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Revenge of the YellowFlash XI!

Minato charges into battle with Pein and Madara after they successfully turn Naruto against him and village.

Shikaku: Those eyes, are those?

Kakashi: The Rinnegan!

Shikaku: I thought they were just a legend…….. If they are real then that means the Sage of the Six Paths really existed and this guy is….

Kakashi: Stand firm Shikaku, this guys may be incredibly strong, if he truly has the power of the Rikudo Sages we ‘re going to need that brain of yours.

Shikaku: Right.

Madara: There will be no interfering. The moment you try to help him, you’ll force my hand.

Kakashi: If you think we..

Minato: Kakashi, Shikaku, protect Naruto, don’t let him near them! This Pein is all mine.

Shikaku: But this guy is…

Minato: Trust me!

Pein: What are you waiting for?

Minato: I was giving you time to warm up, you are going to need it.

Pein: We’ll see about that.

They both stare at each other intensely as thunderclouds fill the sky and the grounds starts to tremble while debris fill the air from the pressure of their combined chakra.

Madara: It looks like this is going to be more interesting than I previously thought, let’s see if the Fourth is as good as they say.

Pein dashes at Minato and Minato dashes back at Pein throwing shuriken and forming hands signs, suddenly the shuriken turn into giant Demon Wind Shuriken shooting towards Pein.

Pein: Too fast!

Pein jumps into the air avoiding them as they crash into the ground. Pein while in the air forms hand signs, Water Style: Liquid Drizzle, three giant water balls shoots at Minato at an unusually speed slamming into Minato causing a huge splash on the valley river.

While they are fighting, Madara uses this moment to try to get to Naruto but Shikaku expands his shadows towards him forcing him to fall back. From behind Kakashi appears with his full powered Raikiri ripping it into Madara back but it just goes through his body. Madara elbows Kakashi in the face sending him sliding across the ground. Shikaku forms out of the shadow that’s on the ground that he extended earlier with a katana sword slashing at Madara cutting him in the face. Madara jumps all the way back staring his opponents down.

Shikaku: I was so close.

Madara: You were a shadow clone all this time, the real you was hiding out inside the shadow of your clone. You must be Shikaku Nara from the Nara clan and Jonin Captain of the Leaf village, your talents are revered throughout the entire ninja world but…. they have no affect on me.

Shikaku: You may be intangible but everything has a shadow including you, you won’t be able to escape.

Madara: We’ll see about that later but for now I have one question, why can’t my Sharingan distinguish between you and your clones?

Shikaku: You are the great Madara Uchiha, you figure it out.

Kakashi: (Standing up behind him) Don’t forget about me, I won’t be so careless again.

Madara: Two against one eh?

Back to their fight, Pein stands on top of the river with his eyes close trying to sense out Minato. Out of no where a giant water dragon forms out of the water trying  to smash into Pein but before the dragon hits, it is suddenly blown away. Minato, who was inside the water dragon appears and stabs Pein in the stomach with his kunai but Pein punches him in the face before he does too much damage sending him crashing into the ground but Minato explodes into smoke revealing he was a shadow clone.

Minato: (Appearing from the water in the river thinking) His movements are just as unpredictable as mine. Before he managed to avoid my giant shuriken even though I was controlling them with my chakra. A second before they were about to connect I somehow lost control of them and just now my water dragon was blown away, but how? I didn’t even see him form a seal. He must have some ability that can repel objects away to use as a defense.

Pein: I’m surprised, you live up to your name Minato Namikaze. Who would have thought you would plant a clone inside a water dragon to attack me. This time you won’t escape my wrath!

Pein flies into the air and from his sleeves a scroll drops down and he opens it and in an instant countless amounts of kunai rain down on Minato at an incredible speed. Minato tries avoiding the kunai by using his body flicker but the range of the attack is so large he can avoid the kunai. Thousands of kunai slam down on top of  Minato shaking the entire landscape as dust and debris spread throughout the land.

Shikaku: Minato-Sama!!

Kakashi: (Quietly) Minato-sensei.

Madara: Looks like it’s over already.

