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Its Out! Naruto Chapter 520!





48 Responses

  1. It’s definitely significant that Kishi explicitly mentioned that Shisui’s body was never found.

  2. I hope this proves once and for all that Nagato’s Rinnegan was just that, NAGATO’S Rinnegan. And once again Kisu is proven right, no Jiraiya.

    What Madara did to Torune was just brutal, and then Kabuto pwned Fuu.

    Good to see Naruto still trying his hardest.

    Lol at Kabuto’s expression at the end though.

    How did he get Kakuzu’s remains when Konoha had it. Whatever was left on the battlefield should be destroyed because of the Rasenshuriken’s mini wind needles. And if he was willing to go for Kakuzu, why not go the extra mile and collect Hidan’s head then sew him back together? No one likes Hidan I suppose. All Sasori had left was a heart, I would assume Suna would’ve collected all his remains from the battlefield, no wonder they’re the weakest lol.

    Zabuza and Haku were great as usual. It looks like Haku was better than I gave him credit for. Edo Tensei is more haxed than Hiraishin, Shinra Tensei and Hidan’s immortality put together! I like it

  3. Seriously, what Madara did to Fuu and Torune was just brutal :/

  4. So I liked the explanation of the impure world ressurection. I t was neat to see exactly how it is done. Also I thought of an interesting idea. What if this jutsu was used in a more positive way. What if it was used to revive previous ninja for the purpose of learning from them. They could serve as teachers and pass on knowledge they may have been unable to before death. I think this would be cool. You could just release the spirit when you are done and therefore preserve the life of the host.

  5. This chapter was gratifying, Madara snapping that dude ‘s neck like he did was brutal, kind of makes you want to say “FINISH HIM!”, “FATALITY”. I think Kabuto may have just made his first mistake, why explaining to Madara, a future enemy, the workings of your most hack technique, bull if Madara just copies that technique later, it would make Edo Tensei just another common jutsu and cheapen it. The mechanics almost seems to simple, Kabuto must have something up his sleeve. On another note, Kabuto’s cloak seems odd, but cool at the same time.

  6. @kisu Yeah, Madara just killed them for the sake of a jutsu lesson.
    This chapter also disproves my theory that madara is the second hokage. In addition to the second’s soul being unavailable for a summon, Madara knew squat about how Edo Tensei actually works. It’s hard to believe that he is the same person said to have created this jutsu after all that just happened.
    It just bugs me that there are zero consequences to Kabuto for using this technique. None! All he has to do is collect dna samples, do a little ritual, and and boom, he can control the some of the most powerful ninja who have ever lived! It is not fair!

  7. @John, Kabuto DID say (well he thought it to himself) he has something else up his sleeve.

    @UchihaTrinity, Edo Tensei can’t be used like that. The sacrifice always dies. When Sasori was freed no body was left behind. When Hiruzen sealed the 1st and 2nd Hokages, both Zaku and Kin were dead as well. The sacrifice has to die.

    Also, I was right with the whole “Hokages cant be brought back” thing. Stop doubting Kisu people :D. Anyway I really need to say it again, that was brutal and messed up to the 10th degree what Madara did to those two guys.

  8. @Kisu, It’s just to show that madara is the real deal, not some hippy peace loving whore.

  9. @IronV, yeah, he’s nothing like Nagato was… HEY!

  10. hey guys just a theory to try sometime different.
    what if the statue “gedo mazo” don´n have to do anything with the rinnegan. maybe this statue belongs to the UZUMAKI CLAN. we all know now that nagato is a uzumaki and tobi saya he needs a new pawn maybe naruto. and thats why tobi still doesn´t capture naruto yet. just a theory

  11. @J-E, no Madara’s new “pawn” is Sasugay. He said so himself way back when Nagato died

  12. @ Kisu. I see how it doesnt work like that but it would be neat, and hey if a bad guy used it for learning purposes then it wouldnt matter if there was a sacrifice.

  13. loved this chapter. wonder if we’ll ever get to see wat shisui cud really do.

    madara is just awesome!!

  14. Well very informative chapter. And this officially proves Tobi is not the second hokage. I’ll have more to say after Bob speaks.

  15. This chapter set up the return for Shisui and Jiraiya. The way it was worded just said “Oh yeah, they’re coming back.”

