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Naruto Chapter 520 – Edo Tensei’s Secrets

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Kishi did a great job with chapter 520 this week, it’s more of a training/transition chapter but the information is presented here is what we’ve been dying to hear ever since Kabuto revealed his version of the Edo Tensei. There might not have been much action in this chapter, but there sure was enough tension to make it just as exciting. It seems Naruto is grinding his way to perfecting the chakra bomb technique, and if past events were any indication, he’ll probably perfect it just in time to stop Madara’s army from overwhelming the alliance.

It looks like Anko’s being kept alive by Kabuto after all, and here I was about to write her off. It seems Orochimaru’s chakra still remains in Anko even after his death, and Kabuto wants to gain access to it in order strengthen himself. This makes me wonder how much of Orochimaru’s power still resides in other people affected by his cursed seal, and whether Kabuto’s interest in Sasuke is partly due to this fact. Kabuto also gained a lot of Orochimaru’s power awfully fast, makes me think that he probably has tracked down other people affected with the cursed seal and extracted Orochimaru’s chakra from them to power boost himself. Kabuto’s insistence on keeping Anko alive gives a slight chance that she might be rescued down the line, but the fact that he is keeping her breathing indicates Kabuto intends sinister intent as he says he needs a living human sacrifice to strengthen Edo Tensei’s binding power. It makes me wonder whether Kabuto intends to summon Orochimaru somehow using Anko as the sacrifice. But then again, Orochimaru’s soul was sealed away by Itachi, is it even possible to resurrect him?

I was wondering when Madara was going to force Kabuto’s hand. Kabuto’s flaunting of his Edo Tensei and recklessly interfering with Madara’s war plans has no doubt made Madara highly wary of the new “ally.” After all, Madara has been planning this war for over twenty years, there’s no way he’s going to let some scrubby snake boy try to take advantage of the situation to empower himself. Kabuto himself has been pushing his own agenda a little too hard into Madara’s plans and he knows it. In this chapter, Kabuto acknowledges he has no chance fighting against Madara’s Rinnegan and is forced to reveal more about the Edo Tensei. Still, I question why Madara still allows Kabuto to act so autonomously, he knows Kabuto has already ‘betrayed’ their headquarters’ location to Konoha, and there shouldn’t be any doubt in his mind Kabuto has something grand schemed down the line. With the power of the Rinnegan and Mangekyou Sharingan at his disposal, wouldn’t be child’s play to delve into Kabuto’s mind to see just what secrets he’s hiding?

The explanation about the Edo Tensei was much needed this chapter as it makes the limits of this forbidden jutsu much clearer. So the short answer is that Edo Tensei requires the soul of the summoned to reside in the ‘pure’ world (not sealed), a sufficient amount of DNA and a living sacrifice to act as the host body. We also learn about who can and cannot be summoned, namely all four previous Hokages and Jiraiya are off-limits as their souls are either sealed off or their bodies are irretrievable. It’s a tad disappointing as a resurrected Jiraiya or Minato would make for one hell of a challenge for the alliance, but I think it’ll be fairer this way. Kabuto also reveals that the summoned will be able to use all their original unique abilities – this we have witnessed. But with Itachi and Nagato missing their eyes, how does Kabuto hope to use them effectively in battle? Kabuto’s last line about how Edo Tensei poses no risk to the user is also questionable. Madara’s was right when he said the technique is too good to be true, Kabuto’s still hiding something about it. Every powerful technique in the Narutoverse revealed thus far has had some drawback that prevents it from being overpowered, and I think Edo Tensei will be no exception. There’s probably some other sacrifice or price to be paid that Kabuto is unwilling to reveal just yet. Makes me wonder if he’s trying to bait Madara to somehow use the forbidden jutsu himself and fall prey to it, where upon he’ll pounce on a weakened Madara. Oh the possibilities.

Quick points:
– where exactly did Kabuto hide Anko when he tucked her body under his cloak?
– Danzo’s lackeys had some use in the end after all.
– Gaara is fighting next chapter, will he face his resurrected father?


104 Responses

  1. first!
    great chapter 😀

  2. loved this chapter, it was truely epic, i believe Madara might end up winning but then somehow naruto gains a new power (RASENGAN X10000) and wins ¬¬ man i love Madara

  3. Couple of my own points. First, i think you missed touching upon madara. copying edo tensei when kabuto used it.
    -next, whAt hapend to jirayias arm when it was severed did that also sink to the bottom of the ocean?
    -with edo tensei couldnt madara concievably resurect most of the uchiha clan. What with all those eyes he has.
    -we know kabuto is lying about the weakness of edo tensei after seing it dispelled last chapter. For starters he was having trouble managing them all, and he had trouble completly killing there emotions which lead to some of there defeat.
    -i forsee haku and zabuza running into kakashi.

