustful of every word coming out of that snake’s mouth. And for good reason, everything Kabuto has revealed about his undead summoning technique seems just too good to be true. Not only is he capable of controlling so many individuals at once, but the technique poses no risk to the user at all?? This contradicts many of the high level, even forbidden jutsus, introduced in this manga; the logic has always been that everything has a cost, and generally the powerful the ability/power, the higher the cost. If Edo Tensei is indeed this powerful and easy to use, then you’d think Orochimaru would have exploited it much more often. No, there has to be a reason why Orochimaru reserved it for crucial occasions like his fight versus the Third… Kabuto is still holding his cards close to his chest. Plus, he revealed in this chapter that he has “that other technique”, which he is confident will make him invincible along with Edo Tensei. And for the first time, we get a little glimpse into Kabuto’s real objective: he’s also seeking knowledge of the secrets of the Sage of the Six Paths — which means he might be after the Rinnegan sooner or later.
Other things of note:
– Chiyo is coming over to back-up Deidara’s group, Kankuro might have a even tougher puppeteer fight on his hands soon.
– I chuckled at the explosion of Zetsu’s out of the ground. They’re the perfect throw-away bad guys to showcase all our heroes special abilities. I just hope they can put up a decent fight because so far they’ve just acted like mindless drones.
– Kakashi will definitely be the main person fighting Zabuza next chapter, but who will take Haku on? I see that Sai, Rock Lee and Sakura are present, who is best suited for taking on the ice user?

71 Responses

  1. great post bob 🙂

  2. second :p great analysis as usual his appearance also made me to reread old chapters.

  3. Great post BoB I would personally like to see Sakura fight, Haku, it’s time she become a front runner in this war and not a crybaby. Also, it’s going to be interesting to see if the White Zetsu’s are weakling, I mean they may not be the strongest fighters but that can steal all the alliances chakra and use it against them. Since you put it like that, I can’t wait to see Zabuza and Haku in action and I had that same thought, how would they square off against Team Seven after all this time. I say Kakashi should take him down with no problem and Sakura should destroy all Haku’s Crystal Ice Mirrors and beat him down but I know the only way to defeat them is to seal them away but I wonder if Kakashi sending them to another dimension will work. I also wonder what the other guy can do.

  4. @ BOB, Also I think you forgot to add the fact that Kabuto talks as if Tobi is not really Madara, I just think that little comment about becoming more famous than Madara Uchiha was further evidence that Tobi isn’t who he say he is, so I guess his identity goes on!

  5. @bob, Lee is the only one suited to take on Haku. Sakura and Sai don’t have the speed necessary to fight him.

  6. I’m leaning further toward Kabuto & Orochimaru being the final villans. There are too many things pointing towad Orochimaru coming back. 1. He’s not really dead. 2. Kabuto is dead set on bringing him back. 3. He’s possibly the strongest shinobi out them all, from an overall perspective. He has numerous jutsu’s all kage level and beyond. He is a genious. He was the strongest of the 3 Sanin. He was going to become the 4th hokage til his evilness was unveiled. He has knowledge on all of the strongest shinobi in the naruto world, so he is fully aware of all their jutsu. Plus he knows who this Tobi/Madara really is, and this has said Tobi/Madara in a really precarious predicament. Even if all this is being operated through Kabuto for the time being.

  7. *toward

  8. @kizu

    Lee would be the best match, but i bet that it will be sakura who is fighting because of their history

  9. I have to say even through a boost kakashi should be able to handily defeat zabyza (and he will probably follow the same fate as sasori). As for Haku I’m not sure it matters who fights him. Sakura sai or Lee r each capable of handling Haku at this point

  10. @Uchiha

    actully Kabuto has no interest in bringing Orochimaru back he wants to be his own man now

    its not like Orochimaru is dead anyway


    Zabuza has not really gotten a boost he just got rid of Zabuza’s will so he won’t be talk no jutsused to death. that demon behind him showed up already

    also its not like Zabuza ever really used his sword when we saw him he beat Kakashi in their first fight with out the sword

  11. @envy

    If he want’s to be his on man, why is he so intent on recreating Orochimaru’s body? The reason is, because he want’s to become his new vessel once he is freed from the sword.