    I’ll save anything else for the almighty Bob.

  16. Also on a very amusing note, has anyone ever read the comments on mangaspoiler? They have to be some of the dumbest things I have ever read haha. Much better quality in this neck of the woods.

  17. I usually don’t have a problem with people dying in this manga, hell I love when that happens, but seeing Madara actually break the dude’s neck was just… different. Its not like he used some weird jutsu, he did something we normal humans can do and killed someone with it… that’s just cold. I’m slowly moving from indifference for Madara to hatred for Madara…. that only means Kishi is doing a good job.

  18. I’m was wondering how Fuu and Torune were able to survive with no food or water during that whole time, and yeah what Madara did to Torune was brutal, but it’s about time we see a deadly move in the manga.

    Danzo destroyed his right sharigan (Shisui’s eye) before Madara went to take it, so I wonder how Kabuto is going to go about reviving Shisui, but if Kabuto can revive all 3 guys (Jiraiya, Shisui, Danzo) and keep their emotions under control this war is gonna be tough.

  19. If Danzo get’s revived, it could possibly mean that the curse mark he placed on the root members may also reappear

  20. Shisui’s body couldnt be found because its been standing in front of us this whole time!!!

  21. @kisu: with all the powerful jutsu flying around we forget that ninja are human and so the simple things like snapping a neck actually can kill. Good one kishi,
    but where you are showing poor form is with hyping up just ANOTHER rasengan! I mean really, just do a sasuke where he just releases it in battle, but show us some new unique techniques. high speed frog kata, wind blade, etc come on man!

  22. This chapter was awesome, full of great info I have been wondering about. Edo Tensei is amazing but I wouldn’t go far as to say it is the most powerful jutsu in the shinobi world but hey. Also this shows the Second Hokage had to be awesome as well. Now we know Itachi and Nagato are going to have their same abilities and that the Fourth and Jiraiya or the other Hokages won’t be revived which I think is a good thing, because that would be devastating to Naruto but it would have been great to see hoe it would have affected him.

    Madara was extremely cruel and ruthless in this chapter but that’s how I want him to be. Naruto is also looking great today in Kyuubi mode, it would be great to see him fight the Raikage. The only think I wonder about Naruto is can he handle these forbidden S-rank super jutsu, I mean we’ve seen him battle the Rinnegan to an extent but can he handle Impure Resurrection or any of the Rikudo techniques or the EMS techniques? This is the true test, that’s why I hope he learns more than just the nrew Rasengan, he needs more!!!!!!!

    @ Kisu, I’m sorry to say but this doesn’t say anything about the Rinnegan truly belonging to Nagato, he said that the corpse has the same techniques he had when he was alive, that doesn’t clarify that the Rinnegan belongs to him, keep dreaming.

  23. Also this give a hint to the future, we all know Madara copied Edo Tensei just no and according to Kabuto he has the DNA of Shisui, Danzo and Jiraiya so don’t be surprised if we see them again.

  24. @ yellowflash 2…..I’m glad you mentioned the fact that it looks like madara copied Edo Tensei. This was a good chapter on info but as far as naruto’s training, I’m becoming less excited about another upgrade to his one ninja tech.

  25. The quote i liked the most was Madaras when he told Kabuto! “then that which you seek will be forever lost to you, and the ambition you’ll have left.. Will be clinging to you life”

    That is confidence right there ha ha!! as you peer into his Rinnengan.

  26. i was trying to wait for bobs post but does it seem like kabuto is trying to bring back orocihmara. that chick has the curse mark so he want kill her and he just told use everyone can use there own jutsu which we knew but madara thinks he wants sasuke that was the misleading part he as what he needs know thats itachi is going to release him soon thats what kabuto was after

  27. @yellowflash, Kisu grows tired of your attitude. Anyway, he uses the corpse’s DNA. Implanting an eye doesn’t change your DNA. If I took your kidneys and implanted them my DNA is still the same. That’s why Sasori came back in a human body. That’s why Kimimaro still has the curse seal because it alters DNA when u use it (changes your form).

    @Mattmaru, lol Madara grew a pair now that he has Nagato’s eye.

