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Naruto Chapter 519 – A Father’s Gift

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hi folks, sorry for being a little late with this chapter’s write-up, mangastream’s release came a little later than usual too and it threw off my timing. But enough lame excuses from me, let’s get to breaking down this chapter. I’m a little short on time this week due to exams, so I’ll be relying on ye ol’ point-form style writing to lay down my ideas faster.

– I like the idea of having a weak point in Kabuto’s Edo Tensei like I stated last week. The idea of the undead summons’ souls being automatically released so long as they resolve some issue they left behind before dying is a unique approach. It basically allows Kishi a second chance to explore deeper into these characters, some of whom he might have killed off too quickly due to time constraints or other circumstances. Sasori is a good example of this as the circumstances of his demise raised questions about what did he really wanted out of life? While I’m glad Kankuro was able to resolve that question for Sasori and release his soul, the whole set up still felt too convenient for my liking. Then again, I’m mainly griping because I wanted to see a longer battle involving the revived Sasori or at least have him retreat and take part in the rest of the war to come.

– Now that the ambush squad has learned how to counter Kabuto’s Edo Tensei, I’m sure the info will be passed on to the rest of the alliance army to utilize. I can see similar set-ups happening to undead Itachi, Pein, Asuma, Dan, Zabuza, Haku and basically all the ‘good guys’ that were summoned. However, if Kabuto comes to realize what is happening, he will probably suppress all their souls and control them like brainless slaves. The down side for Kabuto is that it will require more concentration from him and overall reduce his undead summons’ combat effectiveness as they lose autonomy. A cool idea is for perhaps some of the summons to somehow resist Kabuto’s control and fight for the alliance.

– This chapter shows one of the first clear signs that Madara and Kabuto plan to double cross each other down the line. Madara probably knew this the first time Kabuto offered to partner up, but I guess he chose to work with Kabuto in order to take advantage of him. But this chapter is the first time Madara is seeing evidence that Kabuto’s presence is actually working against him since he deliberately led Anko to their hideout. Also, why did Madara accept Kabuto’s help in the first place unless he wasn’t as confident as he’d liked about the outcome of the war with just his Zetsu army, Sasuke and the captured bijuu. Maybe he wouldn’t be in this position if he hadn’t allowed almost all his Akatsuki members die.

– Naruto’s new training should be really interesting. I was wondering if he’d ever learn the beast transformation technique Killer Bee uses, but I guess the chances of that happening are nil since there’s no way the fox is going to cooperate with Naruto in any way.

– That mini-Kyuubi Naruto transformed into was pretty cute. If anyone has read the first Naruto pilot chapter, there’s a mini-fox in there that resembles the one in this chapter. I’m also wondering why Naruto has such a hard time just transforming into Kyuubi’s shape; I remember that he did a pretty convincing combo-transformation into the Kyuubi with Gamabunta back when he fought Gaara in the Konoha Invasion arc.

– I seriously laughed out loud when Naruto tried to the Tailed Beast Bomb (they should change the name) by trying to force himself to throw up after hearing Killer Bee describe it as such a feeling. Oh Naruto, don’t ever change.

– Naruto being able to use his chakra aura like appendages in the new sage mode opens up a whole slew of new combat techniques. I hope Naruto ups his taijutsu training with Killer Bee as well and not rely too much on trying to master a new Rasengan. To effectively fight Sasuke in the near future, he’ll need a slew of new moves to keep up with Sasuke’s skills.

– Based on Killer Bee’s dialogue, it seems to suggest that he had encountered Minato some time in the past and/or at least witnessed the Rasengan in action. I’m interested to know what happened in such an encounter, but that story might never see the light of day 😦

– So essentially, Minato developed the Rasengan as a way to emulate the Tailed Beast Bomb he had seen the Bijuu use. Although it also made for an excellent close-ranged attack, Minato’s intention seemed to have been to pass the jutsu down to Naruto someday so he could master the technique using his own Bijuu powers. Minato must have also planned for the outcome that he might not be around to teach Naruto the technique and so he passed it onto Jiraiya and made him Naruto’s godfather so he can teach Naruto the Rasengan in his absence. Don’t forget that that he also prepared the Kyuubi’s seals and planted himself and Kushina’s chakra in them to give Naruto crucial help at important junctures in his development. So pretty much every step in Naruto’s progression to mastering the Kyuubi’s powers has been planned out in some way by Minato… what a guy.