  4. Excellent review Bob. I agree with you that Edo Tensei must have some risk to it… perhaps it is something like the caster risks their own soul as they have formed some connection between the pure world and the impure world?

    Kabuto says it is similar to the summoning technique… and these usually require some sort of contract. The DDCS is unique in that the contract is between the ninja and the Shinigami, rather than an animal, and it is an instantaneously signed contract. Perhaps this contract is between a different underworld diety? I’m sure we’ll find out, but not from Kabuto telling us.

    About Itachi and Nagato with their eyes: Kabuto already answered this question. Even though Shisui’s eye was not a part of Danzo, it would be summoned as a part of Danzo, despite Danzo crushing it. I think Edo Tensei resurrects the person as their soul manifests itself in the Pure World. So, when Kakashi “died” and met his dad, he didn’t have all those wounds from the fight, he was healed, and so IF Kakashi would have been subsequently resurrected, he would have appeared intact. I believe the same would go for Jiraiya and his arm, and that goes for Nagato and his legs.

  5. Great post bob
    As I said on the other post kabuto now has everything he needs to free orochimara itachi can release orochimara and he has curse sealed anko who orochimara trained which could set up a tag team match between naruto / sasuke verse orochimara/ madara

  6. Yeah using orochimaras body transfer

  7. Good analysis Bob
    For me this chapter was great it had everything happening… my concern in Naruto’s training is if he can use that Fox cloak to fight for him like he does when he is in fox mode… another thing is do anyone of you think that somehow Naruto and the fox will come to good terms and start being like KillerBee and the eight tail?IF that happens wouldnt he be able to transform like bee does? I want that to happen but it doesnt seem like thatll happen any time soon..and Kabuto is hiding something i can fee it never trust a snake!!!

  8. @bob Who do you think madara would summon if he used Edo Tensei?

  9. I may be wrong but didn’t orochimara almost successfully summoned the 4th hokage at the beginning of the series during the “sand invasion” arc (but was stop in time by the 3rd hokage- so only the 1st & 2nd were summoned)?

  10. @Narutogo

    No…. in the proper translation in the manga Sarutobi says “I managed to stop the third one, somehow” meaning he has NO IDEA how he stopped it, which in reality is because he didn’t stop it.

    There is a little bit of a plothole here, where IF the ritual Kabuto just performed is necessary prior to the coffin stage, then Orochimaru must have been summoning someone else, because the initial ritual would have failed.

    However, I argue that this is Kabuto’s improvement. This allows Kabuto to prepare a large number of Edo Tensei’ed bodies ahead of time and he just summons them when he needs them. During Oro’s fight with the 3rd Hokage, I argue that Orochimaru performed the initial summonings of them right then and there, particularly because both Orochimaru and Sarutobi were surprised that the 3rd coffin didn’t work.

  11. @narutogo
    I think the 3rd hkage thought that he had stopped the 4th from being resurrected with his shurikens but the jutsu failed because it was impossible to retrieve his soul. It is a little sketchy because if that were true, why did orochimaru try in the first place?

  12. @ JJ I agree with you. A\Kabuto didn’t say that the third stopped oro from summoning the fourth. It just looked like he did because no knew much about the technique before now.
    I wonder what a failed summoning would look like.
    Hmm…without dna, the body would probably look deformed. Without a soul, the summon probably could not use ninjutsu. I bet the invulnerability of the summons comes from the ritual Kabuto performed.

    Side note, the Edo Tensei ritual has some elements of Konan’s paper art. It looked familiar for some reason.

  13. How did kabuto getg dedarra’s DNA?! I meant he commited suicide and vlew his self up…I dont thin there was anythign left after the exposion…

  14. And he summoned nagato’s body when he first showed madarra what he was capable of when he summone all the akatsuki first time…that was before madarra found nagato’s body and took his eyes…
    was kabuto at nagatos body before madarra?!
    im sooo confused -_-
    plus theres itachi…madarra took itachis’s body after the fight so how did kabuto get itachi’s DNA?
    Theres a little plothole to how he got the DNA from everybody…

  15. @Sasukethebeast
    It could be that Kabuto found Deidara’s missing arm, the one crushed by Gaara, or maybe the one Kakashi blew away with Kamui? Just some thoughts.

    Good analysis as always Bob, but Kabuto specifically said he could get both Shisui and Jiraiya back with Edo tensei, if Madara let him use Danzo’s crushed Shisui Eye and if Madara let him have access to the weapons of the Six Path’s of Pain which have Jiraiya’s DNA. So they are not entirely of limits yet, but Madara is hesitant to let Kabuto strengthen his powers.

