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Revenge of the YellowFlash X!

The Sasuke Retrieval Arc will be the same as in the Anime, so I won’t be rewriting it, just going to work around it a little.

As Madara keeps up his plan to destroy the bond that Minato holds with Naruto, Sasuke leaves the Leaf village in search of Orochimaru and the power he needs to gain to defeat Itachi once and for all.

That same night Naruto and Madara are still talking about his mothers tragedy inside Minato and Naruto’s home.

Naruto: My father killed my mother!?……… My father would never do that! You’re lying!

Madara: You promised to hear me out, or would you rather stay in the dark and ignorant of the truth.


Madara: Your father truly loved your mother, in fact he loved her so much he wanted to free her from the Kyuubi by breaking the seal and extracting the Kyuubi but he knew there was a risk she would die. There was only one hope, the Senju power.

Naruto: Senju power?

Madara: Yes, the Senju clan, in which the Uzumaki clan was derived from, all inherited a unique trait, along with their strong will they were blessed with strong bodies. Bodies that kept them alive longer than a normal human life can take, that’s what made them feared throughout the ninja world, that and their powerful sealing techniques. During this time, war was about to begin between the Leaf and Uchiha for control of Konoha….

Naruto: Uchiha? That’s Sasuke’s clan!

Madara: The elders of the village wanted to use your mother to crush the Uchiha but she and Minato refused believing they could still stop war from breaking out. This put a strain on the relationship between Minato, the hokage and the Council. So the Council decided to force your mother to fight by breaking the seal and allowing th demon fox to take over her body. They sent a shinobi to fulfill the mission but Minato killed him before he could complete it. Knowing that they would never stop and fearing if they succeeded, the effects breaking the seal would have on you, Kushina decided that she and Minato should run away and raise you away from Konoha.

Naruto: Why would they run if my dad is was the Hokage?

Madara:Yes, Minato was and still is the hokage but the council has just or maybe even more power than the Hokage. The main reason for the Council’s existence is to make hard decisions if the Hokage is unwilling or incapable to make them. Also, If the Hokage shows any signs of treason or work against the nation in any kind of way they have the power to remove him from power.

Naruto: So, they were going to say my dad was working against Konoha and remove him from power and force my mom to do what they say.

Madara: Yes, and if she did they would extract the Kyuubi, killing Kushina. Minato was completely overwhelmed by all the problems that were building up in Konoha. Leaf and Uchiha were on the brink of war and his relationship with the council was disappearing and because Konoha was so unstable around this time even the threat of an attack from other nations weighed on him. Not wanting to allowing the council control and fearing Konoha’s destruction and the lost of countless lives if he abandon the village he swore to protect, Minato sided with the Council to use the Kyuubi to crush Uchiha and any other threat Konoha endured, betraying your mother.


Madara: For the sake of the entire shinobi world he was willing to force Kushina to wipe out every single member of Uchiha. Kushina stuck to her guns and still refused to carry out the mission which brought more distance between your parents. After countless failed attempts at trying to convince Kushina to go along with the mission, the Council decided to extracted the Kyuubi and find a new host.

Naruto: She would be okay, right? She had the power of the Senju!

Madara: Yes, she would have survived but you wouldn’t have.

Naruto: Huh?

Madara: There is only one moment a bijuu can break free from its host and that’s child-birth. If you don’t control the process correctly the bijuu could break free while the child is being born and smother it with massive amounts of chakra.  Since they wanted to allow the Kyuubi to come forth it meant sure death for Kushina’s unborn child….you.

Naruto: But, I’m and Uzumaki which also means I carry the Senju blood and power within me, why wouldn’t I have survived?

Madara: You were nothing but an infant, what chance could you have against the Kyuubi when it was even unsure that your mother would survive!


Madara: Kushina realized this and immediately refused and even threatened to leave Konoha for good with or without Minato. Willing to sacrifice his own son Minato grew angry at Kushina for once again refusing, thinking this was their only way out of all those problems. He was willing to sacrifice you for the sake for everyone else, something Kushina never would have done. Kushina threatened to turn her back on Minato for good for suggesting such a thing which forced Minato to make his finally decision, who would he stand with his family or those he swore and oath to protect? In the end he stood with his village, Minato and the Council had your mother captured and imprisoned against her will so she wouldn’t run away with you and the Kyuubi and waited until you’re birth so they could extract the Kyuubi. After the Kyuubi was completely removed from her body Kushina fell unconscious missing your birth which you survived. She awaken in a hospital room realizing she had given birth but you were nowhere to be found so she immediate believed you had died. Mourning the death of the love she had for your father and of her son, she took her life.