  12. wants*

  13. Oh, and Madara is going to have Sasuke try to kill Kabuto once he brings Itachi back. He knows once he sees what Kabuto has done to Itachi, he will go berserk, and this is going to be the first test with his new eyes. It’s only a matter of time before he, shisui, and nagato are brought back. This is also the only way I see Kabuto making a fairly early exit from the war/manga, without Orochimaru being revived.

  14. @uchiha thats not what Kabuto wants he does not want to make orochimaru a new body he wants to use Orochimaru’s remains and Chakra to make himself stronger

    Kabuto already has Brought Itachi and Nagato back and I bet that Kabuto will out live Madara and not be a test for Sasuke

    also Madara having Sasuke killing Kabuto would be stupid as it would have the immortal unkillable zombies attacking them too

  15. i think sai is the most suitable to fight haku, plus they make an awesome couple

  16. @Envy
    Yeah, you could be right about kabuto just eliminating Zabuza’s will, but kabuto must also know that even a berserk zabuza is not powerful enough to defeat Kakashi — especially since he has no kekkei genkei and is swordless.

  17. Looking at Naruto Shippuden 3, Narutopedia claims that Pakura and Gari resemble 2 of the 4 “unknown shinobi” that Hiroku stole kekkai genkai from. We know that Zaji has proclaimed that the opponents all have kekkai gankai~to which Zabuza says he is the exception.

    I think the kekkai genkai’s possessed by Pakura and Gari are going to be the “Swift Release” and “Steel Release” respectively. The Swift release allowing Pakura to move at ultra speeds, making Gai or Lee likely to fight her. Furthermore the Steel release turning Gari’s body to a virtually indestructible steel-state, a problem that Sakura may be best suited to deal with, though we already know that the summons can’t be damaged/destroyed, she might keep Gari at bay. When it comes to Haku, I feel some combination of Sakura destroying mirrors and Lee/Guy’s high speed taijutsu would work. As for Zabuza, only Kakashi or some combination of Kakshi/Guy makes much sense, seeing that he is now more powered than ever before.

  18. This chapter had me thinking on Kabuto’s other jutsu and I’ve been thinking what can be more hack than Edo Tensei. I think the jutsu he could be reffering to is this, consider what he is doing right now, he is pouring more chakra into the summons to control them better, but how about if he decides to do the reverse and take all the chakra and abilities of those summoned and add them to his personal arsenal. I mean that would give him a whole mess of techniques, Nagato’s Rinnegan, Itachi’s Sharingan and a whole assortment of other Kekkei Genkai and hidden techniques. That would essentially make him nigh unstoppable, even more hack than the current “Madara”. He would be a whole lot closer to being the next Sage of Six Paths, more so than any other character, thus far.

  19. Good chapter. This time Edo Tensei looks unstoppable. No more emotions just follow the orders, Kabuto is a beast. I think Lee would be a better match for Haku, even though now there is no way to stop the ressurected shinobi, I don’t see Sakura fighting until she ends face to face with Sasori’s grandmother. I wonder if we’re ever gonna see the other members of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist.

    I just realised Kakashi has his eye warp thing, the “Mangekyo Sharigan”, so I take my word back about Edo tensei being unstoppable.

  20. @rinnegan invasion, yeah I have been wondering about Kamui (eye warp thing). It doesn’t kill the target, just warps them to another dimension. I wonder if this removes them permanently or if they can be resummoned.

  21. @fire fist, I don’t think Kabuto can resummon them again. Kakash’s Kamui is the only thing I see saving themselves from the war. It’s a limit on how many times he can use it. I won’t be suprised if Kakashi went blind in his left eye during this war.

  22. @Rinnegan invasion

    Well, I guess Kakashi’s eyesight was already deteriorating at the beginning of Part II when he fought the Itachi clone, asking how far Itachi’s eyesight had deteriorated, so his must have already started.

    I don’t see Kakashi spamming kamui all over the place though, I mean it isn’t a given that when he warps any part of them they will be “disabled”. Any time any part of the summons were damaged they disintegrated, so I would bet that if a head or arm or whatever was warped, it would disintegrate and so the zombie would grow it back. Kakashi could maybe use Kamui on 2 of them, Haku & Zabuza but I think then he’d be done for the war chakra-wise.