    @madzikage, hmm I don’t really have a problem with another Rasengan. What I have a problem with is Naruto wasting time on the Bijudama. A Bijudama has never killed anyone. Hidan and Kakuzu tanked the Niibi’s version of it and Suigetsu tanked the Hachibi’s version. He should just learn some Fuuton from Temari and try to get that second element, then power up his Raseshuriken with it.

  28. I wonder what that Scroll was on page 15 with some Writing on it? Maybe it was the people Kabuto can summon with Edo Tensei…?

  29. @ Kisu– yes i agree with you he should have some variation in his Jutsu’s its great that he is leveling up his one main jutsu but it he needs to add some more to his arsenal i just think that it will take time to get them to the same power level as his Rasengan!

  30. madara did say in an earlier chapter that the rinnigan was hungry or thirsty for war, something along those lines, so i guess its not surprising to see him being ruthless.
    where did madara get the dna from jiraiya? i can understand shisui and danzo. its a pretty exciting prospect to think it may not be the last time we see jiraiya though.
    nice to know that kabuto is going to eventually double cross madara and believes that once he upgrades his powers that he will be strong enough to do so.

  31. Madara copied edo tensei. But i dont think he has any of jirayis dna. His body is at the bottom of an ocean. I suppose he could have found his severed arm. Not sure if that sank or not.

    I think danzo took shisuis corpse which is why kabuto couldnt find it.

    Side note. Madara could concievabbly resurect almost all of the uchicha clan. What with all those spare eyes he has.

  32. Also what happend to danzos body/ soul when he activated his last jutsu as a last ditch effort to kill sasuke? I cant look. Take to long on my phone

  33. Hey guys, just hint when Kabuto claims that Edo tensei has no drawbacks and no risk at all for user he could lie( as Madara did with kyubii being natural disaster) and that’s good it gives kind of real human nature to manga.

    Also, Kabuto saying that he couldn’t find Shisui’s body suggest something else I think remember how angry was Madara when Danzo destroyed Shisui’s eye. I think theory with Madara being in Shisui’s body can be revived again. Kishi is pulling us this way I think just wait for explanation against Tobi’s true identity.

    Nice to see Naruto focused on something else than discovering armadillo’s penis.

    Looking forward to next battles things are starting to heat up. Seems good and as we can see Tobi is still the strongest and even Kabuto is not sure that he would have a chance against rinnegan.

    With more thoughts wait for Bob’s post.

  34. @kisu

    I am certain that Orochimaru collected the DNA from ALL Akatsuki members before he left (with the exception of Deidra, who wasn’t a member yet… but I guess Kabuto found a body fragment that was large enough. Or perhaps there was some on Manda.

    I found it really interesting that Jiraiya’s DNA would have been in Pain’s weapons! Not sure what Nagato would use that for. This still opens the way for Tobi to summon Jiraiya though, as he obviously has access to that DNA if it exists where Kabuto says it does. This also allows Tobi to summon Shisui too.

  35. Thing with Kabuto is he could use Negato and Itachi, those two alone are super trump cards in his hand of many seriously strong edo summons! plus he will be able to control them better soon enough with Orochimaru’s chakra being syphoned out of Anko. Once he able to control them better he could order Negato to ressurect himself if he was to be Killed!

    I think that Kabuto is holding back on the info Giving to Madara! Its Kabuto’s Strongest Technique and i cant see him telling all the details to Madara who he plans to Defeat eventually! if he where to tell Madara everything about that Technique he would be studpid and expose a very big weakness!

  36. with every upgrade kishi is taking away from the shadow clones. Personally i really like that combo jutsu from part 1, would have loved to see that developed now in these new modes of naruto’s.
    Upgrading his taijutsu to nintaijutsu using fuuton like the raikage and maybe throwing in some kenjutsu since KB is his teacher, some jikukan ninjutsu through his new mode even just throwing wind infused kunai like asuma would be better!
    I understand that Naruto is training like he’s a last line of defence, but you need to be able to defeat 100 ordinary ninja as well as 1 pein. Look at sasuke-i hate him but-if he’s put up against a number of ninja he jutsu uses raiton and kenjutsu yet he still has kage level jutsu. Naruto’s ordinary jutsu i.e shadow clones and rasengan can’t take out a large number of ninja. Come on kishi, close the circle, make naruto complete.
    I don’t even think he could defeat a 4-man cell without really exerting himself. Sasuke, wouldn’t even need to unleash an MS jutsu, let alone EMS.