  16. Omg

    Here is what I find difficult to process: The fact that Edo Tensei has practically no holes in its procedure, acting and the way it works.

    1. It brings back a person who has died in the past (and with the proper tools, they can be used as pawns)

    2. They cannot die unless the user physically releases the Jutsu, or the user dies (Not sure about that one)

    3. They have all of their past lived Jutsu.

    Another thing that ponders my mind is: Why didn’t Kabuto bring back the 3rd Kazekage? I mean, his body was, in fact, made into a puppet. However, the puppet (which was his body) still lies in the place where Sakura and Sasori fought, so it is retrievable. He would be a very likely ally to the enemies if Kabuto brought him back, with his Iron Sand mumbojumobohallabulloo.

    Okay, and recap:

    Torune’s neck was snapped, but he was brought back.

    Fuu was brutally…burned? Was he burned? Or was his body just…torn apart? I couldn’t really figure that out.

    Anko is somewhere inside Kabu’s buttcrack


  17. @Narutoruler12

    We already know Edo Tensei can’t be dispelled by the death of the user, Sarutobi told us that. Second, Fuu was surrounded by the ashes, so he was not burned, his soul was just displaced as Torune’s took its place. We know the bodies are not burnt because we have seen several ET corpses and none of them were burnt.

    One thing I find really strange though: shouldn’t Tobi have some knowledge of how Edo Tensei worked? I was always under the impression that Pain’s jutsu to mimic Kisame and Itachi was the same one, except that Pain could copy living people. I guess it isn’t perfectly straightforward though…

    About the collection of the DNA, I will say it again, Orochimaru was collecting A LOT of DNA all the time, to augment his own abilities, just like when he tried to create a mokuton user. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if Oro was gathering the DNA of those Akatsuki long before they died. Yes, it would be tricky to get it from some of them, but that is the only way it works.

  18. ok bob you missed somthing that was made clear in this chapter

    this is what you said “But with Itachi and Nagato missing their eyes, how does Kabuto hope to use them effectively in battle?”

    when kabuto out right said that they would have their eyes you even have a screen cap of Kabuto saying that they have there eyes

    Orochimaru can’t be brought back because one not his soul but his entire body was sealed by Itachi and he never really died so he can’t be brought back if he is not really dead

  19. “@bob Who do you think madara would summon if he used Edo Tensei?”
    Thats a very interesting question. Perhaps his dead brother since he took his current Sharingans from his brother – they would still have his DNA. Another wacky theory is that supposing the current Madara is not really the real Madara, he could summon the original Madara when he was at his peak. Does that make any sense?

    “when kabuto out right said that they would have their eyes you even have a screen cap of Kabuto saying that they have there eyes”
    But he didn’t explicitly say they would be summoned with their eyes intact, he just said the summons will be able to use their original abilities, he could have mentioned Itachi and Pein as examples just to trump himself up in front of Madara. We’ve already seen some half-ass summons like Sasori without his puppet gear and Zabuza without his sword… makes you wonder who else came with missing parts.

  20. @ Bob, Also what you forgot to mention Bob, was when kabuto told Madara that sense he has Danzous DNA on Shisui’s eye and since it’s Shisui’s eye he could have revived them both including Jiraiya because he thinks Jiraiyas DNA is on the Six Paths weapons, somehow so don’t count out the possibility that Jiraiya won’t return. I agree with the possibility that Kabuto is probably baiting Madara into using this technique so he could get weakened.

  21. @Bob, well Sasori turning his body into a puppet doesn’t alter his DNA. And Zabuza didn’t come out of his mom’s womb with the sword attached (if he did it would’ve been a pretty messy birth X_X). It all makes sense since he mentioned DNA

    @Yellowflash, I don’t really know what you’re getting at, but the reason Madara isn’t letting him bring back Jiraiya and Shisui is because they would only add to Kabuto’s power and he may need to fight him someday. If Shisui comes back Madara would be under Kabuto’s control.

    I’ll read the rest of the comments later.

  22. @kisu, ewwww, thanks for the mental image.

    “Jiraiyas DNA is on the Six Paths weapons”
    Yeah, I totally missed that part, I’m a failure as a Naruto manga reviewer. I’m gonna go sulk in a corner tonight with only my only friend Mr.Smirnoff.

    But you know, with how much Jiraiya had been ‘getting around’ during his travels, you’d think getting a sample of his DNA would be fairly easy if Kabuto just did some dumpster diving behind the brothels — how’s that for a mental image.