  23. Bob, on December 17, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    Yeah Zabuza has no kekkei genkei and is swordless, BUT he can´t die and thats a big plus for him. But stil Sai is there to probaly tell Kakashi how to break the justu.

  24. @Bob, on December 17, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    Yeah Zabuza has no kekkei genkei and is swordless, BUT he can´t die and thats a big plus for him. But stil Sai is there to probaly tell Kakashi how to break the justu.

  25. Sai can take on Haku so easily only by spreading his ink on the Haku’s mirrors will not allow Haku to see any thing……..lol

  26. @bob&everyone: don’t you guys think that the war is going the wrong way? Personally, i believe that the better way would have been to have had the zetsu army cause havoc and create ‘war conditions’ with all the accompanying chaos, blood and tears. Then have the zombies take out significant numbers of the ‘pawn shinobi’; truly showing the lethal nature of edo. Finally, the star ninja appear to win the day… With significant casualties. What do you guys think?
    @bob: doesn’t it appear as though the zetsu army were not ‘killed’ by the onslaught of jutsu? Or is it just me.
    Finally, i believe that ‘that jutsu’ kabuto referred to was a way to immobalise or turn the zetsu army, through kabuto’s knowledge of hashirama’s DNA.

  27. @NSSK

    That would be a perfect thing except Haku would just make more mirrors :-p


    I think Tobi is going to spring a trap soon, or perhaps sneak behind the lines to where Naruto and KB are. The alliance will think they’ve won… until they go back to HQ.

    Yes, I know the Kages are there, but I think something will draw them out.

  28. @kisu i thought that Lee is the only one to take haku on also! but how do you actually get rid of the Edo tensei summon because lee cant seal! and who knows whats gonna happen when the summons level up so to speak!

  29. i woke up this morning and had a revelation.

    most people think that Tobi is either one of two people, obito or madara uchiha. but why not introduce a third.

    kabuto’s presence has hinted at the fact that Tobi may not be madara at all. tobi got all flustered when kabuto showed him what was behind in coffin door #1, and again when he said he could become even more famous than madara uchicha.

    im pretty sure tobi isnt obito due to the fact that tobi had wrinkles on his face when revealing himself to sasugay. obito was the same age as kakashi when he died. so that leaves my newly found asumption. there may have been others that have speculated this before but i dont know so i dont care. I believe that the one we all know as “Tobi” is in fact Izuna Uchiha and heres why.

    1. Were told that he “died in battle” after losing his eyes but thats pretty vague for one of the strongest characters in the history of the narutoverse. and who would go into battle blind???

    2. the fact that he lost his eyes to his brother would mean that he could/would be replacing his own with other sharingans and now the rinnegan. also explains why we have never seen any EMS or even MS techniques from him, and how he has extensive knowledge of all of them

    3. there has to be a specific reason he would choose the codename Tobi. Shot in the dark but i think it is because Tobirama is the name of the sometimes forgotten younger brother of the 1st hokage even though he himself was hokage. makes sense to me at least.

    maybe obito really DID die from being crushed by a damn boulder and maybe madara really DID die at the valley of the end and Izuna has taken up his brother’s identity.

    please dont flame me. just maing assumptions like everybody else 🙂

  30. i realize that had nothing to do with the chapter sooooooooo

    great chapter analysis bob.

    haku this… zabuza that..blah blah

    kakashi ftw

  31. @Choppa City Juke

    Where were we told Izuna died in battle? The only thing we have is a frame of Izuna in a coffin with a blindfold on, and he doesn’t look any older than when his brother took his eyes. About who would go into battle blind… well Itachi was pretty badass when he was blind so…

    A long time ago there was an awesome post on the Forums about where Tobi comes from:

    in one dialect of Japanese, it means 10-tail

    You could say Kishimoto was very very crafty when he outlined Tobi and everything surrounding him. It pains me that the fanfic I’ve been writing is unfinished, as it examines who Tobi really is:

    1. Tobi means 10-tails in one Japanese dialect
    2. Tobi is close to Tobirama AND Obito.
    3. Tobi has the same eye remaining that Obito had (if it wasn’t crushed), and he had the same sharingan Danzo had, although that rumor is over now…
    4. Tobi frequently talks about “Uchiha Madara,” either he is talking about himself in the 3rd person or he really is talking about someone else.
    5.Kabuto said he would keep Tobi’s secret, and we already know Tobi is a HUGE liar, so who is to say his identity is right.