While Pein continues unleashing the kunai down on Minato, a single one of Minato’s special kunai shoots up next to Pein faces and in an instant Minato teleports next to Pein with kunai stabbed into his back and punches him in the face knocking the spit out of Peins mouth. Minato spins quickly and back hands him in the back of his head sending him flying into the ground.

Pein who is now on the ground, reopens the scroll and activates it again as another round of kunai shoot up at Minato, they suddenly thrust forward with an even greater speed.

Minato: (Thinking) He’s using that ability to repel object to increase the speed level of his attack making it harder for me to avoid. That explains why those water cannon were s hard to dodge.

Minato forms hand signs, Wind Style: Air Sphere! Wind chakra explodes from every one of Minato’s chakra points pushing the kunai out of his back creating a giant ball of wind protecting him from the kunai, the ball of wind expands sending a huge shock-wave throughout the land shaking the mountain and the statues throughout the Valley of the End!

Minato: UHAAAAAAAA! (The blast blows Pein out of the sky pinning him into the side of the mountain)

Pein: You are standing in the way of piece and I will strike you down!

Minato: Hmph, how pathetic, you go around killing people causing chaos and you justify it by calling it peace. You are nothing more than a pawn  for Madara’s game. You think he cares about peace, he just cares about power, his power.

Meanwhile, Kakashi and Shikaku are trying to figure away to take down Madara.

Kakashi: Okay this time we are going to have to be careful remember, we have to protect Naruto and at the same time get Kushina’s body. ( Staring at her lying right next to Madara’s leg.)

Shikaku: I’m going to distract him in order for us to get her back. I’ll capture him with my shadow while you take back Kushina, once we have them both, you take him out with your Raikiri.

Kakashi: Let’s hope this works, something tells me he won’t be easy to capture and if we are able to we better make it count because he won’t give us a second chance.

Shikaku: Let’s go, Kakashi!

Shikaku extends his shadow toward Madara and it splits into dozens of different shadows poking at Madara but he dodges them even maneuvering in air to avoid contact. While he’s distracted Kakashi forms hands signs, Earth Style: Earth Wall! A wall of rock appears behind Madara stopping his movements long enough for Shikaku’s shadows to get closer but Madara just fazes through the wall. Shikaku’s shadows slice the wall destroying it but Madara has disappeared. Shikaku is trying desperately to find him and spots him closing in on Naruto. Right before he can grab him Kakashi punches him in the face cracking his mask sending him flying into the side of the mountain. Shikaku takes this chance to stab his shadows into his body but once again they go right through him and he teleports away before Shikaku and bind their shadows together.

Madara: You guys are good but not good enough.

Kakashi: I was able to hit him when he was trying to grab Naruto, so we have to aim for the exactly moment he tries to land an attack or come in contact with any object.

Shikaku: He’s trying to protect the Kyuubi, so you go for Kushina’s body and I’ll bind him when he tries to stop you.

Kakashi dashes straight for Kushina, Madara digs him self underground and pops up in front of Kushina instantly. Shikaku send his shadow to connect with Kushina’s and makes her stand up and run away but Madara teleports next to Shikaku and punches him in the face knocking them both on the ground but at the same time, Kakashi has thrown a Kunai with an explosive note tag attached at Madara stabbing him in the back. Shikaku kicks him in the chest sliding him across the ground as the tag detonates causing a huge explosion.

Madara: (Appearing from the smoke) You are starting to become annoying.

Kakashi: You’re not as unbeatable as you claim.

Shikaku dashes forward and throws his Katana at Madara which goes straight through him, he then tries punching Madara but Madara fazed right through his fist and punch him sending him sliding across the field. Madara dashes at the Kakashi but out of a crack in the ground on side Madara’s foot Shikaku’s shadow bursts almost catching him but Madara jumps into the air.

Madara: (Staring at Shikaku’s shadow that’s inside the ground next to his foot) He sent his shadow clone underground.

While Madara’s in the air his shadow is still visible on the ground, so Shikaku extends his shadow toward his shadow.

Madara: God Dammit!

Madara teleports right before the shadow reaches his and appears again behind Shikaku stabbing him in the back with a kunai.

Madara: It’s over.

Shikaku: You’re right…it is!

Madara suddenly can’t move as the real Shikaku  appears in front of him.

Madara: How is this possible!? I destroyed that clone of yours!