  23. @Ripcord: First, Naruruler12 is my name >_>

    Second, I noticed that Tobi thing as well. It may be because he is trying to amuse Kabuto, trying to think he’s smart or something? Or maybe it’s because he’s just really that stupid.

    I also forgot to say: I’M BAAAACK!

  24. Also on the thing about DNA: Do you remember how much Kabuto traveled with Orochimaru? They were probably collecting DNA that whole time, and what surprises me even more about the not bringing back the Third Kazekage is that they were there when Kimimaro killed him, so Kabuto SHOULD HAVE collected some DNA like a good little raped boy.

    But, alas, it doesn’t seem like he did.

  25. @naruruler12 he didnt kill the 3rd, he killed the 4th

  26. @Bob, are you saying there are such things as ninja condoms? What next, ninja AIDS?

    *looks at Itachi*

    Too late…

  27. and he brought the 4th back

  28. Kazekage

  29. Not enough Shisui discussion is happening here; why so late after his death is Kishi bringing him up so often? Danzo had his arm and eye, and hasn’t “Madara” lost his right arm and replaced an eye? Shisui was described as able to hyponotize others to his bidding, and “Madara” did it to Sasuke, the last Mizukage…AND Itachi who took the blame for his death. The death of his clan gave him jars of Sharingan so he could perfect dojutsu.

  30. Shisui is only being brought up because of his hax Sharingan. The ability to control peoples’ minds without them realizing, it is truly frightening

  31. i think all the dna is from orochimaru. I believe he was collecting samples during his time in akatsuki. he was a sneaky prick like that.
    Although it won’t happen now, i’d be interested to find out whether summons are still bound by their contracts, because if they aren’t jiraiya with his constant use of frogs would be quite screwd. his hair, taijutsu and oil would be countered by a number of shinobi

  32. Ah I see >_>

    My theory was wrong TT ~TT

  33. i’m sorry but am i the only one getting a little annoyed at how easily naruto is picking all of this up? i mean stuff that took an elite ninja like killer bee probably years to master is taking naruto hours? and it’s not even like he is using shadow clones to speed up his training, he just “gets it.” -_-

  34. There is something about Shisui he needs to be involved in store maybe his body is just vessel for Madara or whatever Tobi is still mystery, but too much stuff happened about Shisui that it would not be somehow related to him

    1.I think Tobi arranged the match Sasuke against Danzo in order to get his eye, He was really pissed off when Danzo just destroyed it when he died

    2. Shisui again brought by Kabuto that definitely means something.

    So, bringing out again hypothesis about Shisui being Tobi or Tobi having his body/sharingan ?

    From all the sharingan we know he had only special ability to control people’s mind without them realizing it and Tobi controled Mizukage as someone pointed out.

  35. @ssj, its shonen. If it was logical in how quickly people progress then Naruto would be in his 30s when he’s learning this move and would still be trying to master Sage Mode. Think of 30 year old Kakashi being surpassed by his 16 year old student in only 3 years lol

  36. @Kisu, I meant that if Madara did in fact copy Edo Tensei, he may bring Jiraiya back himself, I never said Kabuto would bring him back. Madara is the one who probably has his DNA and now that he knows how the technique works he will probably bring him back.

  37. In order for Danzo to have received Shisui’s eye activated as it is, that would mean that Shisui would have had to been a live, correct?

  38. no

  39. @ kisu

    It has already been mentioned before. Itachi had Tuberculosis, along with Kimimaro. Same symptoms, same death, both very young.

  40. @ssj, naruto himself explained how he learns techniques. by physically feeling it. he was never a scholar. although he did manage to learn shadow clones by reading the forbidden scroll. but still, its like people who learn by finding the pattern in things, once you have a feel for it, it doesn’t take long to learn it. its a simple form of education, but its effective and it works for naruto.

  41. I believe the current Madara is actually a descendant and not the real Madara!!!

  42. It is IMPOSSIBLE for Tobi to be Shisui, Danzo’s sharingan was the right eye, so was Tobi’s

    This was used for everyone to go “hmm maybe Tobi is Danzo” and well that didn’t turn out to be true. There is no way that the left & right eyes could be switched!

  43. Its not impossible, its more impossible for Tobi to b the real Madara. I believe Tobi refused to give him Danzos body because one Danzo knows who Tobi really is and 2 Shisui isnt dead yet!!!

  44. Tobi is Obito 😉

    Itachi killed Shisui because he HAD to, because Shisui cornered him, Shisui was spying on Itachi, making sure he wasn’t betraying the Uchiha. Shisui found out Itachi was, and that’s why Itachi had to kill him. That’s what I think anyways. There’s no way he’d be hacked to pieces (losing his arm and eye) without being killed. The Uchiha police recovered the body of Shisui, if you recall.