    I suppose the best evidence to support your cause is that Izuna saw his brother get killed by Hashirama and Izuna swore to have revenge for his brother’s death, including the Uchiha betrayal. I don’t know that it really adds a good amount of depth to the story though.

  32. @madzikage
    Actually I think Kishi is going for the ‘everything is going too well’ kind of a plot twist before having Madara drop the bomb on the good guys. For all the planning Madara has put into preparing for this war, the victories so far seem far too easy. Not that Kankuro and the others didn’t demonstrate some serious skills, but the level of fighting just doesn’t feel that high level just yet.

  33. Hopefully you all haven’t forgotten two of the key techniques of white Zetsu: the ability to create a complete copy of anyone he touches and the ability to place spores on the enemy for tracking or later absorption (as at the the kage summit). Exposing the Zetsu army may actually work against the joint shinobi army.

  34. Bob, who would you rather have as a final villain; Madara or Kabuto?

  35. I’d rather have orochimaru as the final villain

  36. @Minatofan

    Oro is SO washed up though, been there done that… I mean, the days of the Sannin are long over, Jiraiya is dead, Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko are dead, and Minato and Sarutobi are dead, so there is no one with a remote connection to Oro (ok Tsunade is still around, but she’s definitely not going to fight the final fight), except Sasuke. The final villain has to have more depth than some crazed maniac.

    Granted, right now I see better how Tobi fits into the end of it all than Kabuto based on Tobi’s mysteriousness. It is either going to go one of two ways:

    1)Tobi really is evil and maybe he’s not who he says he is, but even so he’s got the walk to back up his talk. Kabuto gets beat by Sasuke. Tobi reveals his identity not long before or during the final battle.

    2)Tobi isn’t who he says he is, and he really isn’t a bad guy (ala Itachi). His identity is revealed just before his death after Kabuto’s betrayal is successful and he gives the alliance a powerful tool to defeating Kabuto (either in the form of a united alliance, a super powered up Naruto & Sasuke… something along those lines).

  37. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and a Quantastic Quanza Shannaro! Anyway 1. John, Kabuto can’t reverse the flow of chakra to gain the abilities of his summons because a. He isn’t sending them chakra continuously and b. He would only get energy, not their knowledge or form of ninjutsu 2. I believe the other jutsu Kabuto is referring to is the white snake form we have already seen him use as he was going to great lengths to absorb more of Oro.’s chakra and prefect this. 3. I believe madara is the end villain. More later..

  38. I think Kabuto is right about Edo Tensai not having any harmful effects to the user… because all the harmful effects are shouldered by the human sacrifice… and also getting someone to sacrifice.

    I wonder if Kabuto realizes that the souls can release themselves.

  39. @ Choppa City Juke
    Wow I never really considered tobi being izuna uchiha. Though what you said are some good points there are things we dont know about him,
    1) Ripcord Is right. I dont recall it ever saying he died in battle. All we saw was his body in a coffin so supposedly hes dead.
    2) We do know he has no eyes and is blind.
    3) Tobi did say that madarra and izuna uchiha were equal in everything…combat…skills…etc…
    4)Him and madarra were the very first to awaken the mangekyou by killjing their best friends so I dont think izuna was a kind guy, he was probably just as strong and had a thirst for power as madarra and most uchiha.
    5) One thing we also dont know is his mangekyou sharingan ability….kakashi can use kamui…sasuke can control the black flames of amaterasu….itachi had advanced control of tsukuyomi ( from what danzo says)…we dont know the abilities of madarra’s or izuna’s mangekyou sharingans…maybe immortality?! that would explain why he survived the amaterasu sasuke threw at him in the beginning…but I dont think so.
    6) If it was izuna then he would have to be around 80 or 90 years old…that would explain why he said hes a “Shell of his former self”
    7) Those wrinkles we saw on the side of his face could be aging or maybe scaring…
    8) Thinking about it now…Weve never seen tobi’s mangekyou sharingan!!!! Supposedly…if it is madarra…then he stole or was given his brothers eyes and has the eternal mangekyou sharingan. Why havent we seen it?!
    There are lots of reasons he isnt the real madarra uchiha..
    and his secret is bothering me!!! what was in the coffin kabuto summoned?!?! obviously it was a dead body but of who is driving me crazy!!

