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Naruto Chapter 520 – Edo Tensei’s Secrets

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Kishi did a great job with chapter 520 this week, it’s more of a training/transition chapter but the information is presented here is what we’ve been dying to hear ever since Kabuto revealed his version of the Edo Tensei. There might not have been much action in this chapter, but there sure was enough tension to make it just as exciting. It seems Naruto is grinding his way to perfecting the chakra bomb technique, and if past events were any indication, he’ll probably perfect it just in time to stop Madara’s army from overwhelming the alliance.

It looks like Anko’s being kept alive by Kabuto after all, and here I was about to write her off. It seems Orochimaru’s chakra still remains in Anko even after his death, and Kabuto wants to gain access to it in order strengthen himself. This makes me wonder how much of Orochimaru’s power still resides in other people affected by his cursed seal, and whether Kabuto’s interest in Sasuke is partly due to this fact. Kabuto also gained a lot of Orochimaru’s power awfully fast, makes me think that he probably has tracked down other people affected with the cursed seal and extracted Orochimaru’s chakra from them to power boost himself. Kabuto’s insistence on keeping Anko alive gives a slight chance that she might be rescued down the line, but the fact that he is keeping her breathing indicates Kabuto intends sinister intent as he says he needs a living human sacrifice to strengthen Edo Tensei’s binding power. It makes me wonder whether Kabuto intends to summon Orochimaru somehow using Anko as the sacrifice. But then again, Orochimaru’s soul was sealed away by Itachi, is it even possible to resurrect him?

I was wondering when Madara was going to force Kabuto’s hand. Kabuto’s flaunting of his Edo Tensei and recklessly interfering with Madara’s war plans has no doubt made Madara highly wary of the new “ally.” After all, Madara has been planning this war for over twenty years, there’s no way he’s going to let some scrubby snake boy try to take advantage of the situation to empower himself. Kabuto himself has been pushing his own agenda a little too hard into Madara’s plans and he knows it. In this chapter, Kabuto acknowledges he has no chance fighting against Madara’s Rinnegan and is forced to reveal more about the Edo Tensei. Still, I question why Madara still allows Kabuto to act so autonomously, he knows Kabuto has already ‘betrayed’ their headquarters’ location to Konoha, and there shouldn’t be any doubt in his mind Kabuto has something grand schemed down the line. With the power of the Rinnegan and Mangekyou Sharingan at his disposal, wouldn’t be child’s play to delve into Kabuto’s mind to see just what secrets he’s hiding?

The explanation about the Edo Tensei was much needed this chapter as it makes the limits of this forbidden jutsu much clearer. So the short answer is that Edo Tensei requires the soul of the summoned to reside in the ‘pure’ world (not sealed), a sufficient amount of DNA and a living sacrifice to act as the host body. We also learn about who can and cannot be summoned, namely all four previous Hokages and Jiraiya are off-limits as their souls are either sealed off or their bodies are irretrievable. It’s a tad disappointing as a resurrected Jiraiya or Minato would make for one hell of a challenge for the alliance, but I think it’ll be fairer this way. Kabuto also reveals that the summoned will be able to use all their original unique abilities – this we have witnessed. But with Itachi and Nagato missing their eyes, how does Kabuto hope to use them effectively in battle? Kabuto’s last line about how Edo Tensei poses no risk to the user is also questionable. Madara’s was right when he said the technique is too good to be true, Kabuto’s still hiding something about it. Every powerful technique in the Narutoverse revealed thus far has had some drawback that prevents it from being overpowered, and I think Edo Tensei will be no exception. There’s probably some other sacrifice or price to be paid that Kabuto is unwilling to reveal just yet. Makes me wonder if he’s trying to bait Madara to somehow use the forbidden jutsu himself and fall prey to it, where upon he’ll pounce on a weakened Madara. Oh the possibilities.

Quick points:
– where exactly did Kabuto hide Anko when he tucked her body under his cloak?
– Danzo’s lackeys had some use in the end after all.
– Gaara is fighting next chapter, will he face his resurrected father?