Naruto: !!!!!!!!!

Madara: Your father to this day bares her blood on his hands.

Naruto: ( Talking low Sounding sad)…………….. I can’t believe this! He also swore to protect me and my mom but he didn’t, he just threw us aside for everyone else. He was a coward.

Madara: Being a ninja is about…..sacrifice. As Hokage he pledged to put his life on the line before any other innocent person from this village is hurt… it’s his duty. Being a ninja is hard but being Hokage is even harder because of the hard decisions you have to make.

Naruto: (Screaming with tears in his eyes) What’s his duty to me? What was his duty to my mother!? Is he going to sacrifice me as well for the sake of this village! Am I nothing to him!

Madara: You have a duty also Naruto, to become the destined child and bring peace to everyone in this world. To achieve this goal, to change the system, the same system that forced you father to sacrifice your mother, you have to achieve true power, power you won’t be able to obtain here in the Leaf. Come Naruto, come with me and together we will change the ninja world, change it into the place your mother dreamed of.

Naruto: You mean leave the Leaf village?

Madara: You must, if this world is going to have the smallest chance this is one of the things you must do.


Madara: You still don’t fully accept this new reality that I have given you, then go and see for yourself, see how things are changing even now. Once you have seen the truth you must follow you path to greatness.

Madara disappears into his vortex leaving Naruto to fall to his knees in disbelief as tears fall down his face.

Naruto: It can’t be!

The next morning the Anbu are searching throughout the village for Sasuke and squads have already been dispatched to search outside the village. Minato, Tsunade and Kakashi are on the roof of the Hokage Mansion talking.

Kakashi: So it’s time?

Tsunade: Yeah, doesn’t seem like it does it?

Kakashi: No, I just wished it didn’t happen at the same time Sasuke decided to run away.

Tsunade: Yeah, huh?…… Minato are you okay? I know what we have to do won’t be easy for you.

Minato: I’m fine, I am just worried about Naruto. He didn’t sleep to well last night and he’s been a little distant, this Sasuke thing may be too much for him.

Tsunade: Kids are known to act this way at this age, it’s normal. I’m sure Naruto is more eager than ever to find and bring home Sasuke.

Kakashi: You sent Naruto to find Sasuke?

Minato: Yeah, along with a few other genin.

Kakashi: Are you sure that’s a good idea? Naruto and Sasuke don’t actually get along.

Minato: I know but do you really think I could have stopped him from going?

Kakashi: Guess not? Hopefully he can convince Sasuke to return without coming to blows.

Tsunade: Don’t worry, just in case things got bad I’ve provided a little back-up.

At the Valley of the end Naruto and Sasuke battle it out, giving everything they’ve got. Naruto is unleashing his inner power spewing chakra from every chakra point forcing to water to submerge and the ground to tremble as the Chakra Chains emerge from his body.

Sasuke: What are you?

Naruto: Your Friend?

Naruto shoots a chain towards Sasuke causing a huge shockwave and  whater splashes crashing Sasuke underwater and wrapping around him sending him crashing into the side of the mountain. Sasuke tries to stand from the attack but struggles, he forms hand signs, Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu! The fire balls fly at Naruto but he blocks them but wrapping the chains around his own body protecting him from the blasts. Naruto shoots four chains at Sasuke wrapping around both arms and legs then thrusts his body forward head butting him in the face sending him crashing into the ground. causing a huge crater. Appearing from the dust sasuke activates his Curse Seal and starts transforming to level 2.

Sasuke: I seen you’ve grown Naruto. I never would have guessed you’d be this strong ………. but I still haven’t revealed my true power! ( completing his transformation even surprising Naruto.)

Naruto: Sasuke, look what you’ve allowed him to do to you. I feel sorry for you.

Sasuke: You feel sorry for me, hahahaha! DON’T YOU DARE FEEL SORRY FOR ME!!!! (releasing chakra!)

Naruto: I have to put an end to this now.