Shikaku: You still don’t get it, that wasn’t a clone. It was a corpse, that I reanimated myself. I can temporarily control a corpse and reanimate them to take on my identity, just think of it as an enhanced clone. I am able to generate my chakra through its body which is why it can also use my Shadow binding techniques. I’ve been hiding in the shadow of this clone the entire time only appearing when I needed to.

Madara: That explains it, you had that thing send its own shadow towards me to trick me into using my space/time ninjutsu to appear behind you, once I got close enough you appeared from the shadow and extended your own shadow towards me catching me in your technique.

Kakashi: You haven’t slacked off a bit Shikaku!

Madara: That’s not all, you apparently have some skills in medical ninjutsu, in order for you to manipulate corpses you must have extensive knowledge of the anatomy. So you are more clever than I realized, I underestimated you Shikaku Nara.

Shikaku: And that’s your down fall, and don’t even think about trying to teleport away because I’ve already planned for that too.


Shikaku: Before, when Minato stamped that seal on you wasn’t to ground you to this dimension like last time but made specifically for me. Once I caught you in my shadow, my chakra activated the seal binding you to my shadow solidifying your body!

Madara: So, you’ve planned everything out?

Kakashi walks over to Shikaku’s side with Kushina in his arms and lays her onside of the unconscious Naruto.

Shikaku: Good job, Kakashi, now let’s finish this bastard.


Kakashi activates his Raikiri!!

Kakashi: This time, it’s over!

He slams his Raikiri into his chest splashing blood everywhere. Madara’s body falls to the ground shocking everyone!

Kakashi: It’s over.

Madara voice: I don’t think so.

Madara’s body shatters like glass and the real Madara appears behind Shikaku and with a sword of his own. He stabs him through his back catching him off guard.

Madara: You lose.

Kakashi: Shikaku!!

Shikaku falls to the ground gasping for air with his hand over his stomach.

Shikaku: How?

Madara: Genjutsu….. that’s right you’ve both been caught in my illusion.

Kakashi: When did you..?

Madara: I have to admit, I didn’t think he would be able to catch me with that little shadow but once he did I couldn’t move my body but luckily I don’t have to use my body to cast my doujutsu.

Kakashi: I’m going to make you pay!

Madara: You think you can defeat me because of that Sharingan you had implanted into that skull of yours. You actually believe you are a real Uchiha? A real Uchiha would have realized my illusion from the beginning. You fools just don’t get it, I’m Madara Uchiha, you think you have any chance to beat me

Kakashi: Enough talk, come!

While Kakashi and Madara prepare to fight, Minato and Pein are going toe to toe in taijutsu. Minato dashes towards Pein throwing shuriken Pein dodges the shuriken by moving to the side but somehow he gains control of the shuriken and sends them flying back at Minato. Minato encases his kunai in wind chakra slashing the shuriken to bits.

He then uses his bodyflicker technique to appear by Peins feet on all fours and kick him into the air. Minato, using his hands pushing off the ground into the air spinning and kicks Pein in the face. While in the air recovering from the kick Pein grabs Minato’s foot and throws him into the ground, Minato maneuvers in air and lands on his feet and Pein also lands on the ground.

Minato forms hands signs Water Style: Giant Toad Tsunami! A water wave with a toads mouth thrusts towards at Pein, Minato forms more hands Wind Style: Tornado Tumbler! The Tornado combines with the water wave creating a Wind/Water Hurricane! It moves towards Pein at a great speed ready to over take him. Pein Forms hands signs of his own, Earth Style: Mud Wall! A wall made of liquid mud forms from the ground then he spits out a giant wave of fire putting the wall on fire combining the elements. The attacks collide causing a great explosion canceling each other out!

After the attack Minato and stares down Pein while panting from exhaustion.

Pein: You look tired, that last attack took a lot out of you.

Minato: I’m fine, I’m from the Namikaze clan, we are known for our huge chakra reserves and extraordinary stamina. ( Thinking) I am going to have to end this fast. Shikaku is down and I don’t think Kakashi is going to last much longer I have to think of something or we are done for. Then Madara is going to have Naruto and the Kyuubi, I’m going to have to use that technique!