  40. @sasukethebeast

    I would argue that brothers have identical MS powers, so whatever Madara had, Izuna had. Of course we sitll don’t know what that power might be…

  41. @ripcord
    That cant be true because itachi and sasuke have different abilities. sasuke can control amaterasu’s flames and danzo said that itachi’s tsukiyomi could even control time and length. so he basically had advanced controls.
    Really wish we could find out soon :/

  42. Sasukethebeast: those are the same abilities, just different skill levels (Itachi had his MS for about a decade.) they both still had some level or amateur, Tsukyoumi, and Sussano, and Sasuke’s abilities could simply be a different place on the progression of MS abilities compared to Itachi. Their personalities also effect the jutsu because Genjutsu is created in the person’s head and similarily Sussano and Amatseru take form based on the user’s will and chakra abilities.

  43. @mart1: if that’s correct sasuke isn’t as bad as i’ve assessed him out to be. He’s still an emo, but in terms of power, he’s actually as badass as he should be..

  44. @madzikage, Sasuke isn’t strong. He’s never been strong in fact. But he’s ALWAYS overpowered. Kishi admitted to not knowing what to do with Sasuke’s character after Itachi died, that sorta clinched it for me lol

  45. @Mart1
    You’re right pretty much, although I should clarify things a bit:

    I believe that the brothers have the same abilities, BUT they are complementary. In other words, Itachi had the better Tsukyomi and certain Susanoo properties. Sasuke had better Amaterasu, and other Susanoo properties (perhaps). So when the eye pair is exchanged, I believe that Sasuke will get the best of both.

    I believe it would be the same for Madara and Izuna.


    Where did Kishimoto say that? That sounds awfully candid for an author to say in the middle of a series. Sasuke does seem rather lost and doing things just for the sake of doing them…

  46. Hmm… Interesting proposition. However, in order to not give the Sasuke fan boys an opportunity to turn this conversation to talks of Sasuke, lets change the subject.
    could someone tell me what properties zabuza’s sword actually have, note in the mood to naruto wiki that piece of information. The reason I ask is to just find out how significant him not having his sword is. I remember he had wicked ninjutsu!
    This is truly going to be an opportunity for Kakashi to show how much he’s grown since he was felt The Pein. I mean this was also a battle that showed how wicked Kakashi and the sharingan were.

  47. @madzikage

    I don’t think it was shown that it had any special abilities. I thought it was pretty funny when Suigetsu detached the handle from the blade a while back, maybe that is it’s special ability… that it is collapsible :-p.

    If you consider that the other 2 swordsmen that we’ve seen in the MANGA (whoever that was in the anime doesn’t count… I haven’t seen it anyhow) they were both wrapped up to contain the special abilities. I would guess this means Zabuza’s didn’t have one, but he was a member of the 7 swordsmen because he was such a great ninja.

  48. @Madzi, his sword was just for decapitation. Suigetsu didn’t use it correctly.

    @ripcord, you just gave me a daunting task. I’ll have to go re-find it. Back to narutofan

  49. @kisu: hahaha nice!
    @ripcord: good observation, i’d just assumed that they were endowed with super swords. I’d love to have more info about them! Well since there’s nothing particularly fascinating about the sword, kishi is really going have to ‘think withOUT the box’ in this battle to not make it as one sided as it should be.

  50. @madzikage

    I mean, it is still possible that his sword has an ability, I just doubt it.

    One thing all of the swordsmen (and possibly swordsmen candidates) have is that they all have shark teeth. Whether this is a
    1)side effect of an enhancement
    2)a marking of alliance of some kind or a badge of honor
    3)an initiation (i.e. they carve your teeth without novicane!)
    4)an actual enhancement

    it is unclear which of these it could be but Kisame had it, the previous owner of Samehada had it, and Suigetsu (who wanted to be a 7 swordsman) had it. Chojiro also had it, and Zabuza did too (although he wore bandages to hide that fact.

    I have often wondered if Kakashi also has it, or something similar (although I can’t imagine him getting something like that at such an early age unless he was tortured on a mission against the Mist.)