Naruto dashes at Sasuke and punches him in the stomach causing blood to spew from his mount and him to bend over forward. Sasuke looks up laughing and punches Naruto in the face sending him flying.

Sasuke: That hurt, but I like pain, it’s what gives me strength!

Sasuke forms hand signs and activates his Dark Chidori, then Naruto stands and activates his Rasengan with Chakra Chains embedded into this, they dash forward and thrust forward their attack causing a massive blast of chakra destroying the entire area!

Far away Madara stands on a tree along with Zetsu!

Zetsu: Is it time?

Madara: Almost, he’s about to make his move, so get ready to take care of your part.

Outside Konoha, at an underground bunker, Minato along with Shikaku, Kakashi, Tsunade and a few Anbu black ops stand around a tomb.

Shikaku: Are you sure you are ready for this?

Minato: Yeah, we have to do this quick, I can’t risk something happening again to Konoha.

Kakashi: I don’t think that’s what he meant.

Minato: I know what he meant, it won’t be easy but  it has to be done.

Minato forms hand signs and slams his hands on the top of the tomb releasing the barrier and the seal lock that protected it, suddenly the tomb opens and there lies Kushina’s body.

Kakashi: She still looks the same.

Tsunade: Her body hasn’t decayed because of the life force from the Kyuubi.

Kakashi: Are you okay, Minato-sensei?

Minato: (Looking angry) I’m fine, let’s begin.

Anbu: How is this going to work again?

Tsunade: Until we find a host for the Kyuubi we are going to seal it away inside this case. ( Showing him a giant box with seals carved all over it. )

Shikaku: The box will only keep it contained temporarily so we are going to have to find the next host immediately.

Anbu: I think I have a better idea, why don’t you just let me have it?

Anbu2: What did you say?

Anbu1 stabs Anbu2 in the stomach with a kunai surprising everyone, Tsunade quickly punches the Anbu black op in the face sending him flying to the floor.

Tsunade: Who are you!? Show yourself!?

Anbu: ( Another Anbu walking from the shadows)You really need to pick stronger ninja to join Anbu, they are completely weak.

Minato: How did you get in here? I didn’t sense anything.

Anbu: Let’s just say I know someone who can copy a ninja’s chakra.

The first Anbu ninja dashes at Minato but Kakashi appears in front of Minato and impaled him through the chest with his Raikiri, killing the Anbu. The Anbu’s body dissolves into the floor.

Tsunade: What was that?

Kakashi: What do you want?

Anbu: Isn’t it obvious? I want the Kyuubi, now hand over the corpse.

Minato: I’m not in a good mood so I’ll tell you once to leave and never come back.

Anbu: If you don’t hand over the body, you’re the only one who will die. You are in the company of a God, not just any God, the God of Peace!

The anbu rips off his mask and Anbu clothing and reveals himself to be God Realm Pein.

Anbu: I am Pein and this is my angel!

In an instant countless amounts of paper butterflies fill the room made out of explosive note tags and they explode causing a huge explosion!

When the smoke clears, Kushina’s body is gone and Minato and the others are shielded by Katsyuyu.

Tsunade: So that bitch Konan is back.

Kakashi: That was close, you were able to summon Katsyuyu that fast?

Shikaku: Don’t underestimate the Fifth Hokage.

Tsunade: Trust me it wasn’t easy but we have more important things to worry about, we lost Kushina!

Minato: I can’t let this happen, not again! I’m going after them.

Kakashi: So am I!

Shikaku: I’m with you!

Tsunade: They shouldn’t be that hard to track, I don’t think they used any kind of Space/Time ninjutsu because of no change in the atmosphere.

Minato: Then let’s go.

They disperse!

Tsunade: Be careful.

Naruto awakens after his fight with Sasuke completely out of chakra and greatly injured from the fight.

Naruto: What happened? Where’s Sasuke? Don’t tell me he got away…….. I failed.

Naruto struggles to stand to his feet, holding his shoulder as he begins to walk flashing back to his fight with Sasuke.

(Sasuke: How can you understand when you have never felt the pain of loss!

Naruto: I understand more than you know.

Sasuke: It’s time I walk my own path.

Naruto: You are my best friend, I can’t let you go down this road alone!