  45. Did they or did they recover a zetsu clone? i dont believe Itachi killed Shisui, i believe they teamed up together. i also believe Shisui gave his arm and eye to Danzo…

  46. Actually Uchicha police just said they found Shisui’s body they never shown any evidence of this. Secondly when Tobi was attacked by this guy from ROOT he needed to replace his arm, ohh no it seems he is missing one just like Shisui? 😛
    About why it could not work changing left with right eye from surgical perspective it is possible there is no difference between left and right? We thought before it’s also impossible to obtain Mangekyu somehow else than killing your dearest friend! Yet, Sasuke has mangekyu because Itachi simply passed it to him and Kakashi also obtained we can say different form.

    So, why it could not be possible to switch right for left? Kishi is saying what is possible or not, and btw, who is saying that it needs to be his left eye now we know that Tobi had both eyes he was just hidding one under his mask maybe that was Shisui’s remaining eye. As, we know Danzo had it also under bandages, so it could work for Tobi also and he could just steal the remaining one from Obito :P. Because he is freaking collector 😀 Just found his body and he needed this sharingan with unique abilities. 😀

  47. @LordErcan, well from a surgical perspective…EVERYTHING IS WRONG! You can’t cut off someone’s arm and attach it to you and it functions. You cant pluck out someone’s eye and put in your eye socket and it works.

  48. @kisu
    I just tried to point out that in the world were u can have arm with working eyes on it it’s rly not problem to put left eye to righ eye socket or vice versa 😛

  49. tobi is madara im sticking to that until i see otherwise

  50. and tobi did copy the edo tensei technique if you didn’t notice in this chapter when kabuto shows him the techique madara right sharingan is showing which means he was copying the technique

  51. its on page 13 of this chapter the captions speaks for itself that hes copying the technique with the sharingan

  52. Hi guys
    i am wondering how Shisui got defeated/killed with his greatest eye technique ?

  53. @Lord Ecran

    Sasuke did not get MS from Itachi giving it to him. The Amaterasu was a ONE SHOT and after it was activated, the chakra Itachi put in Sasuke was gone. The MS that Sasuke uses now is his own that he had to unlock from the trauma of fighting his brother. Yes, his brother gave him MS, but only indirectly.

    I suppose you’re right about the whole arm thing with eyes…

  54. Shisui isn’t dead!!!

  55. I wanna know what itachi put into naruto.

  56. @thetruthabouttobi
    do you mean shisui is a live and controlling Madara from the shadow

  57. Madara Uchiha is DEAD!!!

  58. @ripcord

    We’ll see who is Tobi when Kishi decides to reveal it, but it just came strange to me that he is still mentioning Shisui and Danzo had covered Shisui’s sharingan as Tobi had in the same way :D.

    One other idea what about Tobi being just same kind of freak like Oro who wanted Sharingan so much, but Tobi is being just more successful :D. Just imagine one of Tobi’s eye has Shisui’s powers( he controlled with it mizukage etc.) other eye seems like has same abilities as Kakashi’s from Obito and he still has bunch of other Sharingans and now he even stole eyes from Nagato.

    Just saying this guy has some serious eyes issues :).

  59. I would rather say that this current Madara/tobi is a clone, and what was on that last coffin kabuto showed him, was his “real” body

  60. @ ripcord

    “About the whole arm thing with eyes…” 🙂

  61. im starting to believe that Tobi’s body is actually a Zetsu body, now as far as the head is concerned im unsure.

  62. This would explain how he’s a Senju and Uchiha, with the head being an Uchiha, who the head belongs to is still a mystery, lol

  63. @LordErcan, everyone in this manga has issues.

    It’s now official, Sakura is a man X_X


  64. @thetruthabouttobi

    I agree with you, this tobi/madara is definitely a “clone”

  65. As stupid and ignorant as that clone comment sounds…it’s plausible.

  66. Good Good, more food for thought, now Tobi has the power to make himself untouchable or phase in and out, who also has this power… Zetsu!!!

  67. @ thetruthabouttoby
    How could it be a clone if the user of a jutsu dies the jutsu disapears am i right?

  68. i think everyone is forgetting what Madara said to Sasuke 100+ chapters ago.


    So the Uzumakis got the short end of the stick on this one since Uchihas can live long lives too lol

  69. Again… Madara Uchiha is DEAD!!!

  70. Well, Madara has lied, he told Sasuke that the kyuubi attack was not his fault, but a “natural disaster” instead, I believe that he fought Hashirama in order to gain access in order to have access to “another path”, he lost, but had a back up plan, when I guess Zetsu might fit. since we dont know who or what he is…..