Pein sticks his hands into the air and suddenly Minato is pulled quickly towards Pein but Minato uses his Flying Thunder God technique to disappear right before he is stabbed by Pein metal rod that appears from his sleeve. Minato appears below him and stabs him with his wind encased kunai through the chest, Pein pushes off from the kunai and blows him away with chakra.

Pein: Shinra Tensei!

Minato: ( Standing from the attack) I understand now. You are able repel and attract any object to and from you with ease. From the beginning I could sense a change in you chakra at times but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from since you didn’t use any seals. Interesting, but let’s see you get out of this.

Minato, while standing on top of the river forms  a long series of hand signs and them slams his hands into the water. Suddenly the water starts to spin violently and a giant whirlpool forms opening up a vortex to another dimension. The force of the whirlpool starts to suck everything inside,  the entire landscape starts to crumple as it’s being sucked in.

Minato: Secret Demon Ninja Art: Hellmouth!

Pein: What is this technique!!!?

Kakashi: Is that!?

Madara: What kind of technique is this? It’s like he’s opened up hell itself!

Minato: ( Standing behind the whirlpool, seemingly unfazed ) I once used this technique to swallow up an entire village and the fools who tried to stand in my way.

Hundreds maybe even thousands of moaning noises are heard from the vortex, sounds of the dead.

Pein: What is that?

Minato: Oh this, this technique opens up the gateway to the underworld itself. I’m able to rip down the walls of reality into the world of the dead. This technique was created by the Dead Demon Reaper himself. Countless amounts of souls have been devoured by him and this is where they all live, in the belly of the beast. You can call this your new home!

Minato forms a hand signs opening the vortex even larger trying to pull Pein inside, the stubborn Akatsuki struggle to stand firm against the force. Almost being completely devoured by the Hellmouth, Pein uses Shinra Tensei to stop him from being forced in.

Minato: Let me give you a hand, Rasengan!!

Appearing Behind him with his Rasengan ready he smashes it into his back sending him flying into the vortex but before he gets inside, his body explodes into countless amounts of pieces and the vortex closes quickly surprising Minato.

Minato: (Staring at Peins shattered body across the ground) What’s going on!?

Madara: ……..

Minato: What is he?

Asura Path: That’s a good question!

Asura Path Appears behind Minato, Asura Paths head pops opens and starts to glow activating a bomb. In an instant an explosion erupts shaking the entire valley. When the smoke explosion dies down and the smoke clears, a badly injured Minato struggles to get up but once he does he’s shocked by two more Peins standing before him, both with the Rinnegan!

Kakashi: Another one?

Madara: No, not another, he is Pein.

Minato: (Thinking) If that’s true an he is the same guy I’ve been fighting then what was he? How did he avoid my technique? The only way you can avoid being sucked in to that dimension is if you don’t have a soul. But that’s not possible, no everyone has to have a soul, including him, so why isn’t he gone!?

Naraka Path, the other Pein, summons a demon which revives the shattered God Realm Pein and all three of them stare down Minato intensely as the injured Minato glares at them angrily.

Minato: Who are they?

God Realm Pein: You have yet to see the true power of the Rinnegan.

God Realm Pein floats into the air holding out his hands!

God Realm Pein: There is no escape……….. Shinra Tensei!

Minato: !!!!!!!

The entire landscape including the water it blown away in an instant! After the attack Pein looks down and everything it completely obliterated! The statues of the Shodai Hokage and Madara are leaning to the side as though they are about to fall, the water is gone and the valley looks like a desert. Pein lands on top of Madara’s statue along with Asura and Naraka Paths who obviously avoided the blast. Madara also appears.

Madara: You could have given more fore warning. Good thing these type of techniques don’t work on me or I would have been done for.

God Realm Pein: It’s over I’ve defeated the YellowFlash, but the boy and the Kyuubi is lost to us.

Madara: You must have felt the pressure of battling someone like the Fourth but good think I kept a level head.

Madara opens his vortex and Naruto and Kushina fall on the ground.

Madara: I win and now the Fourth  and that Copy Ninja are one less thing I have to worry about.

Minato: Don’t count me out!!

Minato stands behind them all injured and bruised gasping for air with his kunai ready!!

Minato: You think you can beat me that easy!