  37. @bringerofchaos, Danzo’s jutsu didn’t seal his soul. It was a sealing jutsu meant to trap anything nearby in his corpse.

    @ripcord, Nagato broke the rods in Jiraiya so his bodies shouldn’t have a trace of Jiraiya’s DNA. The parts that actually stabbed Jiraiya went to the bottom of the sea with him.


    I doubt he could’ve gotten all the members’ DNA. Pain doesn’t show himself to them personally, and they don’t even know Nagato. Kakuzu doesn’t bleed unless you kill a heart, same with Sasori so I don’t see how Oro could’ve gotten their DNA. Hidan didn’t join at the time.Zetsu is an enigma so he’s out as well. I can see him getting Itachi’s DNA since he’s always coughing and is in pretty bad health. Kisame’s DNA could be acquired as well since he loves fighting so much.

    @Mattmaru, Kabuto told him everything. He said he had other tricks up his sleeve so Edo Tensei’s nothing really.

  38. @Madzikage, I was hoping Naruto would use Fuuton kunai swords like Danso did. I’d be happy if he learned some kenjutsu though. He basically already has nintaijutsu with his Frog Katas, and that may even be deadlier than Raikage’s in some respects.

  39. @kisu

    Not true! There is one rod, it was brought back to Konoha most likely though when Animal Realm was taken.

    I’m not saying it was easy to get their DNA, that just seems the more likely reason as to how Kabuto got it… as opposed to Kabuto tracking it down after their deaths.

    True, he did say he did some grave digging, but I think that goes more along the lines of Asuma, Dan, etc.

  40. http://www.citymanga.com/naruto/chapter-381/09/

    Here’s the link I forgot to post.

  41. @ripcord, lol i completely forgot that one. You sir have the memory of an elephant. Well, animals are kinda dumb, so you have the memory of a reasonably smart human 🙂

  42. i just loved when madara slannep that guys neck ^_^ sweet, dark twisted actions are they way to go! i wud have loved to see this cold madara vs the un-narutoFIED deva path.

  43. @MadaraUchiha, Madara would win since he has the Rinnegan and can use Izanagi. Against all 6 paths is something entirely different though. Now as far as being cold goes, Pain is still much colder (there’s no doubt he killed old women and children in his attack on Konoha and he killed a man who was like a father to him without remorse), but the way Madara just killed Torune was sick. I consider him colder than Pain for doing that, but the manga still shows Pain as the colder shinobi

  44. kabuto still hasn’t explained how to beat the jutsu.

  45. @Naruto Tutor

    It is likely that we won’t see that explanation… or even that Kabuto will find some way to skirt around it. That or he’s just going to say the things we already know:

    the soul has to be sealed (as in Hashirama)
    the soul has to find peace/release (as in Sasori)
    the caster has to release it

    I can’t imagine he’s going to tell Tobi anything else. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tobi can use Human Realm’s soul stealing technique to just rip the soul out.

  46. @ripcord I guess this chapter will have to do for an explanation then. I didn’t think about madara using the rinnegan.
    Moving on, now that the shinnobi army knows about the army underground, we should probably know more about zetsu’s new abilities soon.. I don’t think they will be that surprising.

  47. Like I said before, I think Kabuto will be the final boss, and Orochimaru will be revived. And pound for pound, with his intellect and just normal abilities, Orochimaru could be the strongest ninja we’ve seen, as far as overall stats. He was going to be chosen before the other two Sanin for Hokage, plus he completed a jutsu that he second couldn’t even do. Then he created his own village, and gave people powers that upgraded them by at least double. No other person has been able to do this.

  48. When it comes to Naruto’s training the Bijuudama is something he needs to learn based on the fact that he has embraced his Jinchuuriki self. I think his version is going to be cool, maybe he will still be able to throw it on shoot it like DBZ ( Which would kinda be copying but interesting to see how his opponents react to it)
    On top of that his Rasenshuriken should be amazing if he uses it in this mode. I just think he now that he has mastered manipulating his chakra and once he masters his new speed level and this Rasengan thing he should focus on Fuuton Techniques and maybe a second element or third and possible learn other techniques as well, like forbidden techniques like Edo Tensei or even sealing techniques just do something different. The best news we got was the fact that he won’t be able to use shadow clones!!!!!!

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