  71. this whole ‘who is madara?’ thing, is really played out. Lets just allow for another chapter dedicated to that very topic and discuss it then.
    But while we are on the topic, @polytox: who says madara even lost against the 1st? The way i see it, he got what he wanted; the DNA.
    Back to this chapter, kishi did a great job with the colour pages and the bijuu rasengan and 4 arm naruto didn’t look as ridiculous in colour as it did when it was first shown in black and white. Thumbs up+ noddy badge for kishi

  72. I agree with Madzikage. Be like Kisu and just relax until Kishi tells us 🙂

  73. later comment…but here’s a thought:

    maybe Madara wants to see the jutsu because edo tensei is part of Nagato’s 6 paths of Pain technique and now possessing the rinnegan wants to use the technique as well.

  74. i wonder what techniques the rinnegan madara stole has. I’m hoping that not too many of the hectic techniques like all of deva paths jutsu, uh summons, the multiple bodies. Its going to be interesting though. I wonder what do you guys think?

  75. @Madzikage, its confirmed that his Rinnegan has Human Realms soul ripping powers because he said he could use the ability on Yamato to gain all the info.

    I’m hoping that Kishi will use his head on this one though. I hope he’ll make it so 1 Rinnegan has three abilities and the other has 3, but when you put them both in you get access to the 7th. If one eye gives you all 7 then what’s the point of having 2? Even humans in real life need 2 eyes for sight to be most effective. If someone else implants the missing eye we’d have two Nagato ripoffs running around.

  76. @kisu

    That’s very true, right now my assumption is that one eye gives access to certain techniques only. If we attempt to group them (so that it is like MS where one eye has the more powerful genjutsu, the other has the more powerful ninjutsu), we would get:

    Left Eye:
    Human realm (genjutsus, mind probing),
    animal realm (summoning, a space-time),
    hell realm (summoning variant/ninjutsu?, lie-detector gen/ninjutsu?)

    Right Eye: God realm (crazy ninjutsu),
    Demon Realm (weird ninjutsu),
    Hungry ghost realm (ninjutsu sucker)

    This seems the most logical to me based on techniques, although when Pain first faced Jiraiya, he used Animal Realm, Hungry Ghost Realm, and Human Realm… so perhaps they are of one eye?

    What do you guys think?

  77. @ripcord
    We maybe still don’t know everything about rinnegan should grant you access to all elements and I personally think that there is no split in jutsus. I think Tobi can use now all paths only with one rinnegan, because the way how Nagato got 6 path is just combining different elements, if rinnegan also grant to acess to ying and yang chakra ( Rikudo used Izanagi). So, different paths are just developed jutsus that’s just my opinion. But, also other nagato’s bodies had both eyes turned into rinnegan.

    Maybe he used split into different bodies because even if rinnegan grants you access to all elements, those bodies had just control over certain chakras. They did not have normal rinnegan right? because then we would have bunch of pairs of rinnegan.
    So, Nagato used just different bodies, because he needed and it was also more effective when opponent has to fight 6 different ninjas instead of one, who has whole power.

  78. @LordErcan

    Then what’s the point of two Rin’negan eyes? I think it’s stupid, just like Kisu said, if all the powers are contained in one Rin’negan eye.

    The eyes of the Paths of Pain had Rin’negan only because Nagato projected his Rin’negan into them. The question is whether the 7th path, Nagato, has access to all the other 6 from one eye or if each eye has 3 techniques. Nagato still had to project his chakra correctly to initiate the techniques of each Path of Pain, so could he have done all that with just one eye?

  79. @ripcord

    Hey, dude I don’t know, but it seems that u have some kind of twisted logic. U are basically saying, that if u can see with 1 eye why to have 2 eyes? Answer is obvious, because then u have better vision. And doujutsus are bloodline( bloodline, u are carying DNA with that u have doujutsu, so u will have doujutsu in both eyes, something similar like with color when u have 1 eye blue then your other eye is also blue and not brown for example). Kishi just made it that different eyes possess different abilities.

    Only because Kishi made that thing that left sharingan has different powers than right one ( which he did like 400 chapters ago, before he would consider how it will apply to other doujutsus) we are going to assume that every eye with doujutsu has different abilities? Take byakugan into example. It is doujutsu, but there is no difference between the left and the right one.

    If, u came to end my conclusion then needs to be obvious. Logically, every eye possess 6 paths. 😀 BUT, this is FICTION so whatever Kishi will come with it will be like that. Until, now I assume that every eye has the same ability.