  51. Haha I really doubt kakashi has sharp teeth, does anyone still believe tobi is madara an if so why an I don’t want to hear just because he says he is

  52. Every thing about this tobi guy is shady. I doubt hes madara uchiha. I doubt hes even an uchiha.

  53. check the forum manga chapter discussion section

  54. they shouldnt be advertising shoes

  55. Oh… the poor forums. They’ve been neglected for so long. how I miss the rich theory discussions and the constant fighting with naruhina1.

  56. My point is just that Zabuza has his mouth covered because he didn’t want people to know at a glance that he was a 7-swordsman, so he’s hiding his shark teeth.

    You don’t have to just come out and say “that’s stupid” it’s just an idea I have, and you are welcome to your opinion, but please back it up. My point is that Kakashi is hiding something under his mask (or not?) and if he is, the only thing presented in the manga so far is the 7-swordsmen teeth. If you have a better theory, I’m all ears.

  57. Good idea Ripcord but sometimes its down the the artists interpretation on that character too, i would think that Kakashi wheres a mask because he likes to be mysterious other then any real benefit! there are a few characters which are not main stream but still have there mouths covered.

  58. wheres Naruto 522!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. holiday week Mattmaru

    This is the month of hell… Christmas holidays + Golden week in early January = no JUMP for a while.

    Also, the only other characters I am aware of that keep their mouths covered is the aburame clan… and that’s probably because they have bugs crawling in and out. Is there anyone else?

    It probably is just because Kishi wanted to make an interesting character, Kishi has been teasing us with it for a lot longer than Tobi’s mask, so in a way we deserve to see that first. Maybe we’ll see both in the same chapter! Heh.

  60. @ripcord, your theory sounds very possible. His mother could be from the Bloody Mist village. With there being so many different clans inside Konoha, your idea seems true

  61. Perhaps the Seven Swordsmen (apart from the filler member, Raiga) have sharpened teeth to make it easier for them to bite off their tongues in case they get captured, like Kisame was. Being such high-ranking members of the Mist, they’re bound to have a lot of information and that would suck if it got into the hands of the enemy

    @ripcord, don’t worry old pal, you can argue with me in her stead 😉

  62. @kisuzachi @ripcord
    i think that its true, that kakashi has sharpened teeth and that he’s part of the seven swordsmen remeber that he’s father nick name was ‘the white fang’ and he used to wield a sword , that kakashi then took. so its possible

  63. @carlos, no it isnt possible. Kakashi a member of the 7 Swordsmen, no no no no no no. No. Just no. What’s behind Kakashi’s mask is another mask. Anything other than a mask is an extremely handsome face (judging by how women react when he shows his face)

  64. OH BOY

    @Carloszouain @kisu

    I didn’t mean for it to go so far! I never implied that he was a member of the 7-swordsmen. Kakashi’s dad doesn’t have sharp teeth, and the white fang comes from the chakra blade, whatever that meant. I guess it was similar to Asuma’s knives.

    You are probably right though Kisu, it is probably just another mask under there. Also, thanks for the invitation, I am sure we’ll have an argument or 2 before this arc is over.

  65. @ripcord, Raiga the guy with the orphan with red eyes didn’t have shark teeth, I can’t imagine Kakashi with shark teeth, but it would be a cool plot twist

  66. @Rinnegan invasion

    Since you speak of someone with red eyes, I assume you mean the anime. Guess what:

    Anime doesn’t count. It isn’t cannon.

  67. @Rinnegan Invasion, just forget about Raiga. All the seven Swordsmen have last names that come from fruit, except Raiga. All the seven Swordsmen have giant swords, except Raiga. All the seven Swordsmen have sharp teeth, except Raiga. All the seven Swordsmen are at least high Jonin-level, except Raiga (who got beaten by Genin). He was somewhat cool, but just forget about him

  68. someone got bodied, good shit kisu

  69. Each one of the swords so far (ignoring the filler) seem to have a connection with fish. Kisame’s sword Samehada is covered in scales, Chojuro’s sword Hiramekarei is shaped like a fish and Zabuza’s sword Kubikiri Hōchō looks like a butcher’s knife, something commonly used to prepare fish for eating.

  70. spoilers are out, the 7 swordsmen are revealed http://mangahelpers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=66353

  71. thats my gift to you merry xmas

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