Sasuke: You’re right, we are best friends, and that’s why I must kill you. To gain true power!)

Naruto: I have to find him before Orochimaru gets him!

Madara appears in front of him.

Madara: There you are Naruto.

Naruto: You again?

Madara: So you failed in stopping Sasuke, I see.


Madara: It’s time you forget about Sasuke and focus on your own goals.

Naruto: I have to stop Orochimaru from getting his hands on Sasuke.

Madara: In your state you can’t do much of anything, you will never achieve your destiny at this level. Join me and I will give you power and you will be able to stop even Orochimaru. Suddenly Pein appears in a blast of smoke holding the dead body of Kushina over his shoulder.

Pein: I have captured the Kyuubi.

Naruto: Is that my mom!? What the hell are you doing!!?

Naruto dashes towards Pein in anger but Madara grabs him stopping him.

Madara: Yes, that’s her body and inside it lies the Kyuubi. Your father kept her buried in some dank tomb waiting for the Kyuubi to rise again but I stopped them from obtaining the Kyuubi’s power.

Naruto: Why?

Madara: The Kyuubi’s power is too great for one nation to hold for their own selfish reasons, it’s time we use this power to push forward to peace.

Pein: We have to hurry, they are tracking me as we speak.

Out of no where Pein suddenly can’t move his body.

Pein: ( Calmly) What’s going on? So, you’ve arrived?

Minato teleports next to Madara and stamps him with a seal.

Minato: Gotcha!

Madara: Not again! You’ve managed to hit me with that seal.

Minato: Yeah, so you won’t be going anywhere.

Madara: Maybe not large distances but I can still escape with no problem.

Kakashi: You think we are going to let you get away?

Pein: I don’t think you understand, you are the ones who won’t be getting away from us.

Shikaku: You’re the won’t who can’t move, so I wouldn’t talk to tough if I were you.

Pein: If you think I can be defeated this easily then you are sadly mistaken.

Naruto: Dad!?

Minato: Naruto, what are you doing here!?

Kakashi: (Thinking) Is he being held hostage by Madara?

Naruto: What’s going on!?

Madara: I’ll tell you what’s going on Naruto, it’s like I said, these fools you call family are nothing more than power-hungry trash who are willing to do anything to get what they want. You must realize the truth and stand against them before it’s too late. It’s only a matter of time before you become another sacrifice for the sake of their own version of  so-called peace.

Shikaku: He’s trying to turn Naruto against you Minato!?

Kakashi: He had to have been in contact with Naruto for a while. Things are getting more dangerous!

Minato: Naruto get out of there!

Naruto: Is it true? Did you allow her to die?

Minato: Allow… who to die?

Minato: My Mom!!

Minato: What, no….. Naruto don’t listen to him, don’t let him turn you against me!

Madara: Listen to him, he’s trying to confuse you, control you, don’t let him in Naruto, you have to cut this bond you have with him or you are going to sacrifice the entire shinobi world just like he sacrificed your mother for everyone else. Don’t you think it’s time he paid for all the pain he’s caused you and your mother?

Shikaku: What’s he doing? Minato, we have to do something now!

Minato: Naruto it’s all a trick to get you on his side, he knows the only way he can get to me is through you don’t let him do it!

Naruto: You don’t care about me? You only care about Konoha? You always put them first!

Kakashi: (Thinking back to what Kisame said: Don’t think you are exempt from these new realities, Yondaime Hokage, you’ll soon come up against the Akatsuki’s secret weapon.) So is Naruto this secret weapon of Akatsuki? He’s been after Naruto this whole time but for what?

Shikaku: Could it be that he’s after Naruto’s chakra to control tail beasts? No, that has to be it!

Madara: He wants you dead, Naruto. He wants to sacrifice you just like he did your mother!

Minato: You bastard!!!

Minato dashes at him at full speed!

Kakashi: Minato-sensei!

Minato pulls out his kunai attacking Madara who is just standing their staring when Naruto jumps in the way to protect Madara. Minato tries to stop but is going to fast, he charges right into Naruto knocking him down.

Minato: Naruto!

Madara: Do you see now Naruto? The moment you started thinking for yourself, he betrays you just like he did Kushina. (Naruto falls unconscious)

Minato: (Screaming) Shut up!!!