  80. BTW, maybe that’s why Madara replaced only 1 eye, because it grants all abilities, which is logical to information, which we know about rinnegan until now.

  81. @lordErcan: what it appears to me is that the main power of the rinnegan is the power over life and death and a form of ‘creation’ ability. These have been both evidenced by nagato and the sage. I still think a lot of techniques that nagato had won’t transfer, just as how you won’t be able to use fire element by taking itachi’s sharingan. With kisu posited his theory was because it made sense. My simple issue is that these ninja are so supercharged i’d like some limit to it all or at least some logic.
    As an aside what i hate about doujutsu is that they are instantly acquired, i mean logically both madara and sasuke have had no training time but watch and see how they would have automatically mastered their new powers. I call bull*

  82. “that if u can see with 1 eye why to have 2 eyes? Answer is obvious, because then u have better vision.”

    No that’s not what he’s saying. He is saying if one eye gives you the vision of two eyes, why have two? Btw, only one of Pain’s bodies ever used a non-path jutsu and its God Realm. The Rinnegan grants access to all chakra natures but its up to the user t learn jutsus from those elements (which Nagato did at age 10, mastering all 6 by himself)

    @madzi, its incredible how we’re always on the same page with each other. I’ve been calling bull* on dojutsu ever since Danzo showed he had a sharingan. I think DBZ did this the right way. When Captain Ginyu was in his own body his power level was 120,000 and when Goku powered up against him his power level rose to 180.000, far higher than Ginyu’s. Then Ginyu had the bright idea of switching bodies with Goku to have all that power, but it turns out going into a strong body without proper training means nothing because when he went into Goku’s body his power level fell to 23,000. I think Kishi needs to have all dojutsu-implantees train to learn techniques instead of just popping it in and gaining all of them.

  83. @kisu: precisely! I mean since fighting konan, kabuto came and they have been preoccupied with preparations for war-i.e. Zero training time. Yet kabuto is afraid to go up against the rinnegan-why after all the prep he did and the fact that madara couldn’t have possibly mastered it. And note he didn’t mind going up against the MS, his issue was the venue and the rinnegan. Additionally, just as danzou, Ao and kakashi have to cover their implants because it drains chakra because its not authentic, surely madara should do the same. kishi really needs to stop pissing on our shoes and telling us its raining!
    And with regard to edo tensei how does the use of a live body as a vessel give them super regenerative powers and virtual immortality. It all sounds nice but some attempt at logic needs to be made, or rational explanations.
    Finally and forgive me if i’m wrong, but the way ET is explained. You sacrifice a living host to resurrect a dead ninja at prior to summoning them in battle. So what was in the coffin that kabuto said was a failed attempt at resurrecting the 4th? Surely during the technique we saw in chapter 520 oro summoned someone in order to put in a coffin for his battle against the 3rd, because ET requires prior planning.

  84. @madizkage

    If you look back in the manga: when Oro did the Edo Tensei he used blood, this was the initial summon, just like Kabuto just did with Fuu and Torune. However, all the other times Kabuto used Edo Tensei he didn’t use blood, he was just summoning the body he already had bound to the impure world.

    I believe the blood is necessary to remove the body from the pure world, after that the user can summon it as much as they want without the blood. Thoughts?

  85. @ripcord: well according to naruto 520, the dna goes onto the scroll, symbols surround the sacrifice, ash or whatever covers them and they turn into the summon:
    so Oro would have to have prepared the summons prior to going to battle. Another loophole

  86. I think what madzi is saying is how could Oro have failed to summon the Fourth Hokage when he himself had prepared the bodies beforehand, like Kabuto. It’s only logical that if he knew he hadnt turned a body into the Fourth then he couldn’t summon him in battle. I guess Kishi forgot to cover up that hole

  87. @kisu & madzikage

    I understand that loophole, the only way I can understand it is if Oro didn’t actually bind the souls before hand, although Oro’s “summoning” was rather instantaneous.

  88. @ kisu
    About rinnegan I just wanted to said that every human has 2 eyes and then we know that Sharingan eyes are different, byakugan eyes do not and I think also in this case rinnegan eyes do not differ from each other. So, Madara needs just one

    Interesting thought. Yea it seems like u need to cover doujutsu eye in order to prevent it from consuming chakra( Ao byakugan, Kakashi and Danzo sharingan). If, you are not covering it then it is yours by nature(as Itachi sharingan, Neji byakugan, Nagato rinnegan). If, we implement this theory then like Tobi said rinnegan was his, so he don’t need to cover it, but Nagato also didn’t.

