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Chapter 519 is out!



18 Responses

  1. Good Chapter, was expecting a bit more but found out a lot of stuff. I kinda was hoping to see Naruto in full-Kyuubi mode but I already knew that it wouldn’t work out that way, I just hope Kishi gives him more techniques now that we know he can’t use shadow clones because the Rasengan aint gonna cut it for me. I love the attack but no matter how many times you upgrade it, it’s the same, I wanna see some forbidden, S-Ranked techniques from Naruto. I’m glad we finally got the super speed and the sensory abilities but want more.

    Also, I wanna know what Bee knows about the Fourth Hokage. Maybe the fourth created Rasengan after fighting Bee, this is awesome, Bee really is going to Naruto’s new Master!!!!!!!! Oh Yeah!!

  2. Oh and if you haven’t already, go and check out the latest chapter of “Revenge of the YellowFlash!” Just had to put that in, sorry!

  3. I haven’t even read it.I can’t get to a computor lol.

  4. @ Rate 1, Sorry about that!

  5. once again minato is is a bada**. ftw

  6. sweet chapter. does this naruto be using the full fox transformation, if he cant then wat kinda jinchuriki wud he be??

  7. well sage mode is still better then his new mode i find so im happy and it looks like anko is alive or else kabuto would not keep her with him

  8. lol I’m actually now pretty satisfied with Sasori’s loss, but Edo tensei’s weakness is total bull. Also, it seems Minato didn’t do as much as people credit him for, all he did was observe and mimic, still pretty hard though. Menacing Ball ftw!

  9. …. recreating a attack that the tailed beasts perform is not impressive?? hell i can watch a nba player all i want but that doesnt mean i can dunk like them lol. still need the skills to make the jutsu and minato showed he can back up what people praised him for.

  10. @clinton: i gotta agree with you on that one. I was hoping for kyuubi/sage mode. More synergy with the toads, etc. This shiny suit man mode isn’t my cup of tea

  11. @token, you are absolutely right, nice analogy. I don’t think this takes anything away from Minato, actually it kinda makes him more epic. It also shows that his strength level was way above than we originally thought.
    To be able to make a variation of the bijuu ball, his mastery of space/time techniques, the mastery of the strongest sealing techniques in the entire shinobi world. He seemed smarter than anyone we have witness in the shinobi world based on how he broke down Madara’s abilities and agenda. Like the more we know about him the more I wish he was the main character of the show, I hope Kishi makes a spin-off of the show based on Minato.

    What made me realize this guy was strong was the fact that he was able to shape the future in the short amount of time he was fighting Madara and the Kyuubi.
    While under the pressure of saving his family and the entire village and sealing away the Kyuubi and fighting Madara this guys actions are still relevant even now, it still amazes me.

    This is what makes a ninja strong the fact that he is still relevant to the stroy, people like Kisame, Pein, and Zabuza and other ninja may have been strong ninja but they aren’t relevant anymore. The only impact they have now is the fact that they are edo tensei zombies.

  12. I agree with kisu on alot except when it comes to minato he’s justawesome an now I have some thing to be excited about an thats what killerbee knows about the 4th

    I can’t wait to see kabuto an madara turn on each other I figure that will be the turning point in this war

  13. Clinton

    Umm she could be dead an he’s just gonna use her as a edo zombie but one thing were is kabuto getting all the lsacrifices to get his edo summons?

  14. @minatofan
    When sai first left with orochimaru waaaaay back in the beginning before meeting sasuke again, kabuto asked orochimaru for a replacememnt body. He had a scroll with differnt bodies in different age groups. My guess is thats where all the bodies came from. Im sure orochimaru supplied kabuto with tons of bodies for examination and experiments. Plus he had tns of prisoners so i doubt all of them escaped.

  15. good chapter, kabuto is up to something, his inner thought was weird, kb must know a little more about minato, and nice pic yellowflash, i thought in that mode naruto was yellow

  16. haha it kinda seemed even killerbee was a little fearful of the 4th hokage lol
    I guess the 4th was stronger than we think.
    and I dont think kb ever fought or encountred the 4th considering the 4the was alive 16years ago. kb was probably still a kid. he probably just knows of the storied of the yellow flash 😀

  17. Well if im correct,naruto may have a new rasengan move.it was funny how killer bee freaked out when naruto already knew the rasengan lol

  18. I like that naruto pretty much does his own thing. He made up most of his moves; that seems to be his style. He isn’t the type of person who just follows the crowd.

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