Minato attacks again but Pein appears out of no where and kicks him in the face sending him flying across the ground. Shikaku sends his shadows expanding towards Pein but they all fall back to avoid the shadow giving Kakashi and Shikaku chance to come to Minato’s aide.

Shikaku: These guys aren’t to be underestimated, we have to fight them strategically.

Minato ( Standing from the ground): What have you done to my son?

Madara: We revealed the truth to him, put him on a new path.

Minato: You brainwashed him.

Madara: So young, so easy to manipulate. You fail to understand his true potential, with his power I will rule the entire shinobi world.

Minato: That will never happen as long as I’m breathing.

Pein: Fine, we are going to have to do something about that.

Minato: Bring.It.On.

Next: Minato vs Pein!


12 Responses

  1. You ended it in the best part!!! You had me on the edge of my seat…..can’t wait til your next chapter!!!! Great Job !!!!!!! =)

  2. Awesome fanfic!

    This part me LOL:
    “Minato: Gotcha!
    Madara: Not again!”


  3. *made me LOL , not me LOL

  4. great work!.. I think shannaro should have more ppl like you, watching this website went cold for few days recently..

  5. Good work with your fanfic this chapter. I like what your doing with naruto being corrupted by madara. I cant wait for the fight.

  6. Just pure awesomeness an just like the other readers I was on the edge of my seat I hate that ur still following the original story this fanfic is so awesome I think you should just purely go off your on ideas

  7. Just Love It!!! Keep up the great work!

  8. Thanks guys for all your support!
    @Minatofan, Thanks, maybe I’ll take you up on that, but really I think I will change a lot of think later on to fit my new story so it won’t all be the same just maybe a few key things that I want to keep but in my part two, a lot of things will be different. Also I’m going to start including more of Sasuke even though I at first wasn’t going to.

  9. This is good and all but there are some MAJOR plot holes.
    1. The uchiha revolution happened 7 YEARS after Narutos birth.
    2.The main reason was because they were suspected for the nine tails attack.
    3. This caused them to be moved to a corner where they would watched

    Also you just skipped over the explanation of what happened to the Uchiha after the death of Naruto’s mother…

  10. @ Adam, Actually I didn’t, you have to go back and read my first chapter which I will repost on my next chapter. I clearly included the revolution and the nine tails attack.
    1. I rewrote how Minato defeated the Kyuubi by saying Kushina sealed it away by dying whcihc was an option she gave in the real manga, allowing Minato and Naruto to live and prepare for the next time it rises.
    2. I then went into the revolution of the Uchiha and Itachi’s betrayal. Showing how they were treated and how I thought Minato would handle this situation as the Fourth Hokage.

  11. Alright but still the main reason was because they were segragated because their was no witness to the Nine Tails Attack and they believed the uchiha were behind it.

    And your saying that the council wanted to use the nine tails to destroy the uchiha but that leaves a reason for WHY the uchiha wished to attack the village as the fourth hokage was a witness. I atucally think Kishi did a good job on that, covering up plot holes and what not.

    Thats a good idea, have like a recap at the top of the whole series.

    I like this series and wondering if your doing the time skip since Naruto doesnt need to train with the pervy sage now?

  12. Yeah, I used the same story Kishi created until it got to Minato sealing the Kyuubi in the Dead Demon Seal but instead I allowed Kushina to seal it away so Minato can live thus sacrificing herself.

    So my story is about, if Minato had lived and raised Naruto then what would the story be like and how different would Naruto be. So the Uchiha being segregated and all that stuff still happened in my story. Even though Minato witnessed who was really behind the attack and that freed the Uchiha from any charges, they were still unhappy about their stat in the village and they wanted more power and control which Senju wasn’t going to give them because they still didn’t trust them, so the feud went on and almost came to a brink of war.

    The council wanted to take out Uchiha ass swiftly and as clean as possible to prevent any future attack from Uchiha because they didn’t want any damage to the village or any sense of instability because they knew other villages would take advantage. They knew if they used ninja to fight them that the Uchiha had a great chance of success, the only for sure way to destroy them was Bijuu power.

    (Note: Just so I won’t confuse anyone, this story I had Madara tell Naruto is a load of crap just like when Madara told Sasuke the half truth about the Massacre, it’s just a play to gain Naruto’s trust.)

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