    So, 2 explanations either rinnegan is different from other 2 doujutsu techniques, which is why after awaking rinnegan it remains still activated in compare to other 2 doujutsu, which you need to activate. Then either it is consuming chakra constantly and that’s why you need huge chakra reserves or it is not consuming chakra at all. It just give you access to all elements and you have cool eyes 😛

    or both Tobi and Nagato share same DNA? So, both are descendants of Rikudo sage and they can awake rinnegan ? Still, we don’t have enough info to support this explanation

  89. @kisu, ripcord

    It can be also that, when Oro completed edo tensei he didn’t know how it works exactly and which are the restrictions. So, he tested it on random ninjas, whose souls were not sealed, they were in pure world. And he was successful, so he assumed that you can summon any soul by edo tensei. Then he prepared edo tensei scrolls for those 3 hokages, but he did not try, if it works and then he went to battle against sandaime and he tried to summon it for the first time. He failed and then he was wondering why, but he knew past of Yondaime, so he found out that u can’t summon sealed souls.

  90. @lordercan: that would be all fine and dandy if we didn’t see that the coffin simply holds the summon that the technique has brought into the impure world. As a result, he would have had to have seen what he summoned prior to placing it in a coffin. The only way to explain it is how it is, a plothole-sometimes a spade is just a spade,

  91. @madzikage

    Yea, probably it is a plothole, kishi in that time had na idea that he will come with the development of edo tensei, but it can be explained that Kabuto said by himself he even perfected Oro’s ET, so the summoning is different no?

  92. “I just wanted to said that every human has 2 eyes”

    No not everyone. Some people lose an eye or both. Someone with only one eye can’t see as well as someone with both, and someone with no eyes can’t see at all. Having 1 Rinnegan should mean he won’t have as many abilities as someone with two. That’s what Rip (rip sounds cooler than ripcord :P) and I are saying 😀

  93. okay, if you want be so punctual most of humans are born with pair of eyes! Just playing with words :P.
    Anyway, I think you need to only have 1 rinnegan to have access to full ablities of rinnegan 😀

  94. Yeah thats what i thought really, if you dont have both eyes you should have some restriction with the doujutsu! either less powerful or not as many techniques yes! i dont think you be able to use the major abilities anyways! but i guess you can do!

  95. @kisu

    rip is fine, while on starcraft ppl just called me “rip” all the time, though those days are long over…

    About one eye just as good as two, yes I agree that it seems one byakugan works just fine, though for all we know the range of vision isn’t as good, or the perception depth isn’t as good… but it is all guessing.

    The main way I think about it is that the sharingan is a powerful doujutsu and as it gets “leveled up” the power gets divided by the eyes. The Rin’negan is supposed to be more powerful than the sharingan, so it makes sense to me that the “division” would continue. Yes there is no precedence and I suppose we have to assume Tobi has all the powers until he shows us he doesn’t… but like Kisu, I find that too much of a powerup.

    As to the rin’negan not consuming chakra, I think it does, but because Tobi IS an Uchiha his body is able to withstand the rin’negan which is close to the sharingan so we are told. Therefore the demands on the body should be similar. I would say that ALL of the Sage’s decendants would be able to withstand doujutsus quite well, so Naruto could withstand a sharingan on all the time or a rin’negan no problem.

  96. @ripcord: i think that that’s a bit over the top that all sage descendants can withstand doujutsu implants, but it’s so outlandish kishi is probably going to opt for that explanation if at all.
    I just think that something needs to give. Either drain his chakra but give him all the abilities (like kakashi accessing the MS) or reduce the efficiency of the doujutsu.

  97. It is happening when u have over 500 chapters of the same story, that your ideas from the beginning cannot be controled properly and then Kishi went into overpowering Senju and Uchiha and Sharingan and Rinnegan in order to create some development. It is good that Kishi will end this arc or the whole story after this war, because it seems he gave his best toNaruto and it’s time to close this chapter. 😀

  98. @madzikage

    I say it because their chakra is strong enough to withstand the doujutsu… only because Nagato is an Uzumaki, only half of the Sage.

  99. @ripcord, I’d say he is the Sage considering he was his reincarnation and all (just with less power).

  100. @kisu

    So then are you implying that the Uzumaki clan is a direct descendant of the Sage, that the Sage Six Paths “was” an Uzumaki? I suppose Naruto’s “Rikodu” cloak suggests that could be true.

  101. Woo, if the spoiler is true, next chapter could be very interesting. Seems to, Kabuto has Rikodu in his arsenal, but he does not know how to unlock his mind

  102. 521 is out

  103. I love the review, but there is a point I don’t agree with.

    I really don’t believe Kabuto has any intention of unsealing Orochimaru. Earlier on in the manga he states that he wants to surpass Orochimaru, which is why I believe this.

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